Tuesday, April 23, 2013

San Francisco Bay School of Power and Love June 19-22

One of our passions at M16 Ministries is equipping the saints and getting them out of the church. Outside the church is where kingdom building begins. M16 Ministries is sponsoring the San Francisco Bay School of Power and Love for June 19-22.

Come learn your about the skills and gifts God placed inside each and every one of you. Learn how to step outside yourself and minister to others.

School of Power and Love is an incredible 4-day hands on school that is invaluable in equipping you. This is a 4 day session  that takes place both inside the walls of the church and outside. Online registration is $60 per person when registering before May 22. It is $100 per person after the May 22 registration deadline.

Featured teachers are Bob Hazlett, Todd White, Tom Ruotolo, and Jeremiah Grube.

Date: June 19-22, 2013

The hosting church is
Valley Christian Center
7500 Inspiration Drive
Dublin, Ca 94568

Online Registration:
Full School (all 4 days) Early Bird Registration: Until May 22, 2013 — $60.00
Full School (all 4 days) Regular Rate Registration: May 23 to June 14, 2013 — $80.00
Full School (all 4 days) At the Door Registration: $100.00
Per Session Rate: For those who can only attend part of the school, the rate will be:
$25 per morning session
$25 per afternoon session
$50 per day

There is no advanced registration for individual sessions. These will be available at the door only, space permitting.

Student Discount: Full time students can register at $15.00 off each full school rate above or $5.00 off the per session rate. You will need to show your Student ID when you arrive or you will be charged $15 at the door.

Evening Sessions: No charge and open to the Public. An offering will be taken.

Financial Assistance: If you honestly cannot afford this school and would like to attend, please click here to apply for financial assistance.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Service at the Oil Church in San Francisco

My home away from home church is the Free Evangelic Church. It was one of those liberating Sundays for me to sneak out and go to the Oil Church, as it is informally known as, in San Francisco. Located in the Mission District neighborhood in the city, the church has an indiscriminate front which is easily missed when looking for the building. Today, I got to slip out with the Scooby gang, my sons Matt, and Joshua, and with us were Andrea and Devon and Luke. The Oil Church earned it's name by the manifestation of oil that occurs during church service. For the past 60 years or so, the Free Evangelical Church of San Francisco, gets regular visitations, by 650 angels during the gospel service.

Many long time attendees of the Free Evangelic have Bibles that looked like they were left out in the rain. Which they weren't, of course. The Bibles are saturated with Holy Oil that manifests when the angels enter the church service. Shown below, is my personal Bible, which was anointed, during a visit back in May of 2011.

One particular visit, last year, during worship, oil started manifesting on the preaching podium. The Holy Spirit manifested with the angels and left physical evidence with the anointing oil. Most typical visits, oil will manifest in the window sills and on the baptistry.

In the picture above, you can see a closeup photograph of the oil manifesting on the baptistry.The shiny wet splotches in the picture show the oil manifestation taken place. The past several times I have been at the church you can feel the manifestation taking place. It feels like the atmosphere of a Thunderstorm, if that makes any sense in describing it. If you aren't sensitive to spirits you probably won't notice it at first. No matter what, it's cool to see God's glory and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. It's a very small congregation and the church is financially struggling. But the manifestations have been taking place since the 1960s. I love this church, it's so simple. There is nothing complicated in the worship or the sermon, it is simple and refreshing in it's simplicity. It's not a performance. And God is moved by the people there. 

Below is a picture of Reverend Gianakos preaching with Brother Terry.

Brother Terry was reading from Acts 1:4-11 while the Reverend preached. It was a good word and there was prayer for healing afterward. Reverend laid his hands on my torn rotor cuff on my shoulder and prayed for healing. That was cool to have him pray for me. I really respect this preacher and his anointing. 

And of course, there is the end worship with every service. "Count your blessings one-by-one". It gets loose with brother Ted on the drums and brother Harry on the tambourines. If you ever want to experience God and see how uncomplicated God can be - visit the Free Evangelic Church. And while you're there, bless their socks off in the offering. 

Devon, after the service decided this may be her new church home in the city. It was simple and carried an incredible power and anointing with it.

After church service, we returned to our cars only to find out that SFPD had ticketed the cars. They have never -EVER done this before. This Sunday, April 14, they targeted several churches, who have to double park in the streets for church parking, and ticketed the congregation for $110 per ticket. Gotta love the city. So there was some local police activity between the Reverend, who defended his permit and congregation parking to a poor police officer who truly regretted the wrath he brought on. As long as I had been going to the Free Evangelic Church, the norm was to double park and to move the orange cone to behind your vehicle to alert traffic there are parked cars in the street. It's a shame the city chose to do this on Sunday to various churches. 

