Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ghost Hunters Get Ghost Busted by M16

On January 18, 2012, the SyFy channel network showed its 2nd episode, of the 8th season of their successful reality show Ghost Hunters. In this episode, titled, Buyer Beware, the Ghost Hunters went to two homes where the property appeared to be in distress due to paranormal activity.

The second house featured in this episode was the Gardner mansion in Gardener, Massachusetts. The TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) team, in the second half of this episode, was rushing to the scene of a haunt where the owner was in severe distress with restless spirits.

Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson of TAPS introduced this case to the Ghost Hunters audience of being of great urgency. TAPS needed to find an answer to the haunts in the mansion or the current owner would sell the home to get out from all the torment that was being hyped up in this intro. Now if you were paying attention to the intro of the Gardener Mansion, the TAPS team already filmed an episode of Ghost Hunters on site at the mansion several years earlier. If the current owner didn't like haunted residences then why did he buy a home TAPS investigated. In real estate, a haunting is a full disclosure article. This was the first thing that tripped a red flag in my mind as the intro of the Gardner mansion unfolded. Second, a house of this age, and being supposedly haunted, is a cash cow in this paranormal frenzy going on in our country. The owner would be stupid to sell it now. This was red flag number two for me.

Next, TAPS pulls up to the house and meets the owner of the Gardner Mansion, Edwin Gonzalez. Edwin does a pretty good job of convincing the Ghost Hunters audience he has no idea what is happening in the house and tells the viewers he is at wits end with all this paranormal activity. He wants Jason and Grant to help him or else he is selling the mansion.

I was pretty convinced by Edwin's story that I thought I would look up Edwin and see if I could send him some info on house blessing or see if M16 could be of service. I googled using the search string, "gardner mansion massachusetts" and several sites popped up. One site caught my eye immediately, it was the url, The HAUNTED Victorian Mansion.

Okay. Now things were getting fishy. The Gardner Mansion, according to this site hosts docent tours and is making money for being a haunted house. If Edwin, the owner, is truly in distress, then why is he selling the house, after it has been featured on Ghost Hunters and is going to lure a LOT of paranormal investigators and thrill seekers?

My next inkling was to determine who owned the domain name for the I used my 1990's kung fu on the keyboard and located the domain registration. Wanna take a guess at who owns the domain name and is booking docent tours to the haunted house? Why Edwin of course!
Here is the whois results I queried off my computer.

The Registry database contains ONLY .COM, .NET, .EDU domains and
 4 West Broadway
 Gardner, MA 01440


 Administrative Contact:
    Gonzalez, Edwin
    4 West Broadway
    Gardner, MA 01440

I decided not to contact Edwin. His plight must have sucked in a lot of paranormal investigators who would eagerly pay the fees to come investigate the mansion. M16 doesn't investigate -we clean out! TAPS must have known too that the building hosted paranormal tours. Well it is REALITY TV -where nothing is real. Keep in mind when you watch these shows that most big sites featured are commercial sites featuring attractions for paranormal teams to come out and pay fees. It's kind of like a paranormal golf course -there are no free golf courses and paranormal investigation is catering to a niche in the travel industry. This episode was aptly titled - Buyer Beware.

There is more here on a Boston news station where Edwin and his friend don't appear as anxious for a resolution as they did on Ghost Hunters.

Gardner Mansion on Fox Boston

Another investigation -Ghost BUSTED!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Provision in 2012

Welcome to 2012

2011 was an incredible year for our ministry. Our ministry has been humbled by the number of people who the Lord put in contact with us and allowed our ministry to meet their needs.

The Father has come and met the needs of His children, some in their darkest hour. The light of Jesus Christ has always come crashing through. Some people we get to meet first hand, others we meet with a phone call. Our magic jack, which I have renamed the Jesus Jack, has become indispensable in ministry and reaching others, whom we can't meet in person.

The ministry exploded with the release of the Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare - the POWER to PULL the IMPOSSIBLE from the HEAVENLY REALM (FGSW). We have received e-mails from people who read the book and met Jesus face down on their floor in the middle of demonic battle. We have had numerous e-mails from people thanking the ministry for putting together the FGSW. The flood of e-mails has been incredible. An we're honored by each and every one of you who has contacted us with your testimonies. Many e-mails we still haven't responded to because we had to respond to the 'please help us' e-mails first.

2011 is also the year God granted us favor to start our Miracles and Warfare prayer meetings once a month. Christians and non-Christians alike have come to us in their time of need and soon found themselves a part of our spiritual family. Back in the month of June, God had me stop at a little chapel in my home town and instructed me to go talk to the pastor. God instructed me to ask the pastor if I could hold meetings in his church. I was having a debate with God as to "what was He thinking?".

The church pastor wanted the meetings at his church but the elders feared the demons kicked out would linger in their church. I thought, "Okay, God, you had me ask this pastor to use his church, now what?" God still provided a place to meet even though the church board gave into fear. The senior Pastor of my home church and I had a conversation about what God said to me. He openly invited M16 to hold the Miracles and Warfare at their facilities. It was a done deal. We have seen incredible miracles at these meetings. Christians have witnessed their own authority in Christ over the demonic. At our November meeting, a woman's leg grew out a 1/2 inch. We have seen many incredible healings, inner, physical and spiritual. The meeting also relieved our ministers of the mounting stress we were facing booking appointments for prayer sessions in our home.

