Saturday, April 21, 2018

M16 Ministires - Deliverance and Ritual Abuse Programming

For some time now some of you probably know I am becoming more outspoken on issues of bad ministry I encounter when working with ritual abuse survivors.  Sadly the church is still stuck in the B-movie version of ritual abuse because of Rebecca Brown's wide popularity with her book, He Came to Set the Captives Free. Which read more of a fictional horror story than focusing on the realities of the lives of Christian men and women who were survivors of horrific childhood ritual abuse.

Not a whole lot is known in the church about survivors and ritual abuse. I know I was completely broadsided by the reality of what survivors endured, back when Jesus drafted me into this ministry around 2010. It still continues to be a learning curve and stretch me in ministry. By the sheer nature of its complexities, there have been some gross misunderstandings of what ritual abuse is. Because it's roots are demonic, many deliverance ministries have gone overboard, or more truthfully, the deep end in this area of ministry.

For starters I will briefly address mind control programming and how it looks in ritual abuse cases. The topic is covered in my video blog here.

Next video blog I will cover why Christians shouldn't use prophetic ministry on survivors, and why fake-it till you make-it deliverance ministers who claim to see demons are causing a lot of damage in these individuals who are trying to receive healing.

If you have any questions on how to deal with occult battles, please drop me a comment, and I will answer the question in blog posts.

If you have questions on curse breaking, or curse breaking prayers, I cover these in my book, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare.

If you have questions on dealing with manifestations, I cover these in my book, A Field Guide to Advanced Spiritual Warfare.

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If you have any questions on how to deal with occult battles, please drop me a comment, and I will answer the question in blog posts.

If you have questions on curse breaking, or curse breaking prayers, I cover these in my book, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare.

If you have questions on dealing with manifestations, I cover these in my book, A Field Guide to Advanced Spiritual Warfare.

God Bless
Rev. Mike

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Discerning Internal Voices - Demonic or a Fractured Soul

I receive a lot of emails requesting help from people who believe they're  oppressed by demonic spirits because they hear internal voices. The current state of deliverance ministry in the church today needs to receive correction in how they handle people who are suffering from hearing internal voices. When people ask me for help and tell they are under attack by demonic voices, I ask them how they know the source is demonic. One common response from these people seeking help is, "well, I went to see this big deliverance minister, and they told me that I have demons."

This assumption is based on the notion that the "BIG" deliverance minister can actually discern spirits. Sad fact. Many can't! If you are hearing internal voices and have gone to numerous ministers who can't cast these spirits out, I have a recommendation for you. Stop going to deliverance ministers. What you need is a break from this and a reboot. The ministry of deliverance as it exists in the Western Church today is full of flaws. We ignored our rich church history, and as they say, threw the baby out with the bath water. 


Much of what we know today about hearing voices, both external, internal, and hearing God and spirits, comes from the early Christian church. God designed us to be able to hear His still and quiet voice. We can hear the voice of God both externally and internally. The early Christian church referred to listening to the Holy Spirit as hearing locutions (pronounced low-coo-shuns). Locution is  Latin word meaning speaking an utterance. Who is doing the speaking? Desirably, God!

Examples in the Bible of God speaking externally and audibly,

1 Samual 3:4 - that the Lord called Samual: and he said, "here I am"

John 12:28-30 - Then a voice came from heaven, “I have glorified it, and will glorify it again.”  The crowd that was there and heard it said it had thundered; others said an angel had spoken to him.
Jesus said, “This voice was for your benefit, not mine. 

Internal locutions can be a bit more tricky because we can't see the source of who or what is speaking. The 16th Century Spanish mystic, Saint Teresa of Avila, pointed out that the soul can receive internal voices from three sources, the soul itself, God, and from demons. We are created in God's imge to have a relationship with Him. God is relational, we can talk to each other. We can hear God.

John 10:27-28My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.

The problem here, as Saint Teresa points out, is that the human soul is fallible, and we must really understand and discern if the one speaking is God. Sometimes our own soul, when it is not mature in listening to God, will literally make stuff up and convince us that it is hearing from God. The soul is one probable candidate when determining if someone is oppressed by demons or having a dissociated part of the soul is chattering internally. 

