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M16 Ministries – A Glance Back at 2015

It must be the end of the year! My email inbox is starting to fill up with requests from other ministries to donate to them at the 11th hour before the end of 2015. I enjoy reading the marketing strategies of some of these telethon like campaigns. Some ministry campaigns strategize on the emotions and urgency, “Clock is ticking!”, or “It’s not too late!”.

When I read those captions, it doesn’t feel right in the spirit with me. I know it’s the end of the year and we’re all closing our books on 2015. We’re 501c3s we have to show no profit to the IRS. Sure the bank account will be dry. I just feel in my spirit that for me, M16 is a supernatural ministry and all my campaigning for fund raising will happen during a 21 day Daniel fast at the start of the New Year. Oh wait, that is tomorrow.

I am pretty much at ease God is in control of 2016. So rather hit you with a “a time is running out” campaign, let’s look at what God has done through M16 Ministries in 2015.

Helping those who have no where else to turn

M16 Ministries was born on the streets of San Francisco. Our mission has always been to help those who have nowhere else to turn in their supernatural battles against the forces of darkness. When all other resources in the church have become exhausted in spiritual warfare battles the cases get escalated to M16 Ministries. We have dealt with low level demonic deliverance, curse breakings, hauntings, and exorcisms this year. People think it is odd that I separate the ministries of deliverance and exorcism. They are in fact two separate ministries. Many people who are dealing with curses are dealing with low level demons. This is the mission of deliverance ministry. Our team worked with a woman this year who was levitating at night over her bed. After some investigation we found out regional African spirits (satanic angels) were involved and this required higher level ministry – exorcism. And it is not what you think it looks like from Hollywood’s portrayal. Nor does our exorcism look like the Roman Catholic Rite of Exorcsim It’s just a higher level of prayer ministry that requires the Holy Spirit’s anointing to operate in that area. And yes – the levitation stopped!

In the Potter’s Hands counseling has graciously allowed us to minister in their offices. Having an office place to meet was pivotal in meeting with people face to face to determine what was going on and why they needed our assistance. M16 ministered with a lot of people who thought they were under the influence of demons. It’s great that deliverance ministry is becoming acceptable in the church. However, our ministry has seen a spike in people coming to see us for deliverance prayer and their issues aren’t demonic. Too many believers are now choosing to give the devil too much credit for their problems. We encountered people who didn’t want to deal with their own personal issues and were looking for a magic silver bullet in deliverance ministry. These personal issues included meth addictions, mental illness, irresponsibility, trying to work around repenting, and listening to their own soul-ish desires rather than listen to the conviction of the Holy Spirit.  We did deal with a lot of true demonic issues. It was interesting to see the sudden spike in non-demonic cases heading our way.

In 2015, M16 assisted with multiple hauntings and equipped the home owners and residents who were battling forces of darkness. Our ministry book, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare is still our go to book for equipping warriors. When we’re contacted about an actual haunting our first care package that is shipped out is our book. I believe I sent out well over 20 books in 2015 to people we were assisting in bringing an end to their living nightmare. The ministry was pivotal in shutting down hauntings through equipping the saints.

By the way, A Field Guide for Spiritual Warfare is now being sold at the IHOP book store in Kansas City!

The ministry has also conducted several blessings, deliverances, and curse breakings, via skype. Through this ministry we have encountered a lot of believers who went to ghost hunters and psychics and were loaded up on a lot of new age “disinformation” that significantly hindered their battle. Never call the occult to battle the occult!

Prayer Ministry Counseling

Toni Taigen, founder and director of In the Potter’s Hands, has been extremely gracious to me. Toni and I worked closely this year on ministering to individuals with dissociative identity disorder. I refer to this as fracturing of the soul. When an individual, more specifically, a child is exposed to prolong severe trauma, abuse (sexual, verbal, physical, and ritual), their souls can fracture into multiple identities. This past year while ministering with Toni, at The Potter’s Hands, women have received significant inner healing from occult and mind control programming and dissociation.

God is really moving at In the Potter’s Hands and we’re seeing incredible healing. I am glad that Toni Taigen has allowed M16 Ministries to come in and work in partnership on the occult related cases.

This year over a period of several months, 3 session per week intensive ministry time over skype, we had a client receive full healing from her lifelong struggle with dissociation.

Healing is long term in this battle and requires lots of love, understanding, humility, and patience.

One interesting case over the summer I ministered to a homeless man, who lived under a freeway somewhere (I won’t disclose where because of the occult) and I worked with him over the cell phone. He had multiple identities because his parents ritually abused him as a child.

At this time, I have an active case, where we’re attempting to assist a mom, whose child is believed to be in the process of occult programming.


2015 is the year God asked me to shut down Night Strike. Many people still can’t believe God would ask me to do such a thing. But I was specifically told in a series of dreams to shut down Night Strike and start a new covert ministry in the city. During Night Strike I ministered to a lot of people on the streets who, were getting blessed by Night Strike, but they needed something more. They needed one on one attention for inner healing. Something they couldn’t get from any ministry on the streets. Don’t get me wrong. There were some powerful heavenly Father encounters on the streets. The heavenly Father knows these people need more!

