Thursday, December 31, 2009

Farewell to 2009

Well, it's hard to believe, but this is the last day of 2009!
And what a year it has been! All the Glory goes to God for these incredible spiritual warfare battles that were fought and won. M16 Ministries has witnessed amazing physical healings, inner healings, and deliverance from demonic oppression and possession.

It's been amazing, the amount of miracles God let our ministry witness and pray for. The M16 Ministry intercessor team has proved themselves time and time again in spiritual warfare. The team went to battle this summer a prayed for the deliverance of a young man whose will was completely compromised by the enemy. Now he is set free. People with spiritual attacks at night, who experienced them for years are now sleeping. Spirits of fear walking peoples homes have been evicted. And the people in the homes have been trained to fight. Houses with demonic activity were given peace by the authority of Jesus Christ.

We thank God for all the protection he has given us through this year.

Our best complement for 2009 came from an evil spirit, "why did you have to tell him about us?!"

Every battle M16 engaged in was against insurmountable odds. Which we like - because then only God can resolve the problem. That's called a miracle!

We have heard incredible testimonies from the people we have trained in our classes. They are now out in the field delivering the captives.

The year 2009 is also the year we put together our first book, The Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare, 300 pages. It is currently in the hands of a publisher. We will release more information soon on this exciting project.

We thank Jesus for the incredible healings we witnessed in 2009. All the Glory goes to the God almighty.

We are very excited for what God has in store for our ministry in 2010.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Outreach at a Mission St. Hotel December 23, 2009

On Thursday December 23, 2009, I tagged along with Bill Boehner to be part of a Christmas outreach in San Francisco. We were participating in a “residence” hotel outreach, in San Francisco on Mission St. Which right in the middle of the neighborhood we minister at on the streets in our Night Strike ministry. I never really heard of “residence” hotel ministry before but it was the neighborhood we minister in so I figured it would be good to go on this and see what it was all about. Residence hotels are literally cramped one room apartments, barely big enough for a twin bed and nothing more. It's basically the size of prison cell, with only a sink and a community toilet in the hall.

Sister Terry Lawrence has operated this ministry, on her own for the past 4 years. She has focused on one particular hotel on Mission St. in San Francisco. Bill and I rendezvoused with Terry at her house to pick up all the food and presents she prepared for the Christmas party. Terry's residence is small and humble, her kitchen consists of a stove with an oven on the bottom. In this kitchen, with no counter space, Terry managed to cook at least 8 Coscto lasagnas, a bunch of cup cakes, and lot's of other things for the residences at this hotel we were going to. Bill and I packed Terry's little Honda with every inch of space including the front passenger seat. Then we packed Bill's car full until there was barely room for ourselves in the car. We packed the cars and went back inside Terry's house and then we prayed. AS we completed praying, Terry asked out what our spiritual gifts are in ministry. Bill and I kind of looked at each other wondering how to answer the question. Bill answered, just like I would answer, whatever gifts the Holy Spirit wants us to operate in at the time is how he would minister. That was pretty much my answer, but I couldn't copy Bill so I answered Terry with, “I'm here to serve, if I am serving lasagna all day, that's what I am here to do. If I need to give a prophetic word to someone that's what I'll do. I need to pray deliverance with someone that's what I'll do.”

We saw Terry's eyes light up when we mentioned the deliverance part. Terry told us there was a woman in the hotel who manifests frequently when Terry visits and she would like for me to pray with this woman. So we figured ok and off to our cars we went. We drove across the Bay Bridge and into the city. Both Bill and I expected setting up this party in a lobby or a room of the hotel. And we figured we would work the room and talk and pray with people. Well, that was our preconceived notion of how the day of ministry would unfold.

When we arrived in the city and parked,around 2:30 PM, we had to unload all of our goods and carry them to the hotel. Two of the men of the hotel, Darren and Charles, met us at the parking lot and helped us lug everything. We made about 3-4 trips, with arms full of bags and walked about a block between the parking lot and the hotel.

We entered the hotel from the street, it had the typical hotel facade out front. Inside the hotel was the typical desk clerk, behind a window, like you see in the movies. The gate to enter the hotel was rod iron, with sharp spikes protruding from the top so you couldn't climb over the gate. These were functional spikes and not decorative.

As we were loading the small elevator with our goods, some people descended the stairs, already the spider sense was tingling with one of the guests staying there. I think he picked up on Christians in the foyer and turned around and went back up stairs.

Terry and Darren took the party goods up to Darren's room. There was no room for us to setup in. Darren had a room the size of a small bedroom. His bed in the middle and some area to walk around on each side in. This was where we were going to setup the food line and serve plates to people from his room. Meanwhile Bill, Charles and I finished unloading the two cars and hauling the party items up to Darren's room.

Once upstairs we received instruction on where Bill and I should minister. It was cramped confines both in the hall and the bedroom. Word was already out that “Mama” Terry, as the residences call her, was there and setting up a Christmas party. People immediately started forming a line in the hall to receive the plates of food. One particular character came to our attention right away was a woman named Miranda. She was certifiably insane. No different from other people we run into on the streets with Night Strike so Bill and I weren't too phased by her presence in the hall.

As people lined up we noticed everyone was engaged in a verbal dispute with Miranda. Foul words were coming out of everyone's mouth and 100% of it was instigated by Miranda. People would step out of line and verbally confront her. It's one thing to deal with the demonized in U.N. Plaza in open space, but it's completely different when you're in small confines with them. Miranda's husband stepped out and became confrontational with everyone yelling at his wife. The demons were efficient at torment on this floor. Miranda would instigate and then the tenants would all jump in. Miranda was on the floor crying while her husband got all riled up. Bill and I slipped past her husband and went over to pray for Miranda. We knelt down and Miranda allowed us to pray with her. AS Bill and I prayed it didn't take too long to realize the woman was possessed. Miranda kept channel changing on us, in other words, the different spirits would talk. I could identify them by what was coming out of Miranda's mouth. Her religious spirit would sing Christmas songs loudly and drive everyone insane and start the yelling up all over again. Bill and I prayed peace over Miranda and to bind up the noisey voices onboard. Miranda required lots and lots of deliverance prayer. One really interesting trait of Miranda was how the demons used supernatural hearing to keep tabs on everything Bill and I were saying. I would say something to Bill, and off in the distance, out of ear shot, Miranda would repeat it.

Miranda calmed down a bit so Bill and I were able to minister some more to others in line and talk with them. We met a woman, Rhonda, who was at whits end with being neighbors to Miranda. We took Rhonda over to a place down the hall away from the party and prayed over her. Bill prayed for peace over her as she just broke down and wept. Rhonda told us Miranda was possessed and that she never stops. She goes around the clock walking the halls and tormenting. There is no peace with Miranda around. The residents already knew Miranda was possessed. In some of the verbal exchanges they would refer to her as “devil bitch” or “demon bitch”. The demons would draw the tenants into altercations to maintain a constant torment environment in that area of the hotel.

After we finished up praying with Rhonda we walked back over to the hall where the party was. Another woman with a religious spirit got Miranda all fired up again and they started singing butchered Christmas songs at the top of their lungs. Bill and I finally got the one woman to move along. But now the yelling started up again in the hall for Miranda to shut up. Miranda would breakdown and start crying.