Lastly, we can hear from demonic spirits. A person that is oppressed by demonic spirits can be tuned into maddening non-stop conversations. But so can a dissociated fractured mind that is stuck in a cycle of trauma and anger. Herein lies the big problem. 99% of the ministers in deliverance don't take the time to test the spirit. Just because you see what appears to be a manifestation doesn't mean it is a manifestation. Live by faith and not by what you see. 

2 Corinthians 5:7 - For we live by faith, not by sight.

I don't see true discernment used at all in these settings. And it is the deliverance minister's responsibility to discern spirits.Our job in ministry is to help the person in front of us -and not to build a big name for ourselves! I don't know how many counseling sessions I have sat through with my colleagues, and we discerned there were no demons present in the individual. Yet some big three-ring circus show deliverance ministry said there were demons present.

For clarification and disclosure, I am involved with a demonic possession case at the time of this writing. Not a deliverance ministry oppression case they call possession. I am talking about the true definition of possession of someone breaking off from the occult. This is type is usually beyond the paygrade of deliverance ministry. It's Mark 9:29 ministry. So yes, I know what a demonic presence looks like and spiritually feels like.My goal isn't to sound like the Mayor of Amity and tell you there is no great white shark in the water (reference movie- Jaws). But rather sound like police Chief Brody and tell you that I know what a great white shark looks like - up close! I want to establish that I have enough battlefield experience in ministry and counseling to discern between a demon and a fractured human soul.

How do you discern between the two? You need to know what a demonic presence feels like and what alarms go off in your body when these spirits manifest. Just because it looks like a demon and acts like a demon doesn't mean it is one. Fractured souls are usually very angry internal children "parts" who hate deliverance ministers and love to mess with them. The fractured soul may look demonic, but it is not activating any of your spiritual discernment. The room is spiritually calm except for the nonsense babbling from a child identity, inside an adult body, trying to present itself as a demon.

The Mind Fractures By God's Design

 Enough on demonic possession, let's take a look at dissociative identity disorder (DID). Children who experience trauma, from inside the womb (we know this from ministry in ritual abuse) up to about eight years old, a child's mind will fracture to handle trauma. This fracturing is by God's design to protect the child's mind. Fracturing can occur under situations where the pain and trauma are consistent. These consistent sources include child neglect during critical baby development stages, emotional, physical, sexual, and ritual abuse. If someone had grown up in a household where the father was drunk and yelled horrible obscenities at his children, it's a good chance these children grew up dissociated. They have little children parts trapped in cycles of reliving their trauma inside the fractured adult mind. In my counseling session, and working with colleagues, we can accurately discern if the source of the internal voices are fractured parts (identities) or they are in fact demonic. In my work, I feel about 80-90% of the people I worked with who thought they had a demon turned out they had fractured "parts" from childhood trauma. These voices can be extremely angry and sound demonic, calling the primary presenter(s), stupid, or that they're going to hell, or that the internal voices are demons. Remember, these little parts are caught in trauma. That's they're reality. It takes a counselor who knows how to work with these parts to get them out of their trauma. Sometimes a demon is present, and when the part surrenders to Jesus, the demon is immediately evicted in a much gentler deliverance. 

If you are an individual, who hears voices,  has gone through a lot of deliverance and can't get rid of the demons, the sadness, self-hatred, or are stuck in moving forward, you may be dealing with dissociated parts. Again, I recommend to stop the deliverance ministry. Fractured parts is an inner healing issue which is why deliverance doesn't work at all. The Holy Spirit will protect you. Amnesia and denial can also be a big piece of this. When you're stuck, and some of this resonates, stop the deliverance ministry and seek out a Christian counselor who works with DID (and also has practical experience in evicting unwanted spiritual critters).

For more information on advance warfare topics, checkout my books. A Field Guide to Advance Spiritual Warfare is that covers most of what I covered here. Both books are required reading by anyone involved in spiritual warfare.

I hope this helps.

God Bless

Rev. Mike

If you have any questions on how to deal with occult battles, please drop me a comment, and I will answer the question in blog posts.