Night Strike was shut down and new ministry is starting for assisting people who are survivors of severe trauma and afflicted by ritual abuse as children from the occult. I am not releasing details about this new ministry because it needs to remain under the radar. I have experienced a lot of warfare in getting this aspect of ministry up and running. As it launches and gets momentum, I will use interns and volunteers from In the Potters Hands as needed. This ministry requires people with training and those who are strong enough in their walk to not fear the occult.

I hate speaking in code here. But I was given specifics through dreams on what needed to be done on the streets. God doesn’t continue to do the same thing all the time. The Holy Spirit likes to move and you have to be obedient and listen and move with Him.  I felt we did do just that.


M16 Ministries has always had a passion for equipping the saints in the areas of prophetic evangelism, extreme outreach, and spiritual warfare. In March of 2015, I was blessed to be allowed to present at the Bay Area Sunday School conference. I spoke on prophetic evangelism and tools M16 has learned on the streets, and from our mentors, on how to reach those who are non-believers and have significantly different spiritual beliefs. In 2016, Toni Taigen and I will be speaking at BASS on the topic of prayer ministry and occult programming.

Back in July, Cornerstone Church, in Arcade, under the pastoral leadership, of Pastor Earl Heverly, we equipped the saints in deliverance in Sacramento area. That was a lot of fun. Pastor Earl imparted a lot into me as well. It was a great mutual exchange.

October 10, 2015, In the Potter’s Hands hosted “Hope for Trauma and Deliverance” workshop at Valley Christian Center in Dublin. There were over 84 people in attendance. Toni spoke on the development of the child’s mind and dissociation. I spoke on the latter half of the day on prayer ministry to survivors of severe trauma and dissociation. In between our talks we had the pleasure of some of the survivors giving their testimony on how they were receiving inner healing. It was a very powerful day!

November 23, 2015, I presented the “Hope for Trauma and Deliverance” workshop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to 30 pastors and some representatives from Destiny Rescue. This workshop was instrumental in Cambodia as I was able to present the results we were seeing in In the Potter’s Hands with inner healing of survivors of severe sexual trauma (trafficked children), ritual abuse, and mind control. It was the opening of hope for trafficked survivors with dissociation that the humanitarian NGOs don’t address. (M16 needs funds to return to Cambodia!!!)

Urban Mission Trips

You don’t need to go on an expensive missions trip with Randy Clark to Brazil to see the supernatural move. God moves in your own backyard! This is why I love doing urban missions, or what we now call extreme outreaches. Depending on where God sends me and the prophetic evangelism team, we may go to pagan festivals, new age fairs, or Burning Man. This year we went to a new age fair and Burning Man.

The ministry is covert and I don’t like disclosing where we go – especially on social media. This year our prophetic evangelism team went to a new age fair and we ministered to over 200 people. The new agers got rocked and were amazed at the accuracy of the prophetic ministry. God wanted to talk to His kids, even if they went to a new age fair. He’ll speak to them there. The local psychics around us didn’t like us too much. We are usually the hit venue of the shows we go to. We had waiting lists of 40+ minutes and the psychics didn’t have the amount people we were accommodating.  Some deliverances, and some salvations, and some people got a taste of their heavenly Father. It was pretty much a woman at the well experience. As one person would get touched by God they would go get their friend and have them get touched by God. It is phenomenal to be apart of this ministry and watch God move.

Every year we go to Burning Man with Cindy McGill’s team. In the picture to the left Lisa and I are posing with our good friend Merry Bruton, of Destiny Dreamz. This year, God sent Lisa and I alone into Burning Man. We didn’t quite understand why God sent us alone and not with a theme camp. Well, we found out when we got there. We were sent to a far outer rim where there are no theme camps and it was a total different experience for us. This was an expeditionary exercise for Lisa and I. We were shown a lot of new things and learned are old ways of ministry wouldn’t work in an area we were in. It was a study and learn time. The supernatural was there, but we were being educated in what to do. We are hoping to be released into going back to Burning Man this year. It will require some supernatural provision by February so we can purchase our tickets. I know we go we are to go back out to the area we were sent before. And no team. Just the two of us (queue up Bill Withers song..). I don’t want to say too much more because of the close knit community of Burning Man. If I say more it will give away where we were it and I don’t want to disclose that. Especially on social media.

Mission Trip Cambodia

Mid-summer when we hadn’t even gone to Burning Man yet. I know I was supposed to go to return to Cambodia in November. I remember talking to my friend Mark Neitz, founder of Night Strike, and now a missionary and director of an orphanage in Cambodia, that I didn’t have the funds but I felt in the spirit I would have them. In September, Burning Man was fully paid for and God provided the funds and means for me to return to Cambodia. I felt in the spirit I needed to equip and teach what we had learned over here at In the Potter’s Hands counseling, and share the knowledge base on ministering to sex trafficked survivors.

