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Armchair Quarter Backing Ghost Adventures Sedamsville Rectory

Every once in a while the paranormal reality shows produce an episode that are worthy of the M16 commentary. Yes, it's time again to arm chair quarter back, or this context, an arm chair exorcise, another episode of Ghost Adventures, the Sedamsville Rectory, which aired Friday 10/19/2012.

This episode is chalked full of little exorcism tidbits rarely seen in a paranormal show. In this episode, there is a restoration of an old rectory taking place in (or near) Cincinnati, Ohio. The owners,   Tim Brazeal and Terrie Scott, believe there is demonic activity going on in the rectory (called demonic infestation).

Sedamsville Rectory Defiled by Priest Molestation

The roots of the demonic infestation, are historically recorded, in the episoide, as a Catholic priest, who molested kids, nearly daily for over a decade. Zak and Nick make some wild spiritist assertions. So I am going to interject some information here, when a site is run by a priest, that disobeys God and is an abomination to the will of God, God turns him over to his tormentors. This is how a church becomes defiled. It's not uncommon for satanists to invade the priest hood and carry out satanic rituals at night in a church. I will cover one such horrific story in a future blog.

In the Sedamsville Rectory case, a priest allowed his will to be compromised by demons and he molested numerous children. God left the rectory from this activity and the demons moved in. The priest wouldn't even have had to have done satanic rituals in this case. However, it is not far fetched at this point that satanic ritual abuse could have occurred in this building with these children. I make this assumption based on the ferocity of the activity. It almost goes hand in hand.

Here is the episode clip discussing the history behind the demonic infestation at the Sedamsville Rectory.

Zak was right. The priest was punished. Jesus says in the book of Matthew if any harm comes to his little children, it is better if that person were never born. The priest isn't haunting the place in limbo like some Dickens fictional ghost. The priest is in hell. Where he was dragged off to by demons when he died. What is haunting the place are demons of pedophilia, perversion, religion and death. Looking for their next person to inhabit. Zak and Nick are interjecting their spiritist beliefs.

Demonic Obsession

A distinct sign of a demonic activity in a house or with a person is their obsession over the activity. The demon draws them into a 7x24 focus of the activity. In some cases it is voices, in some cases it is frightening demonic activity witnessed by one or more people. The intention is to steer you from focusing on Jesus and focus on the activity. The end result is to remove all sense of hope from your situation and that there is no way out. This is the perpetuated lie and it is dangerously effective. Paranormal investigators don't understand this form of demonic activity because it isn't presented anywhere in spiritist beliefs. It is a demonic weapon to foster unbelief.

The Dangers of Paranormal Investigation

Now for one of the treasures of this episode, Zak and Nick openly talk about their fears of returning to Bobby Mackey's bar. The Ghost Adventure team was demonized when they did an investigation there in a prior episode (I believe their first episode of their first season). These guys were severely oppressed and the whole time they held up the lie how fun paranormal investigations are. The devil will viciously attack you mercilessly when you cross tracks with him. A spiritist doesn't have the right weapons of warfare to deal with the demonic. In another video blog that was once on the Travel Channel, it was either Nick or Aaron who mentioned he was separated from his wife because of the demonic manifestations in their house. 

Bob Mackey's bar was the root of this demonic nightmare. It is still a big place for paranormal teams to investigate. Again, the spiritist is sucked into the lie that spirits remain their. Carl Lawson died and a ghost hunter recorded an EVP of Carl. So they thought. It was a demonic spirit speaking as Carl. Demons will lie to you till the very end.

The House Cleansing and Exorcism

I wonder how long it will be now before I start seeing paranormal investigators writing in chalk on front doors. The exorcist in this video used this technique. Probably to write Holy Spirit or King of Kings in Greek or Latin. I don't use this, but I now know I will run in to it on future deliverance cases. Just a note to those copying exorcisms, you are literally cleaning your shotgun, loaded and pointing at your face. An exorcism can be dangerous and it's not the words that are protecting you. In my area of work, it's my experience and faith that keeps the demons at bay. I don't read rites of exorcism, my team works in the prophetic and speak with God on what is happening and what to do. A demon knows where you are at in your faith and we have this little warning in our Book of Acts called the sons of Sceva. Demons will through you a beating.

One thing you will notice right away in this video is that the demon is fleeing. ...into Tim!
When we bless a house with demonic activity we always keep an eye on the people who live in the house. If they are under severe demonic oppression from the house, the demon will manifest in the person they are most familiar with. Spiritist call this spiritual attachment. It's also called being demonized.

As Father Ashcroft continues with the house blessing, the demon is aggressively manifesting in Tim. Some paranormal teams and even some Christian deliverance teams may try casting out the demons from Tim. But as Father Ashcroft has already discerned, this is not the time. In fact it would be dangerous for both Tim and Terrie. Their spiritual life is questionable. Although, they are wearing crosses, it is only as false protection was Father Ashcroft comments on. A Christian wouldn't need the cross to be in the house, it would be the presence of the Holy Spirit in them that would protect them from the demonic presence. When we met TIm and Terrie in the first part of the show, we saw they had different last names. Which could elude to the fact they aren't married but sleeping together. This is a defilement to the sanctity of marriage and literally invites demonic activity.  Father Ashcroft is most likely going to meet with them after the cameras are off. As an exorcist, his job is to get the tormented souls back on the path to Christ.  They apparently don't have a solid spiritual foundation or even a relationship with Jesus. Therefore, on this information alone, casting out the demons now would invite 7 more spirits worse back in their place. It wouldn't help Tim and Terrie.

There is another issue called a soul tie, which is formed when a man and a woman sleep together. It is for this reason, Jesus created marriage between one man and one woman. When the flesh join their is also a union of souls and spirits. When a demonized individual has sex with another person, the other person can pick up these demons as well. Even if they were married, this demonic transference can and does happen. In this case, we always pray deliverance ministry with both the husband and the wife (separately).

