Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dead Raising in South America

Where would an M16 blog post be without a taste of the God-natural? We're down here in South America with Why Not Now ministries distributing water filtration systems. We were picked up at the airport by a friend and a fellow pastor, Pastor R. After we got into the cab and were getting re-acquainted with Pastor R our discussion turned to dead raising. Pastor R is a brother in spiritual warfare so we were exchanging testimonies. I thought M16 was in the trenches of the battle, Pastor R is deeper! This area Pastor R lives in is a huge population of witches. Witches come from all over the world to spend 2 weeks at a local witch convention here. 

I had to ask him, in light of the recent headlines of a botched exorcism that made headlines, "what happened?". Here in this country when doctor's can't treat a patient they send them home to die. There is nothing more the doctor can do. The parents of a teen girl dying from meningitis were sent home in this manner. The parents turned to their church for a miracle. The girl was brought into the church and prayed for and died. Then the church prayed for dead raising. The miracle didn't happen. The media caught wind of this and published a story that it was an exorcism. It wasn't. The man lost his church and the authorities did an autopsy on the girl. Most likely to prosecute the pastor.

Pastor R shared with us some of his dead raising testimonies. One incident, a church member was told by a doctor to take their toddler daughter home to die. There was nothing the doctors could do. Pastor R described the little girl as having a bloated tummy. A tiny butt, sickly arms and legs, death was on her.

Pastor R and his wife laid at the alter of God and appealed to him to intervene. Pastor held the girl in his arms for some time and prayed no matter what happens if the girl lives or dies, he will love God (remember the risk of not being successful at dead raising, the authorities prosecute and the church is done). The toddler shook in his arms. He laid her down at the alter and she vomited. Pastor R said 36 demonic ugly worms came out of her belly and she was saved! The same girl is now grown and does prophetic dancing at Pastor R's church.

Pastor R also shared with us a testimony of a man that came to him for deliverance. He was very sick. The man died at church. Pastor R and his wife prayed, and in the late afternoon the man came back to life. Every time the church prays for dead raising there is a huge price to pay. If they fail, the church is done. And if you're a pastor of a church for 25 years. You're done!

God is awesome. God Bless Pastor R.