This trip was an absolute success. I was able to hold the workshop as I previously mentioned. I was also able to work with orphanage house moms on how to deal with dissociation as it occurred with children survivors of sex trafficking. It was a break through and it needs to be followed up with more trips out to Cambodia. It was great to be able to talk with the house moms and have them acknowledge the finger prints of dissociation I was describing. They were all to familiar with what I was explaining and they were dealing with it in the teen girls under their care. I need to get back here for follow up and further equipping. Rescuing these kids is one thing, but I learned after that, no one is really trying to restore them and heal them. Therefore, the nightmare continues the rest of their lives.

One school I visited on my trip also had demonic activity in it. I did several prayer sessions over several days to expel the spirits. The property is now blessed and protected from any more fly overs by witchcraft in the area. I posted the complete story on A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare Blog spot. There is some cool video there of part of the house walk through before the blessing.

One of the highlights, of the many on the trip, Mark Neitz and I are street ministers. We share the same spiritual DNA when it comes to street minsitry. We love the streets. We went to minister in the red light district of Cambodia at a John pick up bar. Within an hour we had about four young Cambodian prostitutes seated around us. They came to us thinking we were prospective clients. Mark and I ministered, just as we had done with the transvestite prostitutes in San Francisco. Two of the Cambodian prostitutes were now hanging out with us because they were acting as our interpreters as we gave out bold prophetic words. There wasn’t a dry eye around us. The young ladies were in tears as they heard from their heavenly Father. It was powerful. Usually, when we do encounters like that, we keep it low key and under the radar. That night the heavenly Father was just eager to reach out to his precious young girls.

Also got to meet up with old ministry friends, Don and Maria Whitney. Mark Neitz, the Whitneys, and I all met back in Guyana, South America. The Whitney's hosted us in their house. Now the Whitneys are in Cambodia. We all had a great time and stayed at the Whitney's for Thanksgiving.

Out of the starting gate in 2016

In mid-January, through In the Potter’s Hands counseling, we are doing intensive ministry for survivors of severe trauma. In the Potter’s Hands, CARE, and M16 Ministries are partnering for this event and we have the sessions completely booked. This is going to be an incredible and radical life changing time for the survivors.

The end of January, I have been invited to be part of the leadership for XP Ministries,
Operation Extreme Love Outreach, in Las Vegas with Cindy McGill and Patricia King. Those who know me and my ministry know what this is all about. Again, I get blessed with covert ministry. We’re undercover and reaching those the church wouldn’t dare try to reach. That’s why we call these extreme outreaches.

 Patricia King - Extreme Love Outreach Vegas

There you have it! That’s where we’ve been in 2015 and where we’re going in 2016.
Well, time to plan my Daniel Fast. If you want to partner with M16 we need your intercession, blessing for finances, both personal and for the ministry. I am very excited to see what Jesus will reveal during the private fasting time with Him.

Two ways you can financially assist M16 - one hit the donate button to the upper right! Or second, when you shop, use the portal and select M16 Minsitries as your charity of choice for Amazon to donate your sales proceeds to. They will donate a portion of your sale to M16.


Rev Mike

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Accomplishments: Hope for Trauma Healing in Cambodia Mission Trip Nov 2015

Trip to Cambodia Accomplishments

This was an incredible trip out to Cambodia. As I stated in a previous blog this was an interesting 4 year anniversary return for a group of missionaries I went to visit on this trip. In 2011, Mark and Jessica Neitz and their family, of Why Not Now ministries, and Don and Maria Whitney, who now oversee bible schools in the region of Battambang. We all visited Cambodia together for the first time in 2011. The 2011 trip affected each of us and how we would run our own personal ministries and spiritual growth. For M16 Ministries, the 2011 trip was first time I ever encountered dissociative identity disorder. Didn’t really know what it was when I saw it, but the Holy Spirit put me on the fast track to understanding how to minister to survivors of severe trauma and how to provide pastoral care.

The primary objective for this trip was to provide education to pastors in Cambodia on what dissociative identity disorder is and how to care for individuals with shattered souls. I had the fortune to provide a 4-hour workshop, in Phnom Penh, to church leaders and pastors. This workshop was a condensed version of the all-day Hope for Healing and Deliverance workshop presented back in October through, In the Potter’s Hands, counseling. In fact, I presented director Toni Taigen’s material from that workshop on the dynamics of the trauma and the human mind.

I pretty much evangelized Hope for Healing, which is what I called the condensed workshop title for ease of translation. I spoke a lot to pastors and brought a lot of awareness to dissociative identity disorder that is persistent in world, with children who are sexually trafficked and violently abused.
What I discovered was that dissociative identity disorder (D.I.D.) was prevalent in Cambodia’s population, in both survivors of the countries traumatic history, and through their epidemic of trafficking children. When I spoke to house moms of orphanages about D.I.D. they confirmed they were seeing children and young teens exhibiting traits of multiple personalities (or what we call identities or “parts”).

I was able to provide some simple tips to the house moms on how to handle the D.I.D. switching. As well as care for the children who were exhibiting “parts” switching. After long sit downs it was agreed that a team needed to return and train house moms and house counselors in how to work with D.I.D. And bring healing!!!