This time Terry walked down the hall to pray with Miranda. Bill and I walked over to pray with Terry. As Sister Terry prayed I asked the Holy Spirit for revelation on what was going on. I received the word of knowledge that Miranda's father hurt her as a little girl. I confronted Miranda with what the Holy Spirit told me and for a moment the demons went silent as the truth was exposed. For the first time we saw Miranda as she broke down and cried and she told us that her father beat her and did horrible things to her. That was the root of the torment. Miranda didn't want to forgive. Then God told me Miranda was “pining” away and that she wasn't sick from AIDS. I told Miranda what the Holy Spirit revealed to me that she had anorexia and that she needed to take steps in forgiveness to fight the disorder. Miranda wiped her eyes and told Bill and I that she went to see doctors about her anorexia and they couldn't figure out why she couldn't keep food in her stomach. I asked Miranda if I could put my hand over her stomach and pray. As I did so I could feel the spirit in her stomach move away from my hand. We still momentarily had “Miranda” with us during the prayer time. I prayed to bind the demon and told it to leave her and release her stomach. At that moment Miranda litely coughed. I believe the bigger demons kicked a little demon out to make it look like the anorexia left her body. However, I have prayed over the spirit of anorexia before and that is not how it leaves. Then Miranda started faking she was breathing out demons. The manifestations were starting again. Bill and I prayed with Miranda some more and Bill gave Miranda instructions to pray over her meals and then eat. We got her to commit to these instructions. Her composure changed, but the demons were getting restless and started another fight in our midsts just as we were making some progress. Her neighbors opened the doors and started calling her a “demon bitch” again. A man came out behind Bill and started yelling at Miranda. Leaving Bill and I in a bad and vulnerable spot since we were sitting on the floor praying with Miranda.

We were in a bad spot so we wrapped up prayer and moved out of the wave of torment. Can't say I ever did a deliverance prayer session in a tormented setting like this before. It was challenging. Both Bill and I were challenged in this environment. Can't say we didn't step out of our comfort zone today!

Bill and I then turned to the duties of handing out gifts to all the residents in the hotel. This was carried out by going to the 5th floor and proceeding to knock on every door and hand out a present to everyone who opened their door. I felt uneasy about this. But, hey, in ministry you roll with it. Bill, Darren and I succeeded in covering the entire building. We stayed together as a group and the residents were very appreciative of the presents they received and back of Christmas snacks.

Around 6:30 we finally packed up and headed out. Miranda came out and hugged us and thanked us for praying with her. We could feel the momentary peace on the floor. Terry commented on the change in composure in Miranda too after we had finished praying with her. The fact of the matter is that Miranda needed lots and lots of more deliverance prayer.

There were many Christian residents in the hotel. A lot of them I believe were from the ministry work of Terry. In San Francisco there is a hodge podge of religious beliefs and that was prevalent in this hotel too. I did notice one room had wiccan items. One of the men in line had his pendulum on a chain around his neck. So there is all sorts of spiritual activity in this building alone.

When Bill and I finally got to his car at 7:00 we still didn't know what to make of the day. We were both still processing the events. One thing we could process though was the incredible work of Terry's ministry. We couldn't believe the amount of work she was doing in this incredible ministry and she was doing it alone. She is, literally, the Mother Teresa of Mission St.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Night Strike 2009

We had approximately 80 people participate in this year's Christmas Night Strike. Seven teams were setup and sent out into the city from the UN Plaza. Seven leaders, wow, that's a cool prophetic number, and they were,
1.Jason & Becka
With this many teams going out, and each with ten or more people we had to plan not to saturate the Tenderloin. And Leah's team we had to intentionally keep under ten, just because the nature of the ministry and witnessing to the prostitutes as well as the homeless.

On my team, I had lot's of my family, which was fun. Sue and Jake Wooldridge, my Son Matt and his friend Brandon, Diana Garnhart, and three people from Pleasant Hill, Sean, Havier and Nella. To purposely avoid team congestion I led my team higher up the Tenderloin to O'Farrell. Allowing the two other teams assigned to work the higher and lower part of Bodeker park in the Tenderloin.

On our way up to O'Farrell, we encountered a man named Tony. His aunt and his sister died yesterday. I believe he said it was a car accident. The team prayed for Tony and his grief. While praying God gave me the words, “They're here.” I told Tony that his aunt and sister are saved. He said yes they were. I told him God gave me a picture they were up there in paradise with him. And there's no suffering and no sickness.

It was a good walk to get to O'Farrell and Hyde, but once there we made our right turn onto O'Farrell. About a block down on this street the Holy Spirit led us to a spot where there were numerous people on the streets. Our first stop and we were wiped out of nearly half the provisions of food, socks and blankets we brought with us to hand out.

The Father is still working on me and I am still in a season where some of the Gifts of the Spirit are shutdown. I was experiencing some interesting things were it felt like God was giving me words in the manner as when I first started out a few years ago. One simple word and a picture to work off of nothing more. The body effects are still working so I know when I receive a word. For instance, at this particular place where we were giving out a lot of our goods, I saw a latino woman, she looked Nicaraguan, approach us. God told me she was a Christian. That was all. I looked at her eyes and saw she had the fire of the Holy Spirit in her. I walked over to her and told her that she was a Christian. She answered, “Yes, she has been all her life.” I told her God pointed her out to me and that her eyes were filled with the Holy Spirit. I didn't pray for the woman. We handed her clothes and she walked off. Well, that one was between her and Jesus. I figure God just needed to reveal himself to her and nothing more.

My sister-in-law Sue and my nephew Jake got to break in their prayer warrior skills here. There were lots of people to pray for.

One woman flat out asked us to pray for deliverance for her from addiction. So the team obliged.

Some of the team members had wrapped up gifts to hand out on the streets to people. One team member brought a nice jacket and gave it to a needy woman. She was touched by it. Although, an hour later she traded it for a dime (a $10 crack hit). We encountered her again and God revealed her sin as to what happened with the jacket.

From our nice sweet spot we moved across the street where there was a large congregation of people sitting along the streets. We handed out more presents, fortunately, we had lots of blankets with us. People who didn't receive presents were getting restless. Smooth man Brandon stepped up and said his blankets were presents and he was sorry he didn't have time to wrap them. Situation under control.

While I was keeping an eye on the team here, there were lots of people to minister to, God pointed out a woman to me, Linda. God tugged at my spirit, but no words. I took my sister-in-law Sue over with me to pray for Linda. She had a crack addiction and the demons were struggling inside of her. It was the typical struggle where the person wants prayer but at the same time the demons want you to leave -NOW!

Sue and I prayed for Linda. God revealed the word rejection and nothing more. I knew how to roll on that one. So I prayed against the rejection. While praying for Linda, I noticed all the people we were praying for were leaning against the wall of a massive building. With columns like a temple. God gave me a picture of chains coming out of the building and attached to the people outside. You could feel the bondage here at this site. I looked at the building and it was big, Church of Christian Science building. A cult building, or the first picture, a religious spirit demonic temple. Interesting.

The natives at this site were great full for our visit but (their demons of addiction) were getting restless. So we moved on down past Taylor and O'Farrell. We ministered and prayed over many people, even though we were out of provisions to hand out.

It was a really blessed even ministering to God's people. The Gifts were slowly working like they were in infancy. But I am just glad to see where the Father is going with all this.

After Night Strike was finishing up. I walked over to talk with Becca Amarant on how her night went. I got a picture of her walking in authority as she was talking to her friend Katie. Then I got the word of 'birthing'. I didn't get the whole picture but, Becca, I got the sense of the people you were out with tonight, both you and Jason, this was the birthing. Or the building of the Lions Pride ministry. Your flock!

Well, that's all the time I have. Fellow participants, contribute to this thread. Miracles happened. Honor God and recorded them in this discussion. Merry Christmas 2009!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tim and Cindy McGill Hope for the Harvest

Tuesday December 15, we were fortunate to host a house fellowship for Tim and Cindy McGill of Hope for the Harvest. Cindy is an energetic and dynamic speaker with lots of great testimony on her adventures in prophetic evangelism. Cindy shared with our group (mainly Bay Area Dream team and City Ministries Night Strike members in attendence) some stories from Burning Man and her dream film project, titled Dreams.

View the trailer here:

Cindy usually takes a team out to the Sundance film festival as a dream interpretation out reach. She tried to enter her film project into Sundance, but there were over 9800 entries and her film project wasn't chosen. Less than a hundred were chosen this year. HOWEVER - the Dreams film is entered in overseas film festivals, at the International Film Festival Ireland, June 4-11, 2010, African Enterprise (AE ICFF) Pietermaritzburg, South Africa: June 1st-5th 2010 and a film festival in Egypt. It's some very exciting times for Cindy and her ministry.

