Tuesday, May 31, 2011

M16 Deliverance Training Seminar

Many people e-mail M16 requesting training in deliverance. Here is a snapshot of our training we provide to churches.

The videography isn't all that spectacular. It was actually shot and meant for our own review as speakers. But there is a lot of content to worth sharing in this.

May God Bless you and enrich you through this.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Only 9 More Shopping Days Until Judgement Day May 21

What are you doing May 21 at 6 PM?

By now you're all to familiar with the FamilyRadio.com Judgement day prediction of May 21. A false prophecy from Harold Camping. Who is Harold Camping? He is the head of FamilyRadio.com, a small media empire of over 60 radio stations in the United States. This doesn't include the number of stations overseas. FamilyRadio.com is listener supported and has an estimated net worth of $120 million dollars.
With this extensive funding Mr. Camping has plastered billboards all over the United States with the advertising campaign, "Blow the trumpet, warn the people!". Mr. Camping is falsely prophesying that Judgement day is coming May 21. More specifically, around 6:00 PM. This is the date time and the hour Jesus is supposed to return to earth. Mr. Camping made a similar prophecy back in 1994. People gathered in an auditorium waiting for Jesus to return. Jesus didn't show up.
This time, Mr. Camping has data to back up his false prophecy. You see, because he believes he knows the true day Jesus was crucified on, April 1, 33 A.D. And he has unlocked mathematical secrets of the Bible. This sounds a lot like the Bible codes? Remember those for the late 1990's? That turned the Bible into a Magic Eight Ball and all you had to do was feed it the grammatical text in Hebrew that you wanted lexiconed using statistical analysis -and voila a Magic Eight Ball answer popped up. This is the same non-sense. I have a degree in Physics and Mathematics, there is no logic in Howard Camping's reasoning. This is false prophecy straight from the mouth of a demon.
Now the false prophecy goes like this, you have a magic number, 722,500. This is formulated from:
5 - God's number for atonement, redemption
10 - completeness
17 - heaven
5 x 10 x 17 = 850
850 (Squared) = 722,500 ..and that's a magic number (remember your school house rock?)
Adding April 1, 33 AD + 722,500 yields May 21, 2011!
Now using Camping's own words from his pdf, (this is disguised to look like a mathematical proof. It's not. More clever disguises of the enemy).

I cut and paste a chunk of the nonsense for you to read here:

What About the Number 722,500?

Let us return now to the 722,500.07 days from April 1, 33 A.D. (the day Christ was crucified and died) until May 21, 2011 (the day when God’s salvation plan has been altogether completed and all of the true believers are brought, or raptured into Heaven).

The number 722,500 is made up of two sets of identical significant numbers. Each number is intimately related to God’s salvation plan:

5 x 10 x 17

x 5 x 10 x 17 = 722,500
The atonement or redemption demonstrated by Christ’s suffering and death on April 1, 33 A.D. (the number 5) is 100% completed on May 21, 2011 (the number 10) when all the true believers are raptured into Heaven (the number 17).
Remarkably this number sequence is doubled, to indicate it has been established by God and will shortly come to pass (Genesis 41:32).
Dear reader, we should be absolutely astonished by what we have just learned. All of this we have learned can only be true because it is the same God who created the universe who has planned this precise timeline of history. Even as the natural laws that permit the sending of a rocket to Mars are absolutely dependable and true, or the laws that govern all of nature are dependable and true, so are the laws that govern the unfolding of God’s timeline.
We must comment further about the incredible nature of this proof which is completely based on Biblical information.
End of cut and paste from Camping's pdf.

Are you going to base your spiritual beliefs on this? I wouldn't! I don't even want to go into the math that 2% will be raptured and the rest will go to hell. Math is the language we use to try and explain the laws God uses to govern the universe. God doesn't need math. Math is invented by man to try and understand God. Like I mentioned, I have a degree in Physics. When I work in the supernatural -math is the last tool I use. If I use it ever. Faith, prayer and obedience are the tools of the supernatural - God!