If you have questions on curse breaking, or curse breaking prayers, I cover these in my book, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare.

If you have questions on dealing with manifestations, I cover these in my book, A Field Guide to Advanced Spiritual Warfare.

Get your copy today!  Available on Amazon in:

paper back - A Field Guide to Advanced Spiritual Warfare - Deliverance, Exorcism, Healing the Effects of Ritual Abuse.

Kindle - A Field Guide to Advanced Spiritual Warfare - Deliverance, Exorcism, Healing the Effects of Ritual Abuse. (eBook)

Get your very own copy of the ORIGINAL  - A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare!

A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALMS

Monday, January 29, 2018

Hearing from God When the Heart Really Hurts

What do you do when you want to reach out to God, but your heart is agony? Maybe your praying for healing for yourself or for a loved one that is extremely ill. Or perhaps the unthinkable, your prayer request for a full healing went unanswered. This is a place of agony and complete brokeness in your heart. Your heart is painfully shattered in pieces, and you feel nothing but darkness around you. Possibly even your faith has been shaken to the core. The pain of the heart crying out is so intense that it is no longer just emotional, but it is physical and tangible. This is the place of inner turmoil and agony that I wish on no one. But sadly, everyone is bound to experience during their journey through this life.

How do you hear God when you feel He has abandoned you or you're angry at Him? Perhaps you thought you heard in your spirit that God was going to heal your loved one, and then they died from their ailments. I remember early on when I was first learning to pray for healing, a close friend of mine asked me to speak to a young man at our church. This young teen was devastated and wanted nothing more to do with God. His four-year-old sister had cancer. The whole family and church battled in prayer for miraculous healing. One morning, the young girl woke up and told her parents that Jesus came to her in a dream and told her that she was going to be fully healed from the life-threatening disease. The mother called the pastor and told him the good news about the visitation by Jesus in their daughter's dream. There was a lot of praising and rejoicing. Their miracle had finally come. A week later, this four-year-old little left this world to spend eternity with Jesus. What had gone wrong? Why did Jesus visit this little girl in her dream and lie to her? This dream visitation was so destructive that the little girl's teen brother turned away from God. What kind of God can give a family false hopes and then tear them apart with tragedy?

During my days as a street minister for the homeless on the streets of San Francisco, I had witnessed first hand some major healing miracles. Some of the craziest miracles were witnessing broken bones heal as you prayed over the injury. During one of my Miracles and Warfare meetings, we had witnessed a prayer team member's Lupus go into remission right after we prayed over her. We witnessed eczema disappear right in front of our eyes as we prayed for healing with another woman. I had seen my fair share of miracles to know that God heals and that we had the authority over sickness, death, and demons.

It was during this period in my ministry career that my brother-in-law and my very good friend was diagnosed with cancer. I had witnessed the power of God to know that healing was coming for him.

As the street ministry healing testimonies were growing, our pastor asked my wife and me to share at a Sunday evening service on the power of the Holy Spirit. We gave some of our wild street adventure healing testimonies. Somewhere midway of our speaking, a deacon from this church approached the pulpit. He was very accusational and proclaimed that he had never seen any healing miracle like we were talking about from our first-hand experience. As he walked down the aisle towards the pulpit, he pointed to church members in their pews of who he prayed for during their time of sickness. He said not once did he ever, ever, see a healing miracle like we were sharing about. I immediately sensed the woundedness of this individual. There was more to this man's story. He was speaking from his pain. Later, I found out the story behind this man. He had a pastor of his church pray for his son who had cancer. The son never received healing and went on to his eternal life with Jesus. The man was wounded and out of his pain took over the church intercessor team. Deep in his soul, he surmised he could do a better job than the church, the pastor, and even Jesus. This was not out of pride but out of his unhealthy pain for his traumatic loss of his son. This gentleman wore his pain on his sleeve for decades after his son tragically lost his battle.

