Thursday, December 15, 2011

Andrea's Talk on Spiritual Warfare at Harvest Project

Andrea is a spiritually gifted young adult who has a heart for the homeless and supernatural calling in deliverance.
Pastors Jason and Bekah Amarant, of Harvest Project, and myself and my wife have had the honor of watching this young woman spiritually grow and witness deliverances and supernatural healing. Andrea has ministered in the Tenderloin with Night Strike and the Haight -Ashbury, through Lion's Pride.

Andrea gave her first {of many talks} on spiritual warfare. And her testimony of her first deliverance on Night Strike ministry.

To listen to Andrea's podcast, click the link below.
podcast of Andrea's talk on Spiritual Warfare at Harvest Project

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cambodia November 16 - 22, 2011

Our first evening in Cambodia we met two host pastors who would stay with us for the duration of the trip. I can't mention names here because, one is an underground church leader in Cambodia, and the second is a person heavily involved in rescuing kids from sex trafficking. The two pastors hosted us on a trip through the city of Phnom Penh. The city tour had us stop at one bridge that made global news headlines back in April 2010. I was mildly familiar with the story in remembering I had read about it on I didn't remember the details at all. Only many people died on this bridge.

The pastors explained to us how the Buddhists worshipped the dead from this bridge. When the team heard this, the call in the bus was for Mike (me) to go out and do some warfare. As we approached the bridge I was cautioned in the spirit from praying warfare at the bridge. I could see in the spirit women spirits the Buddhists worshipped at the bridge. As we departed the bus to walk on the bridge, I felt an overwhelming sense of suffocation as I walked closer to it. I didn't make it to the bridge, I didn't like the bridge at all. Someone asked once again for me to pray, but I chose not to. Mark Neitz stepped in and gave the bridge a good blessing. Which is what I felt was appropriate with the spirits attached to the bridge. God didn't bring me to Cambodia to pick a fight with them. Later that evening, when I was back in my hotel room, I googled the incident I vaguely remembered. About 300 people died on the bridge as they were trampled to death. It was a Buddhist water festival and the bridge had too many people on it. The suffocation I felt in the spirit was the people dying from the trampling.

Here is the BBC report on the bridge.

Our objective in Cambodia, were to minister to the kids in orphanages who were rescued from sex trafficking and second to pick up a young girl who would be the first child to work with the Neitz's and the Whitneys. This is where Jesus had me unpack my prayer swords and go to work. Some people like the sword of the Spirit, I prefer the claymore of the Spirit. Anything pertaining to spiritual warfare for these kids I was permitted to engage.

One the first day in Cambodia we were taken to several Christian run organizations that had rescued children from sex trafficking. Some Christian buildings were within a stone through of brothels. Kids of every age are at risk. Our pastor friend who rescues kids told us that pedophiles request even infants. Some for sick fantasies of dismembering and torture. These are white American and European men coming to Cambodia for this. One rescue mission we were in was a former brothel. They left one room the same as it was before the missionaries took over. This room was left that way to show other missionaries what goes on in these brothels.

There was a small room with a wooden bed, with no mattress, where a paying customer would have two little girls in it. If the children were new to slavery and virgins, customers would go to the upstairs and pay a high price for those kids. This is all tormented and sick.

While I was in Cambodia, God gave me a download on how Buddha is Ba'al. This trafficking is all Ba'al. This is a longer story than I have time for in a newsletter. But you know me, I'll write it somewhere.

Our stop the next day was to an orphanage where children were rescued from trafficking. It was a beautiful facility and the woman who had a Heidi Baker spirit about her. Our team prayed for all the kids. I had the opportunity to lay hands on all the children and pray curse breaking over them. I prayed in the spirit to see what was done to them and then prayed off the curse. After that I prayed in the spirit what the kids spiritual gifts were and prayed for a release in them for their gifts. At the end of this prayer session, the children gathered around us and laid hands on us. That was a powerful prayer session to have very young kids to teenagers, lay hands on you and bless you. I was in tears with these kids praying over me. Talk about getting undone in a prayer service! The head of the orphanage walked behind me and asked for a greater release in the gifts. When someone that powerful in Lord speaks you know something is going to come of that prayer.

During our stay in Cambodia we also visited slums that were in danger of trafficking. If the parents of the children got sick they would fall pray to traffickers. The traffickers would offer to pay medial bills in exchange for the kids. We passed out water filters to help keep the people from getting sick. The number one thing that people get sick from in the slums is from unclean drinking water. We intend to bring back mosquito nets next time to help solve the second biggest problem of sickness -malaria. By reducing the health problem you reduce the trafficking of the kids in these areas.

One evening, Mark Neitz, Kimberly Johnson, Sean Franklin and I ventured out to the red light district to go into the darkness of trafficking. The scene was mostly middle-aged white men soliciting young girls in a bar pickup fashion. These young girls looked like they were in their teens to early twenties. The prostitutes let the men pick up on them like they're at a bar. It's a bizarre setting and method.

We eventually ended up a bar called the “Heart of Darkness”. Which was aptly named. Imagine a bar like this in America with satanic imagery. Now imagine the same bar in Cambodia with demonic Buddhism imagery. My spidey sense was tingling like crazy in this place. I tried to follow it to see what was setting it off -but I was stopped by security guards at the bar. They deliberately stood in our way to prevent us from seeing rooms we believe were in the back of the bar. This bar even searched us as we entered. It was worse than TSA at the airport to enter this bar. Kimberly Johnson posted her thoughts on this bar and this night of piercing the darkness in her blog. But this is what our team does. If it's dark -we go there.

Kimberly Johnson's Blog Entry - The Night that Changed Everything

We had a powerful spiritual encounter with the young woman we were in the process of rescuing.

One of the primary objectives of this trip was to bring a young Vietnamese girl, back from Cambodia to Vietnam,to the Lotus house. The orphanage being setup by Mark Neitz, and Don and Maria Whitney. We worked with a Cambodian man who works with Cambodian police, the FBI, CIA and Canadian police on sex trafficking stings. This man helped rescue the girl who was sold into slavery in Vietnam by her aunt. The girl ended up in Cambodia.

Girls of a young age are usually beaten, gang raped and other atrocities occur to them in this environment. Some kids are raped as early as 1 years old. I already knew going into this trip, by working with women rape victims in Northern California, this girl was going to have demons.

When the team stopped to pick her up and meet the group we met her at a village. As we waited for Mark, Kimberly Johnson and Chinga to speak with the girl I waited outside and looked off into the fields and got an uneasy feeling about the place. The man who rescued the girl walked over to me and pointed out to a radio tower about 1500 yards away.

He said, "Do you see that?". Pointing to the tower. "That's the killing fields of Cambodia. Where the Khmer Rouge massacred Cambodians."

When our friend made that comment I knew I was in for a very long night. The area was spiritually unrest on top of what the girl had already from her time in sex slavery.

After about on hour we board our bus and the young girl grabbed all her personal belongings she had in life, they all fit into a small gift bag. The type we use to give out birthday gifts. She had her underwear and an extra T-shirt in the bag.

We took the young girl with us back to the hotel to let her get acquainted with the team. And with mark Neitz and Don and Maria Whitney. We headed up and made it back to the hotel in time to change clothes, go out to dinner and then go off to an underground church pastor's conference we were ministering at.

We ate dinner at a local restaurant that would be equivalent to a soup version of an American fondue restaurant. Everybody selected soup items from a buffet line and cooked them at their table with a large soup cooking bowl on the table. After we ate our dinner we proceeded back on to the church.

About 5 minutes from the church, our young girl started getting a severe headache. When I saw this I knew right away the spiritual battle was on. As we got closer to the church, her condition got worse. She passed out.

When we arrived at the church I assisted pastor Mary (one of the head people of the Cambodian underground church) in carrying the woman up the several flights of stairs to the church sanctuary. The girl's eyes were closed. I looked at the girl's eyes before we moved her and they were rolled up in the back of her head. A sign of a manifestation going on. Mary and I proceeded to move her to Holy ground.

