Thursday, December 15, 2011

Andrea's Talk on Spiritual Warfare at Harvest Project

Andrea is a spiritually gifted young adult who has a heart for the homeless and supernatural calling in deliverance.
Pastors Jason and Bekah Amarant, of Harvest Project, and myself and my wife have had the honor of watching this young woman spiritually grow and witness deliverances and supernatural healing. Andrea has ministered in the Tenderloin with Night Strike and the Haight -Ashbury, through Lion's Pride.

Andrea gave her first {of many talks} on spiritual warfare. And her testimony of her first deliverance on Night Strike ministry.

To listen to Andrea's podcast, click the link below.
podcast of Andrea's talk on Spiritual Warfare at Harvest Project

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cambodia November 16 - 22, 2011

Our first evening in Cambodia we met two host pastors who would stay with us for the duration of the trip. I can't mention names here because, one is an underground church leader in Cambodia, and the second is a person heavily involved in rescuing kids from sex trafficking. The two pastors hosted us on a trip through the city of Phnom Penh. The city tour had us stop at one bridge that made global news headlines back in April 2010. I was mildly familiar with the story in remembering I had read about it on I didn't remember the details at all. Only many people died on this bridge.

The pastors explained to us how the Buddhists worshipped the dead from this bridge. When the team heard this, the call in the bus was for Mike (me) to go out and do some warfare. As we approached the bridge I was cautioned in the spirit from praying warfare at the bridge. I could see in the spirit women spirits the Buddhists worshipped at the bridge. As we departed the bus to walk on the bridge, I felt an overwhelming sense of suffocation as I walked closer to it. I didn't make it to the bridge, I didn't like the bridge at all. Someone asked once again for me to pray, but I chose not to. Mark Neitz stepped in and gave the bridge a good blessing. Which is what I felt was appropriate with the spirits attached to the bridge. God didn't bring me to Cambodia to pick a fight with them. Later that evening, when I was back in my hotel room, I googled the incident I vaguely remembered. About 300 people died on the bridge as they were trampled to death. It was a Buddhist water festival and the bridge had too many people on it. The suffocation I felt in the spirit was the people dying from the trampling.

Here is the BBC report on the bridge.

Our objective in Cambodia, were to minister to the kids in orphanages who were rescued from sex trafficking and second to pick up a young girl who would be the first child to work with the Neitz's and the Whitneys. This is where Jesus had me unpack my prayer swords and go to work. Some people like the sword of the Spirit, I prefer the claymore of the Spirit. Anything pertaining to spiritual warfare for these kids I was permitted to engage.

One the first day in Cambodia we were taken to several Christian run organizations that had rescued children from sex trafficking. Some Christian buildings were within a stone through of brothels. Kids of every age are at risk. Our pastor friend who rescues kids told us that pedophiles request even infants. Some for sick fantasies of dismembering and torture. These are white American and European men coming to Cambodia for this. One rescue mission we were in was a former brothel. They left one room the same as it was before the missionaries took over. This room was left that way to show other missionaries what goes on in these brothels.

There was a small room with a wooden bed, with no mattress, where a paying customer would have two little girls in it. If the children were new to slavery and virgins, customers would go to the upstairs and pay a high price for those kids. This is all tormented and sick.

While I was in Cambodia, God gave me a download on how Buddha is Ba'al. This trafficking is all Ba'al. This is a longer story than I have time for in a newsletter. But you know me, I'll write it somewhere.

Our stop the next day was to an orphanage where children were rescued from trafficking. It was a beautiful facility and the woman who had a Heidi Baker spirit about her. Our team prayed for all the kids. I had the opportunity to lay hands on all the children and pray curse breaking over them. I prayed in the spirit to see what was done to them and then prayed off the curse. After that I prayed in the spirit what the kids spiritual gifts were and prayed for a release in them for their gifts. At the end of this prayer session, the children gathered around us and laid hands on us. That was a powerful prayer session to have very young kids to teenagers, lay hands on you and bless you. I was in tears with these kids praying over me. Talk about getting undone in a prayer service! The head of the orphanage walked behind me and asked for a greater release in the gifts. When someone that powerful in Lord speaks you know something is going to come of that prayer.