Tim McGill shared with us some prophetic words on the shift of structure. Some great points in scripture too on how Barnabas and Saul fasted and worshiped before the birth of the apostolic ministry of the church.

It was a great evening and an incredible time with Tim and Cindy. You guys are welcome back any time. God Bless!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Now I am about to open a whole can of worms and turn your Ghost Hunting world upside down. America and the world is captivated by the paranormal reality shows on television. We don't have to go farther than the Syfy channel web site or hulu to see evidence of spirit activity streaming to our very own computer. If you are a Christian and part of a ghost hunting or paranormal organization, it is time to listen up. There is no such thing as a human spirit ghost! Casper is a demon!

When you are taking an evp on your digital voice recorder, you are recording demons! The digital voice recorder is the new ouji board. What you are capturing are demonic voices.

When Jesus completed His work on the cross, the deceased either go to Heaven or Hell. End of story. There are no lingering “human” spirits roaming the earth seeking to be set free and sent towards the light. Jesus is perfect, He doesn't make mistakes and leave people behind for someone with a video camera and a K2 meter to set the "ghost" spirit free.

There was a commercial some time back on the “then” Sci Fi channel, promoting the movie, Hellboy 2, Hellboy meets the Ghost Hunters, a funny commercial.

Hellboy: “What do you guys do again?”
Grant (TAPS): “We capture ghosts.”
Hellboy: “That's what I do! You know fighting huge monsters, fate of the world hanging in the balance and millions of lives at stake. Is that what you guys do to?"
...crickets chirping sound effects. Gran and Jason look at each other perplexed...
Jason (Taps): “No. ..actually we just video tape them."
...crickets chirping Hellboy looks disappointed...
Hellboy. “Oh...”

This ad sums up our M16 Ministries experience. We have been called in to eradicate demonic spirits, long after ghost hunter teams have come in and setup toys, video taped and left a site with demonic activity. We don't get called by ghost hunter groups ---EVER!!! We get called by frantic people who were left behind by ghost hunters who knew all about technical equipment and not an ounce of REAL knowledge on true spiritual warfare. Many times ghost hunters have mediums that make the situations worse. These are not ghosts that the psychics are channeling, these are demons. Demons don't have bodies but they desire to find bodies to dwell in. The psychics are channeling the demonic realm. End of story.

 43"When an evil spirit comes out of a man, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Matthew 12:43

We have even assisted ghost hunters who picked up demonic hitch hikers during their own investigations. What is being broadcast on television is a lie. If you have a situation where demonic oppression or possession is occurring, you don't want ghost hunters. They won't help you. They are not trained to deal with the demonic. Some ghost hunting and paranormal teams even have their own exorcists. BEWARE. If you did not go through the Roman Catholic dioceses, then you don't have a real exorcist on the scene of your already enormous problem. Take note too, that there are Catholic churches not associated with the Roman Catholic Church. Likewise, ghost hunters are not demonologists. They quote many interesting things about demons and the demonic realm, but the information they have is wrong. When you have a charlatan exorcist, a wiccan and a psychic on premises of a place of demonic activity, you now have a bigger problem. You now have a powder keg.

We have assisted people in many battles of spiritual warfare this year, and have seen many healings, to the Glory of God, from demonic oppression. Through the two cases of demonic possession our ministry worked on this year – and note there is a difference between demonic possession and demonic oppression. One person was set free from their prison of demonic possession because they accepted Jesus Christ into their life and the ministry team then had the authority to kick out demons. The other person, was a practicing psychic, who refused to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, even though our team entered their home and the Holy Spirit brought them peace. The psychic continued to channel and ignore our warnings, the demons came back harder and now the person was being tormented by the legion. This person we were assisting knew very little about the Christian faith. They didn't know that the legion was a group of demons. A psychic gift is a high jacked spiritual gift. Our team works in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Time and time again our team has bested the enemy's sorcerers.

If you are in a situation where people are being harmed and there is definitive demonic activity. Don't call the local ghost hunters. Call an experienced deliverance team! Call on Jesus! And if you're a Christian -who thinks you're a psychic because of what you have seen on TV, contact us. You may have a gift of the Holy Spirit developing and Satan is steering you in the WRONG direction.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The book of Enoch

As I start researching angels for another writing project, I started in the book of Jude. There is an interesting curiosity in the book of Jude. Jude, the brother of James, presents some incredible revelations about angels and then quotes the prophet Enoch. If you recall, Enoch was mentioned, BRIEFLY, in the book of Genesis.

Genesis 5:21-24
21 When Enoch had lived 65 years, he became the father of Methuselah.
22 And after he became the father of Methuselah, Enoch walked with God 300 years and had other sons and daughters.
23 Altogether, Enoch lived 365 years.
24 Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.

In verse 24, we see that God took him away. Very seldom is Enoch mentioned again in the books of the Bible. Now in Jude, we have a quote in the book of Jude from the prophet of Enoch.

Jude 14-16
14Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied about these men: "See, the Lord is coming with thousands upon thousands of his holy ones 15to judge everyone, and to convict all the ungodly of all the ungodly acts they have done in the ungodly way, and of all the harsh words ungodly sinners have spoken against him." 16These men are grumblers and faultfinders; they follow their own evil desires; they boast about themselves and flatter others for their own advantage.

Here in the book of Jude, Enoch is prophesying about the second coming of Jesus. Who is Enoch?

Adam -> Seth -> Enosh -> Kenan -> Mahalalel -> Jared -> Enoch!!!!

The seventh descendent of Adam is prophesying about the second coming of Christ! We haven't even encountered Noah and the history of the flood.
Where did the prophecy of Enoch come from? Why from the book of Enoch, of course. Jude 14-16 seems to come from Enoch 1:9.

Enoch 1:9
9And behold! He cometh with ten thousands of His holy ones
To execute judgement upon all,
And to destroy all the ungodly:
And to convict all flesh
Of all the works of their ungodliness which they have ungodly committed,
And of all the hard things which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him.

Some interesting and very wild history and prophecy seems to be in the book of Enoch. The reference of the angels bound in chains may come from the book of Enoch as well.

Jude 6
6And the angels who did not keep their positions of authority but abandoned their own home—these he has kept in darkness, bound with everlasting chains for judgment on the great Day.

As I read more into Jude and the parallels of the book of Enoch my inquisitive side of my brain wanted to dive in more to the book of Enoch. However, the book raises more questions than answers. I decided to do some investigating on this amazing book. If Jude quoted from this book, he must have read the book (scroll) and received teaching from it.

J.R. Church of the web site claims the book of Enoch was taken on aboard Noah's ark during the great flood. This made the book of Enoch even more fascinating to me. My scientific mind did some googling and I asked experts about the book of Enoch. The experts said the book of Enoch may have originated around 300 B.C. Which is far short of the claim made by J.R. Church.

Here is the e-mail response I received from Marilyn Lundberg, Ph.D, Associate Director of West Semitic Research.

Dear Mike,

The earliest copies of Enoch are from Qumran, among the Dead Sea Scrolls. These works on Enoch are considered part of what is called the pseudepigrapha, books that were written in the name of early biblical characters during three centuries before Christ. They were not in existence during the time of David and Solomon. The longest version is "an Ethiopic translation of a Greek translation of its Aramaic original." Fragments in Aramaic were found among the DSS.

Based on the experts, this book was not written by Enoch, and at best pre-dates Christ by only 300 years. This doesn't discredit the works in the book. But it does discredit the information put out by J.R. Church. There is a huge leap in history from 300 B.C. to the time of Enoch. My research was hoping to substantiate the fact that the book of Enoch was at the least, in the hands of David or Solomon. And this is not substantiated in the scientific community. I would like to know the scholars who can place the book of Enoch as being in the temple during the time of David or Solomon.