My intent was to do some one on one training with one or two children this go around but the opportunity didn’t present itself. I think the Holy Spirit just wanted me to evangelize the hope for healing on this trip.

A follow up trip is now in order where we do have a house that would like training in assisting the children heal from trauma. This is a trip that needs to be seeded so I can return. Getting into these homes is no easy task. So having one open up and requesting training is huge. This next trip the objective will be to equip house moms so they can work with the children and teens and help be a tool in their inner healing from severe trauma from trafficking.
Some other great objectives were met. You have to leave room on the table for the Holy Spirit to run the trip.

Property Blessing

A house cleansing was conducted on a property that was having spiritual activity. This property was a school for children. The spirit would come through the walls in partial and full manifestations. The spirit would also violently shake the children’s bunk beds. This is a Christian school so the head mistress was a prayer warrior and did an awesome job of punching this thing in the nose. One of the women telling me about the shaking beds I was later told was a former Buddhist who came to work at the house but became a Christian. And she was a fairly new Christian. Faith comes by hearing. Hearing your own words in spiritual warfare being affective against the forces of darkness really must have built up her faith. The property was completely exorcised over a several day period. The house is spirit free now.
I posted the details over on A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare blog .

Street Ministry and Night Strike in Phnom Penh

I accompanied my friend, who was one of the original founders of Night Strike in 1999. When my ministry friend moved overseas to rescue child we separated and went our own ways and really didn’t do much street ministry to anymore. In San Francisco we ministered on the streets to the homeless, the drug addicts, and the prostitutes. We decided to put the band back together and go out and minister on the streets in the Phnom Penh red light district.

The initial kickoff of Cambodia Night Strike!! Don't know if that will be the official name. We went into a bar in the red light district and ministered to 4 young women. Very powerful prophetic words from their Father in heaven. Lots of tears as the words were delivered. We spoke into their destiny and dreams. The Father revealed dreams they had given up on. What was really cool was that two of the girls also became our interpreters and translated the words for us. So they too got to witness firsthand the power of the words we were giving.

Relationships were made and the process of evangelism was started. And we were invited back and not kicked out.

We’re were excited to see that process evangelism and radical love worked so well in this environment. Mark, his wife Jessica, I think we were strategizing  up until I left on effective ways to minister in that district and to those young women.

And since this trip extended into Thanksgiving, what is Thanksgiving without a good old fashion family road trip to Battambang. Mark, Jessica, there two young boys Cole, and Liam, myself, a good friend Tong, piled into the ol' Family truckster, in this case a 93 Corolla, and we set off on a 6 hour white knuckle road trip up to see Don and Maria Whitney. We had a fabulous and memorable Thanksgiving with them. And their ministry neighbors had a backyard theater viewing of the Jesus movie in Khmer. It was a good old fashion, sweltering, mosquito infested Thanksgiving. Maria somehow pulled off getting turkeys, yams, mashed potatoes, pumpkin and apple pies. It was some good eating on that day!did

Ministering to the Orphans

This trip there was a lot of ministry time to kids and orphans. Because of the dangers of posting children's pics from area where they are trafficked I simply won't post their pics. Incredible kids.
A couple of young ladies tore me up in soccer. One young lady insisted I hit the ground and give her 10 GOOD pushups whenever I missed the goal. And then the other little girls wanted piggy back rides while you were attempting to dribble the soccer ball. I think they were all in cahoots to force me to do push ups. I think I swallowed Aleve pills by the hand full for the next two days to recover from that event. 

Closing Remarks

So much happened on this trip. I could right volumes, and put you into a sleep coma. I want to close with –this was a very fruitful trip. I am pleased with the turnouts. Mark and Jessica and his family extended their home to me. We had a lot of fun just hanging out and decompressing between teaching, preaching, and ministering. Thank you so much to my friend. We share the same street DNA, I got mine from you and Bob.

I am planning ahead and just speaking into returning to Cambodia, next November at the latest. This healing workshop and training for the house moms needs to take place. These kids need to brought into a place where Jesus heals there broken hearts and sets them free from trauma.
I do this ministry full time here in California. We really need senders and sowers for the ministry here in California and for the ministry that needs to be put in place in Cambodia.

Even if you can’t donate, if you shop on you can help us out by using their charity portal AmazonSmile and select M16 Ministries as your 501c3 charity.
We really could use large sowing and blessing as well. We’re seeing fractured souls healing on a daily basis and we need the sowing in the ministry to continue so we can focus on ministry.

God Bless

Rev. Michael Norton

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hope for Trauma Healing in Cambodia November 2015

This year has been an extremely busy and dynamic year for M16 Ministries. During the summer God gave me direction through a series of dreams that I needed to shutdown Night Strike and pursue a new ministry of inner healing from severe trauma, locally, in the city of San Francisco and internationally.

M16 Ministries still deals with intense spiritual warfare cases, which is where the ministry started seeing the finger prints of darkness and the need for inner healing for those who survived at the hands of perpetrators of darkness. 16 Ministries works with survivors of severe deep trauma and spiritual attacks (hauntings, possessions, and ritual abuse).