During our stay in Cambodia we also visited slums that were in danger of trafficking. If the parents of the children got sick they would fall pray to traffickers. The traffickers would offer to pay medial bills in exchange for the kids. We passed out water filters to help keep the people from getting sick. The number one thing that people get sick from in the slums is from unclean drinking water. We intend to bring back mosquito nets next time to help solve the second biggest problem of sickness -malaria. By reducing the health problem you reduce the trafficking of the kids in these areas.

One evening, Mark Neitz, Kimberly Johnson, Sean Franklin and I ventured out to the red light district to go into the darkness of trafficking. The scene was mostly middle-aged white men soliciting young girls in a bar pickup fashion. These young girls looked like they were in their teens to early twenties. The prostitutes let the men pick up on them like they're at a bar. It's a bizarre setting and method.

We eventually ended up a bar called the “Heart of Darkness”. Which was aptly named. Imagine a bar like this in America with satanic imagery. Now imagine the same bar in Cambodia with demonic Buddhism imagery. My spidey sense was tingling like crazy in this place. I tried to follow it to see what was setting it off -but I was stopped by security guards at the bar. They deliberately stood in our way to prevent us from seeing rooms we believe were in the back of the bar. This bar even searched us as we entered. It was worse than TSA at the airport to enter this bar. Kimberly Johnson posted her thoughts on this bar and this night of piercing the darkness in her blog. But this is what our team does. If it's dark -we go there.

Kimberly Johnson's Blog Entry - The Night that Changed Everything

We had a powerful spiritual encounter with the young woman we were in the process of rescuing.

One of the primary objectives of this trip was to bring a young Vietnamese girl, back from Cambodia to Vietnam,to the Lotus house. The orphanage being setup by Mark Neitz, and Don and Maria Whitney. We worked with a Cambodian man who works with Cambodian police, the FBI, CIA and Canadian police on sex trafficking stings. This man helped rescue the girl who was sold into slavery in Vietnam by her aunt. The girl ended up in Cambodia.

Girls of a young age are usually beaten, gang raped and other atrocities occur to them in this environment. Some kids are raped as early as 1 years old. I already knew going into this trip, by working with women rape victims in Northern California, this girl was going to have demons.

When the team stopped to pick her up and meet the group we met her at a village. As we waited for Mark, Kimberly Johnson and Chinga to speak with the girl I waited outside and looked off into the fields and got an uneasy feeling about the place. The man who rescued the girl walked over to me and pointed out to a radio tower about 1500 yards away.

He said, "Do you see that?". Pointing to the tower. "That's the killing fields of Cambodia. Where the Khmer Rouge massacred Cambodians."

When our friend made that comment I knew I was in for a very long night. The area was spiritually unrest on top of what the girl had already from her time in sex slavery.

After about on hour we board our bus and the young girl grabbed all her personal belongings she had in life, they all fit into a small gift bag. The type we use to give out birthday gifts. She had her underwear and an extra T-shirt in the bag.

We took the young girl with us back to the hotel to let her get acquainted with the team. And with mark Neitz and Don and Maria Whitney. We headed up and made it back to the hotel in time to change clothes, go out to dinner and then go off to an underground church pastor's conference we were ministering at.

We ate dinner at a local restaurant that would be equivalent to a soup version of an American fondue restaurant. Everybody selected soup items from a buffet line and cooked them at their table with a large soup cooking bowl on the table. After we ate our dinner we proceeded back on to the church.

About 5 minutes from the church, our young girl started getting a severe headache. When I saw this I knew right away the spiritual battle was on. As we got closer to the church, her condition got worse. She passed out.

When we arrived at the church I assisted pastor Mary (one of the head people of the Cambodian underground church) in carrying the woman up the several flights of stairs to the church sanctuary. The girl's eyes were closed. I looked at the girl's eyes before we moved her and they were rolled up in the back of her head. A sign of a manifestation going on. Mary and I proceeded to move her to Holy ground.

When we entered the church we laid her down on some chairs. Worship started and we worshipped. The best thing you can do in a situation like this. During worship, the spirits in the girl tried to shutdown the spiritual state of worship. Without making a sound or saying a word, all the pastors attention was suddenly diverted to the girl laying out cold on the chairs. I broke off the spirits attempts and had the pastors return to worshipping. Meanwhile, I had one of our people who was a physician's assistant, check vital signs on the girl. I didn't want the spirits pulling a seizure on us.