As for Father Ashcroft saying there is only one entity. I don't believe that. There is a spirit of pedophilia in the house, and that has a spirit friend of perversion, and being next to a church, there's a religious spirit, a mocking spirit, a spirit of fear, and no doubt a spirit of death.  If you want to call that one entity...

This episode has some great material for edification in the ministry of exorcism. It also shows us the nightmare some paranormal investigators endure from their lack of true spiritual knowledge and authority. As for Tim and Terrie's house, if they receive deliverance ministry, I wouldn't doubt that in several months they are strong enough to take their own house back. It's their spirituality and their path that needs to be set straight. After that, they can take on the spirits in the house.

In closing, this is yet another house with a sensational story where the owners make significant money from ghost hunter events. If the owners truly want to be free of this demonic activity they must shutdown their demonic fun house and not make money from it.

sedamsville rectory

God Bless
Rev. Mike
M16 Ministries

Saturday, September 1, 2012

SCRC Christ Triumphant Exorcist Conference Sat

Here is the final update on the conference. Today the lectures were more up to par with what I expected to hear at an exorcist conference. Remember, exorcism is a deliverance ministry for inner healing. It's not the hog wash or mockery paranormal investigators portray it to be. Exorcism is about healing the soul and the wounds that allowed demonic entry.

One of the great things I liked about each lecture was that there was worship prior to each one. The worship typically ended with the worship leaders singing in tongues.

Father Grob opened the first lecture with the history of exorcism. I took lots of meticulous notes and I need to go back through them for a future post. Hopefully I can read my own steno notes chicken scratch.

Dr. Margaret Schnietz gave the second lecture on how to build a ministry prayer team. Again tons of notes. I have about 20 pages of notes from the day to go through. Dr. Schnietz is a clinical psychologist and exorcist and she had a lot of great information on the human and spiritual dynamics of a good prayer team. And how to manage and grow one. I thought she was an incredible and funny speaker. It was like listening to a grandma exorcist. Margaret mentioned one day she would retire but God hasn't discussed that with her yet.

The final afternoon lecture was again by Fr. Grob, The topic was how unforgiveness opens doors to evil. Fr Grob offered lots of in site from his own ministry and expertise and clearly defined psychological and spiritual forgiveness.

In ending, and this is my own comments. The exorcists I met were very real men and women. Each was passionate about their spiritual beliefs and the healing of the human condition from darkness.

I had a very busy day networking and meeting with people in this ministry. I have a ton of notes and a lot of new contacts. I am honored to have had this time and met these people. Each was amazingly open to speak with me and make connections for ministry. It was cool to have M16 Ministries reach a point where we could operate in this manner. It was a long road getting here and it will be exciting to see where the Holy Spirit is going with this trip. I was able to add a lot of information to curse breaking from the individuals I met here. And it was good to finally meet a ministry friend in person.

God Bless

SCRC Christ Triumphant Exorcist Conference Fri

The Friday recap is being posted late. Sorry. Friday was very busy and I sat through some long sessions on exorcism, about an hour and a 1/2 each. The first session was led by Fr Grob, of the Chicago diocese. He was informative and gave a basis of what the ministry of exorcism is. It's a healing ministry that involves the expulsion of demons. The Roman Catholics make a distinction in their battle with demons where deliverance ministry is used for most demonic oppression and exorcism is used for demonic possession. Demonic possession requires that one give themselves over in some manner to the demon. Willfully participating in the occult would be an example of this.

One of the interesting comments I heard from Fr. Grob is that he thought no other Christian denominations dealt with demonic possession. Mainly, I feel this is because on the Catholic church does exorcisms. I spoke with Fr Grob afterward and gave him a copy of my book, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare, and told him the Protestants are working with possession, only we aren't exorcists. That is a ministry specifically used by the Roman Catholic church and some orthodox churches. We protestants use Jesus deliverance ministry for all of the above and it works on POSSESSION! Fr. Grob was pleased I made the distinction I was not an exorcist. Then again, the Roman Catholic church calls Jesus ministry of healing the possessed exorcism. We call it Jesus' deliverance ministry. Fr. Grob was a great speaker and very informative.

The second hour and a 1/2 session was with Fr. Thomas and Fr. Grob. This particular session was the meat of the Friday sessions. Very informative. Finally, we were dealing with exorcism topics. Which is the reason I came. Fr. Grob shared information regarding a satanic ritual killing of a nun, in Toledo Ohio, back in the 1980s. It was a cold case with the police in those days, but modern science and forensic DNA reopened it and the murder was caught. The person charged with the crime was the priest of the parish. Fascinating and gruesome details of how the occult operates in our everyday society.

The last section of the day had speakers, Fr. Nobrega, and Dr. Schlientz. Fr. Nobrega delivered more of a Sunday mass homily. I felt like I was getting more of a Sunday mass friendly sermon. Fr. Nobrega's diocese operates near my borders so I spoke with him afterwards. Again, the same initial reaction, he was surprised a Protestant deliverance ministry that deals with possession operates near him. I am not harping this, but I am getting the realization to an issue with the body of Christ in general as a theme here. We Protestants don't truly deal with demonic possession, except for a hand full of ministries, like M16 Ministries. When a conference speaker casts out a demon or two, we are easily wowed. The church body has no clue a spiritual war is going on. Until we lose our job or something and then it's spiritual warfare!!! That's conception in the church. The church doesn't have a clue the supernatural is real! We dropped the ball on true deliverance ministry in the church. Look at the Christian best sellers these days in books, one is a radio talk show host talked to a demon on air. Christians buy these kinds of books, and I am not knocking them, because we are literally a deer caught in headlights when it comes to the supernatural, Wow, does this stuff really happen? YES! It does, and A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare lays out how to deal with it! We Protestant churches in the U.S. have DROPPED the ball in spiritual warfare. The pulpit tends to respond to this issue by inviting a gregarious conference speaker in with a best seller on spiritual warfare and let them entertain the church on the subject of demons. The church doesn't need more friendly talks from conference speakers, it needs to be set free and it needs deliverance ministry. Pastors who do this seldom understand deliverance and are totally avoiding real deliverance teams and their knowledge base. I know this is because the pastors think we're kinda weird and our deliverance ministry talks about demons as if they're real. The church needs to wake up!!! Fortunately, I am with a church that embraces this ministry. We do have some deliverance-lite ministries, such as Cleansing Streams, which is powerful. But it doesn't deal with the hard cases. But usually, 85% of the cases aren't hard cases. They just need simple go old fashion deliverance.