The book of Enoch is definitely a unique book and discusses the Nephilim as discussed in Genesis 6. There are a lot of questions right now that need to be answered before we can use the book of Enoch as the mis-linking (so to speak) that glues Genesis to the book of Jude and prophecy. The book is obviously a part of early Christian history and makes for an interesting read. At the moment I would be hesitant to make the huge connection of the book of Enoch being aboard the ark of Noah as J.R. Church claims. I respect the man and I love the information, I just think he is being disingenuous to make the claim without presenting the evidence. If Church knows credible scholars who can back up this claim, then we need to know. I am not denying the validity of the book or Church's claims. I would just like to see the evidence he uses to support the comment made that the book of Enoch may have been on Noah's ark. Was this book used during the time of David or Solomon? I would settle for that answer for the time being. What we can't deny there is definitely a correlation between the book of Jude and the book of Enoch.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Night Strike Friday December 4, 2009

The one thing that keeps me coming back to Night Strike is that it's never the same night twice on these Holy Spirit expeditions into the city. What made this particular Night Strike evening more interesting to me is the that I am going through a season right now with God. The prophetic and the words of knowledge are turned off. The Father loves for us to seek him and not the gifts. Right now God has me in a seeking season, which is pretty cool. It's weird not having the transmissions. It's like turning the dial on the radio tuner and there isn't even static noise. God was with us the whole night and revealed himself to the people we encountered.

I hardly ever get to work with team leader Ellen, from Vacaville. So we paired our teams up together. Ellen brought 7 people. I sent 3 of Ellen's people out with birthday boy, Bill. I merged Ellen, and the rest of her team, Jennifer, Jay, and Matt, with my son Matt, and there was Tom and his friend Samantha. Tom and Sam brought bags of beanies, scarves and gloves from a Ross clothes sale. These items were a big hit. Ellen's crew brought sandwiches, candy bars (Snickers!) and juice bags. My son Matt and i brought ham sandwiches from the two loaves of bread we bought earlier in the day.

We were going to head up to the higher section of Bodecker Park in the Tenderloin District. But the Spirit told me to detour via Market Street to get there. I had one individual who wasn't used to moving in the Spirit. They were getting upset with me off the bat at my navigational mannerisms. "Are we supposed to go to the Tenderloin, that way?" I heard it on more than one occasion this evening. My prophetic and word of knowledge may be shutdown, but the GPS (God Positioning System - Leah's acronym) was working fine. So I took to the Tenderloin via Market Street.

One of the early people we encountered for a divine appointment was a woman, named Florence. The word of knowledge processors were trying to pull something down. I got a fragment of, has a young daughter she watches. Florence had a granddaughter she watches. The antenna still wasn't working for me. So I asked if we could pray over Florence and she let us. Then she asked if she could pray for us back. TRAINING time! My discernment isn't shutdown. Florence raises her hand to pray over my hand and my face. For you Star Trek fans, I was polarizing the hull plating. Shields up!! She started chanting some shaman stuff and I prayed to bind it. I think her spirits sensed it and moved on to my son Matt. I slipped over to Ellen and told her to start binding, this is demonic. It was a cool training session because we encounter witchcraft all the time on the streets. And unfortunately, it will go home with team members. So we bound the witchcraft and cancelled the assignments and I talked with Ellen about cleaning off the team again in prayer when we finish the evening. There will be more muck on us. What was cool was that I was able to teach some of the members their discernment. Before I explained to the rest what had happened, I asked them if they felt anything. A majority of them felt their own spiritual armor giving them an alert signal. Then I explained what happened with the fun, crazy, chanting lady.

There was a lot of spiritual activity on the streets. The next man we encountered on the streets had some spiritual stuff going on where he was babbling insensibly. Tom and Sam gave him a beanie and gloves and we all divvied out food from our provisions to him. Then we continued on in our divine appointment search. God kept me on Market, despite being reminded once again we were supposed to go to the Tenderloin. God stamped the request denied and sent us deeper down Market. What I was receiving from God was that there was more lost on the streets tonight and that he wanted to reach the homeless as well as the Holiday shoppers. So I stayed on course with the GPS. We went one block past the Cable car turntable on Market and headed up the street.

There was lots of hustle and bustle of Holiday shoppers. I was getting the signal to minister to people on these streets and then head over to the Tenderloin. Doesn't matter if they're homeless or they are making a decent income. God wanted to reach his people. We ministered to a lot of pan handlers on our walk. We were headed toward the St. Francis Hotel and Macy's. One block prior I was stopped by a young man and his friend, on O'Farrell Street. He wanted me to give him directions to a strip club nearby. I told him sure, but first I get to pray for him.

He said, "Oh great. Christians!" I told him I knew of a strip club in the area. But I wouldn't tell him where it was unless I got to pray for him first. He said forget it. I said, everyone else here is a tourist. I know where a strip club is nearby. Can I pray for you. He was giving me a very hesitant look. "My dad is a pastor.", he said. I told him that's okay. "Then you know I am telling you the truth. I know where a strip club is and I will only tell you if I can pray for you." He reluctantly allowed me to pray for him. I got in close to him and prayed to bind the spirits of perversion and prayed for the Holy Spirit to be with him and reveal things to him. Then I put my hand on his friend and blessed him for the same blessing. Then I told them there was a strip club near the corner of O'Farrell and Polk. Off they went. I hope they didn't spend too much on the cover charge.

On the corner of St Francis we met Ramone, who was waiting for a bus. Ramone let us pray over him. He had a guitar in a bag with him, so I prayed that God would release some new music to him and give him dreams to write music. Ramone commented that he was actually writing a new song earlier in the day. Matt, from Vacaville, jumped in and gave Ramone some good prophetic word. Matt was doing a great job at giving people prophetic word so I didn't feel too badly that I wasn't receiving anything.

I turned the team around to head to the Tenderloin, when we stopped on the other side of the street of the St. Francis and met some more homeless pan handlers. There was an older woman, a woman, a man and a dog. We spent some time ministering with these people. I stepped away so I didn't get their names. My discernment radar was going off. Somewhere in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas shoppers on the street, there was something setting off the old spidey sense. I never saw or tuned into what it was. It was strong though.

We encountered another pan handler, less than a block down from the other people. This was a woman, Jennifer, 75 years old, homeless. The economy forced her on the streets. So we gave her food. I tried to engage the ol' word of knowledge for this dear lady. But I got nothing. So I let the team work with her. The GPS was working for us. Many times people come out to Night Strike with a preconceived notion on "we're going to the Tenderloin" and if the Holy Spirit deviates, the person gets irritated. In Night Strike we can't put God in a box. Sure God led us to the St. Francis. In all my 3 years of leading, it was the first time God brought me to this location. But we impacted people and touched people's lives. The pastor's son and his friend who were going to the strip club, I know that pastor's prayer were answered. If I went into the Tenderloin like a robot I would have missed all this. Not to mention Ramone, jennifer, the people with the dog, those were also divine appointments. Sorry, I had one of those nights where someone on my team kept reminding me I am SUPPOSED to go to the Tenderloin.

Around 10:00. We arrived at the Tenderloin. Which was pretty much quiet. There wasn't the usual flock of people on the streets. We ministered to people there, but all the women I usually see and minister to on the streets weren't out this evening. I decided to extend the trek in the Tenderloin at 10:30 PM because we had a lot of clothes left to give away. Tom and Sam brought a lot of clothes, gloves and beanies to bless people with. So I turned right on Hyde to go up, instead of turning left to head back to the UN Plaza.

Around Hyde and Ellis, we encountered a man and a woman. The woman was the right height to receive some of Sam's clothes. Sam blessed her with the items. I turned to her friend, the man, he told me his name was Clinton. I asked him if I could pray for him. Clinton said yes. His wife just died and he was grieving. I asked him if I could lay my hands on him. He said it would be okay. So I layed hands on Clinton and prayed for a healthy grieving process. As I was finishing praying I asked the Holy Spirit to come on Clinton. He started shaking and asked me what was that?

I told Clinton I asked the Holy Spirit to come down on him. He was shaking an exhilarated! He asked me to pray like that over him again. I wanted to work with team leader Ellen so I called her over to help me give some of the Holy Spirit to Clinton, again. We both prayed and Clinton yelled out with excitement. Clinton stepped away from us excited and asked me if that was a drug. We told him it was the Holy Spirit. He wanted more. So Clinton stepped back over to Ellen and I and we juiced him up with the GOoD stuff!

