Sunday, February 28, 2010

Partial-Possession - No Such Thing!

As a minister involved in spiritual warfare, my favorite past time is arm chair quarter backing so-called experts on paranormal shows. I don't come out and say things too often about these shows. This time I need to though. The shows are leaning more and more to getting “THEE” demonic experience to show their viewers.

A lot of these shows are self-professed experts in the supernatural. Attending a demonology seminar, operating a K2 meter, a digital microphone and digital video camera doesn't make you an expert on the supernatural. One of the shows that absolutely makes me cringe is “Ghost Adventures”. The adventures of 3 investigating dudes, Zac, Nick and Aaron. It has the friendly California, surfer turned investigator feel which makes the show appealing. They're like the extreme snowboarders going out and having the extreme supernatural experience and capturing it on video. But the message this delivers is extreme danger, especially with the popularity of ghost hunting and paranormal investigation that is flooding our media.

The danger that lies in this show is the lead person on the team Zac, is purposely exposing himself to demonic activity to get a supernatural experience and capture it for the show's viewers. In season 2, the boys went to Preston Castle, in Ione, California, which is nearly in my backyard, to do an investigation. As per paranormal tv show format there is the initial walk through with the investigators and the on grounds guide. During this episode I believe the team walked through with an investigator from Ghost Trackers, who are based out near Ione. The investigator was scratched by a demon, and she had photos to prove the event. Now, our paranormal expert, Zac, pipes in “Wow! Three scratches. That's mocking the trinity.” Nearly every episode Zac reminds us of this when he sees a scratch. Remember back to season one, where our illustrious expert got scratched at Bobby Mackey's (the well with the gateway to hell)? Then Zac went to Kentucky to speak with exorcist Bishop Long. Bishop Long pointed out that the three scratches mock the Holy Trinity. OK, so Zac got some professional advice.

So the guys repeatedly get scratched in various episodes and we are reminded of Zac's tid bit of demon knowledge. Now, what's going on here? In my experience with offensively engaging the demonic, spirits will not scratch me in these environments. I spent time quietly with the Heavenly Father, when I am not in battle, which helps me during the times I am in battle. Touching me is not allowed! It's called kingdom authority. I have entered buildings, where people warned me before entering that a demon will throw something at me immediately. But it doesn't happen when I show up on site. It's the time spent with the Father in heaven that is the difference. I also may pray for up to a week before I enter a site. I would not think of going to such a place just to shoot video and investigate. If I am summoned there, I will go to assist someone being oppressed and to witness the Glory of God.

With the Ghost Adventures team they are getting scratched because they are collecting oppressing demons at these sites. The Disney Land Haunted Mansion ride has it right. Demons hitchhike. I have worked in over 100 cases involving demonic oppression. I learned from the battlefield and the Holy Spirit and not from a ghost hunting seminar on demonology. The information found there is useless if don't have a relationship with the creator of the universe, God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.

Ghost hunters collect demons at these sites, want to know how M16 knows? Some of our local ghost hunting friends have called us to help clean them up. We're the dirty little secret in the paranormal community -Christians are removing demons from paranormal investigators. I know we're supposed to be those close minded individuals. Think what you want demons don't like us. They know the M16 team is walking in our spiritual authority. You must completely understand what you are dealing with. This a spiritual battle between, Jesus, the angels, creation (us) and the fallen (Satan and his demons). There is no universalist approach to spiritual warfare. That's how you get hurt and oppressed.

The term our ministry uses for demons hitchhiking is “cling-ons”. When you step on site where there is demonic activity you are picking up some nasty demons. They don't stay at the site, they send friends home with you. Demons like to be near bodies to attempt to possess them. When the demons are nearby this is an oppression and not a possession. Possession is rare while oppression is common. Demons can speak and manifest with oppression. Oppression can get very nasty and appear to be possession. What Zac demonstrates is demonic oppression. This is dangerous. You don't willfully allow a demon to enter your body for the sake of the experience. The experience isn't over in 5 minutes. As Zac falsely demonstrated in the Preston Castle episode. It goes home with you and it stays with you. It can outlive you and stay in your family and the oppression can last for generations.

