Friday, November 25, 2011

Vietnamese Pastor Shares His Dead Raising Testimony

The following is a transcript of a testimony I captured on video. The testimony is from a Vietnamese pastor and he shares with us how a woman was raised from the dead for God's glory. The sentences in this testimony are not grammatically correct. I tried to preserve the translation from the pastor to the interpreter the best I could to maintain the authenticity of this incredible testimony.

I can't post the video on the web since Christian's are being persecuted in Vietnam. Therefore, the next best  route is to type up the transcript here on the M16 blog. The testimony was given at a pastor's conference, which I video recorded while I was there.

Here is the testimony, as translated by our interpreter.

This miracle happened not because of his  power, but because of God's power. This time around his local church a lot of people received Jesus because this miracle happened.

The pastor was asked to come preach at a funeral for a Christian man's aunt who had just passed away. The man's family weren't Christians.

And when the pastor got there he saw a lot of people at the funeral. When he went in there he saw the dead woman. He prayed and touched her hand.  He felt a little spark of life inside of her.

He didn't doubt she would come back to life. When he prayed for her to come back to life there were a lot of unbelievers around. The pastor kicked them all out.

He prayed and asked God to make unbelievers see this miracle. Then he stood there and prayed for the dead woman. As he prayed for the dead woman he asked the family that if the woman comes back to life if they would accept Jesus.

The family started removing funeral marks on their foreheads. They told the pastor if the woman comes back to life they would accept Jesus. The pastor told the family he couldn't bring the woman back to life but Jesus can do that. He told the family that our Bible says Jesus called the dead back to life.

The pastor prayed and cried out to God. He cried to the Lord so that when the woman comes back to life the people at the funeral will see and become Christians.

The pastor tried to hug the dead woman pray. But she was too cold and stiff. He asked the family to stay away a little while longer.

The pastor prayed to God to open up the woman's ears so she could hear. The voice of her family was no crying out calling her back to life. Miraculously her ears opened and she could hear her family calling her. 

She appeared to have made a sound with her mouth to respond to her family.

Her mouth and eyes were still shut from the stiffness of death. But she was starting to make noises.

The pastor tried to use a spoon to pry open the woman's mouth but it was stuck shut.

The pastor prayed to God for her mouth to soften and he could use the spoon to open it. As he prayed for the mouth, it automatically opened. Her eyes started to open too. Only she couldn't see anything yet.

Sometime later she was able to sit up and drink water and now her eyes could see too. She could see her parents and her family.

After the miracle people from all around gathered with their families to share what they had witnessed. The pastor says that Sunday there were a lot of people at his church.

That is the story of how the dead woman came back to life.

Hope you found this testimony to be inspiring. 

God Bless


Monday, November 21, 2011

Cambodian Buddhist Testimony to Becoming a Christian

 I met a pastor, named Tom, here in Cambodia who had an incredible testimony about becoming Christian. The testimony begins around 1975, when Cambodia is still fighting the Khmer Rouge (Red Communist Cambodians). Pastor Tom's family were all practicing Buddhists. Pastor Tom's brother-in-law, Jim, was a school teacher in Phnom Phenh.

Jim was teaching class,writing on his chalkboard, one morning and he felt someone standing beside him. It was an eerie feeling. Jim turned from what he was writing on the board to see what it was. He turned and froze and then let out a scream. There was a manifestation of an evil spirit standing next to him. The spirit lunged towards him like it was going to grab him and then it vanished. Jim was terrified and all the children in his class were laughing at him. They didn't see the evil spirit.

The very next day Jim was in his class and the evil spirit returned. It frightened the whits out of him. And again the children couldnt see what was terrifying Jim. This occurred for several consecutive days and Jim was very frightened to go to the school to tach.

Jim's family were Buddhists so he went to the temple monks for help. Jim said about twenty monks tried to break the curse over him. They tried using a Buddhist curse breaking technique of tying a rope around his waist. Then they sent him home.

The next day Jim went to school to teach. The spirit appeared and terrified Jim agin. A girl in his class yelled at Jim and said what are you afraid of we can't see anything. The spirit tormenting Jim went into the girl at that moment. The girl started acting like an animal and ran across the desktops growling. Some of the boy classmates chased her and tried to catch her. When the boys caught her, Jim said she had supernatural strength. The boys couldn't hold her down she was too strong.