During my own personal trial and warfare I was certain God would heal my brother-in-law. There was a small little contemplative prayer room at a Catholic church near my old employer. I would visit this little chapel on my lunch hour. I spent months on my lunch hour in this fortress of solitude. This chapel was my war room! I fondly remember spiritual battles where I knew these battles changed the outcomes of x-rays. I warred for clean x-rays. No cancer. God was listening! We were getting through this. Cancer in his brain was losing the fight. The battle was nearly completely won! My brother-in-law was now in a state of healing. Victory at last and a turn in the tide of battle. And then, suddenly, he just got really ill - and then he was gone. Just like that, he was no longer with us. My friend, my wife's brother, a son, a husband, a father to two young kids. Torn away from us, his family and friends.

You want to talk about a reality shattered! I had prayed for others with terminal illness and had seen some recover. I had the faith to press in for healing. This healing didn't come. During this time I was getting a lot of requests for ministry prayer for others. But I felt like I just got smacked in the head with some spiritual sledge hammer. I was stunned, and for some time I had no desire to pray for anybody. I wasn't angry at God for this tragic loss. I was just puzzled as to why there was no healing. I had seen so many miracles in prayer sessions and street ministry. It was a painful blow to my spiritual beliefs.

In my case, I stayed in dialogue with Jesus so I could get answers. Be careful of what you ask for because a lot of times Jesus will answer these. I was given a personal answer which I can't share here. But it put me at peace during my time of grief. And by the way, grief really sucks!

I presented three examples of how death comes to our doorstep and the different ways three individuals, one being myself, handled this. The most interesting of these examples is the little girl and her dream. Why would Jesus tell a little girl she would be healed only to take her? The dream was a lie, Jesus doesn't lie, but we all know who does. The enemy used the dream for collateral damage. How cruel is that? We must be careful when we receive dreams, and prophetic words that we feel are from beyond our physical reality. I don't care how prophetic a person is, or others believe them to be. They're still human. In counseling, I have had to work with clients on bad prophetic words spoken over them by respectable prophetic ministers. These messages must be tested. We must also be careful of what we hear in prayer. Many times our soul will jump the gun and say something to put us at ease while we're waiting for Jesus to reply. I would be skeptical of any message informing us that someone is going to be healed or especially not healed (demonic sources). Every miraculous healing I witnessed during my ministry God never gave me a heads up. God did what God wanted to do in the situation. I was usually just as surprised as the person receiving the healing.

I know first hand how bad it hurts when you lose a loved one. The worst part is having to deal with other church member's comments. Some of the lamest comments are like, "God gave you a test, and you passed." If you ever have a "what-the-saint-Franciscan" moment in church, it's during times of severe loss and the things we say to these people who are in agonizing pain. When a mother looses her child, I have no words to express the agony. I only know that God didn't take the child. The enemy seeks and destroys. Again, I can't find the words for a mother or a father who is going through this. My only advise is that during your darkest hour and pain talk to Jesus. Even if you are angry, God is big enough to be with you as you express your pain. You may even need to go somewhere where you need to shout.

From my own experience, I have found that God is very quiet during these times. Not because He isn't talking to you, but because He is grieving with you. In the book of John, chapter 11, we know that Jesus grieves. His good friend Lazarus died, and Jesus experienced this human process of losing a loved one. The Tri-une God grieves with us.

You must reboot your faith when you are stuck. Many times you know God is real, you're just very angry at Him. Perhaps the first step is to sit in a chair, still your mind, Psalm 46:10, and just feel His presence. It will be very quiet. Let him know you're pain. Hand it over to Him and let Him help you walk it out. This is the first step to moving forward. God may not speak to you in visions or internal words. If you're getting visions right out of the starting gate, reboot, it's your soul answering God's phone call. Patience is the key during this time. He may just hang out with you while you hurt. When you're in a place where you two can hang out, He may start to speak with you or He may start to bring your heart peace.

In other cases, you may still be very angry and in denial. God didn't help me, so He doesn't exist. If you're going deeper and deeper in your pain, it is time to try and speak to Him again. He'll accept the call. It's a simple call, "God are you there?" Again, chances are He won't answer you internally. But He may bring the stillness or quiet to you. Get a picture of Jesus and just try to imagine that picture of Jesus in your mind. It's baby steps.