I asked Clinton if he knew who Jesus was. He said he had heard of him. But he wanted to know what whacked him. I told him it was the Holy Spirit. If he wanted to experience more of that he should ask Jesus into his heart. Clinton wanted more! So I invited Matt, from Vacaville, over to lead Clinton in prayer and accept Jesus into his heart.

Clinton begged us to Spirit fill him one more time before we left. I gave Clinton my battle Bible (yep, another battle Bible gone, I think God just wants me to break them in first) and told him to read the book of Acts. Clinton wanted to follow us home. He was given the good wine!

It was getting late and I took the team back to the UN Plaza. We prayed for the Holy Spirit to continue his work on the people on the streets we encountered. We also prayed to clean ourselves off completely of all the strange spirits we encountered on this evening. We had a great team and it was a blast! --as usual. I think the most fun on these nights is when two team leaders get to work together. It's fun getting to know the other people on the Night Strike team.

I had a great talk with Bob Johnson, too afterwards, on going through spiritual seasons.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Night Strike Friday November 20, 2009

What an amazing Night Strike we had on Friday November 20, 2009. The day started off as a beautiful, autumn blustery day, the type where you expect Piglet from Winnie the Pooh to go blowing by your house. As the day went on, the clouds started to darken and the wind started blowing a little bit harder. The winds brought the rain by the evening.

We headed into the city, expecting one of two climates, cold rainy and windy, or unusually nice weather. The city of San Francisco tends to have its own microclimate. Elyssa, her sister Natalie, and their friend Ashley, car pooled in with Matt and I, into the city for Night Strike. Riding in with a Night Strike team member is half the fun. It’s a time to catch up with each other on what God’s doing with their ministry. Many times, we team leaders cross over into each other’s ministries to help out each other. Elyssa has been a huge blessing in my M16 Ministry. So I got to catch up with her and Stealth ministry.

With the threat of gloomy weather the Night Strike turn out was low. Actually, a little Night Strike secret, the worst weather, the lowest turnout, God tends to have a lot of fun with the people who persevered the weather. We stepped out of the car in San Francisco and the weather was BEAUTIFUL!!! I put on my thermal sweatshirt and not my heavy jacket. God wasn’t finished yet in setting up this night for us. After I got out of my car, I saw my friends from VCC, Joe and Wanda Lapasinski, and Scott Van Deusen already waiting for us at the plaza. By seeing this trio I knew the night was going to rock! I told God I was going to be a little bit selfish and build my team with those three, if He wouldn’t mind. With the prospect of bad weather in the city, which there wasn’t, and the start of the Thanksgiving travel weekend, we had low numbers for teams, so I was able to build a small team of just myself, my son Matt, Wanda, Joe and Scott. It was one of those rare Night Strike occasions where we could pull off the small number teams. We had only three teams on this evening, Elyssa and Morgans team, Ellen and Leah’s team, and Matt and my team.
We had about 20 ham sandwiches, prepared by our friend, and VCC member, Diana Garnhart, the Lapasinski’s and Scott, brought, more sandwiches, beanie hats and socks (socks are like gold on the streets!). Wanda brought a special hat with her, from her friend in Sonora. Wanda’s friend said it was blessed to bring a smile to who ever it was given to.

Our team headed out for the Tenderloin, I think we were barely up Hyde, when a woman stopped us and was surprised. She just prayed out to Jesus for someone to help her and then she recognized our Night Strike team walking up the street. Our friend Valerie had been struck in the head in an altercation on the streets. Our team prayed over Valerie and where she had been struck in the head. During our prayer for healing another altercation broke out around us. A suitcase full of clothes went flying over our heads and landed about ten feet away. It was a small scuffle and not a brawl, but we were amazed out how God protected us and the suitcase miraculously cleared us and landed away from us during the prayer time. We were standing there like a bunch of bowling pins waiting to be struck down had the suitcase hit us. We continued to pray for Valerie and the young man next to her. More people showed up for prayer. In the midst of the scuffle! Valerie was getting annoyed at the disrespect of the people fighting and she insisted on taking matters into her owns for those involved in the fight. I prayed with Valerie and told her that wasn’t the way to resolve this. And God wanted her head healed so don’t engage into any violence tonight! I prayed for peace to come into Valerie.
At the same time, I mentioned during the scuffle going on near us, and was slowly moving away from us, more people showed up for prayer. There was a couple behind me being prayed over by Wanda and Joe. I know Scott was busy praying over someone as was my son Matt. I was moved in the spirit, by a woman Wanda was praying over, and God gave me a word of knowledge for her. God told me to ask her about her daughter. So I asked this woman, who afterwards I found out her name was Hope, if she had a daughter. Hope looks at me kind of puzzled, with the do I know you look. And she answered, yes. Then asked if I knew her daughter, and I answered no. I then told Hope that there was a conflict between her and her daughter and her daughter wants to work things out. Hope’s jaw nearly hit the asphalt. She told us, “How did you know that? We are on our way right now to meet her.” I told her God was revealing this to me and that everything would work out. A small bit of information but God touched her heart. Hope hugged me and we blessed her. Then we set off up Hyde to go into the Tenderloin.

We turned down one of the streets into the Tenderloin district and encountered numerous people on the streets. We prayed over many people, handed out sandwiches, beanies and socks. One stop was incredibly busy for the team. Joe and Wanda prayed for a woman named Patsy. Scott and I prayed for a woman named Trina who was a drug addict. This was a hot spot for the evening where the Holy Spirit was going to role up His sleeves and get to work.

Joe and Wanda prayed with Patsy. When Joe and Wanda were done, they gave Patsy a pair of gloves. Patsy’s hands were gnarled and wouldn’t open. Patsy told Joe and Wanda the gloves wouldn’t go on her hands because of the condition. Wanda tried putting the gloves on the hands, but they just wouldn’t go on. The fingers were clenched closed. Joe told Patsy that Jesus could open her hands. Patsy said she believed the power of Jesus could open her hands. Wanda and Joe prayed some more with Patsy and her hands opened! Patsy was excited, opening and closing her hands, and then she put on her new pair of gloves! Glory to God!

While Joe and Wanda were praying with Patsy, Scott and I were ministering to this young woman named Trina. Trina was sitting on the sidewalk, with her back propped up against the wall of a building. Scott and I gave her socks, Matt handed her a sandwich, and we asked her if there was anything she needed tonight. Trina whispered quietly she wanted prayer. Scott and I kneeled down next to Trina, layed hands on her and started praying over her.

Then God put the number 4 into my head and that it was the number of kids in her family. I asked Trina if there were four kids in her family and she said no, she didn’t have any kids. I asked her again, this time being specific, if she had 4 brothers or sisters? Trina paused a moment and told me there were adopted twins in her family and she had an older sister. That was the four God was showing me! Then God revealed to me abandonment. Trina felt abandoned by her father with the twins in her house. A lot of what was going on now with her was from abandonment. Trina started crying and we had some street deliverance going on. While Scott and I were praying and binding spirits on Trina, the enemy sent a messenger immediately to interrupt our prayer session. A rasta man shows up and starts telling me if I am real and not BS I need to give Trina financial provision. DEMON! Financial provision will go to the addiction. So I reached out and touched rasta man while Scott and I were praying for Trina. Rasta man didn’t like the Holy Spirit so he left immediately. God continued to give me a download load while the enemy was trying to jam communications. God told me to instruct Trina to get in contact with her older sister and she will help her with re-hab, because she has before. Trina nodded in affirmation as she was crying that this was correct. God said the door was open now to walk away from addiction. The first step was calling her sister who would help her. Scott and I continued praying and then we blessed Trina and moved on the Tenderloin.

A block down our team came across a few other people we ministered to. God pointed out to me one woman, in her fifties, and told me she was a prodigal daughter. I walked over and introduced myself and told her that she was in church a lot as a girl but hasn’t been back in a while. The woman, Kathryn, told me she was an orphan raised by nuns. And she spent a lot of time in the church as a kid. I told her that the Father in heaven really misses her.

