Saturday, September 1, 2012

SCRC Christ Triumphant Exorcist Conference Sat

Here is the final update on the conference. Today the lectures were more up to par with what I expected to hear at an exorcist conference. Remember, exorcism is a deliverance ministry for inner healing. It's not the hog wash or mockery paranormal investigators portray it to be. Exorcism is about healing the soul and the wounds that allowed demonic entry.

One of the great things I liked about each lecture was that there was worship prior to each one. The worship typically ended with the worship leaders singing in tongues.

Father Grob opened the first lecture with the history of exorcism. I took lots of meticulous notes and I need to go back through them for a future post. Hopefully I can read my own steno notes chicken scratch.

Dr. Margaret Schnietz gave the second lecture on how to build a ministry prayer team. Again tons of notes. I have about 20 pages of notes from the day to go through. Dr. Schnietz is a clinical psychologist and exorcist and she had a lot of great information on the human and spiritual dynamics of a good prayer team. And how to manage and grow one. I thought she was an incredible and funny speaker. It was like listening to a grandma exorcist. Margaret mentioned one day she would retire but God hasn't discussed that with her yet.

The final afternoon lecture was again by Fr. Grob, The topic was how unforgiveness opens doors to evil. Fr Grob offered lots of in site from his own ministry and expertise and clearly defined psychological and spiritual forgiveness.

In ending, and this is my own comments. The exorcists I met were very real men and women. Each was passionate about their spiritual beliefs and the healing of the human condition from darkness.

I had a very busy day networking and meeting with people in this ministry. I have a ton of notes and a lot of new contacts. I am honored to have had this time and met these people. Each was amazingly open to speak with me and make connections for ministry. It was cool to have M16 Ministries reach a point where we could operate in this manner. It was a long road getting here and it will be exciting to see where the Holy Spirit is going with this trip. I was able to add a lot of information to curse breaking from the individuals I met here. And it was good to finally meet a ministry friend in person.

God Bless

SCRC Christ Triumphant Exorcist Conference Fri

The Friday recap is being posted late. Sorry. Friday was very busy and I sat through some long sessions on exorcism, about an hour and a 1/2 each. The first session was led by Fr Grob, of the Chicago diocese. He was informative and gave a basis of what the ministry of exorcism is. It's a healing ministry that involves the expulsion of demons. The Roman Catholics make a distinction in their battle with demons where deliverance ministry is used for most demonic oppression and exorcism is used for demonic possession. Demonic possession requires that one give themselves over in some manner to the demon. Willfully participating in the occult would be an example of this.

One of the interesting comments I heard from Fr. Grob is that he thought no other Christian denominations dealt with demonic possession. Mainly, I feel this is because on the Catholic church does exorcisms. I spoke with Fr Grob afterward and gave him a copy of my book, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare, and told him the Protestants are working with possession, only we aren't exorcists. That is a ministry specifically used by the Roman Catholic church and some orthodox churches. We protestants use Jesus deliverance ministry for all of the above and it works on POSSESSION! Fr. Grob was pleased I made the distinction I was not an exorcist. Then again, the Roman Catholic church calls Jesus ministry of healing the possessed exorcism. We call it Jesus' deliverance ministry. Fr. Grob was a great speaker and very informative.

The second hour and a 1/2 session was with Fr. Thomas and Fr. Grob. This particular session was the meat of the Friday sessions. Very informative. Finally, we were dealing with exorcism topics. Which is the reason I came. Fr. Grob shared information regarding a satanic ritual killing of a nun, in Toledo Ohio, back in the 1980s. It was a cold case with the police in those days, but modern science and forensic DNA reopened it and the murder was caught. The person charged with the crime was the priest of the parish. Fascinating and gruesome details of how the occult operates in our everyday society.

