Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Binding Kings ..Defeated by Midgets

When it comes to spiritual warfare and engaging demons the Church tends to be all over the map. From our ministry experience, we have seen time after time where the follower of Jesus is being attacked by a spiritual midget and they don't use their spiritual authority over the situation. Yet, the same individual is called to corporate prayer, they will go straight after a principality and bind them. We have witnessed this with intercessors too, who will bind the demonic kings in their corporate prayers and yet be the first person to run out the door in fear when a spiritual midget manifests in an oppressed person.

For some reason we define our spiritual authority in being able to pick a fight with a demonic king. When we are oppressed we run with our tail between our legs screaming, “Help. I am being spiritually attacked!”

In the chapter on Authority, in my book, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare. I mentioned how the pulpit has dropped the ball in teaching spiritual authority. I have visited or been called to churches where the pastor was binding principalities, and yet when a member of the congregation manifests a spirit, the pastor's first reaction is for the individual to seek psychological counseling. The pastor has allowed his authority to be challenged by a spiritual midget. Authority has been compromised. Many times in our ministry, we find ourselves in a spiritual rescue mission because the leadership of the church didn't walk in their authority. By the grace of God we were allowed to work with these individuals who were on the verge of leaving the church altogether. Because the pastoral leadership didn't offer the assistance they needed nor have the ability to discern the nature of the attacks were truly spiritual.

It doesn't matter how many books you buy and read on spiritual warfare, if you don't walk in your authority, you will be a punching bag to spiritual midgets. I have had people contact me and tell me our chapter on spiritual authority in my book was an eye opener. One gentleman who refused to be pushed around by midgets purchased the books on routing demons and spiritual warfare. These books were all useless until this man learned to stand in his spiritual authority.

When Jesus completed His work on the cross we were handed dominion over everything on this earth. When the rebelling angels were tossed out of heaven they were cast down to earth. Heaven is in a spiritual war. These are God's enemies the war is waged against. We know from scripture, Ephesians 6:12,

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, our battle is against the spiritual demonic midgets that attack the mind, and thoughts, and seek total manipulation and control of  who? You and me! The demonic midgets are here on earth, the principalities -the authorities, are the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Not all spirits here on earth a spiritual midgets, we have demons that liked to be worshipped, like Hinduism, and Buddhism, to name a few. The midget spirit is usually the familiar spirit that wages war on people and tries to gain control of an individual. When the midget gains control the other homies start moving their junk in.

The heavenly realms? Are there demons in heaven? In 2 Corinthians 12:2, Paul mentioned the 3rd heaven. This the realm where God resides. The 3rd heaven is our eternal destiny for those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Now heavenly realms suggests a layering of heaven. Some ancient Hebraic traditions suggest there can be as many as 7 layers in the heavenly realms. Are there 3 layers or are there 7? No one on earth knows.

There is a 2nd heaven and this is the realm where the demonic authorities and rulers reside. This is a realm up above and beyond our dominion here on earth. To re-emphasize, the 2nd heaven is outside the scope of our dominion. There are demons here on earth, we have dominion and spiritual authority over these demons. The rulers in the second heaven we don't have authority over. Second heaven is commonly misunderstood to be our physical outer space. 2nd heaven resides in the spiritual heavens, not ours. When an intercessor goes out and wages war with a regional <ruling> spirit or a principality, they are literally stepping outside the protective covering of Jesus. This is a VERY BAD spot to be in.

Lisa and I spoke at one conference on spiritual warfare, afterwards, a pastor brought his intercessor over to meet us. He asked us to pray for her because she was under severe demonic attack. Lisa and I prayed for the woman and Lisa received a prophetic word that this woman was binding rulers over her city. When you launch an attack you will get a response. If you want a simple understanding of how demons work, look no farther then city gangs. You want to rumble, they'll oblige you with a fight. A really nasty vicious fight!

As the truth was revealed about the root of the spiritual attacks on this intercessor she started to scream out in pain as the demon broke free of her stomach. God healed the woman through prayer, but she put her self in a defenseless position because she stepped outside the protective covering of Jesus and the authority He gave us.

I have an audio box set healing seminar by a popular conference speaker and this person has been on Sid Roth's Supernatural show. In the first minute of the healing seminar this pastor starts telling people to go after the demonic kings. The pastor goes on to state that you carve out your spiritual authority by warring with the kings in the heavenly realms. This is a VERY BAD teaching! Then the individual gives out their anointing to everyone listening to be conquerors of kings. I heard enough and stopped listening to the lesson. That is an irresponsible teaching and the person clearly doesn't understand spiritual warfare. This pastor also interpreted the 2nd heaven as being in our physical outer space. NO! 2nd heaven is a hood in the heavenly realms.

The idea alone to pick a fight with a demonic king just to sharpen your own skills in spiritual warfare is madness. In my battles, I have crossed paths with principalities and spirits assigned to carry judgement. It wasn't because I was picking a fight with them. It was because the Holy Spirit revealed them to me and they were on a short leash by God's will and beckoning. I was shown the power these spiritual creatures have. These are my God's enemies and He engages them. Not me! Our job is to clean up the trash here on earth. Not by going out and picking a fight with them. Which is insanity in itself. But to remove the midgets here on earth as they surface and wage their warfare with God's people. Remember the reason we were given authority is to build the KINGDOM! Not to seek power and sharpen our swords in the 2nd heaven. In focusing on warring against the 2nd heaven rulers you may unknowingly be worshipping them by giving constant attention. Which is an interesting scheme of the enemy. Another clever scheme of the enemy is the deception we can command angels. Angels are God's creation and we don't command them. The Lord of Hosts commands them!

