Sunday, July 18, 2010

Spirit of fever - the spirit of the water

This M16 webisode for Sunday July 18, 2010, features a recap on the spiritual warfare against the "spirit of the water" that travels down the rivers of Guyana and brings sickness. During this battle, we prayed over children who had fevers and their fevers broke during the night. But there was some intense spiritual battles. Featured in a poorly lit video clip is Pastor Paul warring against a spirit of fever over a young infant. The baby is breast feeding from its mother. During the night the team also experienced angelic and demonic manifestations as we prayed for the fever's hold on the children to be broken. This occurred on Monday June 13, 2010 and into the early hours of the morning on Tuesday.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's How We Roll....

This is a fun story from the June 2010 Guyana mission trip, I went on with my ministry partner in crime, Mark Neitz. I accompanied Mark to Guyana to help document his distribution of Sawyer water filters in Guyana and parts of the jungle (we covered 800 miles in the jungle by boat in 4 days,,, but that's another story). We arrived with 2 goals in mind, help provide fresh drinking water and give out the living water!

When Mark and I first arrived in Guyana we were offered to come on a house blessing with Pastor Rodwell and his wife Grace. Pastor Rodwell and I both have spiritual warfare minsitries warring against the demonic. His was an interesting case, a woman, who came from generations of witches, gave her life over to Jesus. But she had some demonic activity in her house. Our timing didn't workout and we couldn't accompany Pastor Rodwell and Grace on this particular house blessing. Several days later, after we returned from our whirlwind tour of the Guyana jungle, Pastor Terry, from a local AG Church, requested that Don Whitney, Mark Neitz and myself accompany him on a house blessing where demonic activity was occurring and a newly widowed woman was being terrorized by eastern spirits.

This video blog discusses the interesting adventure that unfolded and gave us our motto for our mission trip in Guyana. "It's how we roll..." After this funeral, we did dedicate a baby a few days later, we tried to get a couple married too just so we covered everything during our stay in Guyana.

God Bless