When we entered the church we laid her down on some chairs. Worship started and we worshipped. The best thing you can do in a situation like this. During worship, the spirits in the girl tried to shutdown the spiritual state of worship. Without making a sound or saying a word, all the pastors attention was suddenly diverted to the girl laying out cold on the chairs. I broke off the spirits attempts and had the pastors return to worshipping. Meanwhile, I had one of our people who was a physician's assistant, check vital signs on the girl. I didn't want the spirits pulling a seizure on us.

When service was over we tried to wake the girl, but her eyes were still rolled in the back of her head and she wasn't responding to vocal commands. At that point I started binding the spirits of suicide and death and started spiritual battle. Most of us clearly could see it was a spiritual ploy to get us out of the church. We decided the best choice would be to take her to a hospital and have her checked out. I knew the doctors would find nothing wrong. But that was worth the payment fee.

Mark and I rode with the young girl to the hospital. We had our friend with us who helped rescue her, pastor Mary and Chinga. We warred against the spirits all the way to the hospital. I elected not to stay on vigil at the hospital since I thought it would be best if Mark stayed at her side. Since he was going to be her new family in Vietnam. I couldn't really war anymore until I found out if she was saved or not.

At midnight, Mark was releaved of his watch by pastor Mary and sister Chinga. Pastor Mary and Chinga arrived to find a conscious young girl in the hospital ward. Whenever they would mention Jesus, the girls eyes would roll in the back of her head, like before, and a deaf and dumb spirit would manifest.

On several attempts through the night the women attempted to get the girl to just say Jesus name. But the deaf and dumb spirit would lock the girl's lips shut. Somewhere around 6:30 AM the next morning Chinga had a spiritual break through and the young girl accepted Jesus.

It's going to be a long up hill battle with this young girl and she needs to be built up in her spiritual beliefs before the deliverance can take place. It was cool to see a photograph of the spiritual battle. I don't have any pictures of any spiritual battles I've been involved in. We don't keep any records.

Those of you know I sent out a prayer request on FB when I was in Cambodia for the young girl we were rescuing and this is the incident.
The night prior to our meeting. The spirits new we were coming for the young girl and they tried to make her OD on sleeping pills.

A lot of stuff happened on our trip and I could easily write you a novel. Whoops. I think I already did.

Vietnam Mission Report November 7 - 15, 2011

The mission trip to Vietnam and Cambodia was phenomenal and an eye opener to many things. The missionary team was comprised of about 20 people. Each from different walks of life and ministries. Peter and Chinga Pan organized a flawless missions trip to these countries that executed like clockwork.

I felt the call to go to Vietnam with Mark Neitz back in the summer. Lisa, Conni and I had just completed a deliverance prayer session that opened our eyes on children trafficking and the affects on the rescued children in orphanages. After that, my heart was called to go on the trip. Kimberly Johnson from iDignify in Redding also joined the team. Don and Maria Whitney were on the team and our now living in Vietnam at orphanage, they and the Neitz family are setting up. The Neitz family moves to Vietnam in July.

In Vietnam we met with the Vietnamese underground church pastors. Evangelicals are still being persecuted in the more outer villages so we aren't posting pictures of the conference we attended.

During the conference I had the opportunity to video tape an incredible dead raising testimony from one of the tribal pastors. The testimony is posted on our previous blog post.

Vietnamese Pastor Shares His Dead Raising Testimony

With my time in Vietnam I was blessed to spend two full days in a drug rehab and minister to some young men and women there. These guys know how to worship.

Here is the link to my youtube posting. Don and Maria Whitney are in this video dancing and worshipping.

Our ministry team was dripping in sweat, these guys worshipped so hard. They offered themselves up for the audience of one, our Father in heaven, He showed up big time with these kids. Through my ministry with the kids, I personally witnessed a sprained wrist reset, as my interpreter and I prayed for a young woman. We had a deliverance of a young man who was set free from an evil spirit. And my interpreter was set free from asthma as I prayed for her. The full testimony is on the M16 blog.

Vietnam Ministry in Rehab

At the end of the second day, Pastor Kimberly Johnson, had a deliverance session and set the young people from their guilt and shame they were carrying through life with them. This video clip of the young people shouting freedom came after a log tearful prayer session of forgiveness being released. It was a powerful time. Here is the clip of the kids embracing their freedom.

On the last Sunday night we were in Vietnam, Sean Franklin, on our team, and I went to the underground church to preach. I preached on soul-ties and had the young people there break them off. It was a powerful night.

The following day, the team returned to the underground church conference and the Holy Spirit took over for inner healing. We had a powerful session of just holding these Vietnamese pastors and they were weeping.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Vietnamese Pastor Shares His Dead Raising Testimony

The following is a transcript of a testimony I captured on video. The testimony is from a Vietnamese pastor and he shares with us how a woman was raised from the dead for God's glory. The sentences in this testimony are not grammatically correct. I tried to preserve the translation from the pastor to the interpreter the best I could to maintain the authenticity of this incredible testimony.

I can't post the video on the web since Christian's are being persecuted in Vietnam. Therefore, the next best  route is to type up the transcript here on the M16 blog. The testimony was given at a pastor's conference, which I video recorded while I was there.

Here is the testimony, as translated by our interpreter.

This miracle happened not because of his  power, but because of God's power. This time around his local church a lot of people received Jesus because this miracle happened.

The pastor was asked to come preach at a funeral for a Christian man's aunt who had just passed away. The man's family weren't Christians.

And when the pastor got there he saw a lot of people at the funeral. When he went in there he saw the dead woman. He prayed and touched her hand.  He felt a little spark of life inside of her.

He didn't doubt she would come back to life. When he prayed for her to come back to life there were a lot of unbelievers around. The pastor kicked them all out.

He prayed and asked God to make unbelievers see this miracle. Then he stood there and prayed for the dead woman. As he prayed for the dead woman he asked the family that if the woman comes back to life if they would accept Jesus.

The family started removing funeral marks on their foreheads. They told the pastor if the woman comes back to life they would accept Jesus. The pastor told the family he couldn't bring the woman back to life but Jesus can do that. He told the family that our Bible says Jesus called the dead back to life.

The pastor prayed and cried out to God. He cried to the Lord so that when the woman comes back to life the people at the funeral will see and become Christians.

The pastor tried to hug the dead woman pray. But she was too cold and stiff. He asked the family to stay away a little while longer.

The pastor prayed to God to open up the woman's ears so she could hear. The voice of her family was no crying out calling her back to life. Miraculously her ears opened and she could hear her family calling her. 

She appeared to have made a sound with her mouth to respond to her family.

Her mouth and eyes were still shut from the stiffness of death. But she was starting to make noises.

The pastor tried to use a spoon to pry open the woman's mouth but it was stuck shut.

The pastor prayed to God for her mouth to soften and he could use the spoon to open it. As he prayed for the mouth, it automatically opened. Her eyes started to open too. Only she couldn't see anything yet.

Sometime later she was able to sit up and drink water and now her eyes could see too. She could see her parents and her family.

After the miracle people from all around gathered with their families to share what they had witnessed. The pastor says that Sunday there were a lot of people at his church.

That is the story of how the dead woman came back to life.

Hope you found this testimony to be inspiring. 

God Bless


Monday, November 21, 2011

Cambodian Buddhist Testimony to Becoming a Christian

 I met a pastor, named Tom, here in Cambodia who had an incredible testimony about becoming Christian. The testimony begins around 1975, when Cambodia is still fighting the Khmer Rouge (Red Communist Cambodians). Pastor Tom's family were all practicing Buddhists. Pastor Tom's brother-in-law, Jim, was a school teacher in Phnom Phenh.

Jim was teaching class,writing on his chalkboard, one morning and he felt someone standing beside him. It was an eerie feeling. Jim turned from what he was writing on the board to see what it was. He turned and froze and then let out a scream. There was a manifestation of an evil spirit standing next to him. The spirit lunged towards him like it was going to grab him and then it vanished. Jim was terrified and all the children in his class were laughing at him. They didn't see the evil spirit.

The very next day Jim was in his class and the evil spirit returned. It frightened the whits out of him. And again the children couldnt see what was terrifying Jim. This occurred for several consecutive days and Jim was very frightened to go to the school to tach.