Have you ever wondered why, in these shows, people in a haunted house think a family member who committed suicide is still in the house? The fact of the matter is the deceased family member moved on to the after life. What is lingering is the demon, masquerading as the person who committed suicide. It is most likely, the same demon who caused the person to take their own life. The demon is now oppressing another family member, masquerading as a ghost. This is a spirit of death and it wants everyone dead. The demon must be renounced and commanded to leave the house and the family line FOREVER!

Regarding the scratching as a form of oppression. The scratching is a manifestation of a demonized person (with cling-ons) entering a dwelling with other demons. The hierarchy of the demonic is a lot like a street gang. You can't bring gang members from one house into a another without a fight or a disturbance. A lot of this doesn't sound like anything you learned at the paranormal conference demonology 101 class does it? This information comes from battlefield experience.

Now we know demons can cling on us and oppress us when we leave the site. What about this partial possession thing? There is no such thing as partial possession. If a spirit is taking over your body, you already have a spiritual problem before you entered the site. You are under a severe demonic oppression. Time to get some prayer and have it removed from you and FOREVER close this door you foolishly opened. Second, in our experience with demonic possession, the spirits were invited in. Getting them out is harder then allowing them in. They don't relinquish conquered territory -it's called spiritual warfare. So if you think a spirit leaves you, as in a partial possession, you don't have the proper respect for the powers you are tampering with.

I hate to beat up on Zac and the lads, but he is misleading his viewers into some dangerous territory with his experiences. And young na├»ve viewers are soaking up everything these guys do. Let's jump to another season 2 episode, “The Ancient Ramm Inn”. Zac visits England, near Stonehenge, where a house has a history of pagan rituals. He has a local witch perform a ritual for an incubus to come possess him. When I saw the ritual being played on the show I immediately fast forwarded over this part. The demonic can travel across the broadcast and into your house. This was incredibly irresponsible as far as this so-called paranormal investigation goes. I know some viewers received more than they bargained for on this episode. People oppressed or open to oppression can receive this over the airwaves.

My opinion is that Zac is definitely loaded up with demons by now. When Zac voluntarily allowed himself to go through the ritual for the demon of perversion, this is the primary way to get yourself possessed. You must invite it in. As for the incubus, he needs to go get that exorcised, or receive some deliverance prayer, as well as the other cling-ons. Zac invited in some of the worst demons into his body. These will stay in his family for generations. The incubus will bring perversion as well as unknown afflictions with it. The witch said the ritual would eventually wear off. Fat chance! These things must be ordered to leave.

Still sold on “partial-possession”? Well, I don't know what else I can tell you to convince you. If you think you're demonically oppressed from ghost hunting I recommend ceasing all activity in the paranormal and get some help. It will only get worse. A demon wants you dead. That is its mission, sickness and death. There is an answer in this fight. Jesus came into this world to defeat the works of the devil. Jesus tossed Satan and his rebelling demons out of Heaven. Jesus left us with supernatural authority over the powers of darkness.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Night Strike Friday February 26, 2010

Friday February 26, was turning out to be a not so good day weather wise. It rained and hailed during the day. One thing is certain though about Night Strike, God always orders the weather to be still for us. We arrived in San Francisco to a nearly cloudless sky. Above us the heavens beckoned with the twinkling of stars. The weather was absolutely beautiful for this evening.

My friend Joe decided to come out this evening. There was also a team from Celebration (Livermore) about 15 people. A lot of young people high school age. For that reason, I sent Leah on her last trip to Polk St., with Tim (from Cornerstone) as her assistant. We had no people tonight for the Polk St. team since the majority of the team members were minors. This was Leah's last night leading since her and Elyssa are moving to Texas. God's got new ministry plans for them there.