When service was over we tried to wake the girl, but her eyes were still rolled in the back of her head and she wasn't responding to vocal commands. At that point I started binding the spirits of suicide and death and started spiritual battle. Most of us clearly could see it was a spiritual ploy to get us out of the church. We decided the best choice would be to take her to a hospital and have her checked out. I knew the doctors would find nothing wrong. But that was worth the payment fee.

Mark and I rode with the young girl to the hospital. We had our friend with us who helped rescue her, pastor Mary and Chinga. We warred against the spirits all the way to the hospital. I elected not to stay on vigil at the hospital since I thought it would be best if Mark stayed at her side. Since he was going to be her new family in Vietnam. I couldn't really war anymore until I found out if she was saved or not.

At midnight, Mark was releaved of his watch by pastor Mary and sister Chinga. Pastor Mary and Chinga arrived to find a conscious young girl in the hospital ward. Whenever they would mention Jesus, the girls eyes would roll in the back of her head, like before, and a deaf and dumb spirit would manifest.

On several attempts through the night the women attempted to get the girl to just say Jesus name. But the deaf and dumb spirit would lock the girl's lips shut. Somewhere around 6:30 AM the next morning Chinga had a spiritual break through and the young girl accepted Jesus.

It's going to be a long up hill battle with this young girl and she needs to be built up in her spiritual beliefs before the deliverance can take place. It was cool to see a photograph of the spiritual battle. I don't have any pictures of any spiritual battles I've been involved in. We don't keep any records.

Those of you know I sent out a prayer request on FB when I was in Cambodia for the young girl we were rescuing and this is the incident.
The night prior to our meeting. The spirits new we were coming for the young girl and they tried to make her OD on sleeping pills.

A lot of stuff happened on our trip and I could easily write you a novel. Whoops. I think I already did.

Vietnam Mission Report November 7 - 15, 2011

The mission trip to Vietnam and Cambodia was phenomenal and an eye opener to many things. The missionary team was comprised of about 20 people. Each from different walks of life and ministries. Peter and Chinga Pan organized a flawless missions trip to these countries that executed like clockwork.

I felt the call to go to Vietnam with Mark Neitz back in the summer. Lisa, Conni and I had just completed a deliverance prayer session that opened our eyes on children trafficking and the affects on the rescued children in orphanages. After that, my heart was called to go on the trip. Kimberly Johnson from iDignify in Redding also joined the team. Don and Maria Whitney were on the team and our now living in Vietnam at orphanage, they and the Neitz family are setting up. The Neitz family moves to Vietnam in July.

In Vietnam we met with the Vietnamese underground church pastors. Evangelicals are still being persecuted in the more outer villages so we aren't posting pictures of the conference we attended.

During the conference I had the opportunity to video tape an incredible dead raising testimony from one of the tribal pastors. The testimony is posted on our previous blog post.

Vietnamese Pastor Shares His Dead Raising Testimony

With my time in Vietnam I was blessed to spend two full days in a drug rehab and minister to some young men and women there. These guys know how to worship.

Here is the link to my youtube posting. Don and Maria Whitney are in this video dancing and worshipping.

Our ministry team was dripping in sweat, these guys worshipped so hard. They offered themselves up for the audience of one, our Father in heaven, He showed up big time with these kids. Through my ministry with the kids, I personally witnessed a sprained wrist reset, as my interpreter and I prayed for a young woman. We had a deliverance of a young man who was set free from an evil spirit. And my interpreter was set free from asthma as I prayed for her. The full testimony is on the M16 blog.

Vietnam Ministry in Rehab

At the end of the second day, Pastor Kimberly Johnson, had a deliverance session and set the young people from their guilt and shame they were carrying through life with them. This video clip of the young people shouting freedom came after a log tearful prayer session of forgiveness being released. It was a powerful time. Here is the clip of the kids embracing their freedom.

On the last Sunday night we were in Vietnam, Sean Franklin, on our team, and I went to the underground church to preach. I preached on soul-ties and had the young people there break them off. It was a powerful night.

The following day, the team returned to the underground church conference and the Holy Spirit took over for inner healing. We had a powerful session of just holding these Vietnamese pastors and they were weeping.