Jim's family were Buddhists so he went to the temple monks for help. Jim said about twenty monks tried to break the curse over him. They tried using a Buddhist curse breaking technique of tying a rope around his waist. Then they sent him home.

The next day Jim went to school to teach. The spirit appeared and terrified Jim agin. A girl in his class yelled at Jim and said what are you afraid of we can't see anything. The spirit tormenting Jim went into the girl at that moment. The girl started acting like an animal and ran across the desktops growling. Some of the boy classmates chased her and tried to catch her. When the boys caught her, Jim said she had supernatural strength. The boys couldn't hold her down she was too strong.

After school, that afternoon, Jim went to his Aunt's house and told her he was troubled. He was too afraid to go back to school and teach. In these days in Cambodia, if you weren't a teacher or a doctor, you were an infantry man on the frontlines fighting against the Khmer Rouge. Jim said he would rather die in the army than go back to school and face the evil spirit. He was that terrified by this spirit.

Jim's aunt said she had a friend who kept talking to her about Jesus. But she never listened because she was Buddhist. But one thing her aunt did remember about the conversations of Jesus -was that He was very powerful. Both Jim and his aunt figured it was worth a try. Otherwise, if he quits his teaching job he would have to join the infantry.

Jim's aunt called her Christian friend over and explained to her about the spirit tormentng Jim. The woman came right over and prayed with Jim. She explained to them the power Jesus had over all the spirits. Buddha and his false gods don't have the power Jesus has. Jim apathetically received his prayer hoping this would fix his predicament.

The next day, Jim with Christian woman's blessing, returned to his class. The spirit did not appear. In fact nothing at all happened. Nothing happened ever again. Jim realized this Jesus was very powerful. Even the evil spirits didn't want to mess this Jesus.

Jim was excited and after school ran home to his aunt and explained to her the power of Jesus worked. The aunt called over her friend and within the week the entire family became Christians. Jim is now a pastor in Cambodia.

Just another cool testimony I got to listen to while I was here in Cambodia. The powers of darkness are everywhere here and they are tied to the Buddhist temples. All these powers bow on their knees to the name of Jesus.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vietnam Ministry in Rehab

Time is flying here on our trip to Vietnam. I am out here with a team of people. A few days back we ministered in a rehab facility. The rehab facility has about 40 young men and about 15 young women. Our team ministered and prayed for the young people in the facility.

I had to work with an interpreter because I don't speak the Vietnamese language. Speaking to a group of people through an interpreter is not an easy task. When I finished my teaching I had a prayer call for the people in attendance to come up for prayer.

The people raced to line up in the prayer lines. The first person in my line was a young woman with a sprained wrist. She held up her arm to me so I could see the wrist bone was out of alignment. I started praying and the interpreter started interpreting over the microphone what I was praying. I told my interpreter, Sally, to put down the microphone and we'll pray together for this woman with the injured wrist. We started praying together and the young woman said she felt a spark inside her bone in the wrist. I asked Sally to inquire whether that was good or bad. Sally asked the young woman and got the response, the shock was a good thing.

Sally and I continued praying together and wrist started slowly going back into place. As the wrist was going back into place, I glanced over and saw a young man manifesting a demon. I had a friend of mine, Rachel, who is from the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, take over and finish praying as the wrist set. The wrist was fully re-aligned by prayer.

Sally and I walked over to the young man who was now wriggling on the ground and staring up at us in a trance. I placed my Bible on his chest and bound the spirit. I worked with Sally to help equip her in casting out spirits. The boy was murmuring a strange name. I asked Sally what the name was. He said it was his dead mother. He keeps seeing her spirit and going into this trance. Sally mentioned the boy was fine a few weeks ago and then ran away to his home. His home is Buddist and has an alter setup to his dead mother. Sally mentioned something about 4 columns or pillars. Anyhow, the young man was possessed from the incident when he went home to the mother's alter.

I worked with Sally and another gentlemen who was present in casting out the spirit. I told them that since the boy was in a trance we'll have to work in the prophetic and see what is going on. AS I instructed Sally to do this she told me she could now see the spirit that was tormenting the boy. The Holy Spirit was letting Sally see into the spirit realm and it freaked her out at first.

I asked her if she asked the Holy Spirit for help on this and the vision started -she said yes. I told her not to worry -the Holy Spirit was revealing to her what was happening to the boy. With Sally translating we had the boy renounce any involvement with the mother's alter at home. And then the boy came out of the trance.

The team had a few interesting healings outside of the ones I mentioned here. At lunch time after the deliverance of the young man, Sally asked for me to pray for healing of her asthma. I was healed from it a few years back.

I think it was Ngia on our team who placed her hand on Sally's chest so I could lay hands on Ngia's hands and pray. AS we prayed together I felt a pressure in my chest. I asked Sally if she felt the pressure and she said, "yes".

But Sally said it was a good pressure like the asthma was coming out of her lungs. We prayed some more and Sally said she could breath normally.

There is so much to share about this trip I need to make the time to document. I am already behind with this blog. But I am learning a lot about casting out eastern religion demons. The face to face with local tribal pastors has been priceless in information exchange.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October Holy Ghost Stories: Burning Man 2011

It's October and everyone loves a good "Holy" Ghost story. This one comes from our adevntures at Burning Man 2011. Lisa and I went with a team, put together by Cindy McGill of Hope for the Harvest, to go to Burning Man and help people have encounters with the Holy Ghost.

This story occurs mid-week in our Burning Man adventure. It's Wednesday, around dinner time, and one of our team members, Marilyn was working with a woman who was having a spirit manifestation in the encounters tent. Sometimes during Holy Ghost encounters, people with spirits will manifest in the presence of the creator. This woman, whom we'll call Alice, was doubled over and her stomach was in pain. We usually work in groups, and Marilyn was alone. One of our team members came out and got me and told me of the spirit that was manifesting. I entered our encounters tent and asked Marilyn what was going on. Marilyn told me she was working with Alice, a returning person who had a similar experience of manifestation, when she first came to us on the previous day. Alice was a Reiki healer from a camp across the street. Alice knew it was an unclean spirit and she wanted it out of her.

Now Marilyn and I had to explain to her what was happening and I wanted to know about her spiritual back ground. It was a spiritual line we had to cross that could have damaging repercussions spiritually if Alice wasn't prepared. I asked Alice about her spiritual background and she told me her family was Jewish. Our friend was a woman of Jewish heritage.

I asked her what name she called God, "Yahweh?"

She said,"No, Elohim!"

Alice said her stomach felt sick, she was doubled over from the pain, and felt like she was going to throw up. Marilyn and I worked together in binding the spirit in the stomach and ordered it to release the stomach. In the name of Elohim we commanded the spirit to leave her. After a couple of minutes of battle the spirit was driven out of the woman and she was free from it.

So Marilyn and I sealed the woman in prayer with Elohim. The woman commented that this moment shocked her and turned everything she thought she believed in spirituality -was now upside down. I told her she pretty much had it right the first time with Elohim. She knew what demons were and found out first hand they were real. She smiled and felt lighter as she parted with us in her new freedom.

The Holy Ghost will meet you where you're at, even if you're in the middle of the desert at a festival where ANYHTING GOES!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rick Warren and Centering Prayer

My passion is Christian mysticism, which has it's foundations on the mystical body of Christ. I am an avid student of the rich history of Christian mystics, St. Paul, St. Augustine, St. John of the Cross, St. Teresa of Avila, and Padre Pio, to name a few. St. Teresa of Avila did a marvelous job of documenting the prayer life of a mystic, and no where in any of these writings is the Centering Prayer (CP) technique mentioned.

In a recent tweet by Rick Warren of Saddleback church, he encouraged his tweet followers to practice CP. As a student of mystical theology I must protest Rick and his current apostasy and, shout "No! No! No!".

The tweet leads to this site, Centering Prayer Trusts Jesus Brings Transformation.