By all means, wherever you are in this painful journey, there is hope. Seek friends who know how to connect with God. Speak with a pastor who knows how to connect with Jesus. Seek spiritual direction that will help you step out of being stuck in your pain. Jesus will walk you out. He did it with me. And he'll do it with you. God is a mystery, just let Him be God.

Jesus, I pray that you speak to your child during their brokeness and pain. Show them the way to find peace and resolution for their heavy loss. Walk with these hearts and souls so through this intense trial so that they may find joy and strength. In your mighty name, Jesus!

Hope this helps some hearts that need to open up to God.

God Bless
Rev Mike

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Asia Inner Healing from Severe Trauma Ministry Trip November 2017

When a church or ministry returns from a trip, their website or blog is filled with pictures of the smiling faces from foreign lands and pictures of activities accomplished. M16 Ministries we work in covert spiritual warfare and inner healing. There is never a paper or picture trail of what we did or what we accomplished. M16 Ministries is a lot like the Navy Seals, we go in undercover, accomplish our mission and return home to our families. This last Thanksgiving week, M16 Ministries, with In the Potter's Hands counseling, traveled to a country in Asia to equip and train staff at a home for young girls. I won't identify the country or the location of our objective because of the sensitivity of the people and children involved. Many of the young girls at this home are survivors of severe violent crimes. One young girl who is not even a teen is the survivor of a gruesome psychopathic rape, where her perpetrator believed she was dead.By the grace of God she didn't die. Another young girl was so violently raped, her reproductive parts are permanently damaged.  Working with these young girls and the trauma they endured was very surreal.

Our team was comprised of Toni Taigen, president, and pastoral counselor, at In the Potter's Hands counseling. I work with Toni in her counseling ministry organization. My son, Joshua, also accompanied us, for videoing and administrative assistance. Since September, Toni and I, have been collaborating on training material for these counselors to work with survivors of trauma. In the Potter's Hands counseling specializes in healing from severe trauma. Our goal was to put together training material and equip the counselors at the house for girls we were going out to assist.  We accomplished putting together comprehensive training material for the counselors in these homes.

Over a period of three days, we worked in the morning with equipping the house staff in identifying dissociative identity disorder (formerly referred to as multiple personality disorder). Because of the severity of assaults on the girls in their care, we also had to help distinguish between the unclean spiritual attachments that may be present. We spent three days at the home working with staff. We came prepared to equip for four days, but in the spirit, we decided the fourth day would overwhelm them with information. Which is something we didn't want to do. Want to leave the staff empowered and trained up. The breakdown of days was as follows.

Day 1
By the end of the first morning, Toni equipped the house staff, in identifying dissociative identity disorder switching in the young girls who resided in the home. Ironically, the house cook was the one who was able to identify the girls and their identity switching. Day one, with the staff, we spent on defining and identifying dissociative identity disorder. Toni taught on how the hearts of these young girls fractured and gave the staff examples on how to synchronize with the children's fractured parts.
In the afternoon we worked with the girls and their counselors during their counseling sessions. The house director requested that we look at their hardest cases and assist during these girls sessions. These were incredible, precious little girls, with amazing smiles. As we worked with them, these smiles faded and their dark pain emerged. Some girls have an unclean spiritual presence in them that entered from the violence inflicted on them. We worked with the girls on connecting with God. Some girls were amazing at how well they could connect with God. Some girls we worked with it was their first encounter with God, and we were able to lead them to their Savior. Other girls weren't ready, and we just allowed them to continue on their spiritual journey of discovering who God is.  We operated under the grace and compassion of Jesus during these sessions with these little girls. 

Day 2
Our team worked with the staff members in understanding how they hear from God. We presented information on the Biblical ways we hear from God. Toni led the house staff through an exercise encountering God that was very emotional for some of the ladies. Connecting with God is crucial in bringing healing to these little girls inner pain and trauma. Toni worked with the house staff in demonstrating appreciation exercises and demonstrating joy capacity that is required for the girls inner healing from trauma. 
In the afternoon, Toni and I worked with the counselors in counseling sessions with three more girls. One of the girls I worked with was left on her own to feed herself. She appeared to be somewhat feral in her behavior. But she was very smart. She was very cute, maybe nine years old. During the session, I worked with her in connecting to Jesus. She was able to do this, and we were able to lead her in salvation. It was an amazing and very emotional.

