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Night Strike Supernatural Ministry October 25 2013

What Would You do if I Came to Your Church -and Wore my Wedding Dress?

I am jumping ahead of myself here. But I think this was the title of the evening that unfolded last Friday night, October 25, 2013. Bob and Kimberly Johnson ministries brought a street ministry team down from Redding, Ca. With our Night Strike leaders and the team from BKJM we probably had about 30 people in all out on the streets with us.

On this particular evening my team I was on was attempting to leave the plaza at Felton and Hyde, only God kept sending the people to us. Sometimes He does this to us, He sends His kids into the plaza to meet us. We were swamped with people from the streets coming in wanting supplies and some good prayer over them. We had one individual who came in, they didn't want ministry, I believe at first they wanted to mock us. This individual, I am going to name, Claire, for this blog, not their real name, is a transvestite. Claire came into our group with the preconceived notion that we believe she is predestined to go to hell. And mocked us at first for our beliefs. Enough things had happened to Claire - by church going non-Holy Spirit convicted bigots, that she had every right to feel the way she did about Christians. You could feel the uneasiness in Claire being around us.There was a defensive reflex or posture.

What threw Claire off guard, and I believe, help put her at ease, was our immediate acceptance of who she was. In fact, I believe the demeanor of Claire changed quickly. We were only out on the streets to share the Father's love to every person who was specially invited by the God most High. Tonight, it was Claire who was to be our guest of honor for the evening. On a typical Night Strike night, our teams walk around and minister to people we find on the streets, sleeping in door ways or looking for shelter. Rarely, do we have people join with us.

On this night it was a divine appointment, we started breaking the ice with Claire.  Clarie started opening up with some incredible show tunes. She had an incredible voice and then we found out Claire was a professional performer.  We didn't get off to the streets right away, the Holy Spirit was still sending us a bunch of people to minister to at the plaza. Claire hung out and observed us, while she sang some incredible show tunes. We were blown away. As the masses of people dwindled in coming to us we decided to move out to the streets. Claire asked if she could accompany us. We answered yes, by all means. Claire, and another individual, that regularly comes to the plaza, decided to walk with us. Claire was particularly interested in me. One, because I looked her straight in the eyes when I spoke to her, and two, I didn't have an agenda to convert her or say the salvation prayer.  The main interest Claire had in me was that I was a pastor. I am a pastor of no church, I am a pastor of an open air church and a pastor of people who were kicked out of church because they are demonized. That sums up my ministry.

So off our team went, Night Strike leaders, Tina, Mary, and myself, with BKJM ministers, Hannah, Matt, and Melissa. We had a couple of others, but I forgot who was with us. As we walked, I began to notice that Claire had dissociative identity disorder. This is something that comes from severe childhood trauma and causes the brain to consciously dissociate into different people, if you will. There was a spiritual side to all of this too. When Claire would dissociate back to Eric, a spirit would identify itself as Jezebel. "Hi, I am Jezebel. Do you know who I am in the Bible?" I wanted to answer, "Yes. My name is Elijah, do you remember me?" But the Holy Spirit directed me not to do so. Only to make sure that Claire received supernatural love and attention from the Father, her true creator. As we walked, Claire, sprung up show tunes, like she was an endless well of music. She's a worshipper in spirit you could tell. One time, she grabbed my arm, wrapped hers around mine, and she asked me where do I pastor? I told her this is where I pastor. She asked me what else do you do? I told her that I am a pastor and a minister to those were fractured very young by severe and repeat sexual trauma by adults or were used in rituals.

Claire, dissociated again, and told me she was Mary Magdalene, from the cult of Mary. It lasted for a few seconds, and then Eric, appeared and talked to me. Eric told me how he went through horrible abuse by his father. When Claire returned, she was amazed she shared that with me. She wanted to know where I worked with the people I ministered with.

It was an amazing and seemingly quick hour and a half walk with Claire. Claire was always amazed at how I looked into her eyes to speak to her directly. She started to warm up to me. My favorite part of this evening is when we stood in the park in front of the mayors office and she taught me how to sing show tunes. We went line by line with a Sammy Davis Jr. song, Falling Star, I believe. And I was taught the proper inflections - if that is what you call it. I am not a singer, but there was so much goofiness with the true spirit inside Claire, you just wanted to have fun and sing along with her.

I think Claire mingled with everyone in our group and really loved the ministry we were doing. She observed us praying for healing for some people. We never pressured her with any theology. I know this freaks out the old schoolers. But God is a big God and he is capable of wooing his children. We must make sure we are in tune to what the Father's will is -at this moment!

As we wrapped up our night, Claire asked me flat our where I went to church. I told her where I go to church. She asked me, "can I take BART and come to your church?"

I said, "by all means."

Then she asked, "will you let me come to your church if I wear a wedding dress?"

 I told her," yes, but you better sit next to me so I can protect you. Not all churches are that ready for your caliber of people."

 She laughed. I think she saw I was sincere when I answered she could come and I would protect her. Claire did a lot of looking back into my eyes and my soul. After that conversation she broke out into some classic Willy Wonka show tunes which were phenomenal. It was a crazy night.

At the end of our ministry walk with the team, we ended back up at the plaza. Claire asked me if I saw auras. She perceived we were walking in the supernatural. I told her I don't see auras, I see pictures of people. The pictures come from God. One other minister from the team was with me, Melissa. I waited on the Holy Spirit to give me a picture of Claire. I won't say what I saw. It was all very positive and loving. It was meant only to be shared with Claire. I am just the messenger. Likewise, Melissa gave Claire a word. It was simple ministry from God, the creator. No theology, just notes of love and how much Claire's creator loves her.

At the end of the evening, Claire ended up spending more time with the group as we went to for some local fast food. I believe at the end of the evening Claire was comfortable enough for Hannah and Matt to pray over her.

As we live in a time, where the prince of the air waves wants to paint Evangelicals as the cult of Westborro, is your Jesus big enough to allow Claire, in her wedding dress, into your church? Will you love this person? Or will this person get devoured by the circling sharks in your own church? Our ministry is reconciliation.

18 All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation: 19 that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people’s sins against them. And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation. 20 We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God. 21 God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.  2 Corinthians 5:18-21

Rev. Mike
Night Strike

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

M16 Ministries Hearing God 101

As I was shooting video for the VBLOG today I came across old video on the camera sandisk that was shot last Spring. Pastor Jimi Merrell and I put on a Prophetic Bootcamp - a 4 hour crash course in prophetic ministry. Here is an excerpt on that class. I open with discussions on mystical theology concepts, from Saint Teresa of Avila, on hearing God -  (latin locutio) locutions and the different ways we hear and feel God's presence. This was the intro portion of the course.

Addendum 10/03/13:
I wrote this blog on the eve (10/02/13) of a prophetic message spreading through the Internet and social media that God is going to execute judgment on Northern California with an earthquake. The prophecy was for Oct 3, or today as I add this addendum. Since my blog is on hearing God. I wanted to pipe in on what I am hearing. The only earthquake that s happening today are number of people scrambling in fear about this false prophecy. FEAR. It is a spirit of fear. The spirit of prophecy was poured out on all of us. Those of you who didn't check with God and checked with man - Shame on you. This is also a good hearing exercise to ask God about this prophecy, ask him, "Is this real?" I write this early AM on Oct 3 and I have a pretty comfortable feeling in the spirit I will be here Oct 4. As will Northern California.

Rev. Mike

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