Mr. Warren, centering prayer is eastern mysticism, which draws from divinity from self and not from God. New Agers use mantras and yoga to go to a higher consciousness. As a deliverance minister I am already aware of the dangers of yoga and the harm that Christian practitioners invite into their body and soul.

Colossians 2:4-8
4 Now this I say lest anyone should deceive you with persuasive words. 5 For though I am absent in the flesh, yet I am with you in spirit, rejoicing to see your good order and the steadfastness of your faith in Christ.
6 As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, 7 rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding in it[a] with thanksgiving.
8 Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ.

Mr. Warren is introducing dangerous philosophies outside the teachings of Christ. Centering prayer does not bring the transformation that St. Teresa of Avila spoke of in her exhaustive volumes on prayer life. St. Teresa spoke of a transforming union, where one's prayer life, and one's descriptive meditation on reading of the scripture lead's one into a deeper relationship with God. St. Teresa spoke of both mental and vocal prayer in one's prayer life. These are the foundations to a Christian contemplative prayer life.

I believe St. Teresa would have smacked Mr. Warren over the back of the head with a wooden ruler for even suggesting one practice CP. CP entered the church through the teachings of Fr. Keatings. His teachings say that using CP you can bring yourself into a religious experience by practicing CP in your meditation. Contrary to the true church mystic's teachings where God grants us favors of a religious experience that are instigated by Him the most high and not by our own efforts. The use of CP is new Age to bring one into an altered consciousness. Or from a deliverance ministry point of view, opening a doorway. I am not a fear monger so I will leave it at that.

CP is used as a tool for transcendental meditation. This is the same concept it is being used for here. If God won't come to me I shall go to God.

Mr. Warren you need to read the Fire Within, by the late Fr. Thomas DuBay. Even Fr. Dubay denounced CP in his teachings as being New Age and eastern mysticism. There are two types of mystics and contemplation. The Christian mystic whose heart and mind is focused on God. And there is the eastern mystic who is focused on emptying themselves for experiences only they themselves as god can achieve. The later is an abomination of God and it is the fundamental source of CP. A Christian contemplative has a mind and heart fixed on Jesus. An eastern contemplative is focused on emptying their minds.

Fr. Keatings suggests Christians using CP should empty themselves too. This is where the line has been crossed. Prayer is a time to communicate with God, not to empty ourselves and make ourselves void of thought. St. Teresa outlined for us, too, what to do when we get distracted in prayer. It happens. We don't use mantras and centering prayer!

Our ministry has delivered people from yoga, where a presence was there. Again, I don't want to be a fear monger. But remember when you when you go into transcendental meditation you do leave a doorway open to yourself.

12/08/13 - Father Thomas Dubay on contemplation.
Starting at 02:30 Fr. Dubay talks about a person seeking deep prayer life needs to avoid process oriented prayer, and mentions centering prayer.
Fr. Dubay is an expert on contemplative prayer and doesn't like CP because of it's Zen Buddism roots.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spiritualism Views on Demonic Possession

I found an interesting documentary on youtube that investigates, through the spiritualists' eyes, the demonic possession of two young girls in the 1800s.

These spiritualist beliefs are carried over today in paranormal television shows and ghost hunting. Be aware of what you're watching!

I arm chair quarter backed this one with my comments below. And I inserted scripture which counters what the documentary is trying to convey -spiritualism.

It's an hour and half documentary. So turn off the cell phone and microwave some pop corn. The documentary is presented in six parts with my comments on the demonic possession.

There are 6 videos in the playlist for this documentary. Each part corresponds to the video and time sequence being played.


Part 1:

seizures - Matthew 17:14

Jesus Heals a Demon-Possessed Boy
14 When they came to the crowd, a man approached Jesus and knelt before him.
15 “Lord, have mercy on my son,” he said. “He has seizures and is suffering greatly. He often falls into the fire or into the water. 16 I brought him to your disciples, but they could not heal him.”

Mary spoke in foreign languages during these fits

8:42 Bishop
spiritualist/Catholic exorcist and not a true Roman Catholic exorcist.
spiritualist Catholics teach spiritualism mixed in with Catholic teachings.
These are NOT Roman Catholic beliefs!
Like mixing crude oil to Holy water.

9:03 Dewi Morgaine
severe demonic oppression it sounds like at first. You see her
photos of the bruises inflicted by the demonic. She was possessed.

10:15 John Zaffis
spiritualist demonologist, not Roman Catholic demonologist

12:12 Mary Roff'

obsession with cutting see Mark 5:5

Mark 5:5 Jesus Restores the Demon Possessed Man
5 Night and day among the tombs and in the hills he would cry out and cut himself with stones.

12:46 Kelly March
severe demonic oppression borderline possession. Some oppressions are so dark they can be mis-interpreted as possession.
The difference between severe oppression and possession is that in a possession the body host invited the demon into them. Where oppression the spirit wasn't invited it just continues to attack because the person or the body of Christ has not exercised their spiritual authority over the demon.

Kelly doesn't say if she invited it into herself.

Part 2:
0:45 John Zaffis

4 to 5 people required to hold down a possessed little girl.
Our ministry (M16) have seen this on many occassions and commanded the spirit to sit (just like ordering a dog to sit) and not move.
Spirits recognize who has authority in Christ and who doesn't.
Many Christians don't truly understand their authority over the demonic.
Spiritualists are not taught their authority because the demons don't want them to know they have authority over them -through Jesus Christ.

2:16 - Anita
"Come into me you bastard!" WRONG thing to say at a deliverance session!!!!
Marcus is not possessed he is oppressed. This is definitely not a possession.
Demons frequently manifest and take over during a severe oppression episode.
This footage is a horrible representation of how to conduct a deliverance.
Anita opened herself up to a possible possession attack on herself.
She is was praying in tongues so she is probably Spirit filled and the demonic spirit didn't want to take her up on the offer.

2:18 Anita
"His eyes were glowing" - yep. Well, metaphorically speaking.
It's an oppression manifestation. The facial expression takes on the persona of the demon inside. As if another personality were in Marcus.
For goodness sakes! Bind the demon already!!! They should have done this at the first sign of a manifestation!

Mary after a lifetime of violent fits. She expired. Mary had a violent seizure moments prior to her death as the demons left her. The demonic mission was accomplished. Kill Mary. The demons don't want a dead body and tend to leave through seizures right before the person dies.
Died July 15, 1865

Part 3:

Lurancy Vennum
1877 - 12 years later starts having seizures at age 14. Same town.
Documentary does not state why the activity started as it links the case to demonic possession.
Were the parents spiritualists and invited something into their home?

Current owner The current Vennum house owner identifies Lurancy Vennum as the girl who was possessed by the spirit of Mary Roff. This is spiritualism! During a deliverance session or exorism (by a Roman Catholic priest) it's the spirit of death or suicide that is possessing Lurancy. The spirit uses the name of the deceased to throw off spiritulists and mediums.
They're talking to demons! The spirit of Mary Roff the spiritualists were talking to was a spirit of suicide or death. You see this all the time in paranormal shows. It's the spirit of grandpa who hanged himself here. No! It's the spirit lying so it can stay there in the home under the disguise of grandpa's spirit and then lead others in the home to suicide!

spirit of suicide Mathew 17:15 -He often falls into fire and water -suicide!

15 “Lord, have mercy on my son,” he said. “He has seizures and is suffering greatly. He often falls into the fire or into the water.

Jake Anderson
This is where I spit up my Dr. Pepper I was drinking all over my flat display monitor.

Who in their RIGHT STATE of mind brings a kid to a seance with the possible presence of demons??

John Zaffis

"Very common. It can happen with children. And when they are afflicted you never know what is actually going to come through them. You don't know if it's something on a negative level or they might be channeling something through a positive..."
Again. This is spiritualism demonology. Good and bad spirits, mostly deceased humans.
It's ok for kids to be possessed by a positive spirit?????
No!!! They're demons!

Christian demonology 101 - all deceased souls go to heaven or hell. No lingering souls. Lingering spirits searching to inhabit souls are all demonic. The fun little ghost spirit playing with your kid at night is a demon!

Matthew 12:43-44
43 “When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. 44 Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ When it arrives, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order.

