Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dear Christian - Yoga is Hinduism

Yes you read the title correctly, Yoga is Hinduism. This may come as a surprise to most Christians who are practicing yoga. I never clearly understood what Yoga was nor did I ever care. It was something I always thought people did who were into stretching and living a vegan or New Age lifestyle. I had the stereotypical, non-Yoga practicing idea of this fitness craze. I am normally don't discuss matters of demonic influence unless I have seen and worked with them first hand. Whenever I discuss matters of this nature I tend to ruffle the feathers and raise the hackles of my sisters and brothers in Christ. A little background on me, if you're new to this blog or surfed in by accident, I run a ministry team that deals with severe demonic activity. Pastors in my area usually refer the tough cases to my team, M16 Ministries. I am also the author of the book, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare. I usually don't bring up these matters unless my team has seen and worked with demonic spirits, and in this case for Yoga, the spirit of Kundalini. 

On several occasions while working with people who came to us to deal with real spirit manifestations, we stumbled onto this spirit during deliverance prayer sessions. It doesn't happen all the time, but people who attract spirits need to avoid the practice of Yoga all together. If this isn't a heads up for a Christian to cease Yoga and simply take up stretching, I don't know what else to say. During prayer session, these individuals would develop sever lower back pain. When this occurs one of our prayer team people will quietly whisper and bind the spirit of Kundalini out of ear shot of the individual. Most times there is no reaction and we move on in prayer. When there is a reaction to the binding, we have seen individuals tense up, their backs go rigid or even a sharp pain increase in the lower back at that moment. We have also seen people fall to the floor and slither. It's a demonic manifestation the person picked up while in Yoga  and practicing a healthy life style. 

Why does this happen? Am I just a narrow minded Christian? I have had many Christian women roll their eyes at me when I tell them what we have encountered. Obviously, I am not out to make friends divulging this information. Christian practitioners must ask themselves the question, what is yoga?

When I researched Yoga I went no farther than my local gym that offered Yoga. Here's what was offered. Beginning Yoga, participants in these classes will learn the art and science of the basic yoga postures. The classes are led by MSW, Iyengar certified instructors. Iyengar certified means the instructor has been trained in the B.K.S Iyengar yoga. B.K.S Iyengar is the name of the founder, yogi Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar, for Iyengar yoga. For further inquiry on this I pulled up the official website page for B.K.S. Iyenengar, Yoga is defined on the FAQ <Forum for Asking Questions> page of that site. According to the FAQ, “The word yoga originates from the sanskrit root yuj which means Union. On the spiritual plane, it means union of the Individual Self with the Universal Self, Yoga is the union of the body, mind, emotions and intellect.”

Does "union of the individual self with the universal self" line up with anything Biblical? If it does, please tell which Bible translation you are reading. Christy Turlington, in her book, Living Yoga – Creating a Life Practice, defines Yoga as a school of Hindu philosophy using a series of postures, practiced breathing exercise, physical and mental control to unify the self with the Supreme Being. The supreme being Christy is referring to here is NOT God!

Postures, Positions and Asanas

Let's take a look at postures. All the positions, postures, in yoga have a specific meaning. Each posture, called an asanas, has a direct correlation to many thousands of Hindu gods. Each posture is a pose to honor an individual 'lowercase' god – a demon.

Asanas, or postures, come from Hatha Yoga. Ha means Sun and Tha means moon. These practices harness the life force energy, or the psychospiritual energies. Asanas use the body as a tool, by posturing the body, to experience union with our higher or supreme conscious.i The higher or supreme consciousness is man as god. It is occult. It is not the consciousness of the one true God.

iChristyTurlington, LIVING YOGA – Creating a Life Practice, (HYPERION. 2002), pg 42.

The contradiction in doctrines is that the yoga practitioner is looking for liberation from their body. In comparison, the Christian body is the temple where the Holy Spirit dwells.

What is Yoga Then?