Back in 2011, I accompanied a minister friend of mine and his family overseas as they researched setting up an orphanage for trafficked children. We were in the heart of darkness and God literally revealed the darkness on this trip. This trip challenged the core of my ministry and the direction I had no clue I would be heading into when I returned home.

On the 2011 trip, the team had stopped off in the middle of somewhere in Cambodia to rescue a young woman and prepare to take her away from her nightmare of trafficking. What I do remember of the location was that my spidey sense was going off. I asked the man with me coordinating the rescue as to what our location was. I told him I really didn't like this area. He pointed over to some radio towers about a kilometer in the distance and said, "See that over there? Those are the killing fields!"

My heart sank and I knew from this eerie region and the spidey sense, that this young woman was demonized and I wasn't getting any sleep tonight.

Ministering to the young girl in Cambodia.

We picked up the girl and all seemed fine. We spent a few hours letting her get to know the team. We took her out to dinner with the team. Again, all was fine. Then when our team was on our way to church, the manifestations started. Her eyes started rolling the back of her head. This wasn't a seizure. My discernment was going nuts!

I could feel the demonic manifestation as it was happening. The spidey sense went off as the spirit was manifesting. We got the young women into church and started ministry. There was something really odd about this encounter. Something of the likes of which I never experienced before. There were things manifesting that I could clearly discern that weren't demons. I had never really encountered this before and thought this was odd. In my own western reasoning I figured, maybe this was something different about Cambodian demons.

That night, the Holy Spirit enrolled me into His school of inner healing for dissociative identity disorder (D.I.D.). God showed me that I had the discernment to know between a demonic and a human part.  That night changed my life and my ministry.

Fast forward, four years,  I have joined the M16 Ministries forces to work with In the Potter's Hands, a powerful inner healing and Christian counseling ministry. Toni Taigen, founder of In the Potter's Hands, is extremely knowledgeable in working with D.I.D. Toni and I started working together in severe trauma healing, I focused on ritual abuse. But in that fray, I started working with trauma survivors, who endured child pornography rings as children. We started seeing healing, through prayer ministry, and intense counseling of individuals who survived these severe traumas.

The Holy Spirit convicted me and urged me to return to Cambodia with the inner healing background M16 Ministries, and In the Potter's Hands, had built upon through our work here. We have already launched a few workshops locally. Early October, we had the Hope for Healing and Deliverance workshop, which had 84 people attend all day on a Saturday. Toni hosted an DID healing symposium back in August.

This November 2015, I am traveling to see my ministry friend, in Cambodia, and work with local Pastors and counselors in that region on inner healing and spiritual warfare for survivors for severe trauma - trafficked children and ritual abuse.

Even though Night Strike has come to an end. You can see the ministry is still very busy. I am also actively working to launch an inner healing ministry hand of In the Potter's Hands in San Francisco. While the M16 wing still deals with severe demonic affliction, exorcisms, and hauntings.

I am currently in a full time ministry living off of supernatural provision.  

We need funding for these ventures. I know more trips will be required to different regions of the United States and the world. We are currently carrying the burden of flying in experts and hosting them for cases In the Potter's Hands and M16 are working on. We need givers and senders. Please pray and see if God would like for you to assist us.

 Keep us in prayer late November as I head to Cambodia.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Night Strike Street Minsitry is Coming to an End

All Good Things Must Come to an End…

Night Strike has been a very passionate ministry for Lisa and I. I have been involved with Night Strike since January of 2008. Night Strike is a supernatural ministry where we have seen many miracles, signs and wonders on the streets of the city of San Francisco. Where we ministered to the homeless, drug addicts, and prostitutes. Night Strike was started in 1999 by Bob Johnson and Mark Neitz, who were then part of little church in Weaverville, Ca, named Frontline church. You can read up on the history on Night Strike on the m16 ministries NS History link here.

Night Strike has always been very dear to my heart. It was during my early days with Night Strike that the Holy Spirit worked with me in the mysteries of spiritual warfare. I wrote a book, documenting what I learned on the streets, the book is titled A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare. We have seen phenomenal miracles in deliverance, healing, and inner healing on the streets. The streets are where the Holy Spirit taught me on the gifts of prophecy. We had homeless people come off the streets by prophetic words God have given to myself and team members to share with people we encountered.

Night Strike was always an incredible equipping ground for both young and old street ministry leaders. There was just something about a Night Strike leader, God always sent people who were the best of the best but operated in humility. I am thankful for each person who came in obedience to the Holy Spirit and ministered along side with Lisa and I. Night Strike was always the special forces of street ministry in San Francisco. Some of us old timers have some pretty hairy stories about times on the streets. But with the consistency in presence, the atmosphere shifted where it was more peaceful to minister. I remember the real eye opener when we started seeing other ministries showing up on Friday nights to hit the streets. We knew then Night Strike had made a significant dent in the spiritual atmosphere of the streets. There are numerous Holy Ghost stories I can share. So I better not start here.