May 21 is nothing more than a false prophecy. And a dangerous one at that. It's source is a demonic religious spirit. The language of demonic spirits is lies. The root motive for this false prophecy is to get people to turn away from God or worse yet, take their own lives because they bought into the lies of Satan.
If you're caught up in this, turn away now. Jesus loves you. He knows we make mistakes. But the fact of the matter is, we don't know the day or the hour. We will only see the signs. And I am not talking about these absurd demonic message billboards. I am talking about the signs of the times. Mr. Camping will face judgement for what he has done. Whether it is May 21 or sometime later. He will have to go before God and atone himself for misleading Jesus' flock. On May 22 if you're feeling confusion and why Jesus didn't show up. Real Christians are here for you.
My team works in the supernatural, we know what a demon does and how it behaves. FamilyRadio.com is under the throne of a religious spirit. It's said, because the content on the station is genuine, with the exception of it's proliferation of false prophecy. I listened to the station to get a feel of the deception. It is actually a rather nice station. Satan really did his homework on this one.
May God Bless you abundantly, now, on May 21st and on every blessed day we have May 22nd and after. Don't be angry with me now. We can talk on May 22. This kind of false prophecy hurts the entire body of Christ. When one hurts we all hurt. We're here for you. On May 22 just shake the dust of your sandals and move on. Jesus loves you and he won't be angry. It is Camping who needs to fall to his knees and repent for the hurtful things he is doing.
P.S. Mr. Camping and Mr. Kim. I am still waiting for the RV. If you're math is accurate, you won't need it on May 22. But I will.   ..and please, take the darn signs down on May 22. Your messing up our beautiful countryside with them.
God Bless

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Adventures in Mystical Theology

As Christians we tend to avoid the word 'mystic' or 'mystical' in any of our vocabulary regarding our prayer life. We are openly aware of the eastern mystics and the associations to New Age practices and meditation. The word mystic is another Christian heritage vocabulary word high jacked by the enemy. And so is meditation, another word that has been taken from us. The Bible tells us we are to meditate on the word of God, Psalm 1.

1 Blessed is the one
who does not walk in step with the wicked
or stand in the way that sinners take
or sit in the company of mockers,
2 but whose delight is in the law of the LORD,
and who meditates on his law day and night.
3 That person is like a tree planted by streams of water,
which yields its fruit in season
and whose leaf does not wither—
whatever they do prospers. 

Psalm 1

We are to meditate on God day and night. This is not an eastern meditation practice where we sit in a lotus position, do strange breathing, and dwell on our inward sevles. This is a meditation on God's word by either thinking about it during the day during our regular activities or by slipping away to a quiet place to be in the company of God and reflect on His word. Christian meditation is focused on God and His word. Eastern meditation is focused on self and self-enlightment with all the breathing, yoga, and so forth.

Now that we know the differences between Christian meditation and eastern, let's look at the definition of mystical theology. Early church scholars divided Christian prayer life into basically two categories, ascetical and mystical. Ascetical is when we engage and pray to God, whether through mental prayer, vocal prayer, praise and worship, reading the Bible, and so forth. It's all our efforts from within to reach God. Mystical theology is when God comes to us! Our prayer lives have matured into a union with God. A marriage! Like in all good marriages the husband likes to bring gifts to the bride. This is the analogy to mystical theology. The 'mystic' refers to the mystical body of Christ. We're using very old Church terms here.

Now what does a mystical adventure look like? Well, my wife Lisa and I like to go outreaches, like New Age and pagan fairs to share the love of Christ to the lost. We attended one such fair recently and had some incredible encounters. Now we're ministering to psychics and pagans. The ministry has to be supernatural to reach people already moving in spiritual things -albeit the wrong spiritual things.

In one sit down encounter, I was with our friend Katie, from Lion's Pride, who we do street ministry with. A woman, named Norma, came to us for a spiritual reading. We offer Holy Spiritual readings, not psychic readings. And sometimes it freaks out the psychics to see two or more people on a team to give a reading. The psychics think, one person is the grand poopa master psychic and the other person is the understudy. Psychics always work alone. We use terms psychics are comfortable with. For instance, using the word Jesus at first or Holy Spirit may make them uncomfortable. So we use the word creator of the universe and Spirit of Truth. Names of God they are comfortable with. During these encounters we already know we're in the presence of God and He is here with us to speak to His lost. He is very gentle in His encounters but He does get straight to the point.

Katie and I had Norma invite the Spirit of Truth into our session for a Holy Spiritual reading. This way Norma is initiating the dialogue and inviting the Holy Spirit to herself. Katie and I use sketch books because God gvies us revelation in pictures. Some people get words and some get songs, and so forth, during this time in speaking with God. Katie and I had some moments of quiet before we started sketching. Be still and know that I am God.