Well, the Free Evangelic Church, as I said is my home church away from home. When I need the fortress of solitude I go to the Free Evangelic Church. It's a blessing and I am thankful for Rev. Gianakos and his ministry.


Rev. Mike

Closing note:
04/21/15 - Sadly the Free Evangelic church has closed it does and sold the property.
If you have any cool testimonies about this church please post them here. This was a phenomenal church, it's sad to see the doors closed. 

Here is another blog posting I found on the angelic visitations that occurred at this church.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Night Strike Friday April 12 2013

The Night Strike crew had a great night on the streets in San Francisco. This is the recap from Friday April 12, 2013. We had the team from Santa Cruz School of the Supernatural with us on the streets. The SCSM is training leaders to take routes on the streets on Night Strikes. We had our team leaders on hand, Lisa, Diana, Sonja, Teresea, Bruce, Dennis (Jr.), Bobby, and Hollywood (Joseph). Along with them we had Dorothea, Charde, Mary and Tess.

We had several teams on the streets in the Tenderloin of San Francisco. Nearly everyone came back at the end of the evening with a testimony of a really great encounter on the streets. I am going to reflect on some of the highlights I had while I was on the streets on Diana's team, we had Ken and Kim from SCSM, Charde (who was out on her first Night Strike), Booby, and Hollywood.

Our team made it's way to Polk St, we followed no particular path and just went out as the Spirit led us. One of the alleys we walked down, we met TJ. TJ was in a wheel chair and was slumped over like he was sleeping. I walked over and talked to TJ and gave him a sandwich, I think it was Kim, who walked over with me, handed TJ some socks. TJ was very grateful. I then asked TJ if we could pray for him. Tj replied assertively, "You better pray for me I am very sick." The entire team gathered around TJ and prayed for healing. We prayed for his lungs to clear out and for the pain in his ribs to cease.

After we left TJ in the alley we turned up Larkin and found our long time Night Strike friend, Kenny. Kenny we have known for years. A Night Strike leader predecessor before me, Elyssa, became good friends with Kenny. Whenever I see Kenny I give him the Elyssa update and how she's doing. He was blown away to hear that Elyssa was in Cambodia with Mark and Bob. We stopped and chatted with Kenny for a while and then moved on.

We were led by the Spirit down another alley. We met Logan and Tammy who were sleeping in the alley for the night. Logan was apprehensive right away and re-assured us he wasn't Tammy's boy friend, he was just a friend, and that both he and Tammy lost their apartments and were on the streets.
While our new friends spoke with us, The Holy Spirit gave me a download that Tammy was a painter and that a lot of her paintings were child-like. I gave Tammy the picture I was getting about her and she was taken back for a moment. Logan asked me how I knew that about Tammy. I shared with them that God was giving me a picture about Tammy. They were both blown away and Tammy admitted she loved painting flowers but she felt she wasn't very good. I affirmed her that her paintings were meant to reflect innocence. Tammy started crying that her creator gave her that picture and that He spoke to her that she existed. After this encounter, Charde gave Tammy and Logan an incredible prayer and blessing. Both them were extremely touched and it was a powerful encounter from heaven.

Later in the evening our team was led in the spirit to the shelter on Polk St. Several people were outside and the team dispersed to minister to people standing in front of the shelter. Ken, Kim and Diana, ministered to a woman. I could see the woman was really moved by her encounter and tears were running down the sides of her face. It was a Jesus moment going on over there.  So the rest the team moved on to another section of the shelter.

Bobby, Charde and I engaged in conversation with Cherie. She had just entered the shelter and started rehab. Cherie explained to us how she just cried for 3 hours today. For no reason at all. She didn't understand what was going on. I asked Cherie about her spirituality. She said she loves Jesus. Then I explained to her the reason I asked is because I had an answer for why she was crying. It was the Holy Spirit. I explained to her how the Holy Spirit had a hold of her, and as she goes through rehab she needs to listen to the Holy Spirit, he is going to help you through this process of getting clean. And it's going to be a process. The crying is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit who wants you to know he is real while you go through this healing process. God has a plan for your life and you are going to see it full filled.

Cherie's eyes started tearing up again. She then shared with us a story of how she was a Jane Doe in a local bay area hospital after being hit by a car. Literally, she was Jane Doe, and her story was on the news. No one knew who she was. She shared with us another story after that about how God again spared her life. So the message we shared with her tonight resonated that she needed to listen to the Holy Spirit and work on cleaning herself up.

I know all the team members had incredible testimonies from Friday. This is just one individual's perspective. Thanks again to everyone who helps out on Night Strike. We get a lot of logistics support in going out on the streets. From the middle school kids who make the sandwiches for us, to the warriors who show and brave whatever weather a San Francisco night can throw at us.


Rev. Mike