One thing I do openly share with those wanting to minister in deliverance is that it isn't for everyone. It requires individuals drafted by God into spiritual warfare. You and your family must live in the warfare going on around you. It's your eyes being open. Kinda like when Neo took the blue pill in the Matrix. Your world will never be the same again and there's no going back. The Roman Catholic church has recognized this and that's why they have only specific priests assigned to the office of exorcism.

What the Roman Catholic Church is doing an excellent job of is rolling out inner healing for spiritual issues to every one of their churches. It will take some time and they're properly addressing the issue. During this time it is also important too for Protestant deliverance ministries to start connecting with the Roman Catholic church and work together. I know the priests I spoke with were puzzled on how we cast out demons in cases of possession without using the Rite.

The final speaker of the evening was a woman who is retired clinical psychologist, Dr. Schlientz. She has been in the ministry of exorcism for over 50 years. She stumbled into the ministry way back during the Vatican II days and Catholic charismatic renewal movement. It was cool to see an exorcist appointed outside the clergy. Dr. Schlientz message was similar to the M16 history with the movement of the Holy Spirit in churches. When the Holy Spirit started to move through churches in the charismatic renewal, demons, who had been in the church for a long time, started manifesting. In the early days, Dr. Schlientz mentioned they didn't know what to do, but as a psychologist, this wasn't psychological -it was spiritual! After about five years, the priest in her parish found an old book on the Rite in his church library. He read through it and the epiphany came to him that his prayer team had entered the ministry of exorcism -unknowingly. And had been doing it for some time! Dr. Schlientz message was that the medical and spiritual communities need to work hand in hand with illnesses, both mental and spiritual. I found Dr. Schlientz to be an informative speaker. She was also entertaining, it was like watching my grandma speak on exorcism. Her work is highly respected by the Roman Catholic exorcists.

In all, I am hoping their is more meat on these talks today. For those of you who attended my talks on Frontline of Spiritual Warfare will be happy to know I went into demonic oppression far more deeper than any of these talks did. Hopefully, Friday was only a meet and greet the exorcists. There has been no real substantial information given out yet on the ministry. However, it has been a fabulous networking day with many Roman Catholic ministers. It's Saturday and I am off to the next sessions.

Well, that is it for the late Friday update to being posted on Saturday. If the blog is filled with typos (what makes this different from any other post? :O ) it's because I am in a hurry today.

God Bless

Friday, August 31, 2012

SCRC Christ Triumphant Exorcist Conference Thu

It's been an amazing day and the Catholic SCRC conference doesn't even start until tomorrow (08/31/12). I had the opportunity to meet a friend whom I worked with on the Internet as a fellow deliverance minister, Moira Noonan. She is also an author and a conference speaker. We exchanged signed copies of our books, mine, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare, and hers, Ransomed from Darkness. Moira introduced me to several prominent Catholic priests who were exorcists and deliverance ministers. One deliverance priest, Father John, from the Los Angeles diocese turned out to be a wealth of information as I by chance asked him about Freemasonry and what he. M16 has seen it's share of nasty Freemason curses. Father John said the Freemason oathes were altered in the 1920's by known satanist, Alistair Crowley. So there it is. I spoke with Father John at some length and we wasn't a flake. But it confirmed things our team had already encountered.

The conference was kicked off by my friend Father Gary Thomas, hosting a preview of the movie, The Rite. He is the exorcist the book The Rite is about. But the movie is a Hollywood sharp left turn into nothing matching the powerful message of the book. Before the movie started, I met brother Dominic, through Moira. Dominic mentioned a coven of witches sat outside the room earlier and security gave them the boot. So Dominic, Moira, another exorcist, and I prayed off the assignments of the room. I got to return favor to Moira for showing the new kid around and introduced her to Father Gary.

After the movie viewing, Father Gary answered questions. He gave some cool testimonies of his team in action. One story was about a New Ager near his parish who bought some books and trinkets from the local New Age store. One of the items was this beautiful fairy statue. Discernment revealed the fairy statue was the cause of sickness and mayhem in the home. Somebody ended up smashing the statue only to reveal the statue was intentionally poured over satanic items.

The Q&A went on to answer questions of Protestant deliverance ministry versus Catholic exorcists ways of expelling spirits. Like I tell people in these arguments now that I have seen both sides of the fence. M16 (Pentecostal) is a Navy Seal team. RC Exorcists are Army Special forces. Both teams get the job done, but are trained differently.

A lot of the conversation was on how RC exorcism handles differently and they make a distinction between deliverance and exorcism. In our ministry, we still take on the same battles as exorcists. Only, we don't use the Rite. We use the gifts of the spirit and the Holy Spirit. Exorcism uses gifts of the spirit as well, but their used in conjunction with the Rite and Holy Sacraments.

A Pentecostal deliverance team doesn't use the Rite or even the sacraments. The entire prayer session of deliverance uses the prophetic and not written deliverance prayer. The spirit is also under the power of the Holy Spirit. Hence, the prayer team is not being attacked. This is a different method of exorcising authority than used in the Rite. Like I said, one is Navy Seals and one is Army Special Forces. It's been fascinating to learn how the RC Rite is used. What I walked away with today is that we're all the same mystical body of Christ. We just do things differently and still accomplish the same goal. I have been  blessed with the people I have met and spoken with. Everyone has been incredibly friendly and open to the fact and Assembly of God guy is in their midst.