As the night moved on, we found ourselves in front of a corner market praying for people. Scott, Joe and Wanda were praying for one man who needed full service healing prayer. He had glaucoma, arthritis and few another things that needed prayer. The trio spent some good quality Holy Spirit time with the man. The arthritis in his knee popped. The man moved his knee and mentioned it felt a lot better and thanked the prayer team.

As we pressed on in our walk to pray for people, we found another hot spot to
minister at. There was a group of several people. One man in particular was sitting on the ground and Scott went over and ministered to this man. As Scott prayed with this man, the man removed is sweatshirt hood and revealed to Scott and a portion of his left side of his head was gone. Scott had some quality Holy Spirit time with this man. I stood vigil on the streets, since the area was another hot spot, more so than the spot with the scuffle and the suitcase flying, as our team ministered to the people here.

Wanda and Joe ministered to a woman named Christy. A little deliverance was going on in that prayer session. I kept an eye on the streets and God told me that Christy needed to hear she was forgiven. It had to do with children. I didn’t want to interrupt Joe and Wanda so I waited for the opportune time. When the time was right I asked Christy if there was something in her life about children she needed to know she was forgiven for. Christy was already teary eyed from her session with Joe and Wanda. Christy confided she had numerous abortions. God told me she was forgiven. She told me I don’t give forgiveness, God does. I told her I was talking to God right now and that he was the one telling her she was forgiven. Then God told me she raises children. Christy said she has no children of her own. But she watches her sisters kids, because her sister is always getting in trouble. All the spiritual pieces were coming together with Joe and Wanda’s praying. Christy confided she didn’t want to live anymore, not that she wanted to commit suicide, but she just didn’t want to live. God told me that Christy was a big influence on women and that she is going to be around for quite sometime because there is one woman she hasn’t fully helped yet. Christy replied teary eyed, O-God. My sister! Christy was touched by the Holy Spirit.

It was now getting late and we headed back to the plaza. We managed to distribute all the supplies we had. As we were nearing the plaza, I noticed some peculiar spiritual activity on a street corner. A man was flopping around like a spineless jelly fish. He was flailing around and trying to secure himself to a street lamp pole. He was under the influence of his addiction, yes, but I recognized the fluidic movement of the body as demonic. I boldly walked across the street and engaged the enemy in the spirit realm. For a man that had no self-control over his body, he was able to immediately turn down my request for assistance. The man was flailing around and was yet able to answer my questions. In boldness I reached out and put my hand on his back to pray. The man suddenly stopped flailing around and regained full motor control to walk away from me. The demon hotfooted it away from me.

It was an incredible night on the streets. I really enjoyed having a special night of ministry with my friends. Team leader Morgan was even interviewed on channel 5 on this evening.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Peggy Cole House Fellowship Visit

Monday November 9, we were blessed to have Prophetess Peggy Cole share an evening of fellowship and prophecy at our house. Peggy spoke to an audience of 35 guests. Peggy shared with us some great testimonies of healings she has witnessed in her ministery. Peggy also shared a message of the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord, which is miracles. She also shared a prophecy from a friend hers of the two angels of fullness (of time Luke 1) and overflow (Anointing & presence of the Lord, Joel 2:24).

Peggy led a healing session and we had several people receive healings, in their back, ringing in the head, a toe was healed from pain. I vow to give all the Glory to God!

It was an exciting evening and those of us wanting prayer and impartation in increase in gifts received it. Many people received good prophetic words in this session.

Best of all, Peggy led my two oldest boys in prayer to receive their prayer language. It was an exciting night for all of us. We were all blessed by having Peggy share here prophecy and scripture with us. Peggy you're invited back anytime!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Westboro Baptist Church Too Big for God?

Is the Westboro Baptist church a problem too big for God? I have heard nothing but outrage by Christians. I have seen my brothers call down the fire and brimstone on Samaria like Jesus us warned us not to do because we would be of the same spirit.

What do we do with these people? We send missionaries to 3rd world countries but what happens when people are on a fast track to damnation in our own? Where are the missionaries invading the Starbucks where these people buy coffee. Is it true that these people are going to HELL?

I think Jesus would have instructed us otherwise. Paul would have sent people to this town to quietly invade and change the hearts of people in Westboro Baptist. This is a miracle waiting to happen.

The fact of the matter is we may have given up on the people of Westboro Baptist because we -MAN- couldn't solve the problem. Why don't we let Jesus take a crack at this one? The apostles were bold! Are there no bold apostles among us to hear the calling in their hearts to quietly invade this town and turn hearts around?

These are people with families and children. Sure there is a spirit of antichrist and a religious spirit here. But every knee will bow in heaven, on earth and under the earth! The greatest miracle of all is the repenting heart.

Don't call down fire and brimstone on these people, why because its Christian witchcraft. Call down heaven into the problem! Pray for God to send the bold apostles. Intercess and ask God for a change of heart in these people. Pray for the divine appointment to talk with someone at a checkout stand or a fastfood restaurant. God loves to perform miracles. But that would mean you would have to be hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit. I know where I would be having a Night Strike if I lived in Topeka, Kansas.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Night Strike Friday November 6, 2009

Night Strikes are on the first and third Fridays of the month for November and December.

Despite the threat of rain we had a rather beautiful evening in the city. Our youngest son had a sleep over party to go to so that freed up Lisa to come out on the streets with us. Diana came out with us and so did Matt’s friend Brandon. We had a full carload going out to San Francisco last night. A long time family friend from church, Marty Walker, gave us old blankets, clothes and thermal socks to hand out. So we arrived on the scene at the UN Plaza with bags of goods to handout to God’s people on the streets.

We had a pretty good turnout for being an off night from the usual Night Strike schedule. Mark Neitz, brought Rolf and Morgan. Jason and Becka and Sam were out. Elyssa and Leah as we as Forrest and Ellen from Vacaville. And not to forget, Shulu, too. The teams were pretty much easy to divide up, since there weren’t large numbers, as was last Night Strike. Ellen and Forrest led a team onto Market Street. Jason and Becka led a team to the Tenderloin District. I was freed up with the opportunity to go with Elyssa on her route. So our carload of people went out with Elyssa. Leah stayed behind at the plaza, with Morgan, to worship and keep an open heaven for the teams out on the streets.

Rolf and Mark needed to drive to SFX to pickup a gentleman from Glasgow, Scotland, named Alan McWilliams, from the Church of Scotland. Alan was attending a conference at Bethel Redding this week and wanted to come experience a Night Strike.

Every now and then it’s a blessing to have small number groups so team leaders can be team members on other peoples teams. Sometimes I fill in for Elyssa and Leah so I like going out with them on their routes with them. It keeps a nice continuity if the people on the streets recognize us and associate us as Night Strike members if I need to fill in and lead this route. Which happens every now and then.
One place we stopped to pray early on in our walk on our route was with two homeless men in a doorway. Mike and Belise were there names. We prayed over Mike and then turned to pray over Belise. Brandon and Matt prayed over and blessed Belise. As Matt and Brandon prayed, God gave me the word, cancer, about Belise and then I felt stomach discomfort. I told God I didn’t know how to convey the cancer part. We just blessed Belise and that would be a MAJOR downer.
I turned to look at Elyssa, who was standing by me, and asked her if she was feeling anything or of it God was telling her something. She acknowledged she was. So I figured I better do something. I ran with the stomach pains approach and asked Belise if he was having issues with his stomach. He gave the team a puzzled look, the how did you know that look, and affirmed he was having a horrible time with his stomach he had the flu.

Matt, Brandon and I prayed over Belise and commanded healing and order into the gastro-intestinal tract and his digestive system. As we finished up praying for healing, Belise asks us to pray for healing for his liver cancer. There is the cancer. We prayed again over Belise for healing and the cancer to dissolve and leave his body.