Norma wore these vibrant blue feather earrings. I was given word of knowledge that she knew about her guardian angel. The colors of the feathers represented the colors of the feathers on her guardian angel. But I wasn't comfortable with this amount of information to move forward.

I sat and waited for more information to come. Now here is the mystical moment, I saw in the spirit, what I thought was a pixie or a fairy -which in warfare never mounts to anything good. I was thinking it was going to be another go time and a spirit eviction.

So I looked at this creature flying around like Tinkerbell, only this spirit was the size of a person and not a pixie! And it had wings, that were translucent, and flapped very fast like a humming bird. The spirit had the face of a woman and she revealed to me she was angel. She was Norma's angel for creativity, only, there was so much conflict going on spiritually, she was also now a warring angel. She stopped flying and and showed me how her humming bird wings.  When her translucent wings stopped fluttering her wings spread out into full white wings. I sketched as much of her wings as I could on the sketch pad. Then Norma's creativity angel showed me another angel in the picture, he was big, I was not allowed to see his face, only his wings. His tip feathers were the same blue as Norma's ear ring feathers.

This bigger angel showed me that he saved Norma's life when she was four and I was to ask Norma about it. He showed me that he had his big colorful wings wrapped around her to protect her as a child. I drew this picture on the sketchpad for Norma. And a couple of other quick sketches of the angels that represented what I was seeing.

Katie started off the Holy Spiritual reading session. Katie said while she was sketching, Elton John's song, "Candle in the Wind", was playing in her head. This song is also known as the "Norma Jean" song. Katie shared the song she heard in her head and Norma commented her full name is "Norma Jean", she is named after Marilyn Monroe.

Katie shared with Norma her drawing of Spree Candy, sweet tarts, sweet in the middle and tart on the outside. Norma laughed, and said her daughter calls her "kumquat", because she is sweet in the middle and tart on the outside.

Katie also shared with Norma a picture she sketched of Norma in the shower, washing her hair, cleansing it. And one other drawing she drew of Norma being a wild flower and free spirit.

When it was my turn, I had to ask Norma about the angels. The creativity angel was certain Norma saw her or knew about her. So I asked, Norma, what do you know about your angels?
Norma, replied, "do you mean the woman?"

I said, "um -yep!"

I told Norma the angel assigned to you to help with your creativity. Are you an artist?

Norma answered, No. But she loves art and always wanted to be an artist.

Norma was kind of tickled I saw her angel too. Then Norma asked me, whose spirit is she from? When did she die?

I told Norma, her angel was never born, it is a created being of God. Her composure kind of changed there at this point. It was a gentle revelation shift. Well, more to come, I had to deliver it as the angels wanted me.

Then I asked, "What is your spiritual back ground?"

Norma answered, "I have lots of native American spirits I contact."

I then told Norma that there was another angel in the picture. And she was excited to hear that. I told Norma I was to ask her about what happened to her when she was 4 years old?

She stops to think, and then answers, "Oh ...I fell out of a moving car!"

I told Norma that this other angel is the one who saved her. Her face became serious at this point. The Holy Spirit revealed to Norma an event we had no prior knowledge of and the fact angels were there to save her.

The big angel has a message for you, he says you made a big shift away from your spirituality from the time you were 4 years old until now.

Norma that about what I said and she pondered for a moment. Then she answers, "I used to be a Catholic".

Once more the Holy Spirit had Norma's undivided attention.

The angel, whom I didn't see his face, conveyed he was working overtime in her new spiritual endeavors.

It was a meesage for Norma to process. Katie and I didn't go in to close the deal. Norma knew who Jesus was. She was a prodigal daughter. But now that she was given definitive information about the angels she knows about and that they're creations of God. She got her world rocked.

Norma was very excited about her encounter and wanted to keep the drawings Katie and I made for her.

Why didn't we close the deal, so to speak? The Holy Spirit spoke directly to Norma through Katie and I. It was up to Norma to be convicted by the evidence the Holy Spirit presented her. It was her free will to leave the church and her free will to return to Christ. Katie and I didn't need to add anything to the encounter that was orchestrated by Jesus.

Seeing the angels and receiving word and pictures from God, like Katie and I experienced, is a mystical experience. Seeing angels and giving prophetic words - It's how God wants to operate through us. Just make yourself available and work on your relationship with him. There are dry days, weeks, and months for me where NOTHING supernatural happens. It's all up to God. Work on your union with Him and enjoy His mystical presence. He is always with us. With or without the supernatural experiences. So don't chase those mystical experiences -chase God.