Wednesday, May 21, 2014

M16 Ministries News and Updates for May 2014

I can't believe June is almost here. Where did the first couple of months of 2014 go? We're a small but very busy ministry. As most of you know, I have been pulled in from my old career for full time ministry. That cut my ministry team in half, Lisa is working 3 jobs now to keep the finances in the black for our household. A lot of my ministry has been solo, hopefully only for the time being, until we can work out this Holy re-org with finances no longer coming in as they once did in the software engineering career.

Needless to say, I have been very busy and haven't really had time to produce a newsletter. I have broken down our activities in the following sections.

Night Strike 

For everyone who has come out and supported Night Strike ministry - BLESSINGS to you! It's an incredible ministry that goes out on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month and we minister to the homeless, drug addicts, and prostitutes on the streets of San Francisco. We work around, but are not limited to, the Tenderloin area and the civic center area of San Francisco. Night Strike has an operating cost of about $400 per month in supplies. We have a church that has graciously taken us on as an urban mission and provide a steady monthly provision for 1/8 the cost of Night Strike. What we give out on Night Strike goes beyond the food and supplies. Many people on the streets receive prophetic words and some receive healing. For others its just nice for a change, for a person to stop and have conversation with someone. We have encountered spiritual activity on Night Strike as well and have worked with that when it arises. The most important thing our team delivers to the streets is the heavenly Fathers love to a person who has deemed themselves to be worthless. Which is a lie from the enemy. We encourage you to come out to a Night Strike with us. If you're a church that supports urban missions we would love to speak with you. We are in need of churches, people and institutions that want to give financially or participate. Again, come on out to the streets with us and see the Father's love in action.

Night Strike is a blast! No matter how much warfare I experience during the week, Night Strike ministry pulls me right out of it. It is an awesome evening of supernatural ministry and anything can happen on the streets - and usually does!



M16 Ministries' major charter is equipping. We know we're way out there with some of the things we do and our hearts are for empowering others in the body of Christ for ministry too. In January, I spoke at a seminar in Redding, Ca, for Bob and Kimberly Johnson ministries, on Advance Spiritual Warfare. Our ministry noticed there is a huge chasm between what the church has traditionally come to believe to be deliverance and exorcism. In our equipping class, I explain the difference between, deliverance, the casting out of low level demons, and exorcism, battles with angelic beings.

In April. M16 Ministries equipped ministers to go into New Age and psychic fairs to minister. There is a special white gloves approach of ministering in these venues to build relationships with these people. We train ministers for these venues at our equipping classes. These are the people we take on our outreaches.

Prophetic Ministry Outreaches

These are covert outreaches. We never advertise where we are at or where we are going. In some places we have an established set of guests who come looking for us for ministry. At these events, we give the heavenly Father's guests a first hand taste of a spiritual encounter. At the last outreach, we had 250 non-Christians come to our booth and get ministered to. Out of those, we saw incredible healings, 4 people received hearing back in deaf ears. Some people received healing from back pain, we had one person have their nodes in their throat dissolve. One woman had a full on encounter with Jesus, who presented himself as a lamb. There was one man with dissociative identity disorder who had a little boy part healed by Jesus. So there are a lot of things going on at these outreaches. I only recruit people for these outreaches from Night Strike ministry. So if you want to be involved in something like this I need to know who you are -by regularly attending Night Strike.

The last outreach we made enough money on tips to be sent to our next covert destination. However, our money for outreaches is now exhausted for the year. And these encounters are extremely important!

Spiritual Warfare

One of M16 Ministries primary charters is dealing with intense spiritual warfare. These are cases that fall in areas where the basic church understanding of deliverance fails or is too dangerous for the pastoral staff to be involved in. By this I mean the occult and battles outside the jurisdiction of our spiritual authority. We have a lot of cases we work through each year and it's tough to respond to all of them. We're special ops so we select the cases that require special ops ministers. This wing of the ministry which is pretty intensive and is not funded at all. Most people come to us believing we are part of a large church ministry. We have a church covering, but we are not funded nor belong to a large church ministry.

We started out with a lot of deliverance ministry, recently with the church starting to embrace deliverance, with wonderful programs like Cleansing Streams, I am diverting people in that direction. Getting educated in basic deliverance and learning to walk in your own authority helps people stay cleaned up. I still volunteer as a Cleansing Streams minister.

In this capacity, I still operate as an exorcist. We get lots of requests for exorcisms, but I filter through the requests and try to determine which is applicable. I usually don't respond to requests for exorcisms unless some sort of medical proof is provided that experiences are not natural and an expert believes the cause is beyond physical resolution. I am the biggest skeptic when people approach me about having a demon. I want 100% proof before I consider working with them in the direction of exorcism.


If you're church would like training in spiritual warfare, deliverance, advance spiritual warfare, or prophetic outreach ministry, send an e-mail to me and we'll coordinate times. Summer is coming quickly. Let's book something on the calendar!

As for our own personal training, I need to work with others out of state for furthering my development in ministry. Either go back to CARE, Restoration in Christ Ministries, or pursue an advance Heart Sync class. The funding is zero here. May not happen this year.

I always believe in working side by side with the best of the best. Last year, I had the privilege to work alongside CARE, in Baldwin Michigan. Learning how to heal women from ritual abuse and mind control.