The root belief of yoga is largely Hinduism. The yoga instructor, from their New Age perspective, will most likely argue that yoga is loosely based on Hinduism. This is because New Agers like to believe all paths lead to their perception of a god. In New Age beliefs, they pick and choose and selectively dismiss what they want to believe. The argument that yoga isn't based on Hinduism is a big misconception in Western society. This argument is put to rest in a Time Magazine article, titled “Stretching for Jesus”, “Moreover, others argue, Hinduism is not like a recipe ingredient that can be extracted from Yoga. Says Subhas Tiwari, professor of yoga philosophy and meditation at the Hindu University of America in Orlando, Fla., 'Yoga is Hinduism.'”i

iLisa Takeuchi Cullen/Mahtomedi, “Stretching for Jesus”, (Time Magazine Monday August 29, 2005),,9171,1098937-1,00.html

Spirit of Kundalini

The Kundalini spirit wraps itself around the base of the yoga practitioner's spine. During deliverance ministry, the spirit will manifest in the lower spine first and cause contortions of the spine and may release excruciating pain on the back. In some cases the manifestation can cause the person to slither on the ground.

In the book, KUNDALINI YOGA – Unlock Your Potential Through Life-Changing Exercises, Shartka Kaur Khalsa, gives the following details on the Kundalini spirit. “In the physical body, the kundalini resides in the spine. The two nerve channels intertwine around the central nerve of the spinal column are called the Ida (the lunar, negative energy) and the Pingala (the solar, positive energy). Each of them makes two and one-half turns around the central column of the spine, called the shushmana, sa they spiral upward from the base of the spine. The two channels act as main conductors of the kundalini energy that is already flowing within our bodies, there is a vast reservoir of untapped kundalini stored under the fourth vertebra of the spinal column.”i

There is a spiritual aspect to this, as described by the yoga master, “In reality, there is the universal spirit, sometimes referred to as God. God uncoils him/her/itself. This uncoiling process is known as kundalini.”ii

Yoga books describe the kundalini must be awakened. Usually, when a Christian practitioner awakens the kundalini they experience long bouts with sleeplessness. Some may experience a burning sensation on their spine. When this happens, the person practicing the seemingly harmless art and science of yoga has now stepped into the occult. The kundalini spirit (demon) is now awakened or uncoiled on the practitioner's spine.

iShakta Kaur Khalsa, KUNDALINI YOGA – Unlock Your Potential Through Life-Changing Exercises, (DK. 2000), pg 11.
iiShakta Kaur Khalsa, KUNDALINI YOGA – Unlock Your Potential Through Life-Changing Exercises, (DK. 2000), pg 10.

Deliverance and Yoga
We encounter the spirit of Kundalini on occasion with our ministry. When it manifests it's enough for me to know I am steering clear of Yoga. Does it make me one-sided? Does it make me a narrow minded Christian? I know what I have seen first hand. I have travelled the world and worked with Pastors in various regions of the world and have seen the darkness of many religions. God gave us free will and it's up to you how you process the information. It isn't my job to tell you how to think, and as a Christian, it isn't my job to tell you we have a jealous God who doesn't like competing with gods. 

In cases of yoga, use at least two prayer team members to pray for the spiritual cleansing. It's a good idea to lay hands on the spine of the person and order the spirit of Kundalini off the individual. Sometimes there is a manifestation and sometimes there isn't. You can have the person requesting prayer to either sit in a chair or stand. Just have the person relax and receive prayer.

You will need to lead the person in a repentance prayer. If the person stumbles over the words or is unable to say one word of the repentance prayer it maybe a spirit manifesting to stop the ministry. Have the person repent for being involved in yoga.

Heavenly Father, please forgive me for allowing my body and your temple to be used in ungodly ways. Father please cleanse me of all spiritual and physical attachments to yoga and the spirit of Kundalini. I repent for and renounce my participation in yoga and Hinudism.

One of the prayer team members should be binding the spirit of Kundalini and ordering it off the spine of the individual. In the event the person is exhibiting pain in the spine, bind the pain. There is no yelling in this session or screaming and yelling and binding principalities. It's all very calm and controlled by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is calm, no screaming and yelling. There is total unity in the prayer team. 

Well, with blogs like this I probably irritated a lot of people, but the importance is I reached the one who needed the help. I provided the data I researched. I always like information to support what I seen and prayed for first hand. It helps me in battle later.

God Bless
Rev. Mike

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