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Night Strike Supernatural Ministry Friday March 14 2014

Night Strike recap Friday March 14, 2014

What a Difference Worship Makes!

It's great to have a worship team back out with us on Night Strike. We see lot's of miracles and life impacting touches from the heavenly Father when we're out on the streets. But when you add a worship team to the mix and keep an open heaven - we see so much more going on in the street ministry. David and Josette Brown actually started leading worship two weeks ago on a wet rainy Night Strike. Last night it was a gorgeous night in the city. The worship music was well received. We had homeless and people just walking by, stop and sit at the pedestal of the statue and and enjoy the worship music.
For those of you old Night Strikers, you know the leadership position changes when you have a worship team and you now need to stay back at the plaza to be the bouncer for them. It's San Francisco anything can happen.

We had all sorts of people come by us and some even stayed. Some people tipped the worship team - Jesus was reimbursing the bridge toll. :)  And we had a few people with spirits in them come by. I call it their Holy Spirit tracking beacon, those with spirits will come by to get soothed by the music. We had a few of those, and I had to minister and bounce simultaneously. Which means I ran interference and sill made sure they were touched by their heavenly Father.

Spiritual promotion! Being pulled off the team leader duty allowed other team leaders to step up in their ministry. While I was at the plaza it put me in a new position where I could be an intercessor and work in unity with the worship team.

I received a txt from Mary, one of our team leaders, that they were dealing with a spirit with one of the people they encountered in a homeless camp in front of the SF Civic Center. I responded to the txt with some training pointers and let them pray with live ammo. In the plaza the worship team kept an open heaven and did our intercession for the team working with the spirit over near the Civic Center.

It was awesome to have the worship team out. When I got the txt from Mary I knew we had a shift in the heavenly realm and God was training his disciples on the streets. Which is how I learned. BTW. If you e-mail me for training on deliverance I will reply ....come out to Night Strike. Night Strike is God's night time special forces in the city, it's God's training hospital, it's God's training for prophets, and it's God's training for supernatural ministry. You can read lot's of books and take lot's of classes --but supernatural ministry is caught and not taught. You need to go out and lay hands on some one! But ask for their permission first!!

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