Saturday, November 29, 2014

Night Strike Supernatural Ministry Friday November 28 2014

We had an incredible night in ministry on Friday evening, November 28, 2014, it was the night immediately after Thanksgiving. Angela met up with Lisa and I as we did an impromptu Night Strike in the TL. As we drove into the city across the bay bridge I commented on what a beautiful evening this was turning out to be. Not a cloud in the sky, no fog. From the bay bridge we could clearly see the lights of the Golden Gate bridge, yes, it was one of those unusually clear and beautiful nights in the city.

As we pulled into the parking area on Fulton, it was immediately clear there were an unusually high number of homeless people out on the streets this evening. Once we parked the car, we made our way over to the traditional meeting area of the horse statute with our bags of items to distribute to the people there. Along the wall of the Asian art museum, there were a lot of people bedding down for the night.

We hung around the statue for about 20 minutes until the area died down from activity and people coming to us. We packed up the tuna fish sandwiches, the drinks, the chips, and the socks, and made our way to the doorways and sidewalks to where the people were camping for the night. Remember that beautiful, clear night I mentioned as we drove into the city? Well, the city is fickle, a light mist started falling on us. Then the mist started getting a little more mistier.. if you know what I mean.

At one of our first stops, I noticed an elderly woman with a cane, trying to descend down into the BART station. The up escalator was working, and the down escalator was closed off for maintenance. I engaged in simple conversation with this woman, and she greeted me and said her name Pastor Kelly. I immediately responded I am Pastor Mike. Her face lit up, and Lisa responded with a handshake, I am Pastor Lisa. She just smiled and we started off on a great encounter and meeting with a local street minister.

As we were talking, there were a couple of spirits of distraction that approached us. Pastor Kelly was kind of puzzled at first at how we handled them. It is our approach that even though the enemy sends in a spirit of distraction, that we allow the operation to back fire and we let the Holy Ghost minister to that person. Everyone is born with a Holy Ghost homing beacon. That’s what I call it, so even if a person on the streets is darkly oppressed, or even possessed, the spirits will lead them over to us to distract or run us off. You know how some Christians are on a sidewalk with a bullhorn and are extremely annoying and shouting peoples sins out? This is like the demonic version of that, only we let them make a pass or two, and then we have noticed the Holy Ghost tracking beacon, which is what I call it, will kick in, and the person inside will surface and speak with you. More on this in a moment. I just wanted to make the point that Night Strike team members are on the streets to bring light into darkness and not everyone understands this. So when we were allowing the oppressed and possessed to have our attention. Pastor Kelly was completely confused. She started quoting scripture on how we shouldn’t allow them to have counsel with us. I told her it was alright, “we’re bringing light into darkness. That’s why we’re out here tonight.”

Pastor Kelly thought we were new and naive to street ministry. I told her Night Strike has been on the streets since 1999. We are completely aware of the dangers on the streets. Pastor Kelly decided to walk with us, she didn’t like the idea that oppressed people were joining us as we strolled down the sidewalks of the TL and ministered. I had to keep re-assuring her that this is what Night Strike does. It wasn’t far in our walk with her that a possessed man showed up on the streets. He came towards us walking and carrying on a conversation with an invisible person. He showed up on my discernment radar from a far. I looked down the sidewalk and in a demonic reverse discernment he saw me. He stopped talking to his invisible friend, and diverted his attention to the pavement. He passed by me at a quick pace, and never took his eyes off the sidewalk. As he passed me I offered him a tuna fish sandwich. He pretended like he didn’t hear me and he kept walking away from me as fast as he could. I already started reaching for his sandwich in my bag. I was now counting on his Holy Ghost beacon to kick on. Sure enough, about 30 feet away from me, he turned around and shouted out to me to identify myself or something like that. It was a weird request. I slowly started walking towards him. Pastor Kelly stopped me and explained to me that she had dead on spiritual discernment and that I shouldn’t talk to that man, he was clearly demonized. I told Pastor Kelly it was ok, I am Pastor that understands battles with darkness that is why I am out here on the streets. Our mission tonight is to bring light into darkness. Pastor Kelly was awesome, and she was dead on, I think she was completely puzzled to see that we minister to the demonized. I walked over to the man who had initially passed up the sandwich. I approached him with a smile, holding out a tuna fish sandwich to him. He made some bizarre statement, “I demand a database query.” Initially, I thought, "what?", but it is encounters like this I let the Holy Ghost handle. Once more, he looked me in the eye, and he asked, “I request a query of you.” My response was, “I will provide you no such query. Scan me and you will know what I am.” Yes. It was a weird conversation. But you let the Holy Spirit dial in on the madness and demonic dialect to cut pass the spiritual madness. The man stopped for a minute and responded, “You are not one of us.” I responded, “that is correct”. He got mad and bolted off. He went about 10 feet and then he stopped and turned around. The Holy Ghost beacon kicked in again. He came back and talked to me in his weird computer dialect jibberish. But we were having a conversation through the Holy Spirit and he was now walking with me. He took some food and now we had an oppressed man and a possessed man walking with us. Pastor Kelly’s discernment was going bonkers. She wanted us to get rid of these people. I told her I wouldn’t, they were getting touched by Jesus right now. It didn’t seem like it, but in all them their madness and addictions had now shut off in their walk with us to engage in the humanity of Jesus Christ. Pastor Kelly again pleaded with me. She thought we were nuts. She had every right to be. A lot of Christians come into the TL from outside the city and are completely oblivious to the dangers both physical and spiritual, that are present on these streets. Pastor Kelly I know had every right to be pleading with us. We have seen the naivety of other ministries coming out and not understanding the spiritual regions of this city. I finally had to breakdown and explain to Pastor Kelly, that what we were doing is all right. She again told me about her dead on discernment. And she was dead on. It was then that I told her that I was an exorcist. That I work with these people and that I can see what she is seeing. Our job was to come out and let the heavenly Father break through the demonic and love on these oppressed children of God. It was then that Pastor Kelly shared with me her experience as a little girl, growing up in a state run hotel, there in the TL where she developed her discernment. The room she grew up in had demonic activity. She could hear a little girl singing at night and it would frighten her. She said, then one night she mustered enough strength to peek out of her covers to see what was singing. She said she saw little girl by her bedside with dark black eyes. She said for months she prayed for it to go away. And during this time she woke up in the morning with scratches and bruises. But it finally left through prayer. I clearly understood now where Pastor Kelly was coming from. And I could understand why there was some trepidation in what we were doing. At the end of the evening I still believe Pastor Kelly thought we were insane for what we do. But that is the mission of Night Strike – to bring light into darkness. Not all Night Strikes are like this one. We don’t go looking for the demonized. We go out attentive to the will of the heavenly Father. If He arranges a divine meeting with one of His tormented children we will follow His will and receive the individual with open arms. This is bringing the humanity of Jesus Christ and the victory of the cross into darkness. Giving people lots of time to choose the cross is called process evangelism. Even the demonized wake up. They have to be shown the reality of the truth of Jesus Christ to battle their own demonic lies. I truly believe we were out on the streets for a Holy Ghost encounter with our new pastor friend. To demonstrate the higher authority on the streets will protect her from the spiritual activity she walks through on a daily basis. She is a strong woman of God and a powerful evangelist. I think God had to show her there is still an underlying spirit of fear from the evil spirit that manifested in front of her as a child.

 And yes, on our walk, we all did get a little wet on our Night Strike.

God Bless