The last section of the day had speakers, Fr. Nobrega, and Dr. Schlientz. Fr. Nobrega delivered more of a Sunday mass homily. I felt like I was getting more of a Sunday mass friendly sermon. Fr. Nobrega's diocese operates near my borders so I spoke with him afterwards. Again, the same initial reaction, he was surprised a Protestant deliverance ministry that deals with possession operates near him. I am not harping this, but I am getting the realization to an issue with the body of Christ in general as a theme here. We Protestants don't truly deal with demonic possession, except for a hand full of ministries, like M16 Ministries. When a conference speaker casts out a demon or two, we are easily wowed. The church body has no clue a spiritual war is going on. Until we lose our job or something and then it's spiritual warfare!!! That's conception in the church. The church doesn't have a clue the supernatural is real! We dropped the ball on true deliverance ministry in the church. Look at the Christian best sellers these days in books, one is a radio talk show host talked to a demon on air. Christians buy these kinds of books, and I am not knocking them, because we are literally a deer caught in headlights when it comes to the supernatural, Wow, does this stuff really happen? YES! It does, and A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare lays out how to deal with it! We Protestant churches in the U.S. have DROPPED the ball in spiritual warfare. The pulpit tends to respond to this issue by inviting a gregarious conference speaker in with a best seller on spiritual warfare and let them entertain the church on the subject of demons. The church doesn't need more friendly talks from conference speakers, it needs to be set free and it needs deliverance ministry. Pastors who do this seldom understand deliverance and are totally avoiding real deliverance teams and their knowledge base. I know this is because the pastors think we're kinda weird and our deliverance ministry talks about demons as if they're real. The church needs to wake up!!! Fortunately, I am with a church that embraces this ministry. We do have some deliverance-lite ministries, such as Cleansing Streams, which is powerful. But it doesn't deal with the hard cases. But usually, 85% of the cases aren't hard cases. They just need simple go old fashion deliverance.

One thing I do openly share with those wanting to minister in deliverance is that it isn't for everyone. It requires individuals drafted by God into spiritual warfare. You and your family must live in the warfare going on around you. It's your eyes being open. Kinda like when Neo took the blue pill in the Matrix. Your world will never be the same again and there's no going back. The Roman Catholic church has recognized this and that's why they have only specific priests assigned to the office of exorcism.

What the Roman Catholic Church is doing an excellent job of is rolling out inner healing for spiritual issues to every one of their churches. It will take some time and they're properly addressing the issue. During this time it is also important too for Protestant deliverance ministries to start connecting with the Roman Catholic church and work together. I know the priests I spoke with were puzzled on how we cast out demons in cases of possession without using the Rite.

The final speaker of the evening was a woman who is retired clinical psychologist, Dr. Schlientz. She has been in the ministry of exorcism for over 50 years. She stumbled into the ministry way back during the Vatican II days and Catholic charismatic renewal movement. It was cool to see an exorcist appointed outside the clergy. Dr. Schlientz message was similar to the M16 history with the movement of the Holy Spirit in churches. When the Holy Spirit started to move through churches in the charismatic renewal, demons, who had been in the church for a long time, started manifesting. In the early days, Dr. Schlientz mentioned they didn't know what to do, but as a psychologist, this wasn't psychological -it was spiritual! After about five years, the priest in her parish found an old book on the Rite in his church library. He read through it and the epiphany came to him that his prayer team had entered the ministry of exorcism -unknowingly. And had been doing it for some time! Dr. Schlientz message was that the medical and spiritual communities need to work hand in hand with illnesses, both mental and spiritual. I found Dr. Schlientz to be an informative speaker. She was also entertaining, it was like watching my grandma speak on exorcism. Her work is highly respected by the Roman Catholic exorcists.

In all, I am hoping their is more meat on these talks today. For those of you who attended my talks on Frontline of Spiritual Warfare will be happy to know I went into demonic oppression far more deeper than any of these talks did. Hopefully, Friday was only a meet and greet the exorcists. There has been no real substantial information given out yet on the ministry. However, it has been a fabulous networking day with many Roman Catholic ministers. It's Saturday and I am off to the next sessions.

Well, that is it for the late Friday update to being posted on Saturday. If the blog is filled with typos (what makes this different from any other post? :O ) it's because I am in a hurry today.

God Bless