Saturday, May 11, 2013

Night Strike 05-10-13 Supernatural Ministry in San Francisco

Friday May 10, 2013 logged another incredible night on the streets of San Francisco with Night Strike. The weather was absolutely gorgeous with a hint of "San Francisco cold". We had about 40 people out with us on the streets from various churches in the bay area. We had the Rock from Roseville young adult group out with us too on this evening. Incredible group of young people who weren't afraid to dive right in and pray and minister in the prophetic.

It was an great night right from the start. Night Strike got to breakout it's newly donated sound system. What a difference a microphone makes in addressing groups of people and praying from the UN Plaza. It was definitely a step up over projecting the ol'voice. From the UN Plaza we shipped out 6 teams to go in directions that were led by the Holy Spirit.

The team I led headed in the direction of Polk street and we just navigated the streets and alleys as led by the Holy Spirit. The team encountered some men sitting in a small parking lot. A little bit of prophetic ministry and a whole lot of praying broke out.

After the above, pictured encounter, with Pastor Marco, ministering at the parking lot, my team progressed up Polk St. We encountered a familiar face, one of the alley residents, Bee. As we engaged in conversation with Bee, it didn't take long before God showed up and took over the encounter.  Team members, Charde and Jose, started praying and the word of knowledge was flowing. Charde received word of knowledge about Bee's back hurting her during her prayer ministry.

Bee looked up at Charde and her eyes filled with amazement about the knowledge of the back pain. Charde prayed for Bee as Jose layed hands on her back and silently prayed in unity with Charde. When the prayer session finished, Bee was just ecstatic about the word of knowledge. Bee reported that the pain in her back was leaving her and she was getting a healing from her back pain.

Our crew proceeded farther up Polk and encountered another old friend of Night Strike friend, Kenny. Kenny wanted to relay a message to an old Night Strike team member Elyssa, "Kenny says hi!".

From Polk St were led in the Spirit to go over to the Tenderloin. Many times we just follow up Polk St and minister up there. This night we felt in the Spirit we were being tugged into the Tenderloin. We ended up at a street corner in Leavensworth that turned out to be a Holy Spirit divine location. We remained at this street corner and prayed for people for well over 45 minutes.

People just kept coming to us for ministry. And we ran out of supplies to hand out the first 15 minutes we were at this corner. It was phenomenal. Powerful praying was going on and there were grown men weeping from their encounters with God. As our time was up, we had a hard time leaving the Tenderloin, the encounters just kept happening as we were returning to the plaza.

Upon returning to the plaza for the end of the evening, nearly all teams were reporting prophetic encounters that led to physical healings.  It was one of those phenomenal nights on the streets where the Holy Spirit just breaks loose with a plan to heal his children. An incredible night of supernatural ministry!

A BIG huge thank you goes out to all the young people who made the sandwiches for our teams to hand out. Night Strike begins early in the morning for me when I drop off the supplies and see the excitement in the students eyes. It's your hard work and your devotion that is immensely appreciated - and beyond words! Thank you Mary for organizing these incredible young men and women.

If you're interested in ministering on a Night Strike come on out to the UN Plaza. We go out on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month. We start at 8:30PM.

M16 Ministries is sponsoring the San Francisco Bay School Power and Lover. Come get trained to minister on the streets or in any environment. June 19-22. Todd White, Bob Hazlett, and Tom Ruotolo will be the instructors. An incredible line up for training supernatural ministers.

Rev. Mike
Night Strike