That was it for the pre-show show. Friday the convention starts and I am anxious to hear from some prominent exorcists.

It's late and I have a big day ahead,
God Bless

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dear Christian - Yoga is Hinduism

Yes you read the title correctly, Yoga is Hinduism. This may come as a surprise to most Christians who are practicing yoga. I never clearly understood what Yoga was nor did I ever care. It was something I always thought people did who were into stretching and living a vegan or New Age lifestyle. I had the stereotypical, non-Yoga practicing idea of this fitness craze. I am normally don't discuss matters of demonic influence unless I have seen and worked with them first hand. Whenever I discuss matters of this nature I tend to ruffle the feathers and raise the hackles of my sisters and brothers in Christ. A little background on me, if you're new to this blog or surfed in by accident, I run a ministry team that deals with severe demonic activity. Pastors in my area usually refer the tough cases to my team, M16 Ministries. I am also the author of the book, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare. I usually don't bring up these matters unless my team has seen and worked with demonic spirits, and in this case for Yoga, the spirit of Kundalini. 

On several occasions while working with people who came to us to deal with real spirit manifestations, we stumbled onto this spirit during deliverance prayer sessions. It doesn't happen all the time, but people who attract spirits need to avoid the practice of Yoga all together. If this isn't a heads up for a Christian to cease Yoga and simply take up stretching, I don't know what else to say. During prayer session, these individuals would develop sever lower back pain. When this occurs one of our prayer team people will quietly whisper and bind the spirit of Kundalini out of ear shot of the individual. Most times there is no reaction and we move on in prayer. When there is a reaction to the binding, we have seen individuals tense up, their backs go rigid or even a sharp pain increase in the lower back at that moment. We have also seen people fall to the floor and slither. It's a demonic manifestation the person picked up while in Yoga  and practicing a healthy life style. 

Why does this happen? Am I just a narrow minded Christian? I have had many Christian women roll their eyes at me when I tell them what we have encountered. Obviously, I am not out to make friends divulging this information. Christian practitioners must ask themselves the question, what is yoga?

When I researched Yoga I went no farther than my local gym that offered Yoga. Here's what was offered. Beginning Yoga, participants in these classes will learn the art and science of the basic yoga postures. The classes are led by MSW, Iyengar certified instructors. Iyengar certified means the instructor has been trained in the B.K.S Iyengar yoga. B.K.S Iyengar is the name of the founder, yogi Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar, for Iyengar yoga. For further inquiry on this I pulled up the official website page for B.K.S. Iyenengar, Yoga is defined on the FAQ <Forum for Asking Questions> page of that site. According to the FAQ, “The word yoga originates from the sanskrit root yuj which means Union. On the spiritual plane, it means union of the Individual Self with the Universal Self, Yoga is the union of the body, mind, emotions and intellect.”

Does "union of the individual self with the universal self" line up with anything Biblical? If it does, please tell which Bible translation you are reading. Christy Turlington, in her book, Living Yoga – Creating a Life Practice, defines Yoga as a school of Hindu philosophy using a series of postures, practiced breathing exercise, physical and mental control to unify the self with the Supreme Being. The supreme being Christy is referring to here is NOT God!

Postures, Positions and Asanas

Let's take a look at postures. All the positions, postures, in yoga have a specific meaning. Each posture, called an asanas, has a direct correlation to many thousands of Hindu gods. Each posture is a pose to honor an individual 'lowercase' god – a demon.

Asanas, or postures, come from Hatha Yoga. Ha means Sun and Tha means moon. These practices harness the life force energy, or the psychospiritual energies. Asanas use the body as a tool, by posturing the body, to experience union with our higher or supreme conscious.i The higher or supreme consciousness is man as god. It is occult. It is not the consciousness of the one true God.

iChristyTurlington, LIVING YOGA – Creating a Life Practice, (HYPERION. 2002), pg 42.

The contradiction in doctrines is that the yoga practitioner is looking for liberation from their body. In comparison, the Christian body is the temple where the Holy Spirit dwells.

What is Yoga Then?

The root belief of yoga is largely Hinduism. The yoga instructor, from their New Age perspective, will most likely argue that yoga is loosely based on Hinduism. This is because New Agers like to believe all paths lead to their perception of a god. In New Age beliefs, they pick and choose and selectively dismiss what they want to believe. The argument that yoga isn't based on Hinduism is a big misconception in Western society. This argument is put to rest in a Time Magazine article, titled “Stretching for Jesus”, “Moreover, others argue, Hinduism is not like a recipe ingredient that can be extracted from Yoga. Says Subhas Tiwari, professor of yoga philosophy and meditation at the Hindu University of America in Orlando, Fla., 'Yoga is Hinduism.'”i

iLisa Takeuchi Cullen/Mahtomedi, “Stretching for Jesus”, (Time Magazine Monday August 29, 2005),,9171,1098937-1,00.html

Spirit of Kundalini

The Kundalini spirit wraps itself around the base of the yoga practitioner's spine. During deliverance ministry, the spirit will manifest in the lower spine first and cause contortions of the spine and may release excruciating pain on the back. In some cases the manifestation can cause the person to slither on the ground.

