Monday, October 22, 2012

Armchair Quarter Backing Ghost Adventures Sedamsville Rectory

Every once in a while the paranormal reality shows produce an episode that are worthy of the M16 commentary. Yes, it's time again to arm chair quarter back, or this context, an arm chair exorcise, another episode of Ghost Adventures, the Sedamsville Rectory, which aired Friday 10/19/2012.

This episode is chalked full of little exorcism tidbits rarely seen in a paranormal show. In this episode, there is a restoration of an old rectory taking place in (or near) Cincinnati, Ohio. The owners,   Tim Brazeal and Terrie Scott, believe there is demonic activity going on in the rectory (called demonic infestation).

Sedamsville Rectory Defiled by Priest Molestation

The roots of the demonic infestation, are historically recorded, in the episoide, as a Catholic priest, who molested kids, nearly daily for over a decade. Zak and Nick make some wild spiritist assertions. So I am going to interject some information here, when a site is run by a priest, that disobeys God and is an abomination to the will of God, God turns him over to his tormentors. This is how a church becomes defiled. It's not uncommon for satanists to invade the priest hood and carry out satanic rituals at night in a church. I will cover one such horrific story in a future blog.

In the Sedamsville Rectory case, a priest allowed his will to be compromised by demons and he molested numerous children. God left the rectory from this activity and the demons moved in. The priest wouldn't even have had to have done satanic rituals in this case. However, it is not far fetched at this point that satanic ritual abuse could have occurred in this building with these children. I make this assumption based on the ferocity of the activity. It almost goes hand in hand.

Here is the episode clip discussing the history behind the demonic infestation at the Sedamsville Rectory.

Zak was right. The priest was punished. Jesus says in the book of Matthew if any harm comes to his little children, it is better if that person were never born. The priest isn't haunting the place in limbo like some Dickens fictional ghost. The priest is in hell. Where he was dragged off to by demons when he died. What is haunting the place are demons of pedophilia, perversion, religion and death. Looking for their next person to inhabit. Zak and Nick are interjecting their spiritist beliefs.

Demonic Obsession

A distinct sign of a demonic activity in a house or with a person is their obsession over the activity. The demon draws them into a 7x24 focus of the activity. In some cases it is voices, in some cases it is frightening demonic activity witnessed by one or more people. The intention is to steer you from focusing on Jesus and focus on the activity. The end result is to remove all sense of hope from your situation and that there is no way out. This is the perpetuated lie and it is dangerously effective. Paranormal investigators don't understand this form of demonic activity because it isn't presented anywhere in spiritist beliefs. It is a demonic weapon to foster unbelief.

The Dangers of Paranormal Investigation

Now for one of the treasures of this episode, Zak and Nick openly talk about their fears of returning to Bobby Mackey's bar. The Ghost Adventure team was demonized when they did an investigation there in a prior episode (I believe their first episode of their first season). These guys were severely oppressed and the whole time they held up the lie how fun paranormal investigations are. The devil will viciously attack you mercilessly when you cross tracks with him. A spiritist doesn't have the right weapons of warfare to deal with the demonic. In another video blog that was once on the Travel Channel, it was either Nick or Aaron who mentioned he was separated from his wife because of the demonic manifestations in their house. 

Bob Mackey's bar was the root of this demonic nightmare. It is still a big place for paranormal teams to investigate. Again, the spiritist is sucked into the lie that spirits remain their. Carl Lawson died and a ghost hunter recorded an EVP of Carl. So they thought. It was a demonic spirit speaking as Carl. Demons will lie to you till the very end.

The House Cleansing and Exorcism

I wonder how long it will be now before I start seeing paranormal investigators writing in chalk on front doors. The exorcist in this video used this technique. Probably to write Holy Spirit or King of Kings in Greek or Latin. I don't use this, but I now know I will run in to it on future deliverance cases. Just a note to those copying exorcisms, you are literally cleaning your shotgun, loaded and pointing at your face. An exorcism can be dangerous and it's not the words that are protecting you. In my area of work, it's my experience and faith that keeps the demons at bay. I don't read rites of exorcism, my team works in the prophetic and speak with God on what is happening and what to do. A demon knows where you are at in your faith and we have this little warning in our Book of Acts called the sons of Sceva. Demons will through you a beating.

One thing you will notice right away in this video is that the demon is fleeing. ...into Tim!
When we bless a house with demonic activity we always keep an eye on the people who live in the house. If they are under severe demonic oppression from the house, the demon will manifest in the person they are most familiar with. Spiritist call this spiritual attachment. It's also called being demonized.

As Father Ashcroft continues with the house blessing, the demon is aggressively manifesting in Tim. Some paranormal teams and even some Christian deliverance teams may try casting out the demons from Tim. But as Father Ashcroft has already discerned, this is not the time. In fact it would be dangerous for both Tim and Terrie. Their spiritual life is questionable. Although, they are wearing crosses, it is only as false protection was Father Ashcroft comments on. A Christian wouldn't need the cross to be in the house, it would be the presence of the Holy Spirit in them that would protect them from the demonic presence. When we met TIm and Terrie in the first part of the show, we saw they had different last names. Which could elude to the fact they aren't married but sleeping together. This is a defilement to the sanctity of marriage and literally invites demonic activity.  Father Ashcroft is most likely going to meet with them after the cameras are off. As an exorcist, his job is to get the tormented souls back on the path to Christ.  They apparently don't have a solid spiritual foundation or even a relationship with Jesus. Therefore, on this information alone, casting out the demons now would invite 7 more spirits worse back in their place. It wouldn't help Tim and Terrie.

There is another issue called a soul tie, which is formed when a man and a woman sleep together. It is for this reason, Jesus created marriage between one man and one woman. When the flesh join their is also a union of souls and spirits. When a demonized individual has sex with another person, the other person can pick up these demons as well. Even if they were married, this demonic transference can and does happen. In this case, we always pray deliverance ministry with both the husband and the wife (separately).

As for Father Ashcroft saying there is only one entity. I don't believe that. There is a spirit of pedophilia in the house, and that has a spirit friend of perversion, and being next to a church, there's a religious spirit, a mocking spirit, a spirit of fear, and no doubt a spirit of death.  If you want to call that one entity...

This episode has some great material for edification in the ministry of exorcism. It also shows us the nightmare some paranormal investigators endure from their lack of true spiritual knowledge and authority. As for Tim and Terrie's house, if they receive deliverance ministry, I wouldn't doubt that in several months they are strong enough to take their own house back. It's their spirituality and their path that needs to be set straight. After that, they can take on the spirits in the house.

In closing, this is yet another house with a sensational story where the owners make significant money from ghost hunter events. If the owners truly want to be free of this demonic activity they must shutdown their demonic fun house and not make money from it.

sedamsville rectory

God Bless
Rev. Mike
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