Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Asia Inner Healing from Severe Trauma Ministry Trip November 2017

When a church or ministry returns from a trip, their website or blog is filled with pictures of the smiling faces from foreign lands and pictures of activities accomplished. M16 Ministries we work in covert spiritual warfare and inner healing. There is never a paper or picture trail of what we did or what we accomplished. M16 Ministries is a lot like the Navy Seals, we go in undercover, accomplish our mission and return home to our families. This last Thanksgiving week, M16 Ministries, with In the Potter's Hands counseling, traveled to a country in Asia to equip and train staff at a home for young girls. I won't identify the country or the location of our objective because of the sensitivity of the people and children involved. Many of the young girls at this home are survivors of severe violent crimes. One young girl who is not even a teen is the survivor of a gruesome psychopathic rape, where her perpetrator believed she was dead.By the grace of God she didn't die. Another young girl was so violently raped, her reproductive parts are permanently damaged.  Working with these young girls and the trauma they endured was very surreal.

Our team was comprised of Toni Taigen, president, and pastoral counselor, at In the Potter's Hands counseling. I work with Toni in her counseling ministry organization. My son, Joshua, also accompanied us, for videoing and administrative assistance. Since September, Toni and I, have been collaborating on training material for these counselors to work with survivors of trauma. In the Potter's Hands counseling specializes in healing from severe trauma. Our goal was to put together training material and equip the counselors at the house for girls we were going out to assist.  We accomplished putting together comprehensive training material for the counselors in these homes.

Over a period of three days, we worked in the morning with equipping the house staff in identifying dissociative identity disorder (formerly referred to as multiple personality disorder). Because of the severity of assaults on the girls in their care, we also had to help distinguish between the unclean spiritual attachments that may be present. We spent three days at the home working with staff. We came prepared to equip for four days, but in the spirit, we decided the fourth day would overwhelm them with information. Which is something we didn't want to do. Want to leave the staff empowered and trained up. The breakdown of days was as follows.

Day 1
By the end of the first morning, Toni equipped the house staff, in identifying dissociative identity disorder switching in the young girls who resided in the home. Ironically, the house cook was the one who was able to identify the girls and their identity switching. Day one, with the staff, we spent on defining and identifying dissociative identity disorder. Toni taught on how the hearts of these young girls fractured and gave the staff examples on how to synchronize with the children's fractured parts.
In the afternoon we worked with the girls and their counselors during their counseling sessions. The house director requested that we look at their hardest cases and assist during these girls sessions. These were incredible, precious little girls, with amazing smiles. As we worked with them, these smiles faded and their dark pain emerged. Some girls have an unclean spiritual presence in them that entered from the violence inflicted on them. We worked with the girls on connecting with God. Some girls were amazing at how well they could connect with God. Some girls we worked with it was their first encounter with God, and we were able to lead them to their Savior. Other girls weren't ready, and we just allowed them to continue on their spiritual journey of discovering who God is.  We operated under the grace and compassion of Jesus during these sessions with these little girls. 

Day 2
Our team worked with the staff members in understanding how they hear from God. We presented information on the Biblical ways we hear from God. Toni led the house staff through an exercise encountering God that was very emotional for some of the ladies. Connecting with God is crucial in bringing healing to these little girls inner pain and trauma. Toni worked with the house staff in demonstrating appreciation exercises and demonstrating joy capacity that is required for the girls inner healing from trauma. 
In the afternoon, Toni and I worked with the counselors in counseling sessions with three more girls. One of the girls I worked with was left on her own to feed herself. She appeared to be somewhat feral in her behavior. But she was very smart. She was very cute, maybe nine years old. During the session, I worked with her in connecting to Jesus. She was able to do this, and we were able to lead her in salvation. It was an amazing and very emotional.

Day 3
I had worked with the staff in equipping them for the spiritual warfare aspects of the oppression involved with some of these girls. The spiritual oppression was tangible in the girls home. One staff member was being raised up by God to deal with the oppression in the house. I took her on a prayer walk instructed her what to do when she sensed oppression.

I spent time in discussing when and when not to do deliverance with the girls. Many times Christian ministers get overzealous when they see a demon and don't know there are protocols to follow. When it comes to severe body violations like these little girls experienced, Jesus takes the kids through a much gentler deliverance process, and we must work with Jesus as He does this. Most ministers see a demon and go Bob Larson on them, which is damaging and frightening to the child. The child has already endured trauma, and we must be respectful not to inflict anymore. Lastly, we worked with the staff and counselors on the duplicitous nature of dissociation and angry parts. We instructed the staff that they needed to provide guidelines for incoming prophetic ministers to avoid prophetic ministry on these girls. If this seems puzzling, Toni and I are prophetic ministers; we just have come to an understanding about the nature of dissociation and how prophetic ministry can cause a dark inner torment. I cover this information in my book, A Field Guide to Advanced Spiritual Warfare.

In the afternoon, we worked with a couple of more girls before our time was up with the training sessions. This was our last day with the girls. They were all little heartbreakers. Such amazing, beautiful little girls. There is no rhyme or reason to explain how these horrible things occurred to these precious children other than there is evil in this world.

We were able to download and educate a lot of information to the staff members and the counselors at this house. This is an amazing home that is run by a ministry friend of mine. These girls are loved in this home, they are all clean, groomed, and well cared for. A couple of the girls I recognized from my trip here a few years ago. It's great to know that these girls are now safe and protected and they are now in the right environment for their inner healing. The directors of this house are highly protective of the children who live there.

Toni and I traveled to the location out of our own finances. We need to return and continue to build upon what we started with the staff and counselors. Our finances are limited, and we would love to have either an individual or multiple individuals help finance our next venture back to this site. If God is speaking to your heart about this, please pray and consider helping us get back there to continue working with the healing of hearts of these precious girls.

God Bless
Rev. Mike