Michael Jones
Severe demonic oppression. It is not uncommon for people who have died to bring back a spirit of death with them. These can be casted out of people with deliverance prayer. Since Michael died 26 times it is highly probable he brought back a spirit of death.

Part 4:

John Zaffis
"Spiritualism is a religion."
Finally some ounce of truth in this documentary! What you are watching are spiritualist beliefs! They believe very strongly in communicating with the spirit world.

George Romero?

What the heck? This is rediculous! This turned into a George Romero B flick.
Are they channelling the BORG?

Lurancy's Dr. "How did you get here?"
Lurancy "Through the air" Matthew 12:43-44

Part 5:

Mary Roff spirit
The spirit is identifying itself as Mary Roff. The spirit is lying so it isn't sent away. It's a lingering spirit that has right to be there because these people have dangerously assumed it is Mary the friendly ghost. It's a demon looking for another body.

Part 6:

"I am not a devil..." Lying spirit

"Light" fallen angel masquerading as a angel of light. 2 Corinthians 11:14

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spiritualism - How Abominations of God are Entering Your Church

Paranormal shows are on every popular cable network now, including Animal Planet (with the Haunted series). Paranormal is a cheap reality tv cash cow and audiences can't get enough of it. Some speculate the shows are faked others stay glued to the evidence being displayed with religious fervor.

When we see a chair move or hear a disembodied voice on these shows what are really dealing with? Some say it is the proof of an afterlife. Is it? Are there really ghosts? Well, there must be we see them on paranormal reality tv, right?

We must tread carefully, as Christians, when we answer these questions. What does the Bible say about ghosts? It doesn't really mention them at all. Some Christians have let spiritualism, the spiritual beliefs of practicing pyschics and mediums seep into their faith. I have been drawn into arguments by Christians, the first case is with 1 Samuel 28. Where Saul consults a medium for advice. From the NKJV, we have the encounter.

And the woman said to Saul, “I saw a spirit ascending out of the earth.”
14 So he said to her, “What is his form?”
And she said, “An old man is coming up, and he is covered with a mantle.” And Saul perceived that it was Samuel, and he stooped with his face to the ground and bowed down.
15 Now Samuel said to Saul, “Why have you disturbed me by bringing me up?”

Saul perceived it was Samuel. Was it truly Samuel? We don't have the answer to that. But if it were Samuel, we see the medium had to pull Samuel from elsewhere. Where? We know about paradise from the story of Lazarus and the rich man. The spirit was pulled from paradise. He crossed over after he died. Samuel was not a lingering around -his spirit was pulled from his realm of the after life in paradise.

We know, too, that Saul was in violation of God by consulting the medium and talking to the dead. Leviticus 19:31, 20:6, 27 and in Deuteronomy 18:9-14 strictly forbids us from speaking with spirits (seance) and and pariticpating in the occult. The spirits who are going to answer are demons. The dead are either in paradise or hell. They're not lingering around here on earth. What spirits are lingering around here on earth? Demons!

The other arguments from Christian ghost hunters that are most disturbing are, 1) Moses and Elijah, in transfiguration with Jesus are proof of ghosts and 2) why can't we believe in ghosts if we believe in the Holy Ghost! Don't get me started. Just get yourself into a good Bible study class. I do intend to write about these topics as well down the road. Now back to seances and ghost hunting.

Now what are we seeing on modern ghost hunting shows? Seances! Electronic Voice Print Phenomena (EVP), going dark (Ghost Hunters), and dead time (Paranormal State) are all forms of seances. Christians are not ghost hunters it is an abomination and rebellion to God's word. Christian's who participate in these are like the Pharisees who keep demanding signs but not seeing Jesus standing right there in front of them.

My team has been involved in 100s of cases involving demonic activity and some hauntings. None of the hauntings were hauntings, but certainly were demonically active. Ghost hunters like to categorize hauntings as a disembodied human spirit or a non-human spirit (demon). These are spiritualist beliefs and they're not godly! The spiritualist will always gently reflect on how the Chirstians almost got it right. But not quite. And if you stick to your Christian faith - you're hard headed and unwilling to listen to the facts (of this world). -Good for you!

Spiritualists (metaphysical, psychics, mediums, and pagans) have a study of demonology that differs from the Roman Catholic demonology. I even know of loosely associtated Catholic churches (that are not Roman Catholic) that teach spiritualism demonology. Spiritualism demonology teaches about human spirits that can act like demons, called wraiths. They even talk about psychic vampire demons that suck the energy out of people. This is all hog wash and must not be mixed with Christian views. Bringing divination into church is not OK!!!! It's an abomination according to the word of the Lord, Deuteronomy 18:9-14.

9 “When you come into the land which the LORD your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominations of those nations. 10 There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, 11 or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. 12 For all who do these things are an abomination to the LORD, and because of these abominations the LORD your God drives them out from before you. 13 You shall be blameless before the LORD your God. 14 For these nations which you will dispossess listened to soothsayers and diviners; but as for you, the LORD your God has not appointed such for you.

These shows are appealing to young girls who want to be psychics like the women they see on TV. Some pyschics even profess to be Christians and Roman Catholics, but they can't be, they're faith is not in check. Speaking to the dead is a violation of Christian beliefs. What the pseudo-Christian psychics are using is their unredeemed prophetic gifts from God. They received a blessing from heaven and they're allowing the enemy to speak through them.

Don't these psychics cleanse homes? The reason the demonic leave is because there is power in Jesus name. The pseudo-Christian psychic calls on Jesus to cleanse the home. I have worked with New Agers who had spiritual troubles and didn't want a Christian coming to work with them, but they sure used our advice to call on Jesus to make the spirits leave them alone. There is power in Jesus name!

Shows like Paranormal State and Ghost Adventures try to be the hip reality paranormal show by being dark and spiritually edgey. These aforementioned shows are full of dark magic examples and practices. Many times I have had to skip over portions of the DVR-ed show when these guys wrecklessly display spell casting for viewer sensationalism. These dark words have power and can come into your home off the cable and satellite connection.

Speaking of edgey, the psychic on Paranormal State practices blood rituals, witchcraft and degrees of satanism. This isn't revealed on the show. The psychic is a prolific writer on ghost hunting and the occult and the psychics practices are public knowledge through the publications. But now you understand why the psychic is able to do what they do. There is a pact with darkness. In the town of Lily Dale, in New York, the mediums allow possession of themselves by spirits. These spirits aren't ghosts -they're demons.

If you're a Christian and I made you uncomfortable with your abomination ghost hunting hobby -good! You can launch away your attack at me. It's not that I don't understand ghost hunting, it's that I do understand what ghost hunting really is. I have a ton of personal stories from our own files that will blow away anything you got on an EVP if you want to lob your attacks. BTW we've cleaned up a few ghost hunters who learned the truth about ghost hunting the hard way! Want to know about eternity? Get back into the Bible! Forget the paranormal, go the the Supernatural GOD!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

M16 Prophetic Evangelism & Healing

M16 Ministries Prophetic Evangelism and Healing: Love The Sinner

Many times when we go out on the streets we'll encounter people involved in the dark arts. Every person in creation is a child of God. We pray with these people too. So will let us pray for them and some won't. That's just the way it is.

If they allow us to pray with them, God shows up in big ways. And we let God handle the encounter.
You may want to double-click on the video below to watch it full-screen, youtube videos get poorly cropped in these blog pags.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

M16 Deliverance Training Seminar

Many people e-mail M16 requesting training in deliverance. Here is a snapshot of our training we provide to churches.

The videography isn't all that spectacular. It was actually shot and meant for our own review as speakers. But there is a lot of content to worth sharing in this.

May God Bless you and enrich you through this.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Only 9 More Shopping Days Until Judgement Day May 21

What are you doing May 21 at 6 PM?