Leah and I had intended to extend Night Strike and find a bar or a Starbucks afterwards to try out dream interpretation ministry, but my schedule didn't work out.

I led my team with half of the members from the Celebration team. Scott, the leader from Celebration were on my team. Bill Boehner had the other half of the team and he led them to the Tenderloin district. I decided to walk in the Spirit and see where it led us. Which would eventually lead us to 6th and Mission St. There were a lot of people on the streets coming out of their small cells (tiny rooms in state run hotels).

As we left the UN Plaza, my friend Joe ministered to a man named Mark, or Ghost as he wanted to be called. Ghost said he lived on the streets nearly all his life and that he had bone cancer. Joe asked if he could pray for Ghost to heal. Ghost denied the offer. Ghost was a bit lonely and talked our leg off. I was concerned that Ghost didn't want us to pray for his cancer to vanish. So I asked the Holy Spirit to reveal to me something about Ghost that would catch his attention. The Holy Spirit told me to ask him about his poems. At first I thought I wasn't receiving the info correctly. So I tried again and received the word on poems. I flat out asked Ghost if he wrote poems. He said yes and then diverted his conversation to tell us all about his poems. Ghost didn't catch or ask me how I knew. He just wanted to talk to someone he was lonely. Maybe that was the point. God just wanted us to chat with him. We gave Ghost some food and then he proceeded to tell us he read the Bible. A friend of his came by and gave us a blessing because he knew we were Christians.

We left Ghost and proceeded down Market and then over to 6th Street. On 6th Street there were a lot of people outside socializing. This is the flophouse hotel street and like I mentioned earlier, these aren't rooms they're cells. Incredibly small rooms. Some kitchen pantries are bigger than these cells.

Our team ministered to the people on these streets and prayed over quite a bit of people here. The team was comprised of high school age kids. Most of the kids were giving the jackets off their backs to people who needed them.

Once we finished up on 6th Street I asked Scott if it would be ok if I led the team into the Tenderloin district which is a notch up on the surreal scale for these kids. But they were doing great so far.

Once in the Tenderloin, I think I was on Goldengate and Turk, where I saw the Holy Spirit point out to me a man that was a having a demonic attack. He was sitting on the ground shaking. I couldn't walk on, I saw the man looking at me so I directed the team to walk over to him. This man sat on the ground on the sidewalk, he held his hands out and they were shaking. The way the fingers curled in while he was shaking I could tell he was having a demonic attack. He couldn't respond to my request to pray for him. He looked at me and shook with no control over himself.

I put my hand on the man and prayed for him. I bound the spirit shaking his hands. And ordered the fingers to release. They were curled in. As the fingers released the man reached out to hold my hands. The Holy Spirit told me to involve a young high school girl, named Leslie, to assist me in the praying. I told her it was lab time and she came over and assisted me in praying. Leslie asked the man what she pray for. The man started making motions for us to pray for his jaw. Leslie and I prayed for the man's jaw. I demonstrated to Leslie how to use kingdom authority as we bound the demonic attack. The man started trying to talk to us as the demon was releasing him from the attack. He had a hard time speaking but he was doing better. The man started praying for his hands and jaw to release too. We heard him utter, release.

I wanted to further the attack and pray for his gnarled finger tips to straighten.We prayed for him as much as we could and it was time for us to move on. As we left I explained to our team of prayer warriors what was going on with the curling fingers and why we were binding. One of the young men on our team turned around and looked at the man as we walked off and he said the man was looking up at the sky talking to God.

A few blocks up the street, we stopped and prayed for some people on the streets. A black woman saw Leslie and said she had a word for her, Ephesians 6:12. Leslie is the girl the Holy Spirit pointed out to me to teach her how to pray with authority.

Ephesians 6:12
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Leslie was blown away by the events this evening.

We had one last interesting encounter on the streets with a Muslim man. He was a character. Joe ended up giving the man his beanie. We had some doctrine issues when praying with the gentleman. Namely, when we used in Jesus name. He stopped us and told us Jesus was only a prophet. So I rebooted the prayer with blessings from God the creator, God of Abraham, Jacob and Joseph, and he answered YES! YES! in our praying. I think we spent about 10 minutes with this gentleman. He was a lively character and I think he enjoyed having fun with us. I enjoyed his request from us to pray for him to get better at billiards.

At the end of our ministry, back at the UN Plaza we prayed and then I addressed Leslie again about what she thought about tonight. She knew she was being shown about spiritual warfare firsthand and that God was speaking to her about it. I love the fact that she was at ease with what she was shown.

Joe and I had another great night of ministry too. I was glad he was able to make it out. As for the wine glass Joe, will we ever know?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Night Strike Friday February 13, 2010

Another beautiful evening in the city. Morgan and I drove in together so it was great catching up with him. Morgan and I arrived around 8:30-ish. Leah and Elyssa were on the seen.

One of our long time Night Strike friends was waiting for us too. Demons attack him in his sleep and sometimes he sees them during the day. He has been fighting a long up hill battle and winning. I sent out the Night Strike teams into the streets so Elyssa, Leah and I could minister and pray with him. Each time we pray with him he gets stronger in battling his demons and is making progress. Some battles are slow and long fought but the victories are many.

Ellen and her team went out to Market St and Bob Johnson and his son Nash went out with that team. Ellen posted her teams testimony for the evening previous to this one on the Facebook Night Strike fan page.

Bill Boehner with Andrea and Tim took their team out to the Tenderloin district. I didn't return in time to catch up with them before they left. Bill or Andrea will most likely post the team testimony.

After Leah, Elyssa and I prayed for our friend who was in the spiritual fight, we headed out to Polk St. with Morgan. We had four people on our team, with this particular ministry the team needs to be small in number.

On our walk, we found Ken, one of the men on streets the Polk St team has be-friended. Elyssa and Leah have a really good relationship with Ken. When we found Ken he was lying on the ground with some nasty leg shaking. He was suffering from withdrawl from alcohol and he was trying to go sober. Morgan, Leah, Elyssa and I all prayed to attack and bind the spirit that was giving Ken his shakes. His legs calmed down and the spirit shot up his legs, around his back and to his spine. The team received word of knowledge of what the root cause was. Ken at the moment was processing the information from God. It was the information I believe was dead on from the Holy Spirit and Ken didn't want to deal with it. During this time the spirit didn't come off Ken's back. Which led me to believe the word of knowledge we were receiving was accurate. Ken had to deal with the word we all received. The Holy Spirit is gentle with His children so I was given word of knowledge about Ken's mother be a loving and praying mother. We spent a good amount of time ministering to Ken. He was definitely better and his legs were not shaking violently like when we found him.

We moved on to Polk St to the location where prostitutes and strippers tend to congregate. Our first encounter was with a transvestite, who recognized us as Christians who frequent these streets. She approached us, talk about the strange open heaven we have in San Francisco! Then she openly engaged in dialogue. A year ago we were like an untouchable class with these people. They wouldn't stop and talk with us. Leah gave her a rose and we gave a blessing as the woman walked off.

We arrived at our one corner that has a lot of traffic with prostitutes, and strip club dancers. Total open heaven favor on this street corner. This open heaven wasn't always here like this. I remember a year ago how these conversations just didn't happen and there was a disdain in the streets for our presence at this spot.

We were at our spot a mere few seconds when two woman, who appeared to be partners, walked past us heading for a strip club. Leah handed out a rose to one of the women for Valentine's Day. The woman thought we were selling roses and refused. Leah told the woman it was free. The woman gave Leah a strange look, and asked her what the 'catch' was. Leah said there was no catch. And the woman took the rose.

At that moment, there was total favor! God told me to tell her she sees colors around other people. I heard the message loud and clear so I told the woman what I heard from the Holy Spirit. The woman looked at me with a strange stare on her face. I think she was trying to see if she knew me from somewhere. Then responded, “How did you know that? It's a confirmation for me.” She was completely puzzled. God told me to not withhold the fact that we are Christians to her. I smiled and asked her if she really wanted to know how I knew that about her. She was dumbfounded. I told her, “God is talking to me now. He told me to tell you that you see colors.” The woman made a comment that led us to believe she was a practicing wiccan. Now most Christians here will freak. I gave a witch a confirmation on something she was praying for. Did her confirmation come from the enemy, No. It came from a Christian as she was dumbfounded. God bested her witch friends and she now knows God hears her prayers. Even though she is broadcasting on the wrong channel. And she gave me her name. Now we have favor when we return and see her again I can share with her more as the Holy Spirit directs. Word of knowledge leaves more questions than answers in people. Sometimes people need to go away and process. The key is to listen to the Holy Spirit. At this time, God delivered the message, “I hear your prayers.”

We were able to hand out several roses at the club before it was time to move on. On this block, some spirits detect our presence right off the bat. And we see people who don't even consciously see us move far away as the spirits high tail it out of there. It's interesting to watch. It's also nice to see we don't encounter too many confrontational spirits here at this location anymore.

That was it for Night Strike. I did get to catch up with Dennis, our preacher on the streets. He is making a documentary about his efforts to build recognition for the lives of homeless people who perished on the streets. Dennis is the man how identifies homeless people for police when they pass away. He wants to make sure they weren't John or Jane Does. An interesting man to talk to.

Night Strike Fan Book page

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Contemplative Prayer Session with the Domincan Sisters MSJ

On Tuesday February 9, 2010, I ventured to Mission San Jose to participate in contemplatio - Contemplative (pronounced con-temp-lah-tive) Prayer session with the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose. Contemplative Prayer is similar to soaking only you sit in a chapel where there are no sounds and no light. Only a single candle illuminates the room. My prayer session was led by Sister Beth of the Dominican Sisters. There were four of us in the chapel. We sat in chairs, setup in a semi circle around a large globe with a candle, on the floor. The purpose of the quiet and dark is to stay quiet before the Lord and long for God to be with us.

The Contemplative Prayer session on this evening, led by Sister Beth, was divided up into 3 sections. The first was a 20 minute session of silence. Sister Beth has a small chime she taps three times. We stand up and bow, our hands in front of us in praying hands position, and we acknowledge the presence of God in us in the room. Then we sit back down in our chairs and drive out thoughts as they impede the silence. This is not a meditation, the purpose is to push out thoughts out of our minds as they jump from thought to thought. It's basically clearing your mind and relaxing to make your soul receptive to God.

The 20 minutes goes by fast. I found this time to be very relaxing and very peaceful. The silence is broken as the prayer leader, Sister Beth, rings her chime three times. Again we stand up from our chairs and bow to acknowledge the presence of God in us.

We then walked slowly through the sanctuary in a contemplative walk. With our hands out, kind of like, standing with our hands out when we worship. Only we're walking, taking slow deliberate steps, and listening to the quiet of the Sanctuary. I later asked Sister Beth why we do 20 minutes of contemplative prayer and then walk. She stated it was just to break things up, and keep us from having to sit in a chair for an hour. When we completed the walk through the sanctuary, we returned to our chairs. Bowed to the presence of God and sat back down.

Sister Beth tapped the chime 3 times to start the last portion of the contemplative prayer session. Then she read scripture from Mark 7.

6He replied, "Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you hypocrites; as it is written:
   " 'These people honor me with their lips,
      but their hearts are far from me.
 7They worship me in vain;
      their teachings are but rules taught by men.' 8You have let go of the commands of God and are holding on to the traditions of men."

Sister Beth read the scripture slowly 3 times and then started the third portion of the contemplative prayer for this evening. Now during this portion I felt my mind was totally relaxed and de-cluttered of racing thoughts that I was able to start receiving prophetic images.

At the end of this 20 minute session Sister Beth, struck the chime 3 times again and we rose up from our chairs and bowed to acknowledge God.

Contemplative prayer is completely new to me so I may not have explained things as well as they could be explained. It is quiet prayer, where we push out the thoughts in the first session, and then in the last portion you sit in the quiet and listen for and embrace God. It's different in the fact that your not mentally praying to God but opening yourself up to receive Him. Overall I found the experience very peaceful and enjoyed the quiet time with God.

Some notes I found on the net:
Christian Meditation: A History
One form of Christian meditation that has been used by believers since at least the fourth century AD is the lectio divina. It has been traditionally used in monastic religious orders and is enjoying a resurgence today. Lectio divina means "sacred reading" and has four stages: lectio (reading), meditatio (discursive meditation), oratio (affective prayer), and contemplatio (contemplation). In the lectio (reading) stage, one finds a passage and reads it deliberately. The next stage, meditatio (discursive meditation), is where one ponders the text. In the oratio (effective prayer) stage, one talks to God about the reading, asking Him to reveal the truth. In the final, contemplatio (contemplation) stage, one simply rests in the Lord's presence.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare Publication Announcement

The Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare now has a publisher!
With blessing, favor, and lots of praying the project is in the hands of Destiny Image. The manuscript is completed and now it has entered the production phase.

This book is different from the rest of the books currently on the market with the same subject matter. The testimonies are recent and all come from Northern California. See how ministry teams are praying and witnessing miracles that most people only believe happen on mission trips in Africa. That was a key component to this book from its inspiration. I wanted my neighbors to read about the glory of God right here in our own backyard.

Come along and see how Night Strike teams use prophetic evangelism on the streets with the homeless, drug addicts and prostitutes. Learn about your priestly kingdom authority to preach the Gospel, heal the sick, raise the dead and drive out demons. 

Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare Promotional Video

Get equipped by the M16 Ministries team in praying for the oppressed. Learn the proper and Biblical way to deal with attacks from the occult. The information is comprehensive and explains how to take back your home, your life and your loved ones from evil spirits.

web site: M16 Ministries  
book title: Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare: the Power to Pull Physical Healing from Heaven
publisher: Destiny Image
pub date: December 2010
page count: approx 288 - 300 pgs

book description:
Ghost hunters, paranormal research teams, our television is flooded with the supernatural captured on video. Are what you seeing on television actually ghosts? How do you evict evil spirits from a home? How do you protect people from tormenting spirits and the occult?
Jesus left us with authority over the supernatural that very few Christians are equipped to call upon. The Bible tells us we are a kingdom of priests who have the power to call for supernatural healing from heaven, raise the dead and drive out demons.
Join the M16 Ministry team as they open the door and show you first hand how to be a prophetic evangelist, a healer and a warrior.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Guardian Angel Holding Chains

Sunday, January 31, 2009 I drove up to Grass Valley to Gospel Life Ministries to listen to Mark Neitz share the Gospel. Jason and Bekah Amarant, of Lion's Pride ministries were there too. From our friendship and involvement in Night Strike and our overseas missions we always travel in our groups to hear each other speak or worship.

We each had nearly a 3 hour drive our from homes to Gospel Life Ministries. I managed to time the drive to get their about 20 minutes before the service started. Mark elected to spend the night in Grass Valley on Saturday to avoid the early AM wake up and long drive. The Amarant's and I elected for the early morning drive.

While waiting for the service to start at Gospel Life, I had the opportunity to spend some time and talk with Mark and Coy Nix as the people started coming in to take their seats. One woman in particular, Sarah, caught my attention in the spirit. Sometimes, people walk by and God points them out to you. You don't know why, you only know God stirred something in your spirit and be prepared to listen.

The Gospel Life service commenced with worship to God to invite the presence of one into the building. In my spirit I must always stand and honor God during worship. I can never sit down during any worship. Fortunately, this was one of those churches where everybody stands and sings too.

As the presence of the Holy Spirit entered the room, I got the sensation to turn my head to the left. And a row behind me was Sarah. And not just Sarah, there was an angel standing behind her, taller than her, maybe 7 feet tall, his wings were fully spread out. I couldn't make out the face of the angel. His head hung low. Like he was sad. His arms were extended at the elbows out towards Sarah and he was holding a black chain with what appeared to be open shackles. Like they were once on Sarah but no longer.

I asked the Holy Spirit what I was seeing. I could feel a strange sadness. The Holy Spirit told me that the enemy attacked Sarah quickly and ferociously. The attack even spread into the spirit realm on her guardian angel. More information came in as I worshipped and asked God for more details. I knew when I get this much download the next step is that the Holy Spirit wants me to go share with the person what was revealed to me.

I became uncomfortable with the notion of having to approach the person I didn't know and share with them what I saw in the spirit realm. Then this dialogue goes on between you and God asking for confirmation. It's soul-ish, but it nearly always happens.

Towards the end of the service, Coy Nix pointed Sarah out in the congregation and started praying for her. What Coy was praying was in tune with what I was shown. So there's my confirmation. I got up out of my seat and walked over to Sarah and prayed for her as Coy and another woman prayed with her. Now was the time to reveal what God showed me. Sometimes I am not always supposed to reveal things. But this was a time to do so and step out.

I told the woman I saw her guardian angel, and that he was holding the shackles he pulled off you. The enemy put them on you during a quick and violent attack. Your guardian angel was weeping because he heard you cry out and he was being attacked too and couldn't get to you. This was a deliberate strike from the enemy. The chains are off you and you're free now.

Sarah just burst out crying as deliverance started with her. I didn't know exactly what the attacks were. But this was the first time I felt supernatural sorrow. I was immersed in it as I shared with Sarah what God showed me. There were details I didn't have, some things the Holy Spirit keeps personal. I do know she needed to hear where her angel was. And it all made sense to her. I and another woman prayed with Sarah a bit longer.

On my 3 hour drive home I prayed and asked God what this incident was all about. I felt violence coming through as an answer and that the Holy Spirit wasn't going to reveal anymore. So I wasn't to pry any further. I did my job, I was to convey the information given.

Why do we see such things? It's all the mystery of the fourth mansion, as St, Teresa Avila, puts it. Its when we step out into the supernatural. Our souls are bound to Jesus and we are allowed to see into the true universe at His discretion and when he bestows this grace to us. All Glory goes to God.

I only document these now because the experiences I had now over 4 years ago are beginning to fade in the volatile memory of my brain. I want to keep these to remember. In Jesus Name. And since this experience is personal, I did change the name of the person in this testimony.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Do You Suffer from Deliverance Dependancy Syndrome?

Deliverance Dependancy Syndrome. I know it sounds like a late night television commercial. “Are you suffering from Deliverance Dependancy Syndrome, have you been exposed to a generational curse? Then call the law offices of Strongman, Cheatsem and Howe”. I am having a bit of fun with you but I do want to highlight and issue in deliverance ministry I see becoming more and more mainstream. The issue I would like to see corrected is the Deliverance Dependancy Syndrome, DDS. This is a name I made up to address a stereotype of people seeking deliverance and turning it into counseling sessions. I could give you a definition, but instead, let me provide you with the classic DDS scenario I am encountering far too frequently. A person with DDS will attend a deliverance prayer meeting to be set free from their soul-ish shackles and made whole. Only this isn't there desired intention for coming to the meeting. When an issue is brought to the surface, by the gifts of the Spirit,  I ask the person if they want to be set free of this, now!, by the power of the Holy Spirit. The person will then interrupt and interject, “Oh no. This problem is complicated and thick, like an onion skin. The Holy Spirit is going to be gentle with me and heal me over a period of time.”

It's right there I hear the sound of an old record player needle scratching across a playing 45. Vrriiippp! My prayer focus is lost and I my jaw hits the floor. It's not what the demons say that astonishes me, but what comes out of the mouths of Christians. They then try to turn the prayer session into a counseling session. I am not a counselor, I am a prayer -warrior!

Someone put this notion into this person's head. Did it come from another Deliverance ministry? As deliverance is re-entering into the church are we doctrinal-izing something as simple and pure as the Gospel and deliverance?

We have a spirit responsible for everything now! No need to press in with Jesus and seal your soul with a strong indestructible relationship. You don't need to go to your prayer room and talk with the Father about the issues you struggle with in your life. Because it's all the fault of a generational spirit. What are we doing?

If someone comes out and starts teaching on a spirit that causes married men to look at other women, and they can be delivered from it, I am going to shave my head and join a monastery. Life is about struggle, temptation and seeking God on all matters. A man looking at other women is one of these life soul struggles we men deal with on a daily basis. All matters can and should be taken to God. He's your heavenly Father he wants to hear from you.

Deliverance ministry is an important part of our walk with Christ. You hear the Gospel, get saved, and then delivered from your past. Which includes the generational curses. But where did the notion of a time frame come from? It's complicated, like an onion, or you must endure this for 2 more years. Some black belt deliverance ministries actually teach this too.

The root of my gripe is that I have seen people receive inner and physical healing, by prayer, in the name of Jesus Christ. I have now met 2 people who had stage 4 colon cancer and were miraculously healed INSTANTLY in a healing room. I have prayed for people who received instant healing and some who are receiving a slow progressive healing. But never has the Holy Spirit told me that the problem is complex like an onion and has to be removed in layers. I call this Shrek theology, after the Ogre in Shrek, who described himself complex, like an onion. Never has the Holy Spirit told me it will take some time. Or that is was complicated, like an onion and had to be removed in layers. I have prayed for people -on the streets and seen depression lifted from them instantaneously because they had the Faith that Jesus would remove it from them. One prayer!

We need to abandon this mentality from deliverance ministry that, one, you speak a curse over a person and tell them their deliverance will take some time. This is adding more chains to their shackles. Second, we go to the cross with our problems and not glorify spirits for being the root of our issues. God gave us authority to fight the powers of darkness. The deliverance 12-step program doesn't seem to equip the Christian in the fight. To clarify my argument, there is deliverance and there is the 12-step deliverance program. One involves miracles, signs and wonders, and the other is watered down with the reasoning and expectations of man.

Telling a DDS sufferer that they have a long time to go in their battle only fuels them for more self pity. They will go from Christian to Christian, deliverance ministry to deliverance ministry, draining prayer teams. They don't want to be healed. The DDS sufferer just wants you to partner in their suffering. By doing so they drain you so you can't focus on others who need prayer.

The Bible provided us with everything we need to know about deliverance. It is part of the Church charter. Preach the Gospel and the miracles signs and wonders will follow. The miracle of a repenting heart is powerful and it does bring deliverance. If you truly believe you are complicated like an onion go spend time in your prayer room and talk to the Father. Ask the light of Jesus to invade your darkness. It's not a 12-step program that's going to heal you its quality time with Jesus. If you're Christian and you don't feel you have a strong relationship with Jesus or you don't talk with him, maybe this is the time to start. Open the gates of your soul with prayer and seek Jesus. He is there waiting for you. And you can be made whole. Start by getting yourself delivered from DDS by praying in your prayer room. What do you have to lose, your costly depression medication prescription? Yes, we have seen people delivered, by the glory and power of the Holy Spirit, from DDS. And their doctors recommended lowering and even going off their medication. They lost their prescription and gained responsibility of their own lives in its place. There is a trade off.