Sunday, October 1, 2017

Ministering to a Ritual Abuse Survivor

Ritual abuse survivors are beginning to surface in different parts of the world now. I live in Northern California, and there are quite a few survivors in my region. But I am getting calls from all over the world by survivors, pastors, and counselors. What is a ritual abuse survivor? It is someone who was traumatized severely from a young age and was forced into participating in secret society rituals. The high level of trauma involved in these rituals cased the human soul to fracture into multiple identities. Many times in ritual settings this fracturing is done deliberately by someone who was a handler or a programmer to instigate mind control. This deliberate dissociation of the human consciousness can be a tale tail sign of ritual abuse. But not always, a soul may be traumatized emotional, physically, or even sexually as a child and have dissociative identity disorder (DID), but not be a ritual abuse survivor. Either way, the child survived severe trauma in their childhood. Now as an adult, the consciousness contains a system of identities, called parts. These are independent parts each with an independent free will.

Sadly, in the Western church, we consider all voices in the head, outside of Jesus, and the human conscience, to be demonic. If an individual with dissociative identity disorder talks to their pastor, and a part comes up to speak to them, the part will immediately be regarded as a demon. I don't know how many survivors have told me that they went to their pastor and spoken to them about hearing internal voices and the pastor started deliverance prayer on them. Picture a middle-aged adult man or women going to speak to their pastor, and all of sudden this individual started talking and acting like a four-year-old, right down to facial expressions and body language. This is a person with dissociation. A child part is coming up for help, but instead they reception is a pastor or over zealous prayer minister treating them like they're a demon.

First of all, if you're going to be in any form of deliverance ministry you need to develop your spiritual discernment. In today's broken ministry of deliverance, the minister tends to convince the prayer recipient they can see demons. This is a facade, the lie of the minister, that they can't discern spirits. Some ministers can see spirits, but most can't. It's like the hip thing to do now in deliverance prayer. It's a lie. We literally need deliverance from numerous charlatan deliverance ministers now. When a person with DID goes for deliverance ministry and gets one of these 'Vegas deliverance shows', the situation gets worse. A minister whom they trusted called their parts demons (no discernment). The primary presenter, which we call the Christian host, will many times know they're parts aren't demons. In most cases, that is. In others, the Christian host will believe the lie of the deliverance minister and walk away thinking that their parts are demons. My advice to survivors of severe trauma is to avoid deliverance ministry at all costs, especially if you are a ritual abuse survivor. I would also strongly recommend staying away from SOZOs and theophostical approaches for inner healing.

If you are a pastor with ritual abuse survivor in your congregation, you will need to learn how to pray for this individual. Keep in mind, all the parts are little kids inside and not high-level demons. Once you get the idea, these are all traumatized kids the ministry will go a lot smoother. The soul before you was violated as a child; this is not sin. That is another reason why deliverance ministry is ineffective. Trauma requires a lot of counseling and prayer ministry where through Jesus' love He walks them through their healing. 

When little parts come up, you will need to synchronize with them. That is sit down and relate to the child, let them know they're safe and that the rituals have stopped. Then, slowly see if you can bring Jesus into the session. Some survivors understand how to connect to Jesus, you just pray and setup the meeting with Jesus. Jesus does a lot of the work in bringing the child part out of hiding and over to a safe place for healing. With most of the survivors I work with it will be this simple. In harder cases, the mind may be booby-trapped, and you will have to find a way in. With all the survivors I ever worked, I think I only had three hard cases. Sadly, my very first case was the hardest one. Not because it was my first case, but the case to date, was my most difficult in satanic ritual abuse. These cases take time to work with. I had one case where it took the patience of nearly three years before the duplicitous parts would allow the Christian host to connect with God. Other cases, the Christian host and the parts were able to consistently connect with the indwelling Jesus.

I recommend one-on-one meetings, such as a counseling session. Don't let church intercessors, especially those involved in warfare and deliverance, pray for this individual. They can make things exponentially worse. This is the occult and not low-level demonic deliverance ministry. A church intercessor can cause a bar fight in a demonic biker bar. That won't go over well at all. The occult will attack your church if you step out from your covering. I strongly recommend the pastor or counselor pick up a copy of the late John Paul Jackson's Needless Casualties of War, to gain an understanding of where you stand in this battle. I cover a lot of warfare of this magnitude in my book, A Field Guide to Advanced Spiritual Warfare (see below).

During these one-on-one sessions, work with the parts as they come up. Jesus will bring up the parts in each session. Let them know they're now safe. Bring Jesus into the situation and let Him heal and do the deliverance. During these sessions, there is a much gentler deliverance as Jesus evicts the bad things and heals the part. There is a lot more patience and loving then binding and evicting. Remember, you are dealing with a traumatized part that wants nothing more than to be healed.  You will have Jesus find the lie that keeps the person in bondage. Many times you will feel like you are dealing with a part, that is in a jail cell, with no cell door. And it's as if the part is afraid of stepping over the chalk line because an evil person told them if they stepped over the chalk line to leave someone would have to die. This is called a double-bind.

These cases are long term to work with and require special training from ministry teams that are involved in this form of healing. It can be a very dark ministry, and it is also a very miraculous ministry. Many are called and few are chosen (Mt 22:14). The Holy Spirit selects the ministers and brings them under His covering for the occult warfare.  This is a very rewarding prayer ministry and it is also a very difficult ministry. You must be a prayer warrior that is able to protect yourself as well as others. God will put you through some soul crushing tribulations to get you to the place he needs you for ministry.

There is a lot to cover in this topic. For now, just stop the deliverance ministry and find a Christian counselor that knows how to work with dissociated parts.

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Well, that's enough for now. Hope this was beneficial.

Rev. Mike