In the book, KUNDALINI YOGA – Unlock Your Potential Through Life-Changing Exercises, Shartka Kaur Khalsa, gives the following details on the Kundalini spirit. “In the physical body, the kundalini resides in the spine. The two nerve channels intertwine around the central nerve of the spinal column are called the Ida (the lunar, negative energy) and the Pingala (the solar, positive energy). Each of them makes two and one-half turns around the central column of the spine, called the shushmana, sa they spiral upward from the base of the spine. The two channels act as main conductors of the kundalini energy that is already flowing within our bodies, there is a vast reservoir of untapped kundalini stored under the fourth vertebra of the spinal column.”i

There is a spiritual aspect to this, as described by the yoga master, “In reality, there is the universal spirit, sometimes referred to as God. God uncoils him/her/itself. This uncoiling process is known as kundalini.”ii

Yoga books describe the kundalini must be awakened. Usually, when a Christian practitioner awakens the kundalini they experience long bouts with sleeplessness. Some may experience a burning sensation on their spine. When this happens, the person practicing the seemingly harmless art and science of yoga has now stepped into the occult. The kundalini spirit (demon) is now awakened or uncoiled on the practitioner's spine.

iShakta Kaur Khalsa, KUNDALINI YOGA – Unlock Your Potential Through Life-Changing Exercises, (DK. 2000), pg 11.
iiShakta Kaur Khalsa, KUNDALINI YOGA – Unlock Your Potential Through Life-Changing Exercises, (DK. 2000), pg 10.

Deliverance and Yoga
We encounter the spirit of Kundalini on occasion with our ministry. When it manifests it's enough for me to know I am steering clear of Yoga. Does it make me one-sided? Does it make me a narrow minded Christian? I know what I have seen first hand. I have travelled the world and worked with Pastors in various regions of the world and have seen the darkness of many religions. God gave us free will and it's up to you how you process the information. It isn't my job to tell you how to think, and as a Christian, it isn't my job to tell you we have a jealous God who doesn't like competing with gods. 

In cases of yoga, use at least two prayer team members to pray for the spiritual cleansing. It's a good idea to lay hands on the spine of the person and order the spirit of Kundalini off the individual. Sometimes there is a manifestation and sometimes there isn't. You can have the person requesting prayer to either sit in a chair or stand. Just have the person relax and receive prayer.

You will need to lead the person in a repentance prayer. If the person stumbles over the words or is unable to say one word of the repentance prayer it maybe a spirit manifesting to stop the ministry. Have the person repent for being involved in yoga.

Heavenly Father, please forgive me for allowing my body and your temple to be used in ungodly ways. Father please cleanse me of all spiritual and physical attachments to yoga and the spirit of Kundalini. I repent for and renounce my participation in yoga and Hinudism.

One of the prayer team members should be binding the spirit of Kundalini and ordering it off the spine of the individual. In the event the person is exhibiting pain in the spine, bind the pain. There is no yelling in this session or screaming and yelling and binding principalities. It's all very calm and controlled by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is calm, no screaming and yelling. There is total unity in the prayer team. 

Well, with blogs like this I probably irritated a lot of people, but the importance is I reached the one who needed the help. I provided the data I researched. I always like information to support what I seen and prayed for first hand. It helps me in battle later.

God Bless
Rev. Mike

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Think you can be a Christian and do yoga?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Binding Kings ..Defeated by Midgets

When it comes to spiritual warfare and engaging demons the Church tends to be all over the map. From our ministry experience, we have seen time after time where the follower of Jesus is being attacked by a spiritual midget and they don't use their spiritual authority over the situation. Yet, the same individual is called to corporate prayer, they will go straight after a principality and bind them. We have witnessed this with intercessors too, who will bind the demonic kings in their corporate prayers and yet be the first person to run out the door in fear when a spiritual midget manifests in an oppressed person.

For some reason we define our spiritual authority in being able to pick a fight with a demonic king. When we are oppressed we run with our tail between our legs screaming, “Help. I am being spiritually attacked!”

In the chapter on Authority, in my book, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare. I mentioned how the pulpit has dropped the ball in teaching spiritual authority. I have visited or been called to churches where the pastor was binding principalities, and yet when a member of the congregation manifests a spirit, the pastor's first reaction is for the individual to seek psychological counseling. The pastor has allowed his authority to be challenged by a spiritual midget. Authority has been compromised. Many times in our ministry, we find ourselves in a spiritual rescue mission because the leadership of the church didn't walk in their authority. By the grace of God we were allowed to work with these individuals who were on the verge of leaving the church altogether. Because the pastoral leadership didn't offer the assistance they needed nor have the ability to discern the nature of the attacks were truly spiritual.

It doesn't matter how many books you buy and read on spiritual warfare, if you don't walk in your authority, you will be a punching bag to spiritual midgets. I have had people contact me and tell me our chapter on spiritual authority in my book was an eye opener. One gentleman who refused to be pushed around by midgets purchased the books on routing demons and spiritual warfare. These books were all useless until this man learned to stand in his spiritual authority.

When Jesus completed His work on the cross we were handed dominion over everything on this earth. When the rebelling angels were tossed out of heaven they were cast down to earth. Heaven is in a spiritual war. These are God's enemies the war is waged against. We know from scripture, Ephesians 6:12,

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, our battle is against the spiritual demonic midgets that attack the mind, and thoughts, and seek total manipulation and control of  who? You and me! The demonic midgets are here on earth, the principalities -the authorities, are the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Not all spirits here on earth a spiritual midgets, we have demons that liked to be worshipped, like Hinduism, and Buddhism, to name a few. The midget spirit is usually the familiar spirit that wages war on people and tries to gain control of an individual. When the midget gains control the other homies start moving their junk in.

The heavenly realms? Are there demons in heaven? In 2 Corinthians 12:2, Paul mentioned the 3rd heaven. This the realm where God resides. The 3rd heaven is our eternal destiny for those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Now heavenly realms suggests a layering of heaven. Some ancient Hebraic traditions suggest there can be as many as 7 layers in the heavenly realms. Are there 3 layers or are there 7? No one on earth knows.

There is a 2nd heaven and this is the realm where the demonic authorities and rulers reside. This is a realm up above and beyond our dominion here on earth. To re-emphasize, the 2nd heaven is outside the scope of our dominion. There are demons here on earth, we have dominion and spiritual authority over these demons. The rulers in the second heaven we don't have authority over. Second heaven is commonly misunderstood to be our physical outer space. 2nd heaven resides in the spiritual heavens, not ours. When an intercessor goes out and wages war with a regional <ruling> spirit or a principality, they are literally stepping outside the protective covering of Jesus. This is a VERY BAD spot to be in.

