Friday, May 6, 2016

Supernatural Ministry and Inner Healing

Supernatural Ministry and Inner Healing in SF

Many times in the church we ask God to take us out of our comfort zone.  If you want to step into supernatural ministry this is a must. A lot of times people don't comprehend what stepping out of your comfort zone means. People used to ask me to pray over them so they would have the impartation to go out on the streets to minister to the homeless. I noticed these people I prayed over never showed up to minster in the streets. What they needed was a Friday night couch impartation. So I quit praying over the people who asked me to be released into the streets. It was a waste of my time. I did notice that the people who showed up to minister on the streets were blessed immensely by their sacrifice. God would show them the supernatural. These were super special people operating in the supernatural who were just dependable and consistent. There is a nickels worth of free theology there.

I stopped Night Strike ministry back in August of 2015, not because I was burnt out, but because I was instructed to by the Holy Spirit. It was a difficult decision that I heard loud and clear from the Holy Spirit. I followed through in obedience. My nearly a decade of experience on the streets with the homeless gave me revelation on the true condition of the people on the streets. In a series of Holy Spirit dreams God instructed me on the next phase of ministry in San Francisco, healing severe inner trauma and fractured souls. This was the next spiritual and logical step in advancing the ministry on the streets. 

Many people new to homeless ministry always ask me for information on where to send these people to church or where to send them to rehab. These are valid questions but they are from the perspective of the corporate church goer. It is good that they want to be a part of the solution. But they bring a solution without truly grasping what the problem is. Here's the answer what's the question? A common mistake.  You need to be out on the streets and participate with other ministry teams to get a grasp of what needs to be done to assist in this urban missions.

God worked on me as well and stretched me significantly from the moment I stepped out onto the streets. Who'd da thought that Mike back in 2007 was being raised up as an exorcist, and a counselor for an inner healing, as a pastoral care for the soul minister. I didn't see the pastoral thing coming. But I was stretched well beyond my comfort zone. Let me reprhase that, well, Well, WELL BEYOND my comfort zone. In doing so the Holy Spirit gave me revelation on what is going on with the majority of the homeless on the streets of San Francisco. Ever notice how the homeless  are argumentative and seem to argue with themselves? This is in some cases mental illness and in some cases dissociative identity disorder (DID) and PTSD. Mental illness, DID, and PTSD are not one in the same thing.  Mental illness is a disorder of the physical flesh. DID and PTSD are fracturing of the soul.

The Holy Spirit instructed me through dreams to shutdown Night Strike and go address the real problem with most of the homeless – long term inner healing from severe childhood trauma.

Night Strike didn't disappear and ministries doing this need to stay on the front lines of battle. I was instructed to move my resources to spearhead a new battle front. Talk about being taken out of your comfort zone! Obedience to God is everything even if it means financial collapse in your ministry funding. Yes. Our donations are down 90% now that Night Strike is shutdown. Although, Night Strike was only a small fraction of our ministry. We were unable to fund our outreaches to the New Age this year. Where were seeing people encounter Jesus and accept Him as Lord and Savior through process evangelism.

But the front lines I am now at I am not worried. It can be spiritually exhilarating and constant supplication in prayer for finances.  But what is being built now through M16 Ministries and In the Potter’s Hands counseling is worth the intense warfare and sacrifices! What price can you place on a soul? We have one individual we are working with who now has been drug free from meth for over 4 weeks. He has been receiving prayer ministry for inner healing from  his life long battle of severe trauma from childhood abuse. A child part that wanted to remain numb for his horrific pain started receiving healing from Jesus.

It's slow but we’re seeing the fruits of the labor. Why is it so slow? Many Christians think that severe trauma can be healed in one prayer session or a couple of sozos. Ministering to a person with dissociation is a completely different form of prayer ministry.  Jesus woes each individual fractured part of the soul and walks them out of their trauma. Long term ministry and Jesus does the inner healing at his pace.

The other difficulty is that this ministry is not for everyone. I am speaking about the ministers. A minister must know how to pray and defend themselves from attacks of the occult. This goes above and beyond the skill sets of about 90% of the deliverance minsters out there. In this ministry some severe trauma has come about by ritual abuse as well.

This ministry is also a long term commitment in the magnitude of years. I had already been working with SRA, cult, and Freemason abuse survivors for several years before God reassigned me. So I knew when I received instructions to do this it was a long term commitment. Very very very few people can commit to this. The church body is fickle especially when it comes to commitment. There are only a few at the moment I trust to bring into this. A lot labor going into this but people in churches who are SRA or trauma survivors  are starting to get connected. I am very protective about who we minister to as well.

This is the same work we’re praying to bring to Cambodia (see Hope for Trauma Healing in Cambodia and   Accomplishments: Hope for Trauma Healing in Cambodia Mission Trip 2015) and work with rescued survivors from trafficking. When I was over in Cambodia last November, there wasn't any form of restoration or inner healing ministries over there. I held an equipping seminar on inner healing that was widely received.  I plan to get out there once a quarter to work with orphanages and eqiup NGOs.

Just wanted to give a shout out that M16 Ministries is still on the streets. And we're still at the forefront of the battles. Sometimes where the corporate church body goes is not the same place the Holy Spirit will send you. Always be obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

At this time I could really use prayer and financial partnering. The prayer is the most important because through that true break through comes. And we're really deep in the warfare at the moment.

Please also pray for full healing with the people we are ministering with. We are seeing the fruits of our labor as healing comes. Each session is another miracle as God heals the brokenhearted. 

It's been a fun journey and I have made some incredible new friends along the way. I can't really say I am street minister anymore. Rather I am a mass transit minister. I leave the car behind and ride the rails with BART and trolley cars. Thanks to a close friend of mine from Night Strike I am also learning the bus routes. So I guess you could say we're also a green ministry. :)


Rev Mike

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