Friday, April 30, 2010

San Francisco Street Ministry Saturday April 24, 2010

Hey Jason and Sam, you guys couldn’t make it out with us. So this write up is for you guys!
Sorry about the rushed typing, I wanted to get this posted before I forgot a lot of what happened.

Lisa and I went out and met Bekah, Katie and Angela for street ministry in San Francisco. Beautiful night out and lots of people were strolling the streets, going to the local restaurants and bars.

Lisa and I ended up dining at a pizza by the slice before ministering on the streets. The team met up at the corner MacDonald’s. While Lisa and I were waiting for Bekak, Katie, and Angela, I had some time to talk with a woman named Jeri. As I talked to Jeri, God revealed to me she had a grown daughter, and there was also a generation of daughters. I asked Jeri about this and she said she had a daughter in Utah, whom she doesn’t speak to anymore. I asked her about her granddaughter. Jeri, paused, and said it was entirely possible, since she hasn’t talked to her daughter in such a long time. Something was going on there and I didn’t dive too much deeper into the issue.

Bekah, Katie, and Angela arrived, and they chatted with Jeri as well. We gave Jeri some socks and decided to move on to the streets and out of Mac Donald’s. I quietly shared with Jeri that there is power in the prayers of a mother. Whatever is wrong, pray about the situation, I strongly feel that God is revealing a grand daughter. Jeri shook her head and I could tell what I told her was sinking in.

Bekak led the team out onto the streets. We walked about a block and encountered a couple of men on a street corner. One man named Chris had some serious spiritual activity going on. He kept referring to praying to the light and eastern religion mixed in.

Chris had a babbling spirit that rattled on non-sensibly. The spirit revealed how it transcended through generations of Chris’ family and had been in his family for 187 years. There were a lot of eastern religion references in this spirit’s language. Chris also went on to explain how he witnessed John F. Kennedy’s assassination from a first person perspective. Chris wasn’t even born yet. But we got details.

While we were talking with Chris, a young woman stepped into our presence. God was giving me a download that she had a personality where she would literally give the shirt off her own back to help someone. And that people would take advantage of their friendship with her. But not worry about that, God gave her a gift of giving to help people. She laughed and said, “yep. That’s pretty much my life.”

I asked her for her name, she said her name was Heaven. Well, that was her street name, her real name was Angelica. We spoke with Angelica for quite some time, every now and then our friend Chris would have a different spirit manifest and it would jump in on the conversation. Anyhow, Angelica had made this incredible dress. It was an old tye-dye dress that was heavily mended –with dental floss. It was an incredible patchwork of patches. And some cool pockets stitched into it. It was very functional.

From there we moved onto another street, about a block up. We encountered two street musicians. One man had a guitar and the other man had a unique drum set constructed entirely out of trash. The drummer talked a lot about his eastern religion beliefs, and as we talked to him, I noticed behind him was a large mural depicting an eastern religion spirit. There is a lot of eastern religion spiritual activity on these streets.

After talking with our musician friends and handing out sandwiches we moved on down the block. I encountered a familiar face, Paul, whom I keep running into on the streets. This guy knows his scripture. Paul tipped us off there was a Grateful Dead cover band concert going on and that all the Lost Boys were heading over there. Nearly all the street kids were heading to it. We said farewell to Paul and walked a block or two.

We encountered a man named Blake, he was in a wheel chair. Blake was a Vietnam vet. Blake had seen some nasty action in Vietnam. A spirit kept popping up to divert attention as Bekah and Katie prayed with him. I kept seeing Blake in prison. This was the first time on the streets that I started receiving really dark prophetic images. This man was the first for this evening. Blake kept repeating all the 60’s music stars he knew. Which in San Francisco is entirely possible, but I couldn’t get passed the dark images of a prison.

As I talked with Blake, I looked up and saw “the Legion” walking by us (the one in the same we encountered with the BSSM team). I have spoken with this man before. Legion kept its mouth shut and quickly walked past me. As I noticed Legion, Blake’s spirit yelled at me at the top of his voice, “Look at me!”.  It wanted my attention diverted from Legion. The spiritual activity on the streets is weird.

After we ministered with Blake, we continued on down the street to meet some other people. One woman in particular caught my attention. And what caught my attention, again, was the dark prophetic images I was receiving. I saw dying roses, a rotting deer head, which almost resembled a baphomet, but was a deer head. I couldn’t sort through the images. I kept leaning over to Angela and asked her what she was picking up. The only thing I could do with the dark image was to flip it. Katie was already ministering with the woman. I knelt down next to Katie and asked the woman if she went to church as a child. She held her hand out and mentioned she went to church but she didn’t want to talk about it anymore. So I told her, God has been sending her flowers, roses, and he is still trying to court her. Her rebuttal broke off and I left Katie to minister with the woman. The woman was on meth or something that was strong.

We strolled back down the other side of the street and headed towards the park. Just as we were about to cross the street to go to the park, I recognized a woman whom I had prayed over several times before. Her name is Jenna. She consistently has a spirit manifest when I pray for her, she calls it “the being”. This time, in the spirit, I was told not to provoke the being in anyway. So our team offered Jenna some socks. Jenna gracefully declined. Bekah in the meantime picked up on this spirit and that something was out of sorts with Jenna. So I explained to her about Jenna and “the being”.

Bekah led the team over to the park and we talked to some people there. Low and behold, Jenna starts crossing the street to come talk to us. Angela noticed her at first. So I went over and talked with her. Lisa felt in the spirit, Jenna was drawn by the compassion of the Holy Spirit. We see people do this a lot. They resort to the answers from their stronghold spirits, yet they have a stronger will to seek out the Holy Spirit. This was one of those times. I spoke with Jenna some more and was careful not to provoke the spirit. I gave Jenna some socks and I was able to give her a friendly blessing. Then we parted ways.

That was the end of our evening. I wish I had time to type this up this weekend. I wanted to make sure I left account of Lions Pride ministry for brother Jason. We miss you and can’t wait to have you back on the streets with us. Hopefully, this little piece of home will help you give you strength.