When you work with the Holy Spirit you learn to work with Him in His ebbs and tides while you minister. Many times a ministry is only for a season. I learned this lesson with all the young people I ministered with and had them for a season to train them in street ministry and spiritual warfare. Just as I had seasons with these incredible young people, the ministry itself has a season and then it is over.

In early June, God started giving me dreams that it was time to shutdown Night Strike. I didn’t really know what to do at first about these dreams. Because Night Strike was still running full force and we were still having powerful ministry times on the streets. Yet, the dreams continued that I was being asked by the Holy Spirit through dreams to shutdown Night Strike.  As God works things, I had a prophetic minister delivery to me the same message. He knew nothing about Night Strike he was from out of town. His message confirmed the season of dreams. But regardless of what the prophetic messenger told me, I already received the message loud and clear through the dreams.

The problem now is that stopping Night Strike is like trying to stop a mile long Union Pacific freight train. I have been applying the brakes since early July to stop this train.

So what next? What happens when I step off this train? God also shared with me in this season dreams of where I was to move on to. There was a correlation in my next assignment to what I was doing on the streets with Night Strike and what I was doing in spiritual counseling and prayer ministry during the week in the counseling office. I realized a few years back, that Friday night ministry on the streets wasn’t enough to assist people with really deep dark issues that kept some of the people on the streets. There were issues of trauma and spiritual darkness that kept these people chained in a poor and dangerous life style. It is going to take more than just giving the homeless a roof over their heads, as most mayors think the solution is, to end the homeless problem in the cities. Sure for some homeless – it is a lifestyle. You ever see one of those homeless guys standing out in the middle of the street talking to the invisible person? A roof over his head won’t help him.

As God started putting the new dreams into my spirit, a homeless man in another state, living under a bridge was given my phone number, by an out of state networked ministry. Talk about God’s timing, right? Do I really need confirmation on God’s word?  I started ministering to this young man who has multiple identities and is the survivor of the occult and ritual abuse. We have had several ministry sessions over the cell phone. For this man - it was a lifeline from Jesus tossed out to him.

I have met people on the streets with severe trauma, and multiple identities, that are the direct result of spiritual darkness. God wants me to spearhead the battle to assist people who are tormented, hearing voices, and are dealing with surviving childhood severe trauma and/or ritual abuse.

Again, God is re-deploying the ministry into darker waters. Many people have vocally protested that I shouldn’t give up Night Strike. And the truth of the matter is, I am not. I am being obedient to the Holy Spirit in what He is telling me to do and where he wants me placed on His battlefield. Talks are underway now for where to setup the new ministry. The Holy Spirit is already putting things in motion for when He re-deploys M16 in San Francisco.

Many people donated to Night Strike, and one church provided monthly donations to us for helping to feed the homeless and purchase Night Strike supplies. We ask that even though we’re shutting down Night Strike that if you would please continue to give.

M16 Ministries is still involved in covert outreaches. We have burning man coming up in August, which is an expensive outreach for us. And we have venues we need to start paying for and buying in advance in September, one particular venue is $2000,  for covert outreaches in the 2016 Q1 and Q2.  The 2016 Q2 outreach our prophetic team ministers to about 200 new age followers.

Furthermore, we have a mission trip, slated in late October early November of 2015, to go to Cambodia to work with pastors on how to minister to survivor children of sex trafficking. The plan is to equip pastors in prayer ministry to help bring inner healing and wholeness from dissociative identity disorder caused by trauma from the trafficking and ritual abuse. ---If anyone has air miles to donate that would be a huge blessing! Things are really moving in the ministry and we need to be blessed to be sent! We go into the heart of spiritual darkness and we seek out the uncut diamonds!

We know Night Strike was a huge visible ministry for us, but it was only the visible portion of the M16 iceberg so to speak. 80% of the iceberg is always submerged and out of site. M16 ministries is actively putting together training material and curriculum for training in spiritual warfare. There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes with the ministry. The ministry is making strides and still continues to be at the front lines of the battle. Please continue to pray for us during this transition period. And if would you please help support us in securing venues for our outreach team.

We are starting to unroll our training curriculum. You can find dates and locations to ministry training on our facebook page. Toni Taigen, of In the Potter’s Hands, and I plan to hold a Trauma and Deliverance seminar on October 10.  Details on Facebook page in early September. Venue is booked so it is happening –Valley Christian Center in Dublin, Ca.

It’s been a time of phone calls, trying to contact people, leaders, and ministers. Some teary eyed conversations. Many people I tried to reach and couldn’t yet. There are still people, leaders, and supporters I need to call. I didn’t want them to find out this way. Time was running out for this operation. In my spirit I felt the Holy Spirit wanted Night Strike to come to a close, this month, in August. This Friday, August 14, 2015, will be the last official Night Strike. Lisa and I won't totally abandon homeless street ministry - it's in our DNA now. But I will follow the will of the Father and the movement of the Holy Spirit. He is my boss.