By now you're all to familiar with the Judgement day prediction of May 21. A false prophecy from Harold Camping. Who is Harold Camping? He is the head of, a small media empire of over 60 radio stations in the United States. This doesn't include the number of stations overseas. is listener supported and has an estimated net worth of $120 million dollars.
With this extensive funding Mr. Camping has plastered billboards all over the United States with the advertising campaign, "Blow the trumpet, warn the people!". Mr. Camping is falsely prophesying that Judgement day is coming May 21. More specifically, around 6:00 PM. This is the date time and the hour Jesus is supposed to return to earth. Mr. Camping made a similar prophecy back in 1994. People gathered in an auditorium waiting for Jesus to return. Jesus didn't show up.
This time, Mr. Camping has data to back up his false prophecy. You see, because he believes he knows the true day Jesus was crucified on, April 1, 33 A.D. And he has unlocked mathematical secrets of the Bible. This sounds a lot like the Bible codes? Remember those for the late 1990's? That turned the Bible into a Magic Eight Ball and all you had to do was feed it the grammatical text in Hebrew that you wanted lexiconed using statistical analysis -and voila a Magic Eight Ball answer popped up. This is the same non-sense. I have a degree in Physics and Mathematics, there is no logic in Howard Camping's reasoning. This is false prophecy straight from the mouth of a demon.
Now the false prophecy goes like this, you have a magic number, 722,500. This is formulated from:
5 - God's number for atonement, redemption
10 - completeness
17 - heaven
5 x 10 x 17 = 850
850 (Squared) = 722,500 ..and that's a magic number (remember your school house rock?)
Adding April 1, 33 AD + 722,500 yields May 21, 2011!
Now using Camping's own words from his pdf, (this is disguised to look like a mathematical proof. It's not. More clever disguises of the enemy).
I cut and paste a chunk of the nonsense for you to read here:

What About the Number 722,500?

Let us return now to the 722,500.07 days from April 1, 33 A.D. (the day Christ was crucified and died) until May 21, 2011 (the day when God’s salvation plan has been altogether completed and all of the true believers are brought, or raptured into Heaven).

The number 722,500 is made up of two sets of identical significant numbers. Each number is intimately related to God’s salvation plan:

5 x 10 x 17

x 5 x 10 x 17 = 722,500
The atonement or redemption demonstrated by Christ’s suffering and death on April 1, 33 A.D. (the number 5) is 100% completed on May 21, 2011 (the number 10) when all the true believers are raptured into Heaven (the number 17).
Remarkably this number sequence is doubled, to indicate it has been established by God and will shortly come to pass (Genesis 41:32).
Dear reader, we should be absolutely astonished by what we have just learned. All of this we have learned can only be true because it is the same God who created the universe who has planned this precise timeline of history. Even as the natural laws that permit the sending of a rocket to Mars are absolutely dependable and true, or the laws that govern all of nature are dependable and true, so are the laws that govern the unfolding of God’s timeline.
We must comment further about the incredible nature of this proof which is completely based on Biblical information.
End of cut and paste from Camping's pdf.

Are you going to base your spiritual beliefs on this? I wouldn't! I don't even want to go into the math that 2% will be raptured and the rest will go to hell. Math is the language we use to try and explain the laws God uses to govern the universe. God doesn't need math. Math is invented by man to try and understand God. Like I mentioned, I have a degree in Physics. When I work in the supernatural -math is the last tool I use. If I use it ever. Faith, prayer and obedience are the tools of the supernatural - God!

May 21 is nothing more than a false prophecy. And a dangerous one at that. It's source is a demonic religious spirit. The language of demonic spirits is lies. The root motive for this false prophecy is to get people to turn away from God or worse yet, take their own lives because they bought into the lies of Satan.
If you're caught up in this, turn away now. Jesus loves you. He knows we make mistakes. But the fact of the matter is, we don't know the day or the hour. We will only see the signs. And I am not talking about these absurd demonic message billboards. I am talking about the signs of the times. Mr. Camping will face judgement for what he has done. Whether it is May 21 or sometime later. He will have to go before God and atone himself for misleading Jesus' flock. On May 22 if you're feeling confusion and why Jesus didn't show up. Real Christians are here for you.
My team works in the supernatural, we know what a demon does and how it behaves. is under the throne of a religious spirit. It's said, because the content on the station is genuine, with the exception of it's proliferation of false prophecy. I listened to the station to get a feel of the deception. It is actually a rather nice station. Satan really did his homework on this one.
May God Bless you abundantly, now, on May 21st and on every blessed day we have May 22nd and after. Don't be angry with me now. We can talk on May 22. This kind of false prophecy hurts the entire body of Christ. When one hurts we all hurt. We're here for you. On May 22 just shake the dust of your sandals and move on. Jesus loves you and he won't be angry. It is Camping who needs to fall to his knees and repent for the hurtful things he is doing.
P.S. Mr. Camping and Mr. Kim. I am still waiting for the RV. If you're math is accurate, you won't need it on May 22. But I will.   ..and please, take the darn signs down on May 22. Your messing up our beautiful countryside with them.
God Bless

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Adventures in Mystical Theology

As Christians we tend to avoid the word 'mystic' or 'mystical' in any of our vocabulary regarding our prayer life. We are openly aware of the eastern mystics and the associations to New Age practices and meditation. The word mystic is another Christian heritage vocabulary word high jacked by the enemy. And so is meditation, another word that has been taken from us. The Bible tells us we are to meditate on the word of God, Psalm 1.

1 Blessed is the one
who does not walk in step with the wicked
or stand in the way that sinners take
or sit in the company of mockers,
2 but whose delight is in the law of the LORD,
and who meditates on his law day and night.
3 That person is like a tree planted by streams of water,
which yields its fruit in season
and whose leaf does not wither—
whatever they do prospers. 

Psalm 1

We are to meditate on God day and night. This is not an eastern meditation practice where we sit in a lotus position, do strange breathing, and dwell on our inward sevles. This is a meditation on God's word by either thinking about it during the day during our regular activities or by slipping away to a quiet place to be in the company of God and reflect on His word. Christian meditation is focused on God and His word. Eastern meditation is focused on self and self-enlightment with all the breathing, yoga, and so forth.

Now that we know the differences between Christian meditation and eastern, let's look at the definition of mystical theology. Early church scholars divided Christian prayer life into basically two categories, ascetical and mystical. Ascetical is when we engage and pray to God, whether through mental prayer, vocal prayer, praise and worship, reading the Bible, and so forth. It's all our efforts from within to reach God. Mystical theology is when God comes to us! Our prayer lives have matured into a union with God. A marriage! Like in all good marriages the husband likes to bring gifts to the bride. This is the analogy to mystical theology. The 'mystic' refers to the mystical body of Christ. We're using very old Church terms here.

Now what does a mystical adventure look like? Well, my wife Lisa and I like to go outreaches, like New Age and pagan fairs to share the love of Christ to the lost. We attended one such fair recently and had some incredible encounters. Now we're ministering to psychics and pagans. The ministry has to be supernatural to reach people already moving in spiritual things -albeit the wrong spiritual things.

In one sit down encounter, I was with our friend Katie, from Lion's Pride, who we do street ministry with. A woman, named Norma, came to us for a spiritual reading. We offer Holy Spiritual readings, not psychic readings. And sometimes it freaks out the psychics to see two or more people on a team to give a reading. The psychics think, one person is the grand poopa master psychic and the other person is the understudy. Psychics always work alone. We use terms psychics are comfortable with. For instance, using the word Jesus at first or Holy Spirit may make them uncomfortable. So we use the word creator of the universe and Spirit of Truth. Names of God they are comfortable with. During these encounters we already know we're in the presence of God and He is here with us to speak to His lost. He is very gentle in His encounters but He does get straight to the point.

Katie and I had Norma invite the Spirit of Truth into our session for a Holy Spiritual reading. This way Norma is initiating the dialogue and inviting the Holy Spirit to herself. Katie and I use sketch books because God gvies us revelation in pictures. Some people get words and some get songs, and so forth, during this time in speaking with God. Katie and I had some moments of quiet before we started sketching. Be still and know that I am God.

Norma wore these vibrant blue feather earrings. I was given word of knowledge that she knew about her guardian angel. The colors of the feathers represented the colors of the feathers on her guardian angel. But I wasn't comfortable with this amount of information to move forward.