Lisa and I spoke at one conference on spiritual warfare, afterwards, a pastor brought his intercessor over to meet us. He asked us to pray for her because she was under severe demonic attack. Lisa and I prayed for the woman and Lisa received a prophetic word that this woman was binding rulers over her city. When you launch an attack you will get a response. If you want a simple understanding of how demons work, look no farther then city gangs. You want to rumble, they'll oblige you with a fight. A really nasty vicious fight!

As the truth was revealed about the root of the spiritual attacks on this intercessor she started to scream out in pain as the demon broke free of her stomach. God healed the woman through prayer, but she put her self in a defenseless position because she stepped outside the protective covering of Jesus and the authority He gave us.

I have an audio box set healing seminar by a popular conference speaker and this person has been on Sid Roth's Supernatural show. In the first minute of the healing seminar this pastor starts telling people to go after the demonic kings. The pastor goes on to state that you carve out your spiritual authority by warring with the kings in the heavenly realms. This is a VERY BAD teaching! Then the individual gives out their anointing to everyone listening to be conquerors of kings. I heard enough and stopped listening to the lesson. That is an irresponsible teaching and the person clearly doesn't understand spiritual warfare. This pastor also interpreted the 2nd heaven as being in our physical outer space. NO! 2nd heaven is a hood in the heavenly realms.

The idea alone to pick a fight with a demonic king just to sharpen your own skills in spiritual warfare is madness. In my battles, I have crossed paths with principalities and spirits assigned to carry judgement. It wasn't because I was picking a fight with them. It was because the Holy Spirit revealed them to me and they were on a short leash by God's will and beckoning. I was shown the power these spiritual creatures have. These are my God's enemies and He engages them. Not me! Our job is to clean up the trash here on earth. Not by going out and picking a fight with them. Which is insanity in itself. But to remove the midgets here on earth as they surface and wage their warfare with God's people. Remember the reason we were given authority is to build the KINGDOM! Not to seek power and sharpen our swords in the 2nd heaven. In focusing on warring against the 2nd heaven rulers you may unknowingly be worshipping them by giving constant attention. Which is an interesting scheme of the enemy. Another clever scheme of the enemy is the deception we can command angels. Angels are God's creation and we don't command them. The Lord of Hosts commands them!

Many times in prayer gatherings, the prayers revolve around bringing down giants. 99% of the time that giant is a demonic midget staring in someone's face and they're doing nothing about it. When a spirit has convinced you you're cursed – that is a demonic midget -or your first giant to defeat. There are weapons God gave us to defeat the midget. There are also some great deliverance ministries churches should use, like Cleansing Streams. There are other cases where the battle is so great, where a spirit manifests, it must be evicted. A spirit can be evicted in one sitting, in several sittings of prayer of liberation, or over a period of time like a year or more. Many Christians are defeated by midgets in deliverance ministry because the demon doesn't leave after the first two sessions of prayers of liberation. We have seen pastors give up after a month of battle and have the person seek counseling. I am speaking about the severe cases where people are truly under demonic attack and not demonic obsession cases.

Your Goliath may actually be a midget. Defeat that spirit first and use wisdom when you pray. You can't remove a ruler from the heavenly realms. But you can pray for change in the hearts of people in your region that will weaken the rulers hold.

Go forth and pray wisely!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Plowing the Fields

We know the kingdom is full of sowers and harvesters, but many seldom consider the work of the plowers. In order for a seed to be planted the field must be plowed. Perhaps plowed many times before the soil is ready for the seed. Plowers bring encounters to people who are not even ready to consider anything spiritually or to those where following Jesus isn't even on their spiritual radar. The plower engages people where they are at in their lives. And seldom is the name Jesus mentioned during these encounters. For the harvesters this method of evangelism seems like complete insanity. How on earth can someone be led to Jesus without evening mentioning the name of Jesus? To some this may sound like a bit of heresy. Evangelism without using the name of Jesus ? Keep in mind just because the name of Jesus isn't mentioned in an encounter means the encounter is void of Jesus. To the contrary, field plowers must be able to feel the presence of Jesus and work with Him and the Father's will during an encounter. Plowers are mature followers who understand the Father in heaven is big enough to handle His own encounter with an individual.

Let me give you an example of one such case from the journals of Night Strike. This is a fresh story so it's fitting to use it here for this example. At Night Strike we minister to the homeless, the drug addicts and the prostitutes. We're in San Francisco so we minister to the transvestite prostitutes on the streets. My old street ministry route with Night Strike, before Bob Johnson handed the reigns of the ministry over to me, was with the transvestite prostitutes. When I assumed the leadership position, I had to fall back and do other roles, which left my route unattended.

In the years prior when I regularly worked my route, I would take pink roses and hand them out to the ladies we encountered on the streets. At first the ladies we encountered didn't want the time of day with me nor speak to me. So I just handed them a rose and gave them a prophetic encouraging word. I would get a smile or a scowl and that was it. One woman got on my spiritual radar that I was to travail for. In travailing it's a long stretch battle with outcome completely in God's hands. This was about 2 years prior to this incident. Every Friday encounter was the same, I would encounter this transvestite prostitute we'll call Kate. Kate would receive a rose and not say much to me. Went like this for over a year. I did manage to get out of Kate the fact that she would meditate and was Buddist. Aside from her name that's all the information I knew about her. In my heart I knew the Father had a deeper plan for Kate.

As my new duties increased with running Night Strike I was deeply burdened with the fact my old route was being neglected and all that plowing was going to waste. Finally, I decided to move one team of some incredibly dedicated people, consisting of two young women, Ellen and Jenn,and one young man, named Matt, over to this route. I purchased the roses, which felt good, the route would be revitalized and back in operation.