Many times in prayer gatherings, the prayers revolve around bringing down giants. 99% of the time that giant is a demonic midget staring in someone's face and they're doing nothing about it. When a spirit has convinced you you're cursed – that is a demonic midget -or your first giant to defeat. There are weapons God gave us to defeat the midget. There are also some great deliverance ministries churches should use, like Cleansing Streams. There are other cases where the battle is so great, where a spirit manifests, it must be evicted. A spirit can be evicted in one sitting, in several sittings of prayer of liberation, or over a period of time like a year or more. Many Christians are defeated by midgets in deliverance ministry because the demon doesn't leave after the first two sessions of prayers of liberation. We have seen pastors give up after a month of battle and have the person seek counseling. I am speaking about the severe cases where people are truly under demonic attack and not demonic obsession cases.

Your Goliath may actually be a midget. Defeat that spirit first and use wisdom when you pray. You can't remove a ruler from the heavenly realms. But you can pray for change in the hearts of people in your region that will weaken the rulers hold.

Go forth and pray wisely!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Plowing the Fields

We know the kingdom is full of sowers and harvesters, but many seldom consider the work of the plowers. In order for a seed to be planted the field must be plowed. Perhaps plowed many times before the soil is ready for the seed. Plowers bring encounters to people who are not even ready to consider anything spiritually or to those where following Jesus isn't even on their spiritual radar. The plower engages people where they are at in their lives. And seldom is the name Jesus mentioned during these encounters. For the harvesters this method of evangelism seems like complete insanity. How on earth can someone be led to Jesus without evening mentioning the name of Jesus? To some this may sound like a bit of heresy. Evangelism without using the name of Jesus ? Keep in mind just because the name of Jesus isn't mentioned in an encounter means the encounter is void of Jesus. To the contrary, field plowers must be able to feel the presence of Jesus and work with Him and the Father's will during an encounter. Plowers are mature followers who understand the Father in heaven is big enough to handle His own encounter with an individual.

Let me give you an example of one such case from the journals of Night Strike. This is a fresh story so it's fitting to use it here for this example. At Night Strike we minister to the homeless, the drug addicts and the prostitutes. We're in San Francisco so we minister to the transvestite prostitutes on the streets. My old street ministry route with Night Strike, before Bob Johnson handed the reigns of the ministry over to me, was with the transvestite prostitutes. When I assumed the leadership position, I had to fall back and do other roles, which left my route unattended.

In the years prior when I regularly worked my route, I would take pink roses and hand them out to the ladies we encountered on the streets. At first the ladies we encountered didn't want the time of day with me nor speak to me. So I just handed them a rose and gave them a prophetic encouraging word. I would get a smile or a scowl and that was it. One woman got on my spiritual radar that I was to travail for. In travailing it's a long stretch battle with outcome completely in God's hands. This was about 2 years prior to this incident. Every Friday encounter was the same, I would encounter this transvestite prostitute we'll call Kate. Kate would receive a rose and not say much to me. Went like this for over a year. I did manage to get out of Kate the fact that she would meditate and was Buddist. Aside from her name that's all the information I knew about her. In my heart I knew the Father had a deeper plan for Kate.

As my new duties increased with running Night Strike I was deeply burdened with the fact my old route was being neglected and all that plowing was going to waste. Finally, I decided to move one team of some incredibly dedicated people, consisting of two young women, Ellen and Jenn,and one young man, named Matt, over to this route. I purchased the roses, which felt good, the route would be revitalized and back in operation.

On Friday evening as I took the team to the location for ministry I coached them on just working with the prostitutes where they're at and just let things happen. I hadn't been back here in a while so it logical to assume we were starting at square one all over again.

When we reached our ministry destination I saw one prostitute standing in the dark shadows of a building. I sent Jenn and Ellen ahead with the roses to engage in conversation. Realistically, I gave them 15 seconds from start to finish and we would head on to find more prostitutes.

I stood guard watching the ladies from my team for over 30 seconds, as they spoke to this prostitute. Then it was a minute, and a minute became minutes. Soon it was about 10 minutes this conversation went on for. I decided to walk over and see what miraculous thing was going on with the two ladies from the team.

As I stepped in the conversation, with Ellen and Jenn, I immediately noticed it was Kate. I didn't recognize her at first she had changed her hair color. Kate was sharing with the ladies for the past 10 minutes that she was a now follower of Jesus and that she was going to school to get off the streets. Kate recognized me and told the girls on our team how much we were needed back out on the streets and that we were missed.

I needed someone to pinch me. It was not the response I had expected at all. Kate even looked me in the eyes when she spoke to me. She always avoided eye contact. I heard more words spoken from Kate on this evening then I ever had over the past couple of years combined!

As Kate was speaking to us, I handed out more roses to other prostitutes that walked by. We were being received by the other prostitutes. All the plowing had made the land fertile. All the plowing by my predecessors, Chanel, Elyssa, and Leah. They handed the route over to me when they moved out of the state. Now as I hand the route over to Ellen, Jenn, and Matt, I am excited to see the fruits of the labor of the plowers who tilled these streets. Something was happening and we were welcomed back.

It took plowers to come in and love these people before the sowers and harvesters were able to come in and lead these ladies to Jesus. The Father has no agenda but love for His kids. You want to win anyone over to Jesus? Just love them where they're at. And leave your obnoxious sin spouting bullhorn at home.