I sat and waited for more information to come. Now here is the mystical moment, I saw in the spirit, what I thought was a pixie or a fairy -which in warfare never mounts to anything good. I was thinking it was going to be another go time and a spirit eviction.

So I looked at this creature flying around like Tinkerbell, only this spirit was the size of a person and not a pixie! And it had wings, that were translucent, and flapped very fast like a humming bird. The spirit had the face of a woman and she revealed to me she was angel. She was Norma's angel for creativity, only, there was so much conflict going on spiritually, she was also now a warring angel. She stopped flying and and showed me how her humming bird wings.  When her translucent wings stopped fluttering her wings spread out into full white wings. I sketched as much of her wings as I could on the sketch pad. Then Norma's creativity angel showed me another angel in the picture, he was big, I was not allowed to see his face, only his wings. His tip feathers were the same blue as Norma's ear ring feathers.

This bigger angel showed me that he saved Norma's life when she was four and I was to ask Norma about it. He showed me that he had his big colorful wings wrapped around her to protect her as a child. I drew this picture on the sketchpad for Norma. And a couple of other quick sketches of the angels that represented what I was seeing.

Katie started off the Holy Spiritual reading session. Katie said while she was sketching, Elton John's song, "Candle in the Wind", was playing in her head. This song is also known as the "Norma Jean" song. Katie shared the song she heard in her head and Norma commented her full name is "Norma Jean", she is named after Marilyn Monroe.

Katie shared with Norma her drawing of Spree Candy, sweet tarts, sweet in the middle and tart on the outside. Norma laughed, and said her daughter calls her "kumquat", because she is sweet in the middle and tart on the outside.

Katie also shared with Norma a picture she sketched of Norma in the shower, washing her hair, cleansing it. And one other drawing she drew of Norma being a wild flower and free spirit.

When it was my turn, I had to ask Norma about the angels. The creativity angel was certain Norma saw her or knew about her. So I asked, Norma, what do you know about your angels?
Norma, replied, "do you mean the woman?"

I said, "um -yep!"

I told Norma the angel assigned to you to help with your creativity. Are you an artist?

Norma answered, No. But she loves art and always wanted to be an artist.

Norma was kind of tickled I saw her angel too. Then Norma asked me, whose spirit is she from? When did she die?

I told Norma, her angel was never born, it is a created being of God. Her composure kind of changed there at this point. It was a gentle revelation shift. Well, more to come, I had to deliver it as the angels wanted me.

Then I asked, "What is your spiritual back ground?"

Norma answered, "I have lots of native American spirits I contact."

I then told Norma that there was another angel in the picture. And she was excited to hear that. I told Norma I was to ask her about what happened to her when she was 4 years old?

She stops to think, and then answers, "Oh ...I fell out of a moving car!"

I told Norma that this other angel is the one who saved her. Her face became serious at this point. The Holy Spirit revealed to Norma an event we had no prior knowledge of and the fact angels were there to save her.

The big angel has a message for you, he says you made a big shift away from your spirituality from the time you were 4 years old until now.

Norma that about what I said and she pondered for a moment. Then she answers, "I used to be a Catholic".

Once more the Holy Spirit had Norma's undivided attention.

The angel, whom I didn't see his face, conveyed he was working overtime in her new spiritual endeavors.

It was a meesage for Norma to process. Katie and I didn't go in to close the deal. Norma knew who Jesus was. She was a prodigal daughter. But now that she was given definitive information about the angels she knows about and that they're creations of God. She got her world rocked.

Norma was very excited about her encounter and wanted to keep the drawings Katie and I made for her.

Why didn't we close the deal, so to speak? The Holy Spirit spoke directly to Norma through Katie and I. It was up to Norma to be convicted by the evidence the Holy Spirit presented her. It was her free will to leave the church and her free will to return to Christ. Katie and I didn't need to add anything to the encounter that was orchestrated by Jesus.

Seeing the angels and receiving word and pictures from God, like Katie and I experienced, is a mystical experience. Seeing angels and giving prophetic words - It's how God wants to operate through us. Just make yourself available and work on your relationship with him. There are dry days, weeks, and months for me where NOTHING supernatural happens. It's all up to God. Work on your union with Him and enjoy His mystical presence. He is always with us. With or without the supernatural experiences. So don't chase those mystical experiences -chase God.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dream Interpretations with Jimi and HollyJean Merrell

Our close friends Jimi and HollyJean Merrell were interviewed on CBN for their work in dream interpretation. The Merrells have worked with Lisa and I quite a bit in spiritual warfare too. This time we're just going to relax and listen to dream interpretation.

The Merrells are incredibly gifted in dream interpretation and Lisa and I have worked with them in out reaches. Their ministry is incredible and has integrity. Jimi has a great teaching on how he interprets dreams.

The Merrells are also interviewed on CBN with Marguerite Evans at this site,

Spiritual Gifts CBN interview with Marguerite Evans

If you would like a dream interpretation, you can go to their web site at:

Dream Fusion

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Demonic Obsession - Torment in the Church

I wrote in the Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare, how the Holy Spirit would have me in different seasons of learning. One season was on the streets, where people would walk up to me and have the spirits oppressing them identify themselves. We had this experience recently, on the streets, we were training seminary students in street ministry. The seminary students were able to approach one individual, but a ministry friend of mine, Katie, and myself, were growled at by this person and his spirits told us to stay away from him. The spirits in this individual could see our authority in Christ. It’s good to see it’s not just me, but the Holy Spirit is raising up our friend Katie too.

The Holy Spirit will lead you through seasons to reveal the supernatural to you. And many times in this season the Holy Spirit will break you -to make you usable in the new area He is training you in. If God is training you to work in the supernatural he has to break you of your own soul-ish shortcomings and to release God out of your box you put him in. In this season God is revealing to me a dark leprosy in the church, demonic obsession. Demonic obsession is dangerous torment that sits between oppression and possession. Obsession, is dark, and horrible, and it’s probably in every church in one form or another. As deliverance ministers we miss this, because quite frankly, I think we’re getting too caught up in deliverance and methodologies we don’t see what is standing right there in front of us. Pure and simple torment.

Father Gabriele Amorth, in An Exorcist Tells His Story, defines demonic (diabolic) obsession.

4. Diabolic Obsession. Symptoms include, sudden attacks, at times
ongoing, of obsessive thoughts, sometimes even rationally absurd, but of such nature the victim is unable to free themselves. Therefore the obsessed person lives in perpetual state of prostration, desperation,
and attempts at suicide. Almost always obsession influences dreams. Some people will say that this is evidence of mental illness, requiring the services of psychiatrist or a psychologist. The same could be said of all other forms of demonic phenomena. Some symptoms, however, are so
inconsistent with known illnesses that they point with certainty to
their evil origins. Only an expert with a well-trained eye can identify
the crucial differences.

What I have witnessed in demonic obsession is that it attacks the person under its influence day and night non-stop. At night time there are horrible dreams on the tormented soul. During the day, there is shame or fear, either from the dreams, or from abuses or sinful behaviors, revealed constantly by the enemy. Some traits M16 ministry has observed while working with people in demonic obsession are:

1. The people seem to be self-isolated by the torment. Initially, the individual is going to church and appears to be a strong Christian. Supernatural events occur in stronger frequencies now and the church may be puzzled as to how to help this individual. In most cases, the church becomes frustrated with the individual in the early stages of obsession and tries to avoid them. The enemy starts speaking to the individual and is high lighting how the church is avoiding them.

2. In the cases of demonic obsession we have been involved in, psychological trauma, was the doorway to the demonic obsession. Trauma includes, physical abuse as children, ritual involvement, rape, and living in a house with demonic activity, to name a few. There are more entry points but I refer you to these to give you a general idea of how the demonic obsession gets its toe hold on the person.