I want to thank my mentors, Bob Johnson and Mark Neitz who trusted me to carry on with the torch. Pastor Evan Prosser – who I want to be when I grow up. Pastor John Calderon and Day 3 church in Los Banos! You guys are awesome! Pastor Jerry and the Gateway Benecia, thank you so very much for supporting us! And thank you to everyone who came out and supported us on the streets. By now there are so many of you people I am grateful for your participation in this ministry. I am so thankful for each and every one of you. Night Strike was always about the church being the church. First and foremost.

Just remember this is not a retirement party, I got a promotion. Gotta go fight on the front lines in another area of San Francisco! Miraculous testimonies to follow!


Rev Mike

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Night Strike Supernatural Ministry Friday April 10 2015

It was pretty cold night out in San Francisco last night. (Friday April 10, 2015). From the moment we pulled into the civic center area, looking for parking, the streets were lined with homeless people looking for places to bed down for the night.

This was one of those more surreal nights for Night Strike, if you could imagine that. We're in the darkest neighborhood of San Francisco, with high crime and drugs, it's not safe - and I am calling it a surreal night. What makes it more different than any other Night Strike? It was the amount of people who were on the streets and it wasn't by their choice. It was economic conditions that forced them to be on the streets. Primarily, affordable housing. In the old days of Night Strike we wouldn't come across a lot of women who were homeless. Nowadays, our team is encountering a lot of young men and women, who have no families to turn to in these downturn economic conditions. The economy is not getting better, based on the growing number of people we're seeing on the streets. For whatever reason, these people are temporarily forced to live on the streets for a month or so. They are not dressed like homeless, they are dressed like you and I. They are well groomed. To me it looks like a young couple decided to go camping in the San Francisco Tenderloin instead of Yosemite. These are young men and women, someone's sons and daughters, who are out on the streets because they can't afford rent or are in a tough economic time in their life.


Early in on in the evening as we started ministry, the team encountered a middle aged woman, named Alyssa. I almost walked past Alyssa, thinking she was having an acid trip. Her jacket was zipped up over her head and just her unkept hair was protruding from the top. She was fully cocooned in her jacket. She was sitting straight up! 

The team was about to walk past her. I think we all made the assumption something odd was going on and it was probably drug related. We thought she was high. Then the Holy Ghost stopped me in my tracks. I know I was being stopped for an encounter. So I naturally opened with, "Would you like a sandwich?"

I heard nothing back. I kept feeling like this was a Holy Ghost moment. So I asked again. "Would you like a sandwich?"

This time, the what appeared to be a headless body, remember she was fully zipped up inside, nodded to my response. Because her head was tucked inside her jacket I couldn't tell if that was a nod for yes or no. Not quite sure what to do, I asked once more, "would you like a sandwich?"

This time a head popped up out of the jacket. "Yes! Please! I am very hungry!"

I showed her my cart filled with sandwiches and told her to take as many as she liked. She reached out for some sandwiches and clutch her jacket tightly closed to keep out the cold wind.

Alyssa asked the team if we had any blankets or sweatshirts. I told her we didn't. At that moment, Tim, a leader on the Night Strike team, pulled a thick, warm Dallas Cowboys jacket out of one of his supply bags. He hadn't it to Alyssa and she about cried.

Alyssa said she was barely naked underneath her jacket and she was freezing. When Alyssa opened her jacket to put on the thick warm jacket, we saw what she was talking about. Alyssa only had a lady's camousal shirt on underneath.

We were able to hook her up with a nice big warm jacket and a handmade scarf for the cold. 

Alyssa then allowed our team to pray for her.  I know this was a divine connection on the streets. 

God when where you naked?

Jeff with Walking Pneumonia

Not far from Alyssa, we encountered a homeless gentlemen, named Jeff, who had walking pneumonia. As the team approached this man, another young man bolted straight for us. He asked us what we were doing with the sick man. Tim told him we were on the streets helping you guys out and giving out food and supplies.

The young man said, "Oh thank God. I thought you were trying to sell my friend meth! I would have kicked you asses!"

So I asked the young man how long he had been friends with Jeff. The young man said they just met today. He had come across Jeff earlier in the day and discovered that he was really sick with walking pneumonia and was helping him. 

We had food and prayer to offer Jeff. Tim, Rick, and Rich prayed for Jeff to have a full healing and for his lunges to clear out.

It's times like this where I start thinking about how to put together a homeless med kit. Tim and I were commenting that when we're sick we have our meds in our home. It was something to ponder. 

God when where you sick?

In Between Apartments

Our team was over by the Bill Graham center and we encountered for young adults, two men and two women who were on the streets. These are the people I mentioned earlier who looked like they were camping in San Francisco. All their belongings were tucked away in nice luggage. I thought at first they were like the lost boys of Haight Ashbury, on the start of their big adventure. No they weren't. One of the young women I was talking to told me they weren't traveling. They lost their apartment and were temporarily living on the streets until the condition changed. These people didn't look like homeless at all. They actually looked like college students. Very clean, very well groomed. I could tell they were employed. Which is what was really odd about the whole setup. We chatted with this group for a while and gave them some of our provisions. It was just a bad situation and they were working their way through it. We are starting to see these form of temporary homelessness more and more in San Francisco.