Prayer Ministry


Most of my ministry time these days is focused on prayer ministry with dissociate identity disorder (DID), from long term severe childhood trauma, or ritual abuse (RA). I work in the capacity as prayer minister with parts, work with de-programming parts from mind control, and help heal parts to make them whole through the ministry of Jesus Christ. Under this capacity, I also work as a spiritual director, working with numerous parts in one person, to lead them to Jesus, or to work with them where they're at in their own prayer development. Many identities in one person can have numerous states of interior prayer life development. This work is intensive, a lot of these parts are volatile. This ministry is very long term pastoral care. Many churches miss the mark in believing basic deliverance will help these people living in this torment and this is an inaccurate notion on the church's part. Some women I have worked with were thrown out by their pastors because they tried to use deliverance on a human part and it wouldn't work. This ministry is not limited to ritual abuse survivors. I am also working with young women who survived the foster care system and we raped repeatedly there. This is one ministry component I wish I could win the lottery on. There is little, to no funding.

Also, in this ministry, we are in intense warfare. The enemy doesn't like us removing women off of his altars. The warfare in this ministry is insanely intense. INTENSE!!! The enemy loves destroying finances to all the ministries involved here.

DID RA ministry requires meeting once a week, where a lot of inner healing occurs, but healing form DID can takes months to years. If anyone knows how to fund or bring in a grant, or a financial scholarship donation for these women - Would love to speak with you.

So now you know how busy we have been, Whew!!! Thank you so much for participating with us. We're small, experiencing tremendous growing pains and we could really use your prayers.

Also, please help support our ministry!!! ©2014 Michael J. Norton

Monday, May 12, 2014

Night Strike Supernatural Ministry Friday May 9 2014

Night Strike Recap for Friday May 09 2014

Sometimes I wish I could go out more often on the streets and help serve these incredible people. It was another phenomenal night on the streets. The ferocious May winds were causing a horrible chill. Yes, the worst time to be in San Francisco is in May. Market Street was a wind tunnel. Some of our friends who endure the rain were already packing up and seeking shelter from the piercing wind. It was cold!

We had a great time on the streets ministering to the people. One gentleman, Bob, who found the M16 Ministries web site, brave the winds to come meet us at the plaza and find out what we're all about.

Rick and Rich, along with my son, Josh, and a woman, I believe her name was Kate, set off for the Tenderloin. Brian, Mary, Lori (Happy Birthday!!), Mike, and Missty, went down Market St. I took a team, Dennis, Michelle, Dale, Cindy, and Bob went over to the Bill Graham. We encountered lots of people on the streets. Some more clever and fortunate individuals were setting up tents under the shelter of the Bill Graham building.

During the evening, while our team was ministering, we came across a woman sitting over a heater vent above an underground parking structure. She had a sweatshirt and a sheet wrapped around her and that's all she had. It's not protection at all from the wind that was out there. I started speaking with her and I noticed right away she had dissociative identity disorder. The part that was present I prayed with using the word, Her Creator, instead of God. Not knowing what her spiritual background was. She made sign of the cross with her hands, and then kissed her hands like she was holding a rosary in it. Right away, I was able to pray in Jesus name with her. The identity that protects her went down inside and I was able to speak to the woman. I offered her my jacket since she was in way unprepared to endure the cold wind all night. Well, there goes my heavy Night Strike jacket! It was completely blessed so I know it will be juiced up enough to keep her warm through the night.

On our way back to the UN Plaza we made one stop and it was a divine appointment. It turned out to be a spiritual warfare training lab for the team. We came across another woman lying on an exhaust vent. I knelt down and asked if I could pray with her. She said yes and informed me she was having seizures. She said she didn't want to go to the hospital she wanted to stay right where she was at. I started praying for her seizures to stop. As I did this, another woman lying next to her started spouting of obscenities at us. Pretty much was a demon with emphasis on explicit adjectives to the Christian names. She got louder as I quietly prayed over the woman for the seizures to stop. The woman with the seizures started spouting some foul stuff too but the spirits in her subsided as I prayed over her (see Mark 9:14-29). The woman was totally relaxed and the seizures stopped when we were through praying for her.

Dennis, at the same spot, was praying for a gentleman named Russ (Raus?). Russ had respiratory issues. Dennis and I prayed quietly for Russ, then the loud vile woman started piping in again. As we prayed, I quietly whispered, "In the name of Jesus Christ I bind that spirit to shut up." Completely out of ear reach or decibel range. At that exact moment, the woman, shut up, if not in mid sentence, of whatever it was she was spewing forth in vocabulary. And we finished praying for Russ. We don't know if Russ was healed, but he did say he could breath better.

Like I said it was a really awesome lab night in spiritual warfare for warriors to learn their authority first hand. We never know what kind of night we step into until we show up on the scene for a Night Strike.

Added: Brian's Team update

What a night to night with night strike. Ran into a demon possessed guy I'd seen another time was a little less high on drugs this time started talking about how he sees demons. Tried doing some deliverance but he was not willing... will hit him again. 

Ran into another young guy, OMG ,asked what church I went to... grew up in the area Vacaville new of the mission and the father's house and had read some of Graham Cooks books, started telling me he was a prophet...had been to bethal... touched by the holy spirit at one point. Was in a rough spot due to sin and drugs... told us about his Angel... OMG laid hands on him did some deliverance called his prophetic Calling forth and slammed him with the fire of toungs... first the demons came out, then he got healing, then he's shaking and laughing under the power of the holy spirit. Whoa whoa whoa Awesome. 

Then Prophisied to his calling in the kingdom. Majorly impacted him with heavens mandate. Jesus!

Added note that night I had a real powerful dream, probably second most in my life to date! In regards to the first demon possessed guy. Jesus Is King.

This is what we do and why I love walking in power.

Pray for Joseph!

Our dates and times are posted on M16 Ministries web site and our Facebook page. 

God Bless

Rev. Mike