Day 3
I had worked with the staff in equipping them for the spiritual warfare aspects of the oppression involved with some of these girls. The spiritual oppression was tangible in the girls home. One staff member was being raised up by God to deal with the oppression in the house. I took her on a prayer walk instructed her what to do when she sensed oppression.

I spent time in discussing when and when not to do deliverance with the girls. Many times Christian ministers get overzealous when they see a demon and don't know there are protocols to follow. When it comes to severe body violations like these little girls experienced, Jesus takes the kids through a much gentler deliverance process, and we must work with Jesus as He does this. Most ministers see a demon and go Bob Larson on them, which is damaging and frightening to the child. The child has already endured trauma, and we must be respectful not to inflict anymore. Lastly, we worked with the staff and counselors on the duplicitous nature of dissociation and angry parts. We instructed the staff that they needed to provide guidelines for incoming prophetic ministers to avoid prophetic ministry on these girls. If this seems puzzling, Toni and I are prophetic ministers; we just have come to an understanding about the nature of dissociation and how prophetic ministry can cause a dark inner torment. I cover this information in my book, A Field Guide to Advanced Spiritual Warfare.

In the afternoon, we worked with a couple of more girls before our time was up with the training sessions. This was our last day with the girls. They were all little heartbreakers. Such amazing, beautiful little girls. There is no rhyme or reason to explain how these horrible things occurred to these precious children other than there is evil in this world.

We were able to download and educate a lot of information to the staff members and the counselors at this house. This is an amazing home that is run by a ministry friend of mine. These girls are loved in this home, they are all clean, groomed, and well cared for. A couple of the girls I recognized from my trip here a few years ago. It's great to know that these girls are now safe and protected and they are now in the right environment for their inner healing. The directors of this house are highly protective of the children who live there.

Toni and I traveled to the location out of our own finances. We need to return and continue to build upon what we started with the staff and counselors. Our finances are limited, and we would love to have either an individual or multiple individuals help finance our next venture back to this site. If God is speaking to your heart about this, please pray and consider helping us get back there to continue working with the healing of hearts of these precious girls.

God Bless
Rev. Mike

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Ministering to a Ritual Abuse Survivor

Ritual abuse survivors are beginning to surface in different parts of the world now. I live in Northern California, and there are quite a few survivors in my region. But I am getting calls from all over the world by survivors, pastors, and counselors. What is a ritual abuse survivor? It is someone who was traumatized severely from a young age and was forced into participating in secret society rituals. The high level of trauma involved in these rituals cased the human soul to fracture into multiple identities. Many times in ritual settings this fracturing is done deliberately by someone who was a handler or a programmer to instigate mind control. This deliberate dissociation of the human consciousness can be a tale tail sign of ritual abuse. But not always, a soul may be traumatized emotional, physically, or even sexually as a child and have dissociative identity disorder (DID), but not be a ritual abuse survivor. Either way, the child survived severe trauma in their childhood. Now as an adult, the consciousness contains a system of identities, called parts. These are independent parts each with an independent free will.

Sadly, in the Western church, we consider all voices in the head, outside of Jesus, and the human conscience, to be demonic. If an individual with dissociative identity disorder talks to their pastor, and a part comes up to speak to them, the part will immediately be regarded as a demon. I don't know how many survivors have told me that they went to their pastor and spoken to them about hearing internal voices and the pastor started deliverance prayer on them. Picture a middle-aged adult man or women going to speak to their pastor, and all of sudden this individual started talking and acting like a four-year-old, right down to facial expressions and body language. This is a person with dissociation. A child part is coming up for help, but instead they reception is a pastor or over zealous prayer minister treating them like they're a demon.

