Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

For most of you reading this post, it is a celebration of Good Friday. It is a day of remembrance for what Jesus did on the cross for ME.

I know, you expected me to write, a religious day of remembrance, celebrated by Christians, for Jesus' victory on the cross. Or you may be from the school, that it is Christian celebration for the myth of Christ to control the masses. Believe what ever you want to believe. But the accurate definition, a day of remembrance for what Jesus did for ME!  If there is any confusion, speak it out loud to yourself.

These are not magic incantations or the ramblings of a lunatic. Speak it out verbatim as I have it for you here. These words are for you.

Good Friday is a day of remembrance for what Jesus did for ME!

This definition is universal. It goes beyond, Christian doctrine, whether Protestant, Catholic, or Coptic belief systems. It goes beyond Buddhism, atheism, Hinduism, wiccan practices and Satanism. No matter who you are in the world, or what your belief system is,  Good Friday is a day of remembrance for Jesus did for ME! I don't want to get to religious, but I am course referring to the one and only Jesus Christ. The king of kings and the Lord of Lords. The creator of the universe. There are many other facsimiles of Jesus out there. But there is only one true Jesus and he is the Christ.

I am not trying to coerce you into reciting the Lord's prayer and be saved. I would, however, like to speak into your human condition. Perhaps you're not very happy with your life and where it's going. Maybe your life really sucks right now. Let's call it for what it is.

Perhaps you are the teenage girl, who is pregnant, and you are scared about your options. Your parents may have called you horrible things because they weren't acting out of love. Jesus would call you his beloved.

Maybe you are the teenage girl who had an abortion and you hate your life right now. You feel there is no way out. No one could love you. Who could love you through what you did? Jesus loves you. If you are at that pivotal point in choosing life or death. Remember. Jesus already saved you. You just need to call out to him. It won't be a magic bullet, and there will still be pain in your heart. But Jesus will heal that wound. He will show you through his love, how your life and gaping heart wound can be healed. Jesus will turn your pain into your strength. yes, you read that correctly.

Are you the spouse who was caught cheating on your husband or your wife? All is lost? Death is not the answer. Ask Jesus to come into your situation. Ask Jesus to come heal you and your family.

Are you a person who has been teased and bullied at school? Sometimes, the only difference, between school and prison, is the lack of armed guards and the workout yard. Schools can be just as brutal. Many of us get our gaping life ling heart wounds from school. In fact, from our ministry, we found out that bullies are emulating their own screwed up lives they have at home. Bullies are usually living in a dysfunctional home.  Don't let a spirit of death bully you into suicide. Cry out to Jesus.

Are you the young person who is so depressed you can't stand yourself or your life anymore? Ask Jesus to come into your situation. Speak with him at night. It may be a tearful conversation but it's also a sign of moving into a season of healing from personal pain.

My team has been involved in supernatural miracles we can't possibly explain. We didn't do these miracles Jesus did. I can't perform miracles, I can't even figure out my own taxes. But my friend and savior Jesus can perform miracles. He can move mountains in peoples lives. But you must ask him to come. If you want to call my savior a myth go right ahead. If you are in a dark place and you are cornered by thoughts of resentment, contemplating taking your own life,  it's time to put your belief of mythology to the test. Call on Jesus. Jesus will come.

How do you call on Jesus? It's simple. Go somewhere quiet. If you're angry -unload your feelings. Jesus can take it. He knows your pain. He just wants to hear from you -first hand - for once. That's okay too. Cry out to God. Let him know how you feel. Ask Jesus into your situation.

He may speak to you to go to a church. Maybe, or maybe not. These are big personal steps. These are miraculous steps you must choose on your own to take. Jesus can heal these wounds and he can take them from you. If you're one of these young people I am addressing, the problem is bigger than you are. Find a person you trust, maybe a friend's parent who knows Jesus. Get some help while you cry out to Jesus. Many times Jesus operates through people. Your condition will change.

Now you need to choose. Is Jesus a myth? Or did He go to the cross for ME? (ME being YOU).

Cry out for a miracle. He hears you. But you must be ready to surrender yourself and let him handle the problem. This will be your miracle. Your story.  Death and suicide are an abrupt ending. A miracle and your story are NEW beginnings that go on forever. Time after time I have heard others tell their story about how they were on the brink of taking their lives. And now, they live a fascinating and wonderfully blessed life. They fear at the notion they once thought about taking their own lives. And if they did they would not have the beautiful lives they have today.

I know my Jesus died on the cross for ME! And I want you to meet him. Meeting Jesus just means asking him to reveal himself in your life and your situation. You are not a BAD person. That is the lie that you have been labelled with and he wants to take it away. I trust Jesus ...will you?

Jesus I thank you for every brutality you took on this day for ME 2000 years ago! I can never repay you back. I can only ask others to meet you. As for you reading this, one day I know you too will say on Good Friday, "Thank you Jesus for what you did for ME!"

That's it. No religious doctrine. No twelve steps. Call him and he will answer you. It is my prayer that you meet him now in your time of need.  Again, young people, seek out adults with the wisdom of Jesus to help you in your situation. Be patient and calm yourself, a life change is coming!

Rev. Mike