After school, that afternoon, Jim went to his Aunt's house and told her he was troubled. He was too afraid to go back to school and teach. In these days in Cambodia, if you weren't a teacher or a doctor, you were an infantry man on the frontlines fighting against the Khmer Rouge. Jim said he would rather die in the army than go back to school and face the evil spirit. He was that terrified by this spirit.

Jim's aunt said she had a friend who kept talking to her about Jesus. But she never listened because she was Buddhist. But one thing her aunt did remember about the conversations of Jesus -was that He was very powerful. Both Jim and his aunt figured it was worth a try. Otherwise, if he quits his teaching job he would have to join the infantry.

Jim's aunt called her Christian friend over and explained to her about the spirit tormentng Jim. The woman came right over and prayed with Jim. She explained to them the power Jesus had over all the spirits. Buddha and his false gods don't have the power Jesus has. Jim apathetically received his prayer hoping this would fix his predicament.

The next day, Jim with Christian woman's blessing, returned to his class. The spirit did not appear. In fact nothing at all happened. Nothing happened ever again. Jim realized this Jesus was very powerful. Even the evil spirits didn't want to mess this Jesus.

Jim was excited and after school ran home to his aunt and explained to her the power of Jesus worked. The aunt called over her friend and within the week the entire family became Christians. Jim is now a pastor in Cambodia.

Just another cool testimony I got to listen to while I was here in Cambodia. The powers of darkness are everywhere here and they are tied to the Buddhist temples. All these powers bow on their knees to the name of Jesus.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vietnam Ministry in Rehab

Time is flying here on our trip to Vietnam. I am out here with a team of people. A few days back we ministered in a rehab facility. The rehab facility has about 40 young men and about 15 young women. Our team ministered and prayed for the young people in the facility.

I had to work with an interpreter because I don't speak the Vietnamese language. Speaking to a group of people through an interpreter is not an easy task. When I finished my teaching I had a prayer call for the people in attendance to come up for prayer.

The people raced to line up in the prayer lines. The first person in my line was a young woman with a sprained wrist. She held up her arm to me so I could see the wrist bone was out of alignment. I started praying and the interpreter started interpreting over the microphone what I was praying. I told my interpreter, Sally, to put down the microphone and we'll pray together for this woman with the injured wrist. We started praying together and the young woman said she felt a spark inside her bone in the wrist. I asked Sally to inquire whether that was good or bad. Sally asked the young woman and got the response, the shock was a good thing.

Sally and I continued praying together and wrist started slowly going back into place. As the wrist was going back into place, I glanced over and saw a young man manifesting a demon. I had a friend of mine, Rachel, who is from the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, take over and finish praying as the wrist set. The wrist was fully re-aligned by prayer.

Sally and I walked over to the young man who was now wriggling on the ground and staring up at us in a trance. I placed my Bible on his chest and bound the spirit. I worked with Sally to help equip her in casting out spirits. The boy was murmuring a strange name. I asked Sally what the name was. He said it was his dead mother. He keeps seeing her spirit and going into this trance. Sally mentioned the boy was fine a few weeks ago and then ran away to his home. His home is Buddist and has an alter setup to his dead mother. Sally mentioned something about 4 columns or pillars. Anyhow, the young man was possessed from the incident when he went home to the mother's alter.

I worked with Sally and another gentlemen who was present in casting out the spirit. I told them that since the boy was in a trance we'll have to work in the prophetic and see what is going on. AS I instructed Sally to do this she told me she could now see the spirit that was tormenting the boy. The Holy Spirit was letting Sally see into the spirit realm and it freaked her out at first.

I asked her if she asked the Holy Spirit for help on this and the vision started -she said yes. I told her not to worry -the Holy Spirit was revealing to her what was happening to the boy. With Sally translating we had the boy renounce any involvement with the mother's alter at home. And then the boy came out of the trance.

The team had a few interesting healings outside of the ones I mentioned here. At lunch time after the deliverance of the young man, Sally asked for me to pray for healing of her asthma. I was healed from it a few years back.

I think it was Ngia on our team who placed her hand on Sally's chest so I could lay hands on Ngia's hands and pray. AS we prayed together I felt a pressure in my chest. I asked Sally if she felt the pressure and she said, "yes".

But Sally said it was a good pressure like the asthma was coming out of her lungs. We prayed some more and Sally said she could breath normally.

There is so much to share about this trip I need to make the time to document. I am already behind with this blog. But I am learning a lot about casting out eastern religion demons. The face to face with local tribal pastors has been priceless in information exchange.