First of all, if you're going to be in any form of deliverance ministry you need to develop your spiritual discernment. In today's broken ministry of deliverance, the minister tends to convince the prayer recipient they can see demons. This is a facade, the lie of the minister, that they can't discern spirits. Some ministers can see spirits, but most can't. It's like the hip thing to do now in deliverance prayer. It's a lie. We literally need deliverance from numerous charlatan deliverance ministers now. When a person with DID goes for deliverance ministry and gets one of these 'Vegas deliverance shows', the situation gets worse. A minister whom they trusted called their parts demons (no discernment). The primary presenter, which we call the Christian host, will many times know they're parts aren't demons. In most cases, that is. In others, the Christian host will believe the lie of the deliverance minister and walk away thinking that their parts are demons. My advice to survivors of severe trauma is to avoid deliverance ministry at all costs, especially if you are a ritual abuse survivor. I would also strongly recommend staying away from SOZOs and theophostical approaches for inner healing.

If you are a pastor with ritual abuse survivor in your congregation, you will need to learn how to pray for this individual. Keep in mind, all the parts are little kids inside and not high-level demons. Once you get the idea, these are all traumatized kids the ministry will go a lot smoother. The soul before you was violated as a child; this is not sin. That is another reason why deliverance ministry is ineffective. Trauma requires a lot of counseling and prayer ministry where through Jesus' love He walks them through their healing. 

When little parts come up, you will need to synchronize with them. That is sit down and relate to the child, let them know they're safe and that the rituals have stopped. Then, slowly see if you can bring Jesus into the session. Some survivors understand how to connect to Jesus, you just pray and setup the meeting with Jesus. Jesus does a lot of the work in bringing the child part out of hiding and over to a safe place for healing. With most of the survivors I work with it will be this simple. In harder cases, the mind may be booby-trapped, and you will have to find a way in. With all the survivors I ever worked, I think I only had three hard cases. Sadly, my very first case was the hardest one. Not because it was my first case, but the case to date, was my most difficult in satanic ritual abuse. These cases take time to work with. I had one case where it took the patience of nearly three years before the duplicitous parts would allow the Christian host to connect with God. Other cases, the Christian host and the parts were able to consistently connect with the indwelling Jesus.

I recommend one-on-one meetings, such as a counseling session. Don't let church intercessors, especially those involved in warfare and deliverance, pray for this individual. They can make things exponentially worse. This is the occult and not low-level demonic deliverance ministry. A church intercessor can cause a bar fight in a demonic biker bar. That won't go over well at all. The occult will attack your church if you step out from your covering. I strongly recommend the pastor or counselor pick up a copy of the late John Paul Jackson's Needless Casualties of War, to gain an understanding of where you stand in this battle. I cover a lot of warfare of this magnitude in my book, A Field Guide to Advanced Spiritual Warfare (see below).

During these one-on-one sessions, work with the parts as they come up. Jesus will bring up the parts in each session. Let them know they're now safe. Bring Jesus into the situation and let Him heal and do the deliverance. During these sessions, there is a much gentler deliverance as Jesus evicts the bad things and heals the part. There is a lot more patience and loving then binding and evicting. Remember, you are dealing with a traumatized part that wants nothing more than to be healed.  You will have Jesus find the lie that keeps the person in bondage. Many times you will feel like you are dealing with a part, that is in a jail cell, with no cell door. And it's as if the part is afraid of stepping over the chalk line because an evil person told them if they stepped over the chalk line to leave someone would have to die. This is called a double-bind.

These cases are long term to work with and require special training from ministry teams that are involved in this form of healing. It can be a very dark ministry, and it is also a very miraculous ministry. Many are called and few are chosen (Mt 22:14). The Holy Spirit selects the ministers and brings them under His covering for the occult warfare.  This is a very rewarding prayer ministry and it is also a very difficult ministry. You must be a prayer warrior that is able to protect yourself as well as others. God will put you through some soul crushing tribulations to get you to the place he needs you for ministry.

There is a lot to cover in this topic. For now, just stop the deliverance ministry and find a Christian counselor that knows how to work with dissociated parts.

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Well, that's enough for now. Hope this was beneficial.

Rev. Mike

Monday, August 21, 2017

Bringing Inner Healing to Dissociative Identity Disorder Overseas

This November 2017, M16 Ministries will be returning to Cambodia to work with orphans and equipping their counselors on Dissociative Identity Disorder. A team of three individuals, myself, Toni Taigen, president, and pastoral counselor of In the Potter's Hands, and my son, Josh, our administrative assistant, will be in Cambodia for five days to work with children who are survivors of severe trauma in this region. This trip is the follow-up trip from November 2015, where I met with local pastors and organizations and presented a seminar on healing fractured souls (dissociative identity disorder).