We were still way too early in timing for the evening to have divine appointments with the prostitutes in the area. They weren’t out yet. Elyssa led us to see a her friend Ken, a homeless man on the streets. Lisa and I first met Ken about a year ago with a word of knowledge. Back when this happened, I got this overwhelming sensation that Ken needed to call his mother. I turned to Lisa and said are you picking up on a family member? Lisa, said yes, his mother. Wonder marriage powers activate! I turned back to Ken and shared with him that there was an issue between he and his mom. His mother wanted him to call home and talk with her. Ken looked at me and was about to cry. God was sending a message to Ken we felt that. It was a message that shook Ken and he grabbed my arm to lead me off to the side of everyone else and he asked me how I knew all about his mother. I told him Jesus wanted you to receive that message. He was getting teary eyed and I left the message at that.
Pretty much most of us in the group had encounters with Ken in one form or another. Elyssa has built up a friendly relationship with Ken wrapped around a basketball grudge match that may or may not eve happen. We spent some time lifting up Ken’s spirits.

Afterwards we extended our route a little bit to walk to enter other neighborhoods. The time wasn’t right for the prostitutes to be out on the streets. So we walked and ministered. Until we felt it was time to head over and start ministry.
The continuity, I mentioned previously, is important because Elyssa and Leah witness to the prostitutes on the streets. There has been a lot of work by Leah and Elyssa in spending the time to talk with these people and having engage in a conversation. It isn’t easy for a Christian to walk up to a prostitute and start talking with them. They can see us coming a mile away. A year ago none of these people would even talk with me. I remember one prostitute used this line on me about a year ago, “ I am too sexy for Jesus!” And I responded, “well, no, Jesus made you sexy.” I remember the prostitute gave me the weirdest look. It was funny. Well, now I have had some conversations with this prostitute and even had the opportunity to give her prophetic word. Based on the work put into this route by the dedication of Elyssa and Leah, we have an open heaven to take with these people. As long as they know us and recognize us.

Lisa and Elyssa initially broke off from our group to walk over and get a feel of the street. A few prostitutes were out and Elyssa wanted to see if the time was right to approach and talk to them. I noticed the prostitute, “who was too sexy” was there and I was hoping for a chance to speak with her. Every now and then I have had favor to speak prophetically to her.

Meanwhile, I hung back with our crew by a store. Diana and I stayed back with Brandon. There was a little bit of activity we weren’t sure of going on in front of the store. And I kept an eye on this in the event I had to pull the team out and leave. As we held back, a young woman named Tunisia stopped and asked Diana for some money for tampons. We don’t give out money on the streets. Ever it’s a safety issue for us to set us up to get robbed. And the people here will lie and use the money for drugs. I was intrigued by the boldness of Tunisia. I asked Tunisia if it would be all right if I walk into the store with her and buy the tampons. She agreed. She was desperate and embarrassed. I knew this was a divine appointment by God. God does have a sense of humor with me. But I have worked with the Father enough to read through the initial humor and that this was a divine appointment. Tunisia was embarrassed and grabbed the tampons and showed them to the storeowner and pointed to me in line that I was paying for them and she left!
Whoops! There goes my divine appointment. I was left in line.
I paid for the item and then left the store and found Tunisia out front waiting for me. She was embarrassed but still wanted to thank me. I told her Jesus bought those for you! OK. That sounds incredibly lame. That was it. That was my divine moment? Nothing more happened and we parted ways.

Diana asked me I was going to be bold enough to write up the tampon testimony so there it is. But that wasn’t God’s divine appointment with Tunisia he was setting it up. Back with Diana, Matt and Brandon, our two team members, Elyssa and Lisa returned from their expedition. As they returned I noticed a woman on the streets I knew and had been taking with a couple of times previously. The one woman, who I hoped to speak with, the “too sexy for jesus” prostitute already moved on.
By this time, Mark Neitz, Morgan Bigelow, and Alan from Scotland, had made their way to meet up with Elyssa’s crew.

I excused myself from my wife Lisa and told her I needed to go talk to a hooker. Lisa just rolled her eyes. You know that eye roll that only married women can give their husbands for saying something incredibly lame. Lisa stayed behind with Matt and Brandon, as I strolled over to drum up conversation with a transvestite prostitute I speak with occasionally on the streets. She recognized me and I introduced myself this time and she gave me her name. This again is favor! I was getting expletives cursed my way back last winter when I tried to engage in conversation with some of these prostitutes. Last night, I had a conversation with this one prostitute and she told me she prayed to Jesus. And I prayed with her quickly for protection on the streets.

Time was getting late for us and we needed to head back. We walked past several prostitutes and greeted them and blessed them as we departed. On our way back we had another divine encounter with an incredible man named Rodney, who was peddling his Street Sheet newspaper. God starting sharing with me that this man had visions and dreams. I turned to Brandon and told him to ask God about Rodney. Brandon said he was getting the word creative. As Brandon and I were listening to God, Rodney started quoting scripture. I believe it was from 1 Corinthians. I wish I remembered the exact scripture but I can’t remember any verse at the moment. Then God gave me a word that Rodney’s father passed away and that his life had been hard because of his father. I asked Rodney if his father was dead and if his father was hard on him. Rodney gave me that puzzled stare you get when the prophetic hit a bull’s eye. Rodney asked, “How did you know my father was dead?” I told him Jesus was sharing things right now. And then I asked him if his father was rough on him. I get the words things were rough because of your father. Rodney answered, “Things were rough, because my father was never there for me.” We spent some time ministering with Rodney and our crew prayed and talked for some time here.
As we were witnessing to Rodney, I looked over my shoulder and saw Elyssa taking with a woman. It was Tunisia! I removed myself from the conversation with Rodney, a bunch of other people were engaged with him from our team. OK. God this is the divine appointment. I walked over to Elyssa to speak with Tunisia. She smiled at me with an embarrassed blush. God gave me a word she was a writer. I shared that with Tunisia. The word bless past her embarrassment from the previous encounter and opened her up for witnessing and a divine encounter. Tunisia shared with us she likes to write stories and thinks about writing all the time only she doesn’t have the time. And she really wanted to get a voice recorder to record all her thoughts for writing later. I told her Jesus wanted her know that he gave her the gift to write. Then Tunisia shared with us that she didn’t believe Jesus was the son of God –but he was only a man. She had a Jehovah witness up bringing, that Lisa, Elyssa and I surmised about her. Now I know why the Holy Spirit kept having me tell Jess bought these for you. Jesus gave you a gift. Jesus is working over time calling Tunisia home. Lisa gave Tunisia a prophetic word that she was dreamer and had dreams. Very cool experience, God was just revealing himself to Tunisia tonight. I think she had some questions from this evening that only her and Jesus could discuss. If Jesus is only a man than how could these people know things about her. People she never met. And Jesus met her simplest needs. Literally!

We returned back with our group and met up with the other returning teams. I had the pleasure to meet up with my homeless friend and passionate minister of God, Dennis Hitchcock. The man is a walking testimony let me tell you. Dennis shared with me that he just got back from the Castro and was preaching there on a street corner for the past 20 minutes. This man is a foot soldier for Jesus. I have been praying for when the time is right to go into the Castro for ministry and Dennis is already there.

That’s it for our Night Strike ministry report for Friday, November 6, 2009.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Spiritual Authority

Below is an excerpt from a chapter of my book, Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare.
I am posting this here because it is my response to several e-mails I received from individuals in deliverance ministry who believe being Spirit filled isn't a necessity.

The argument has been made to me on several occasions where people believe they don’t need to be Holy Spirit filled to cast out demons and pray for healing. This is true, there is power in Jesus name and people can cast out demons on that authority alone. What is intriguing to me is that this argument was posed to me by fellow Christians. In the book of John, Jesus reveals to his believers that unless he full fills the Father’s request to go to the cross to defeat Satan, the Holy Spirit will not be released to us. Jesus needed to return to the Father to be glorified and then he sent the Holy Spirit.

7But I tell you the truth: It is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Counselor will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you. John 16:7

Throughout the book John we see Jesus emphasizing the one he calls Counselor, the Teacher, the spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit. Jesus goes on, in the book of John, to discuss life after Jesus when he has returned to the Father. It is the Holy Spirit who will reveal to the generations of believers the secrets of the heavenly realms.