2011 is also the year my spiritual father in prophetic ministry, Bob Johnson, handed over the reigns of his Night Strike ministry to M16 Ministries. Night Strike is a ministry that goes out into the streets of San Francisco and brings encounters of the Heavenly Father to the poor, the homeless, drug addicts and prostitutes. I am humbled as this was an incredible honor from Bob, whom over the years has sowed so much into myself, and my wife Lisa. M16 Ministries was literally born out of Night Strike. In December, Night Strike, partnered with the Salvation Army and threw a Christmas party for the homeless. The Salvation Army served 19 large turkeys. Night Strike collected prior to this event, hygiene items, beanies, scarves, socks, and blankets, and passed them out as care packages to the needy. We handed out over 100 of these packages to people on the streets, as well as other items that were brought by the volunteers. Over 100 volunteers showed up to minister at this event.

2011 was a year of changes. My good friend in ministry, and a man who has taught me the ropes in street ministry, Mark Neitz announced his plans to take his family to Vietnam and start an orphanage. In November, I was in Vietnam and Cambodia with my dearest missionary friends, Mark Neitz, Kimberly Johnson, Bob Johnson's wife, and Don and Maria Whitney, and a few new friends. Mark and Jessica Neitz, and Don and Maria Whitney are setting up a house to rescue children from sex trafficking in Vietnam and Cambodia.

In the early months of 2011, I really didn't feel the call to minister in sex trafficking rescue. My missionary trips didn't include Asia and I was focused on going to South America. Then in early summer, God led M16 into a spiritual battle involving sex trafficking and orphans. Our eyes were wide open to what had touched the hearts of the Neitz's and the Whitney's. I contacted Mark and told him, God sent me an invitation to venture with his team to Vietnam and Cambodia. You can read about the missionary trip from November on earlier threads in this blog.

We have ongoing missionary trips in the U.S. and in San Francisco. We don't openly disclose details regarding these trips because we're going into some dark territory to minister. These are spiritual expeditions, such as to Burning Man. There are other local outreaches where being stealth is often the utmost importance, such as the New Age and Pagan fairs.

Last year, in 2011, M16 had an operating cost of about $22,000. About $12,000 came from generous donors. In 2012, we have started this year with a $900 residual budget from 2011.

Prayer Requests:
We need your prayers for 2012. I start every year praying and fasting for direction and to listen to the Father's will.

Lisa and need to raise about $400 for reverend renewal for 2012. Please pray for divine abundance in this need.

Last year, the Lord, through supernatural provision, waved his hand and covered the expenses for a team of 5 to go minister at Burning Man. This expense was $4000 for the team of 5 ($800 per person) to attend. Our team joined with Cindy McGill's ministry, Hope for the Harvest. We need supernatural provision again this year and the Burning Man fees will be upon us in early February. This ministry has been life changing to the people who receive God encounters at Burning Man. Last year 122 people received powerful encounters from the Father in Heaven who loves them. Hopelessness, brokeness, shame and guilt were crushed and in some cases demons were evicted. This is a powerful ministry and we desire to return in 2012! Please pray for our provision for Burning Man.

Vietnam and Cambodia

I know my first trip to Asia in 2011 was an expeditionary trip. I had the privilege to meet, pray and preach with underground church pastors and leaders. Our work in Asia is just starting and I would like to return in 2012. Deliverance ministry in Asia with sex trafficking is just a matter of fact for pastors in these regions. I was shocked to learn that the heads of orphanages were the leaders in deliverance ministry -just out of necessity! I have learned so much in deliverance of Buddhism and sexual perversion spirits in my first visit. Please pray for abundance and blessing for M16 to return to Asia. In 2011, I was supernaturally blessed to cover the $2500 required to go on this trip. This year I would love to bring my wife so we can equip pastors in underground churches. We would need $5000 for the both of us to go in November.

God has also placed on my heart to pray for an RV. M16 is limited to a radius of about 100 miles for personal face-to-face ministry and church equipping. We have been contacted by churches and people all over from the Pacific northwest. We are in need of a used RV to move our ministry team to various locations where we have been invited to give workshops and equipping events. We would also use it for housing our team at Burning Man, and to setup as an incident response vehicle for a natural disaster. As I received this picture from God and thought about it. Our ministry team received out-of-the-blue, a brand new generator to use at Burning Man!! The generator is a crucial piece to the Burning Man and incident response vehicle. We are thrilled that God has already started providing for this. We need prayer for an RV donation. A bounder of this type runs about $7000 or a vehicle donation would be a HUGE blessing.

Thank you for partnering with us. 2012 is going to be an incredible year for reaching the pre-Believer.

If you feel in the spirit to sow into our ministry, our donate button is provided here.

God Bless

M16 Ministries