3. People in demonic obsession, in half the cases, are led into believing they will be self-delivered from the torment. This happens in stages, remember, the enemy is picking up every fumble by the church and reminding the person of the failure. Stage 1. The person is having difficulty finding a home church because healing isn't coming to them. The church leadership is frustrated by the individual and believes they are only seeking sympathy prayer. In most cases, the individual has an unknown affliction doctors can't identify and which leads others to believe the individual is lying for sympathy. Stage 2. The person starts believing the enemy has infiltrated the church and has witches attending or even praying for others in service. The enemy is increasing the torment now. This is the beginning of the spiritual and mental isolation of the individual. The enemy gives false prophecy about healings and warns the individual not to seek prayer. Usually the false prophecy comes in the form of warnings the individual accepts. At this point the person is compromised. The enemy is constantly speaking to them and they believe it is an angel (beware of angles of light masquerading...) or even Jesus. Now the person is becoming isolated from their family members and those living with this person are at whits end.

4. The individual believes there are places in the house where evil spirits reside. So they stay confined to parts of their house or a bedroom. Some people believe their next door neighbors are members of witch coven sent to spy on them.

5. Torments include physical, psychological, and spiritual attacks. The attacks become relentless, they're real but seldom physically manifest to other people. The goal is make the person appear insane while at the same time driving the person to insanity (or the appearance). The attacks are relentless and the person soon starts giving warning signs of, "I can't live like this anymore", "They're coming for me." and other warning signs to be cautious of when you hear them spoken by these people. The demons end game is to have the person end their own lives.

6. Individuals seem to seek out tainted homes. Many times, an individual will flee a home, where they know there is activity, only to land in a home that also has unclean spirit activity. The problem here is that ghost hunters are called in. Ghost hunters don't know how to cleanse a home with spiritual leprosy. Reading the ritual romana (rite of exorcism) by untrained clergy is useless. Ghost hunters do not have the level of expertise in the supernatural they self-elevate themselves to have.

Case in point, exhibit A. Paranomral team playing exorcists.

Bringing in a ghost hunter in this scenario (a Christian should never be involved in or bring in a ghost hunter in the first place) is dangerous. The ghost hunters have no understanding of spiritual authority. We have worked with ghost hunters in cleaning them up after such mishaps. Some demons they thought  were expelling went home with them!

What you must ask yourself is –why were the ghost hunters called out to the home in the first place? Because people under the torment of demonic obsession are seeing the demons or are hallucinating that they are seeing the demons. In demonic obsession if they are hallucinating they are seeing demons it is still from a demonic source. The demons could be hijacking the person’s spiritual vision and leaving their imprint there in the person’s mind. The demons are relentless at tormenting the people in this manner and the person usually develops a paranoia. These are aspects ghost hunters do not understand at all and their K2 meters and toys will not register this. Man’s equipment can not measure into the spirit realm. We only pick up what the demon’s want us to pick up on electronics.

7. The forms of paranoia include, spiritual voices, which convince the person no one in the church can help them. Paranoia that I have seen includes that people in the church are witches or that next door neighbors are members of the occult. The paranoia can run so deep that the people inflicted with this are living a horrible John Carpenter horror movie, like "They Live". Everyone around them is part of a conspiracy with demonic roots.

What is interesting is that these people won’t talk with church counselors or pastors. Why? Because the root problem was supernatural and these people know it. The church may already be showing signs of being burnt out on these people. The root cause of the obsession may be supernatural. They may have been physically attacked as a child, by a demon. Even the parents of these people will attest to the incident. Or the person lived in a house with spiritual leprosy – occult rituals took place or there is spiritual activity in the house. Since the church already beleives the person is faking illness for sympathy prayer - and these people know when the church thinks this, they are certainly not going to beleive the supernatural root to it. Because an individual appears crazy, a pastor or counselor may shut the person down. Which is why the pastor or counselor doesn’t hear how the root of the problem planted itself in this person. Worse yet, the church doesn’t believe the enemy is real and has powers. This is common in the church’s age of reason. Also, these individuals have already been through sessions of church counselling.The demonic root was never mentioned or dealt with.

These people, who are tormented, have an ounce of sanity left to remember what happened to them when the obsession took root was very real. This is what they are clinging to when they seek help.

We get quite a few of these individuals in our ministry because we have seen the supernatural. When we hear these people’s stories we know what is being revealed to us is truth and we know in the spirit where to weed out the hallucinations.

Treating demonic obsession is difficult. The free will is compromised and is focused on the demonic activity. I am talking about Christians who are being tormented by this. You can minister to these people and slightly turn their spiritual boat in the right direction only to have it snapped back in the wrong direction 5 minutes later. It’s frustrating since the person you are working with will totally drop into limbo everything you worked with them on.

These people need laying on of hands by seasoned combat veterans in spiritual warfare. Internet prayers won’t work. And it will take several to many sessions to get this person on course. They need to repent for diverting their attention from Jesus to the demonic activity. If you get this far with these individuals,  some snap out of it and some don’t. It’s free will. They need to want to wake up. And as ministers we can’t be enablers or crutches to these people. We have to make them responsible for their own actions right out of the starting gate. A person in demonic obsession will try to dictate to you how their healing process should go. This is the spirit running interference. The spirit will also try to be a spirit of distraction to your ministry and don’t allow them to do this. Ministry is not at the beck and call of the demonic. Identify when this is occurring and shut it down.

As I mentioned, obsession can be a difficult torment to evict and it’s the power of the Holy Spirit that brings healing to the situation. It is best to work hands on with these people, in this manner the demons can’t interfere with the prophetic ministry when you are in the same room. Prophetic ministry over the phone, is not as successful, because the spirits are swatting at the prophetic, like flies, on the other side of the phone. This is because the person in torment is allowing the spirits to do this. Demonic obsessive people try to dictate the deliverance. They are convinced in their own minds they know how to deliver themselves or get delivered –which is the lie of the enemy. And then the next second they remind you of how depressed they are and they can’t go on living their life in this manner. It’s synonymous to a tire stuck in mud and it’s the power of Jesus that pulls the person out of the mud.

The sign of demonic obsession is usually horrible nightmares night, after night, after night. Ministry team members trained in dream interpretation, such as John Paul Jacksons, Streams Ministries, is crucial to identify and work with these people on their dreams. This is where the individual must take responsibility and pull themselves up out of the victim mentality and fight. The obsession, through the demonic, makes the individual believe that Jesus won’t help them –or why won’t Jesus help me? The truth of the matter is – He is trying to help but an obsessive focus is placed on the enemy and now the problem is not left to the resurrecting power of the work on the cross. This is the primary operative of the obsession to lead the person away from Christ. The person can become consumed by the obsession to the point the enemy has convinced them help from God will never come and they should end their own life. We pray for the Holy Spirit to protect these individuals whenever we encounter them. They can be fine one second and snap into obsession and have thoughts of hurting themselves. It's how the demonic works.

The church must rise up in her authority and deal with the enemy. If it is in your church then you are called to deal with it. We tend to avoid the obsessed because we don't like the behavior of these people. They're weird and they say things that make us uncomfortable. The best course of action is to step into your authority and take action by laying hands on these people and praying for them. But I only recommend to do this if they approached you first for prayer. Don't go and seek them out. Healing comes when the individual is in submission to God in their will and they want to be healed.

Holy Spirit I pray your church to wake up from the sleep a spirit has put over it. And reveal the tormented in the pews. Highlight the people who are in torment and let the body of Christ embrace these lost children to find their way home. Reveal to us in the prophetic what is needed to bring healing to our brothers and sisters. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

Single most request for help with M16 has been with demonic obsession. We consistently get requests from people who believe they are living in a town and are single handedly taking on covens of witches or secret diabolic societies. If you're a Christian and you're going through this you must first stop and understand who you are in Jesus Christ.

1 John 4
4You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. 5They are from the world; therefore they speak as from the world, and the world listens to them. 6We are from God; he who knows God listens to us; he who is not from God does not listen to us. By this we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.

Philippians 1:28
28 Don't be intimidated by your enemies. This will be a sign to them that they are going to be destroyed, but that you are going to be saved, even by God himself.

Stand firm and banish these thoughts from your head and take every thought captive. It's all a mind game by the enemy.

We always respond to requests by those being attacked by the occult. The wording tends to stand out and differ from those being attacked by the occult than those who have fallen for the lies of demonic obsession. When you see the truth the lie is broken and you are set free.