The goal of this trip is to equip local counselors in Cambodia with the counseling fundamentals and practices we use at In the Potter's Hands for bringing an inner healing to survivors of severe trauma. We will be working with teens who have been traumatized from demographic abuse and slavery.

If you would like to partner with us, we are seeking financial assistance in funds for air travel. Currently, round trip tickets are about $1100 each. We're looking to raise $3300 for three round trip air tickets. If God is speaking to your heart to bless us, please donate using the PayPal donation but on the right side of the screen. We're excited about this opportunity to bring inner healing to children whose lives have been shattered by the dark sub-culture industry and violence.

God Bless

Rev. Mike

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

M16 Ministries Checking In August 2017

Some of you may be wondering where M16 Ministries went after we stopped doing Night Strike on the streets of San Francisco. Well, we didn't go away and close our doors. We received new marching orders, back in 2015 (Night Strike Ministry is Coming to an End) from God in the direction we were to pursue.

Since 2013 God has had the ministry slowly re-align into Christian counseling, at In the Potter's Hands with Toni Taigen. In this role, M16 Ministries has been working with some very dark spiritual warfare cases. The ministry gets referrals from other churches and counselors on cases involving survivors of severe trauma, and ritual abuse. What one of my pastoral friends refers as sending me cases "above his pay grade".

As the ministry went into darker waters of spiritual warfare, I became less and less unable to share testimonies. Oh, we've got testimonies, and they're amazing. I just can't publically share them as I could with Night Strike. These are personal testimonies of being healed and delivered from horrific and traumatizing events in peoples lives. Again, these are healings from trauma in trafficking, and ritual abuse (both Christian and Satanic).

Although the ministry is ramping up, I still work 40-50 hours a week in my full-time secular job. In the evening, once I get off work I have about a 20-minute drive to decompress and re-align my thoughts to start counseling with survivors. On the weekends, I do skype calls to clients who are survivors. Because of the workload, I screen a lot of people who come to me for assistance. Sadly, I do turn people away.I have to balance my workload, sanity, sleep, and family life. I can't help everybody.

The ministry has its challenges, because of dealing with the supernatural, the ritually programmed fractured soul (dissociated identity disorder), and occasional possession, I can't share a lot of what I do. The greatest challenge is dealing with the fractured heart where the soul rejects Jesus. In my old deliverance days, this would be called rejection of the Holy Spirit, and the rule of thumb was to send the person away if they denied the Holy Spirit. In healing fractured souls, you receive a lot of people who are rejecting God for not receiving a healing and refusing to call out to Him for help. So you are left with the task of spiritual direction in slowly evangelizing a fractured heart while you ministry pastoral care in healing. Because of the severe brokenness of these hearts and souls, you deal with their constant lie of hopelessness and their constant numbing desire to end it all. The fore front of the battle field in spiritual warfare is hopelessness. And it's in the front pews of every church. It's just not addressed. But in defense of the church, I don't believe the church understands what these people are dealing with in their darkness - on a daily basis.

The ministry is also working with Why Not Now ministries, Mark Neitz of Night Strike, in Cambodia. We're working to equip pastors in healing survivors of trafficking. Hoping to make it out there soon with a counseling team. If you would like to help in financially partnering, click the donate button on our page here.

Well, that's where we've been since we left the streets. I miss street ministry, but I got re-aligned on the battlefield. M16 Ministries didn't go away; we became Ghost Recon so to speak. Not much sleep these days, praying for break through to move full time into counseling. But that paperwork needs to be stamped and cleared by my boss in heaven.

M16 Ministries is still speaking at events and churches, guest on Demonology Today radio show, and I have a new book coming out soon, very excited about this one, A Field Guide to Advance Spiritual Warfare. Stay tuned for news on that!!

Well, that's enough for now. Hope this was beneficial.

Rev. Mike

Get your very own copy of A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare!

A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the Power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALMS