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Socially Networking Demons

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly demons can embrace new technology and run with it. Several years ago when I was being led by the Holy Spirit into curse breaking I would go to hospitals and pray over people. If I felt there was a curse responsible for the person's sickness, I would start praying for the curse to be broken.

During these prayer sessions in hopsitals, on several occassions, one individual I was working with, who was demonically oppressed, would always call my cell phone.  He would call at the exact moment I started the curse breaking. I wouldn't hear for him for a month. And then wham! At the start of a curse breaking prayer, his oppressors would have him reach for his cell phone and dial me. This interruption was becoming so common that I added shutting off the cell phone to the check list of things to do for prepping for a curse breaking.

Demons don't stop at cell phones, they are early adopters of new technology. An interesting case we came across was of a person who was obsessed by spirit photography and posting the pictures on Facebook. What we observed right away was that this person was in a state of demonic obsession. They were obsessed with taking photos of spirits that were attacking them and they were taking hundreds, if not a thousand pictures a day and posting them on their Facebook status.

I explained to this person before our prayer team met him that he needed to shutdown this obsession and not post anymore pictures to Facebook. Demonic obsession is a horrible doorway that is open by compulsively taking, EVPs (electronic voice phenomena), OUJI board, spirit box (spirits talk back in real time), spirit photgraphy and videoing. The human mind is so deceived by the demonic activity it is now drawn into a deep obsession that needs to be severed. In this state, in some cases, it can be as hard as working with a drug addict that is coming off heroine. It's a bad habit that must be broken and this takes time. The individual is going to have to want to come off this obsession. The individual we worked with here, didn't listen to one word. He was convinced that by photographing the demonic spritis he was bringing them to justice by proving their existence. This was the lie the demons were giving him to feed his obsession. To stoke the fire if you will. The obsession must be shutdown by the individual to proceed in the deliverance. If not, it will take lots of prayer, days, weeks, months, and even years, to pray for them to have the strength to break free from the obsession. The obsession must be broken first and will fully by the obsessor.

Now let's look at the social networking aspect of the demons. The demons would attack this man which in turn he would take pictures when he sensed them or was being attacked. He would then publish his photos on the social networking site. The photos now lure other people in to multiply the torment! What the individual does not see in their state of obsession is that the demons are calling all the shots.

For instance, two basic things occur from viewing this obsession, one , the pictures can bring further torment on the individual. It would lead friends and family members to believe there is a mental imbalance. Second, heart felt Christians are being lured in to feel sorry and pray for the obsessed individual -who doesn't want to break the obsession. Even though the posts are pleas for help the obsessor does not want to shut down the root cause of the obsession. The demonic intent is to shift the Christian from their current prayers and intercession. Thus, the purpose is to interrupt prayer. In turn the sympathy posts and prayer is now feeding the obsession. I am not saying the prayer is not the right thing to do. An individual in obsession needs lots of prayer for them to wake up out of their obsession. In these situations, most Christian's just post advice for these individuals to get an exorcist. Which doesn't help either.

Getting an exorcist would be a good idea. However, the exorcist's prayer can not change free will. The root of the torment is the individual's fixation on photographing the demonic. Like it or not this individual has entered a partnership with the demons. By posting spirit pictures he is now giving the demons a platform to operate through social media. We now have torment broadcasting out to the non-believers and we have distractions in prayer targeting the Christians. Demons know social networking better than we do.

To stop the obsession, this individual must listen to the advice and first stop the activities of the obsession, such as EVPs spirit photography and so forth. We have free will. An exorcist's ritual prayer will not stop this. The individual must choose to shut this down. When we are in obsession we are in a state of sin of taking our mind off of Jesus. Even though a person in obsession can be a Christian, it is their doorway, their sin of obsession that is opening the door wider and wider. The obsession is obfuscating the focus on Jesus. The obsession can start (and usually does) in a house that has spiritual activity.

When the obsession has been stopped, by the free will of the person in torment, they next need to be led in prayer to free themselves from the obsession and to ask God for forgivenes for having their free will diverted from Him to something demonic. At this point, the person is ready to be led in deliverance and helped to start walking in their freedom in Jesus Christ. If you are working with an individual in this state. Make sure you have an intercessor team praying for those praying (yes you read that correctly) and praying for the obsessed individual.

Prayer for Breaking of Obsession

Jesus I repent for diverting my thoughts, my mind, and my will to the demonic.

I renounce Satan and his fallen angels.

I repent for the obsessive behavior and letting the demonic become false idols.

I repent for will filly participating in their plans.

I proclaim this doorway of (EVPs, photography, ..obsessive behavior) closed. In Jesus Name.

Lord forgive me.

From this moment I will love the Lord with all my heart and all my mind.

In Jesus mighty name. AMEN.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Field Notes on Second Mansions - Saint Teresa of Avila

Field Notes to Mystical Theology is my online filing cabinet to my current writing project, The Field Guide to Mystical Theology. Continuing on in the research of Saint Teresa of Avila's work, The Interior Castle. This is the saint's masterpiece in documenting the developing stages of a contemplative prayer life. As mentioned before, The Interior Castle is NOT a how to book on prayer. It's not about methodology. It's about transforming your life to be more like Christ through a prayer life. The early church mystic,Saint Teresa, makes it perfectly clear there is no methodology. Prayer life is about developing a deeper love for Jesus Christ. She documents, using her metaphor the interior castle (the soul), of what she feels are the seven stages of prayer life development.

The first and second mansions lay the foundations of what a beginner in prayer life experiences. In the second mansions Teresa describes the inner warfare a soul encounters when it steps into the second mansion. How the soul strives to fight off worldly desires and focus on the gentle calling of God from within the soul.

In the second mansions, Saint Teresa introduces the concept of active recollection (see field notes).

Field Notes on Mystical Theology: Interior Castle Second Mansions

1. Souls in the second mansions.
Consider the souls that enter the second mansion and what they do there.

2. Their state.
This chapter focuses on those who now (begun) practicing prayer and realize the importance of (growing) not staying in the first mansion. These souls are still struggling with their occasional sin, which may hinder their prayer growth.

3. Their sufferings.
The soul begins to understand the need to avoid sin around them. These souls have a much harder time than those in the First Mansions because they now recognize the sin around them. In the Second Mansions the soul can begin to hear God from deeper inside of them.

Deaf-mute souls – souls in the First mansions can not speak to God or hear Him calling.

4. They cannot get rid of their imperfections.
In the Second Mansions, these souls can hear the Lord call to them. There is great internal warfare here. And God knows we will rise up from it and choose Him. God is anxious that we strive for Him and desire Him. The soul finds God’s voice sweet and the soul is consumed with grief when it is unable to obey Him. In the Second Mansions, the soul suffers more when it can hear the voice of God, than before in the First Mansions where it could not.

5. How God calls these souls.
In the Second Mansions, God does not speak to the soul by divine communications and inspirations. Here, God speaks to souls through uttered words by pious people, by sermons and good books.

He may even call souls by means of sickness or troubles, or some by truth He teaches them during prayer. No matter how passionate or impassionate, God values each prayer deeply.

6. Perseverance is essential.
It is okay if we don’t respond to the Lord’s calling voice right away. He is patient and will wait days, or even years if He knows we are persevering. Perseverance helps the soul grow. The assault on the soul by the devils is greater hear than in the first mansions. This is because the soul can now hear, it is not deaf, and can offer resistance to temptation.

7. Temptations of the devil.
The soul is now in a state of warfare, where it seems like endless cannon fire from the devils. The spirits impede the way of the soul, with reminders of earthly pleasures and lies that these are immortal. The evil spirits tell the soul its health will be endangered by penances.

8. Delusion of earthly joys.
The devil brings confusion to the soul in the Second Mansions. The soul does not know whether to turn back or go farther into itself.

reason - shows it the delusion of overrating worldly things

faith - teaches what alone can satisfy its cravings.

memory - reminds the soul how all earthly joys end, recalling the death of those who lived at ease.

 The mind reminds us of our mortal destiny and that all the wealth and recognition we acquire means nothing when we’re in the grave.

9. God alone to be loved.
The will inclines to love God. It has seen so many acts and signs of love it wants to respond to it.

The will shows the shows the soul who the true lover is –God.
The will shows the soul that the world is full of falsehood and that the pleasures given to the mind by the devil were annoyances and attacks in disguise.

10. Reasons for continuing the journey.
Reason convinces the soul not to seek peace or security outside the interior castle.           
The soul has everything it needs, the Host, who will give it all it can desire.
A soul that goes astray is like the prodigal son that chooses to eat with the pigs.

We are weak and trust what we see with our eyes and our worldly habits.
We rely less on faith and more what we can see. This results in venomous thoughts, which are like poisonous stings that swell the body.

11. Warfare of the devil.
The soul will encounter warfare as the devil sees it is making further progress (changes in character, habit and associated company).

12. Importance of choice of friends.
Associate with someone who will be a spiritual leader., someone who has travelled farther into the castle. Never submit to defeat.  Fight the devil, by showing the soul is willing to give up life and comfort than to return to the First Mansions.

13. Valour required.
Do not be like the warrior who lays down at the brook to drink when they went to battle.

With Gedeon. Jud. vii. 5:
‘Qui lingua lambuerint aquas, sicut solent canes lambere, separabis eos seorsum.’

5 So Gideon took the men down to the water. There the LORD told him, “Separate those who lap the water with their tongues as a dog laps from those who kneel down to drink.”

The soul resolves to go forth and knows there is no better weapon to fight the host of demons than with the cross.

Building your castle with an expectation of rewards to be reaped is like a foundation built in sand. It will soon fall down. These souls will continually suffer from discouragement and temptations, no manna rains in these mansions.

The soul built on rock (to continue with Teresa’s analogy), is pleased with all that comes to it, because it only desires what God wills.

14. Presumption of expecting spiritual consolations at first.
We start out, our virtues newly born, with imperfections in ourselves, obstacles, and drawbacks, yet fully expect immediate consolations (Spiritual favors) in prayer. And we complain if there is dryness in prayer.

15. In the Cross is strength.
 Do not expect spiritual favors because you endure external trials for God. Do not advise Him on how to treat us. He has the right to tells us what we know and not what we ask.

The sole aim of one beginning to practice prayer should be to endure trials, and to resolve to strive to the utmost power to conform the will to the will of God.

16. Our falls should raise us higher.
Bad thoughts can be allowed by God to assail and torment us so that we cannot repel these thoughts. He allows this to teach us to be on our guard.

If we don’t strive to find inner peace we will not find it anywhere else.

17. Confidence and perseverance.
Do not allow the amount of warfare persuade you to turn back.
Place yourself in the mercy of God and allow Him to take you to the next mansions. Let God fight the battles and put the beasts in their places.

18. Recollection.
The habit of recollection does not come by will or force.
It will come in calmness and will enable you practice it for a longer length of time.

Recollection – “Teresian recollection” is similar to sanjaunist delicate infusions.
“Supernatural recollection” (fourth mansions) people are given what we may call a being-drawn-to-God, a quiet leaving of worldly things, a desire of solitude for Him, “a call so gentle that even they can hardly recognize it”. As one grows God leads the soul into a state of absorption”, and He gives an understanding of divine things unattainable by human reasonings. The Lord gives an awareness “which holds its attention and makes it marvel”. It is a quiet attention that the recipient can not attain by his own efforts. 

Thomas Dubay, SM, FIRE WITHIN, (Ignatius Press, 1989), 42.

Active recollection – contemplate repose, or loving attention to God. Not yet infused contemplation since the soul still remains active. …  The state of recollection occurs when one’s intellect is able to ponder deeply some mystery or eternal truth, outside the soul, as it were. Without conscious effort, untroubled by external distractions, and totally absorbed within itself, experiencing at the same time a deep sense of serenity, the soul is able to concentrate on the mystery or the eternal truth in question.

Contemplative repose – loving attention to God is virtually the same except that now the soul is focused on some spiritual thought and, absorbed in itself, feels itself gently attracted to God. In this state of recollection or contemplative repose certain mystics state that the soul should leave aside meditation, and should not make acts of love or offering of oneself or resignation to the will of God, and so forth. The soul merely remain in its sense of awareness and love God without any act of love or offering of oneself or resignation to the will of God, and so forth. The soul should merely remain in its sense of awareness and love of God without any act on its part.

Alphonsus de Liguori Selected Writings, (Paulist Press, 1999), pg 175-176.

<Way of Perf. ch. xix. 3.>

It's very helpful for those of you who are beginners to consult persons experienced in such matters, lest you imagine that you are injuring yourselves by leaving your prayer to perform any necessary duties. This is not the case; our Lord will direct such things to our profit, although we may have no one to counsel us.

<Way of Perf. ch. xxiii. 3.>

The only remedy for having given up a habit of recollection is to recommence it, otherwise the sand more every day, and God grant it may realize its danger.

19. Why we must practise prayer.
The door by which we enter the castle is prayer.

St. John xiv. 6: ‘Nemo venit ad Patrem, nisi per Me.’

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

we must get to heaven, and it would be madness to think we could do so without sometimes retiring into our souls so as to know ourselves, or thinking of our failings and of what we owe to God, or frequently imploring His mercy.

20. Meditation kindles love.
If we never look up at Him and reflect on what we owe Him for having died for us, I do not understand how we can know Him, or perform good deeds in His service. What value is there in faith without works? and what are they worth if they are not united to the merits of Jesus Christ, our only good? What would incite us to love our Lord unless we thought of Him?

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But beware - unethically steal my notes and you'll meet the fate of Lot's wife.

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A Simple Guide to House Blessing

One question we get asked the most is, “How do I bless my house?” It’s rather simple and we’ll outline it here for you. The one thing you will notice is that the way M16 likes to bless homes isn’t ritualistic. We like to invite the creator of the universe onto our land and into our house. We bless a house by communing with the Holy Spirit. God wants to interact with us and be involved in our lives. So we don’t ramble prayers off a sheet of paper.
There are many reasons to bless your house, ranging from just creating an environment pleasing to God to dwell in your home to driving out evil spirits. When God comes, He is their commander, and the bad spirits leave. Blessing a house makes it desirable to God and undesirable to evil.
When I bless my own home I walk the four corners of my property. Like Joshua, I possess my land. I consecrate the land to God and thank him for letting me be the steward of the property. I ask the Father in heaven for protecting angels to be released on my property to watch over my family. I anoint the fence line with olive oil (or anointing oil) and draw the symbol of the cross on the fence. During my walk I talk to God and involve him in the blessing of my fence line. I want the Holy Spirit involved as I consecrate the land. I want the property to be desirable for Him to dwell on the property and be with my family. I let the master of the universe know that as for my family we love the Lord our God with all our hearts. It’s all about creating an atmosphere for God to come dwell. Whether you are just seeking a spiritually clean home for prayer and worship or for house cleaning to drive out spirits, the Godly atmosphere is the key. This all starts by walking the perimeter of your property and just conversing with God and giving the land to Him.

But I Am Not a Christian, Can I Still Bless My Land?
Now you’re probably wondering why I didn’t beseech the archangel Michael and so forth and stuff you see on a lot of television shows.  The reason is, you’re talking to God here, he is walking right next to you. I am not going to give you queue cards with pre-written prayers on them. Talk to God and acknowledge his presence with you. You may be reading this and are under attack by spirits –and not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Yet you know there is power in His name.
Philippians 2:9-11
9 Therefore God exalted him to the highest place
   and gave him the name that is above every name,
10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,
   in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
11 and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord,
   to the glory of God the Father.
Don’t worry about the details. Just talk to God and ask Him to come help you. The Holy Spirit was poured out on all of us. Though you may not know it or understand it, you are still one of the Father's kids.

Keep this in mind as we resume the conversation on blessing the land. When I walk my property, I draw a small cross in the center of the fence line on the north, west, east and south lines of the fence. As I draw the lsymbol of the cross, I say,

“In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I consecrate this land. No darkness may enter.”

God does talk, listen quietly as he gives you words to say. Go ahead and tell him your scared and what is going on. Personal one on one time goes a lot farther than reading an exorcism ritual prayer you found on the Internet.  God is gentle, He knows where you are at in life. But he won’t hold back in showing His love for you. Lisa and I have helped New Agers with spiritual battles. And these people were tormented to the point where they had no problem in calling on the name of Jesus. Which is why I added this section, in loving guidance, that this will help you in your situation. When God shows up, it's between the person and God. Many times these are the eye opening events that draw people to God.
Blessing Inside the House
Now that we have blessed the outside, let’s move to the inside. Now you are asking God to come dwell in your home. We’re asking for the environment in the home to change so God may come dwell among us.
Regardless if you are under spiritual attack or just creating a spiritual environment for prayer and worship –clean your house first! God loves order, demons love chaos and disorder. Clean up all your clutter!
The next step is to anoint the front door, the threshold to your home. I do it old school, I like the book of Exodus, where the doors are marked on the sides and top, to form the symbol of the cross. Now, I doubt you have a hissup branch and lambs’ blood available (that’s a joke, don’t Google where to buy these items). I use my olive oil (or anointing oil) to bless the top of the door by drawing a small cross and both sides of the door (drawing a small cross).
“I bind the enemy and darkness from entering my house.
Anything unclean I order you out of my house now in the name of Jesus Christ.
Only the light of Jesus Christ may enter my home.
Holy Spirit I invite you into this home to dwell.”

I will pray over every door, including closet doors.