God when were you the alien?


Our team made it's way through the streets, there were a significant amount of homeless encamped around the Bill Graham center. As we ministered to the people in this area, God highlighted one particular women to me, her name was Rose. God told me to go tell her that she was in transition. One of our Night Strike leaders Tim, already had struck up a conversation with Rose and couple of her friends. I waited for a break in her conversation with Tim who was ministering to Rose at the moment. As I waited I noticed how Rose seemed to be in charge of her crew and she took care of them. When the opportune time came in the conversation I told Rose that she was in transition and that she would be leaving the streets. Rose took a moment to take in what I said. 

Then she gave me a puzzling look. She asked, "so what made you say that?"

I told Rose, "as I walked over to this area, God highlighted you to me. And then He told me you are in transition. Change is coming to get you off the streets."

Rose replied, "Oh my God. I am leaving for Saint Louis in a week. That is so incredible."

With Rose's full attention I told her, "This is going to be a life changing trip. Things will be different and it's in God's hands. This is very positive what is happening in this transition."

Rose totally received what God had for her. I could tell by the look in her eyes she was being impacted. 

Rose replied, "I am so glad to hear that. I totally need this move."

God when did you need an encouraging word?

Warning Mike's Soap Box Ahead

Since being involved with Night Strike I have been amazed at the miracles and signs I have witnessed on the streets. I don't know if I am more amazed at the miracles or the incredible dedicated people God has brought into Night Strike. From the Junior Highers that make the sandwiches, to the dedicated volunteers and leaders we have who hit the streets with us on regular and semi-regular basis. 

We have a large city to minister to and we only have a small number of leaders. We need more DEDICATED leaders. If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me to pray for them and come out on the streets and do what we do, and then never have them show up, I would have about $12.

The fact of the matter is the church is dropping the ball in serving the Lord and the down trodden. Many pat themselves on the back for coming out once a year to a homeless conference in the city. Or for serving soup on Thanksgiving and Christmas at a homeless shelter. That is all fine and wonderful. The church should do these things. What I find ironic is that the church makes fun of Christmas and Easter Christians, when the church does the same thing about helping the poor, the hungry, and the naked. The church has become Christmas and Easter servants to the poor.

Matthew 25:37-44

37 “Then these righteous ones will reply, ‘Lord, when did we ever see you hungry and feed you? Or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38 Or a stranger and show you hospitality? Or naked and give you clothing? 39 When did we ever see you sick or in prison and visit you?’

40 “And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!’

41 “Then the King will turn to those on the left and say, ‘Away with you, you cursed ones, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his demons. 42 For I was hungry, and you didn’t feed me. I was thirsty, and you didn’t give me a drink. 43 I was a stranger, and you didn’t invite me into your home. I was naked, and you didn’t give me clothing. I was sick and in prison, and you didn’t visit me.’

44 “Then they will reply, ‘Lord, when did we ever see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and not help you?’

45 “And he will answer, ‘I tell you the truth, when you refused to help the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help me.’

46 “And they will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous will go into eternal life.”

God is talking to the church here. These are Christians He is talking to - you the body of Christ. Are there people hungry and naked in your town or city? What is God telling you to do? It takes an organized movement that is consistent to serve these people and address their spiritual needs. 

Many times I can't get church teams out to Night Strike because it conflicts with the schedules of planned Friday night programs at the church. The church won't get out of the church on a Friday night. 

How many prophetic seminars do you have to go, on a Friday night, to get prayed for and a word spoken over you, by a prophetic conference speaker, before you figure out - the gifts flow naturally in the streets with the sick, the poor and the down trodden? If you're not growing spiritually - it's time for a change. Serve God! Serve His children in the streets.

The biggest irony I have seen is the number of people who go to a Power and Love conference - and then NEVER take it out to the streets. It is what it is. This nothing against Todd White. He is an absolutely amazing minister and He has a powerful conference. This is about you! Not taking what you have learned to the streets. Now is not the time to be on the fence with critical ministries such as urban missions and serving the poor. 

Night Strike needs leaders and we need to expand in the city. If you are in another city - God needs you there. Step out in boldness and serve the people in need.  If you can get a group of at least 3-4 people you have the start of Night Strike team. Consistency is what the people on the streets see. That's how the people on the streets develop trust in you and your ministry. Bring sandwiches (PBJs are easy), waters, socks, and whatever you can muster. Doesn't require a lot of planning! Let the Holy Ghost do that.

Stop being Christmas and Easter Christian servants! Step up to your calling. We need you on Night Strike as a leader. Committed need only apply. Or start a Night Strike in your home town or city!

To those churches, home churches, individuals, and team members who have made a commitment to help in the city, whether with financial support, or with supply drives, or even joining us on the streets - may God bless you for having the heart to help those who are in need year round!

I may have gotten a bit bold on my soap box. But it is what I am seeing. 


Rev. Mike

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