Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sowers Needed for Inner Healing Ministry

Following the Holy Spirit is always an adventure. He places dreams on your heart, and speaks to you in dreams when you sleep. I never fully knew where I was being taken in His plans when I was launched into spiritual warfare ministry back in 2008.

The Holy Spirit taught me supernatural ministry on the streets. I really enjoyed His one-on-one training. What I encountered on the streets of San Francisco was to later prepare me for the plans He had for me in ministry. Since that time the Holy Spirit has trained me in deliverance ministry and beyond. My heart was always for the street ministry, but I was needed elsewhere. The Holy Spirit had trained me in some very dark spiritual warfare, again it fell under the charter of M16 Ministries, helping those who had nowhere else to turn. Today, I am now working out of an office of In the Potter’s Hands Christian Counseling center as prayer minister for survivors of severe trauma and ritual abuse. M16 Ministries is still helping those who have nowhere else to turn. This now includes, adults who have survived their shattered childhood of sadistic rituals, the imagery is beyond the scope of what most Christians can fathom. Think of the most horrible and graphic Hollywood horror movie and that wouldn’t even compare to what these survivors endured. and the worst part of all this is that it was their own parents who were the perpetrators of terror.  The people whom we minister to are dealing with memories of past trauma, emotional, physical, sexual, and ritual abuse.  The people I minister with have many to hundreds of identities, call dissociative identity disorder. Some people had really bad childhoods, where at least one of their parents were alcoholics and abusive emotionally, physically, or both. Others are survivors of sex trafficking and child pornography rings, and of occult ritual abuse. The ministry has also expanded outside the office. The ministry has been working with people over skype too. Ministry sessions in the office and skype can be anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. Prayer ministry is significantly different from deliverance ministry. You still deal with a lot of spiritual warfare, but its darker and beyond the scope of low level demonic deliverance ministry.

As a prayer minister, I deal with the spiritual aspects of these individuals healing. Although their consciousness was fractured by the occult to make them ritual slaves, darkness did not win. Since I started back in 2012, I have ministered with many dissociative identity disorder trauma survivors to regain their life back and become integrated. In dealing with the occult, knowledge of warfare is required that doesn’t come from books, but from experience in the foxhole and directing large scale battles.

Currently, I am taking more and more cases, and I am shifting to nearly full time in ministry. I am working with men and women who have shattered lives and can’t work because of their fractured soul. Their identities keep switching, and until we integrate a lot of their parts (identities) it’s difficult for them to function on their own. We are seeing integration with survivors but the process is long term. Jesus walks them through their healing, and each individual is different, and healing takes as long as it takes. Jesus truly heals the brokenhearted and each day and each session is another miracle in healing.

As a call to action, the ministry needs sowers, people who will sponsor survivors for either a session, several sessions, intensive sessions, or just fully support the financial costs of a survivor for ministry. Why am I charging for sessions? The ministry and counseling has maxed out on our pro-bono sessions. We have more people who desperately need ministry then we can financially support. This is a life changing ministry that restores HOPE to the hopeless. We have people we are working with who need sponsors for their inner healing and restoration. Many of the people we work with who survived ritual abuse, and child pornography are being healed from mind control, programming, and multiple identities. For these people they are living a 7days-week x 24 hour-day x 52 weeks-year nightmare. We are seeing healing and we need your support. This summer is going to be very busy for us. And we would like for you to partner with us in ministering healing to our friends in deep need of inner healing and the peace from Jesus Christ.

If you would like to be a sower and help restore a shattered life, please contact me at:

M16 Ministries

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Rev. Mike

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