Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hope for Trauma Healing in Cambodia November 2015

This year has been an extremely busy and dynamic year for M16 Ministries. During the summer God gave me direction through a series of dreams that I needed to shutdown Night Strike and pursue a new ministry of inner healing from severe trauma, locally, in the city of San Francisco and internationally.

M16 Ministries still deals with intense spiritual warfare cases, which is where the ministry started seeing the finger prints of darkness and the need for inner healing for those who survived at the hands of perpetrators of darkness. 16 Ministries works with survivors of severe deep trauma and spiritual attacks (hauntings, possessions, and ritual abuse).

Back in 2011, I accompanied a minister friend of mine and his family overseas as they researched setting up an orphanage for trafficked children. We were in the heart of darkness and God literally revealed the darkness on this trip. This trip challenged the core of my ministry and the direction I had no clue I would be heading into when I returned home.

On the 2011 trip, the team had stopped off in the middle of somewhere in Cambodia to rescue a young woman and prepare to take her away from her nightmare of trafficking. What I do remember of the location was that my spidey sense was going off. I asked the man with me coordinating the rescue as to what our location was. I told him I really didn't like this area. He pointed over to some radio towers about a kilometer in the distance and said, "See that over there? Those are the killing fields!"

My heart sank and I knew from this eerie region and the spidey sense, that this young woman was demonized and I wasn't getting any sleep tonight.

Ministering to the young girl in Cambodia.

We picked up the girl and all seemed fine. We spent a few hours letting her get to know the team. We took her out to dinner with the team. Again, all was fine. Then when our team was on our way to church, the manifestations started. Her eyes started rolling the back of her head. This wasn't a seizure. My discernment was going nuts!

I could feel the demonic manifestation as it was happening. The spidey sense went off as the spirit was manifesting. We got the young women into church and started ministry. There was something really odd about this encounter. Something of the likes of which I never experienced before. There were things manifesting that I could clearly discern that weren't demons. I had never really encountered this before and thought this was odd. In my own western reasoning I figured, maybe this was something different about Cambodian demons.

That night, the Holy Spirit enrolled me into His school of inner healing for dissociative identity disorder (D.I.D.). God showed me that I had the discernment to know between a demonic and a human part.  That night changed my life and my ministry.

Fast forward, four years,  I have joined the M16 Ministries forces to work with In the Potter's Hands, a powerful inner healing and Christian counseling ministry. Toni Taigen, founder of In the Potter's Hands, is extremely knowledgeable in working with D.I.D. Toni and I started working together in severe trauma healing, I focused on ritual abuse. But in that fray, I started working with trauma survivors, who endured child pornography rings as children. We started seeing healing, through prayer ministry, and intense counseling of individuals who survived these severe traumas.

The Holy Spirit convicted me and urged me to return to Cambodia with the inner healing background M16 Ministries, and In the Potter's Hands, had built upon through our work here. We have already launched a few workshops locally. Early October, we had the Hope for Healing and Deliverance workshop, which had 84 people attend all day on a Saturday. Toni hosted an DID healing symposium back in August.

This November 2015, I am traveling to see my ministry friend, in Cambodia, and work with local Pastors and counselors in that region on inner healing and spiritual warfare for survivors for severe trauma - trafficked children and ritual abuse.

Even though Night Strike has come to an end. You can see the ministry is still very busy. I am also actively working to launch an inner healing ministry hand of In the Potter's Hands in San Francisco. While the M16 wing still deals with severe demonic affliction, exorcisms, and hauntings.

I am currently in a full time ministry living off of supernatural provision.  

We need funding for these ventures. I know more trips will be required to different regions of the United States and the world. We are currently carrying the burden of flying in experts and hosting them for cases In the Potter's Hands and M16 are working on. We need givers and senders. Please pray and see if God would like for you to assist us.

 Keep us in prayer late November as I head to Cambodia.