“What is bound on earth is bound in heaven. I forbid the enemy from using these doors. Only the light of Jesus Christ and His glory may enter.”
I will pray over every window.
“I bind darkness from entering these windows and I only allow the light of Jesus Christ.”                                                        
As you walk through your house, again talk with God. He is right there with you. If your house has evil spirits, do not be afraid. Fear is the opposite of faith. But I also recommend you have someone with you as you pray if you're new to this. If you don't have that luxury, God is with you, just keep talking to Him as you cleanse your house.

We’re changing the atmosphere from darkness to the light and glory of heaven. Darkness can’t stand in this light. We are forcing the dark angels out. I recommend reading psalm 91 from the Bible. Read it aloud as you walk through your house. If you are a Christian, and you think you have dark spirits in your house, ask God to give you scripture. He will tell you what to read.
Keep the dialogue going with God as you walk through the house. If a spirit gets angry –it is because it’s only weapon on you is fear. It is getting mad because you are burning the spirit with Holy Scripture. This should be a sign to you now that spirits must OBEY the Bible. Even though they rebelled, they had a major flaw in their rebellion, Jesus is still in charge of them. And they must OBEY him. Through this experience it may become clear to you that THERE is a GOD!
If you do get scared, ask Jesus to come protect you.
Fighting Sleep Attacks
Pray over beds and pillows too.
“Spirit of fear I bind you from coming in at night and giving me nightmares. In the name of Jesus Christ I order you out of this bedroom!”
Post scripture on doors to bless the people in the rooms.
Fighting the Whispers of Self-Hatred
Sometimes when I bless homes I get weird vibes from bathroom mirrors where I can sense a spirit was telling a young girl they weren’t pretty. Pray over the mirrors with psalm 139.
This is a basic starting point for blessing your home. I know people blessing their homes for prayer and worship can add volumes. But you guys aren’t the ones requesting help. Hopefully, this will help you in blessing your home.
Christians when blessing a home with unclean spirits make sure you have an experienced intercessor team praying for you. If the site is defiled by Satanic ritual, and you have never been in spiritual warfare before hand, seek advice from us or a local prayer team before proceeding in boldly. If you are not walking in your authority, you can get hitchhikers (tormenting spirits). Also, remember to spiritually shower off before getting back into your cars and going home. Prayer over each other that is.
"Holy Spirit we thank you for the work you have done.
All the honor and glory goes to you God.
Jesus we thank you for the work on the cross and for you giving us the authority.
It is finished!
No we bind the enemy from retribution on us.
We are working in agreement with God.
In Jesus mighty and powerful name. AMEN."
God Loves Obedience
As we invite God in, we must do so in obedience. That means, whatever is unclean in the house must be removed! Pornography, Ouija boards, psychic books, and the occult, yes, that is a good start. But what if I told you the Harry Potter movies/books and Twilight movies/books had to go too? They must all go. Anything glorifying witchcraft and the demonic must be permanently removed from the premises as the house is being blessed. Activity in kids rooms, get rid of this stuff and explain to them why. You're at war now. We need to clean ourselves up for battle. The fact of the matter is God comes to dwell in us. This is why downloaded rituals of exorcism don't work in spiritual house cleaning. God wants to dwell in us. God is a jealous God who doesn't like being held up next to false idols. In the midst of spiritual battle you may only want to be delivered from your torment and pain. If this is you, you may be wondering why the war is dragging on with no end in site. You need to focus on the one true God to be delivered from all of the evil in your life. It's a spiritual war and the war is fought differently. If you're into New Age and are under intense warfare, there will come a point in the battle, I can guarantee it, where you will need to walk away from everything you thought you understood about spirituality. This is just a statement from the hind site of hundreds of cases in battle. Looking back on who won and who lost the battles. Those who literally went through the wine press, entered with their old beliefs, and emerged with new beliefs, solidified in Jesus Christ, were victorious in their personal nightmare. You win the battle when God wins all of you. God's true house is inside of you. Maybe you're at that point now in you're life. Here's a prayer for asking Jesus to come live inside of you.

"Jesus thank you for the work on the cross.
I know it was you who set the order of the universe in motion.
Only you were the sufficient sacrifice for my salvation.
You were my deliverer from eternal death.
Forgive me and come dwell in me."
Final notes, when driving out evil spirits, don’t involve, mediums, Christian mediums, white witches and so forth. These practices are an abomination to God. You can't bless a house and ask God to come dwell in using means he despises.
God Bless

A comprehensive guide to blessing your house is available in M16's,  Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare -the power to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALM (Destiny Image).