15All that belongs to the Father is mine. That is why I said the Spirit will take from what is mine and make it known to you. John 16:15

We have the Holy Spirit to teach us and be with us and live in us. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of God living inside of us.

9You, however, are controlled not by the sinful nature but by the Spirit, if the Spirit of God lives in you. And if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Christ. 10But if Christ is in you, your body is dead because of sin, yet your spirit is alive because of righteousness. Romans 8:9-10

The Father wants his children to be Holy Spirit filled Christians. In the book of Acts, Jesus appeared, after his work on the cross, to his apostles for a period of 40 days. He commanded them not to leave Jerusalem and to wait for the Holy Spirit.

"Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about. 5For John baptized with water, but in a few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit." Acts 1:4b-5

The customary example we have from the book of Acts for baptizing a fellow Christian with the Holy Spirit is laying hands on them and praying.

15When they arrived, they prayed for them that they might receive the Holy Spirit, 16because the Holy Spirit had not yet come upon any of them; they had simply been baptized into the name of the Lord Jesus. 17Then Peter and John placed their hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit. Acts 8:15-17

The baptism of the Holy Spirit is an anointing we receive when we ask the persona, the Spirit of God, to come dwell inside of us.

20But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and all of you know the truth. 21I do not write to you because you do not know the truth, but because you do know it and because no lie comes from the truth. 1 John 2:20-21

If the Holy Spirit lives in us then why are we believers entertaining the argument that we don’t need to be spirit-filled Christians? Reading deeper down into Romans chapter 8, the Word reveals that it is the Holy Spirit that testifies that we are the children of God, we are co-heirs.

16The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God's children. 17Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory. Romans 8:16-17

Talk about a trust fund inheritance. Hallelujah! Daddy, Abba Father has set up my inheritance! It comes with a kingdom bank account, eternal life, authority, and documentation.

20But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, 21who, by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body. Philippians 3:20-21

The key wording to see here is that our citizenship is in heaven, and not will be in heaven. It is a common belief in our churches that you must go to your glory to benefit from this inheritance. All the rights and privileges are available now. It is the Holy Spirit who takes what it is the Father’s in heaven and makes it known to us. 1 Corinthians chapter 12 outlines the Gifts of the Spirit that come from the manifestation of the Holy Spirit that dwells inside of us. Gifts of the Holy Spirit include speaking in tongues, word of knowledge, the gift of prophecy and spiritual discernment. These gifts are extremely important in exercising our spiritual authority.
The gift of tongues is extremely powerful in deliverance and healing ministry. Mark Neitz of City Ministries, Jimi Merrell, and myself were once in a deliverance prayer session where a demon screamed at us with vulgar language on how much it hated hearing us pray in tongues. Utterances of the Holy Spirit, the gift of praying in tongues can also be useful in exposing a demon that is hiding in a person.

The gift of discernment of spirits is extremely important in deliverance ministry. The Holy Spirit warns you through this gift of when a spirit is present but not visible. Spirits don’t like to make their presence known around spirit filled Christians because they won’t win the fight. I mentioned previously that spirits like to trick the deliverance prayer, especially a non-experienced prayer, into believing it has been cast out. Spirits do a great job of faking the person is at peace during a deliverance prayer session. This is where the gift of discernment of spirit is important in evaluating if a spirit is truly gone. Many times it is the combination of word of knowledge and discernment of spirits that tells you a spirit is gone.
Word of knowledge is equally important to determine the entry point of the evil spirit. I don’t talk to spirits they always lie. I ask the Holy Spirit what is the root cause of the torment so the person being prayed for can be healed whole.

The opening story of the deliverance prayer session with Elaine, the nasty demon of murder that manifested was not being very cooperative with us. I used my kingdom authority to engage the enemy and asked the Holy Spirit what is this fowl spirit in front of me? I then told Elaine, “This one is responsible for what happened to your father!” Elaine broke down and cried at that moment. She answered, “My father was murdered.” It’s details like this you won’t get if you’re involved in a spiritual battle without the Holy Spirit. A spirit of murder and death won’t answer too many questions if they don’t recognize your authority. This true authority comes from being a spirit-filled Christian.

Isn’t every Christian spirit-filled? Yes, but there is a greater filling, the anointing, when asking for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Once you ask for that special anointing you’re taking one big step into your kingdom authority. It’s that taking of the one big step where God starts revealing to you the spirit realm. The spirit realm is the kingdom of God. Every Christian can experience the supernatural, but when you’re baptized in the Holy Spirit you step into the supernatural, your inheritance and your anointing.

The gift of prophecy is important to build up each other in church. During deliverance prayer I will ask the Holy Spirit to reveal something about the person I am praying for. Many times the Holy Spirit will reveal a spiritual gift being held down by the enemy by means of torment. Many times the gift of prophecy is used by the Holy Spirit to show the person being prayed for that He is present during this session. Our most effective prayer sessions are with people I don’t know. This leaves a bigger impression on them for the believer because they recognize what is coming through is from God.

Lisa and I were at a church where a woman had recognized us as deliverance prayer team members from a house meeting. The woman asked Lisa, after the church service, to pray over her daughter, who had a rash break out on the back of her neck. I was meandering after the church service talking to friends and made my way back over to my wife who was praying over this young woman. I didn’t know what Lisa was praying for so I figured I would jump in and take an opportunity at using the gift of prophecy. When I laid my hand on the woman’s shoulder and started praying I received images in my head of the young woman moving her hands and making creations with her hands as she listened to worship music. The hands were moving to the worship music. I told the woman the prophetic picture I received of her. She smiled and told me she was a prophetic artist studying at the Super Natural School of Ministry at Bethel Church, in Redding California. The prophetic moment built up the young woman and let her know that God was working in her life. That’s why I like praying and using the prophetic over people I don’t know. When God reveals the prophetic through prayer to people we don’t know, the person being prayed for is being touched by God.

With the baptism of the Holy Spirit you step into your citizenship and your marvelous, infinite trust fund from Daddy. It’s withdraw amount is limitless as long as we’re kingdom building. When you are kingdom building, you are not chasing miracles, you are expected to perform miracles. Miracles come from the Holy Spirit. The greatest miracle of all is the miracle of the repentant heart.

Monday, November 2, 2009

St Teresa of Avila

There are times when I just want to weep when Hollywood misses the greater story altogether.
In Ron Howard's film, Angels and Demons, based on the book by Dan Brown, of the Da Vinci Code fame, one of the items in the great hunt is Bernini's magnificent sculpture, Ecstasy of St Teresa.
In the film, the marble statue holds a clue to the Illuminati mystery. In real life, the statue depicts an event that is far more incredible than any Hollywood script writer could dream up.
Bernini's sculpture depicts the transverberation event of St. Teresa.
Transverberation is a church mystic term for a Seraph's assault. Where St. Teresa's heart is pierced with a dart of love by a Seraph angel.
"It will happen that while the soul is inflamed with the Love of God, it will feel that a seraph is assailing it by means of an arrow or dart which is all afire with love. And the seraph pierces and in an instant cauterizes this soul, which, like a red-hot coal, or better a flame, is already enkindled. The soul is converted into an immense fire of Love. Few persons have reached these heights." - St. John of the Cross
St. Teresa died in 1582. Her body was buried in a wooden coffin. After nine months it was exhumed and to everyone's amazement, though her clothes were decaying, her body was incorrupt. While the Carmelite nuns reclothed her a delightful perfume spread throughout the monastery. Later, her heart was removed to be enclosed in a crystal vessel and placed in a jeweled silver reliquary. When this was being done they beheld a glorious and wonderful sight: a wound from the angel's dart was visible! It can still be seen today at the Carmelite Monastery of Alba de Tormes in Spain. Her heart has kept it's color and since the nineteenth century three sharp thorns are visible at the base of the heart.
In 1970 Pope
Paul VI named Teresa of Avila as the first woman Doctor of the Church. Padre Pio was the latest mystic to experience transverberation. He also experienced the stigmata as well as intense demonic attacks. Padre Pio passed away in the late 1960s.