On Friday evening as I took the team to the location for ministry I coached them on just working with the prostitutes where they're at and just let things happen. I hadn't been back here in a while so it logical to assume we were starting at square one all over again.

When we reached our ministry destination I saw one prostitute standing in the dark shadows of a building. I sent Jenn and Ellen ahead with the roses to engage in conversation. Realistically, I gave them 15 seconds from start to finish and we would head on to find more prostitutes.

I stood guard watching the ladies from my team for over 30 seconds, as they spoke to this prostitute. Then it was a minute, and a minute became minutes. Soon it was about 10 minutes this conversation went on for. I decided to walk over and see what miraculous thing was going on with the two ladies from the team.

As I stepped in the conversation, with Ellen and Jenn, I immediately noticed it was Kate. I didn't recognize her at first she had changed her hair color. Kate was sharing with the ladies for the past 10 minutes that she was a now follower of Jesus and that she was going to school to get off the streets. Kate recognized me and told the girls on our team how much we were needed back out on the streets and that we were missed.

I needed someone to pinch me. It was not the response I had expected at all. Kate even looked me in the eyes when she spoke to me. She always avoided eye contact. I heard more words spoken from Kate on this evening then I ever had over the past couple of years combined!

As Kate was speaking to us, I handed out more roses to other prostitutes that walked by. We were being received by the other prostitutes. All the plowing had made the land fertile. All the plowing by my predecessors, Chanel, Elyssa, and Leah. They handed the route over to me when they moved out of the state. Now as I hand the route over to Ellen, Jenn, and Matt, I am excited to see the fruits of the labor of the plowers who tilled these streets. Something was happening and we were welcomed back.

It took plowers to come in and love these people before the sowers and harvesters were able to come in and lead these ladies to Jesus. The Father has no agenda but love for His kids. You want to win anyone over to Jesus? Just love them where they're at. And leave your obnoxious sin spouting bullhorn at home.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Counterpoint: Are Ghosts Compatible with Christian Faith

Usually, I like to stick to my own ramblings in the supernatural. But I have been struggling with how to address the issue of the Christian ghost hunting without coming off and sounding like a pompous condescending scholar on a BBC television show. I wrestled for sometime on how to write this article without offending the intended audience. How do you reach neutral ground on a tough subject and not make people upset or angry about their beliefs? What finally hashed out is this article. I don't usually address other people's work in my adventures and ramblings, but it makes sense to do so in this case. On the Paranormal Warriors of St. Michael website Fr. Bob Bailey has written an article on “Are Ghosts Compatible With ChristianFaith?”. I will use this article to write a counterpoint using the arguments and facts presented by Fr. Bob Bailey to bring to light some critical points in theology on this matter.

Let's open with Fr. Bob Bailey's paragraph to keep his thoughts in context.

There is a belief among some more fundamentalist and Pentecostal-oriented Christians that theses were all evil spirits – if they existed – merely masquerading as “ghosts”, yet people’s experiences seemed to prove otherwise. This I would come to understand more clearly as I entered into this Work. The more I would <work> with those in the paranormal fiend <field>, the more the Lord was teaching me that a belief in ghosts is NOT INCOMPATIBLE with Christian Faith. Here of the reasons to support this view.

To briefly paraphrase Fr. Bob Bailey and not take him out of his own context, fundamental and Pentecostal Christians believe ghosts are evil spirits – masquerading as ghosts. Fr. Bob is quoting,

14And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
 15Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.
2 Cornithians 11:14-15 (KJV)

It is important to note that Fr. Bob Bailey is a Catholic priest, and he implies in his statement that Catholicism accepts ghosts, but the fundamentalist and Pentecostal Christians do not. It is their (the fundamentalist and Pentecostal) theology that ghosts don't exist. This is deceptive to the reader who wants to understand the truth about ghosts and their Christian faith. What Fr. Bob fails to bring to light is that Catholicism forbids the teachings of spiritism in the Church. Spiritism is the belief that ghosts walk the earth and we can communicate with them. I can completely expand on this but I want to keep to the counterpoint of question, “Are Ghosts Compatible with Christian Faith?”. Fr. Bob goes on to state the more he worked in the paranormal field, the more the Lord was teaching him that ghosts were real. Does this seem odd that Fr. Bob would make this statement when he previously stated the fundamental Christian (those who stay true to the teachings of the Bible) won't budge because of the scripture that Satan and his evil spirits can appear to us as friendly spirits, albeit resemble deceased spirits? Then the Lord taught him the scripture was incompatible? Does this argument line up Biblically?

Let's move on in this article, where the primary argument used by Christian ghost hunters, resides. And this is with the Old Testament account of Saul using the medium of Endor to summon the spirit of Samuel (1 Samuel 28:8-20). The article states,

1. Were there ghosts in Biblical days? The classic passage in the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) that we can refer to is: Samuel 28:15:Then Samuel said to Saul, "Why have you disturbed me by bringing me up?" And Saul answered, "I am greatly distressed; for the Philistines are waging war against me, and God has departed from me and no longer answers me, either through prophets or by dreams; therefore I have called you, that you may make known to me what I should do." (New American Bible)
Clearly here, the passage does show that ghosts which are spirits of the deceased are able to and have come into our earthly realm.

This is the primary argument used by Christian ghost hunters to justify the existence of ghosts. Rarely, if ever, have I ever seen the following scripture quoted where the spirit is identified as a familiar spirit and not a ghost.

13So Saul died for his transgression which he committed against the LORD, even against the word of the LORD, which he kept not, and also for asking counsel of one that had a familiar spirit, to enquire of it;
1 Chronicles 10:13 (KJV)

Is this not the event being referred to in 1 Samuel 28:15? If you are in agreement, let's take a look at what the scripture says. Saul asked counsel of one that had a familiar spirit and asked her to enquire of it. A familiar spirit is a demon -not a ghost! Familiar means it is a servant spirit. A servant spirit of who? Satan.

31Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God.
Leviticus 19:31 (KJV)

God is explicitly telling His people to AVOID familiar spirits! All demons lie. They can MASQUERADE. If the scripture is twisted, it can call the familiar spirit -a ghost. Then those who adhere to that notion must also further ADJUST the word of the Lord on this,

6And the soul that turneth after such as have familiar spirits, and after wizards, to go a whoring after them, I will even set my face against that soul, and will cut him off from among his people.
Levitiucs 20:6 (KJV)

Scripture explicitly states that Saul was cursed for consulting the medium and her familiar spirit. There is no question that there has always been a belief in ghosts throughout the history of mankind. The question is whether they are ghosts or they are unclean spirits roaming the earth. The father of lies is responsible for the ghost phenomena.

44Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.
John 8:44

I firmly believe that the witch and Saul were being deceived by a demonic spirit. To be fair and give coverage in this argument, there are some theologians who believe it was truly Samuel who appeared to them and it was done so through divine permission. God permitted the spirit of Samuel to leave his eternal home to come back and rebuke Saul. In this case, theologians believe Samuel appeared in a glorified form, much like Elijah and Moses did, and not as a ghost!

28And it came to pass about an eight days after these sayings, he took Peter and John and James, and went up into a mountain to pray.
 29And as he prayed, the fashion of his countenance was altered, and his raiment was white and glistering.
 30And, behold, there talked with him two men, which were Moses and Elias:
 31Who appeared in glory, and spake of his decease which he should accomplish at Jerusalem.
 32But Peter and they that were with him were heavy with sleep: and when they were awake, they saw his glory, and the two men that stood with him.
Luke 9:28-32

In either argument, whether it was a familiar spirit, explicitly called out in scripture, or a transfigured Samuel (implied), no Biblical reference implies that 1 Samuel 28:15 clearly shows there are ghosts.

Fr. Bob Bailey speaks a lot about exorcism and seems to speak with the authority of a Roman Catholic exorcist. On the PWSM website, Fr. Bob clearly states he is NOT an exorcist. Nor is he allowed to perform exorcisms. Our ministry is networked with Catholic deliverance ministries and Roman Catholic exorcists. The theology presented by Fr. Bob Bailey and the PWSM is spiritism and not Catholicism. God's plan for our eternal life is perfect and infallable. We just don't jump the tracks and become ghosts because we committed suicide or met a violent death. No where in the scriptures does it say we have an option to roam the earth willfully because we don't want to go to heaven or hell. This is not theology it is spiritism. It's saying God didn't consider that factor when He created the universe.

We must be on our guard too when we believe that God is telling us something contrary to scripture. The enemy uses false-prophetic spirits, religious spirits, lying and mocking spirits to impersonate the voice of God all the time. Satan and his kingdom know the Bible! Take for example, Jesus and his temptation by Satan.

10For it is written, He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee:
 11And in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.
 12And Jesus answering said unto him, It is said, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.
 13And when the devil had ended all the temptation, he departed from him for a season.
Luke 4:10-13 (KJV)

Satan knew the Bible but he was selectively editing it out of context to prove his point. This is the evidence of lying and mocking spirits being present and Satan is demonstrating how he uses it. When a spirit, acting as the voice of God tells someone, demons can't masquerade as ghosts, that's the party of a religious spirit, a mocking spirit and lying spirit. And these spirits are being allowed to seep into the pulpit.

Belief in ghosts is spiritism, a demonic lie, and it's tentacles are reaching into the front doors of our churches and wrapping around the pulpits. Stay away from the familiar spirits and their nasty curses. Furthermore, don't go looking for a fight with the spirit realm. Which is something I need to save for another article.

If something in your spirit is resonating with you that ghosts are deception and you are involved in ghost hunting – it's time to talk with Jesus. Speak with Jesus and be honest and get some things cleaned up. If He reveals anything to you that needs to be cleaned up go find a trust worthy deliverance minister. There are lots of nasty curses and illnesses associated with ghost hunting many Christians don't discover until they get out of it.

God Bless

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just Another Feather in the Cap

I never have been fond of handing out tracks. It's not in my gifting to do it properly. I have a homeless friend who is on our Night Strike team and this guy can hand out tracks. It's almost like an anointing on him to pass these out and speak to people about Jesus. When I try it, I usually get pelted by an old woman wielding her purse as a weapon. Tracks just aren't my means of evangelism. I have also seen tracks misused more often than being used effectively.

We have had many teams spin off their own street ministry after attending Night Strike. Which is very cool because it means they get what we're doing. It's simple to do street ministry and we equip those people to launch their own efforts. One night I was on the streets and I saw a ministry team that was spun off from a Night Strike event. I was excited and spoke with the man leading his team. We need more people on the streets ministering period! This is a horrible economy and there are more homeless showing up in the streets and doorways.

This gentleman told me how excited he was that his team was doing great. Which is great news! Then he told me he had four people in one sidewalk camp receive Jesus. He pointed over to the camp and I recognized it. It was a camp where everyone was ALREADY saved. The people in this particular camp had grown up in church. One was a beautiful choir member. The people in the camp were just being polite to the youngsters passing out tracks. Now was the will of the Father brought to the camp on this evening? I know this minister didn't like the fact I was not out to have every person we encountered accept Christ through Night Strike ministry. So he decided to do it on his team. If you're objective on the streets is to save the already saved, what did you miss at the encounter? What did the Father send you to accomplish in the first place? What was the divine encounter that was missed? Having to feel you need to convert everyone you meet is a “feather in the cap” mentality. It doesn't work. And I know over time this minister will figure this out by talking to the homeless. The people at this camp, and many homeless are already saved. Don't mistake their spirituality for their earthly disposition.

Having someone recite the salvation prayer with you doesn't tear down their strongholds. Remember, God gave Adam and Eve free will to rebel against God. Having someone come by and witness to Adam and Eve and having them recite the salvation prayer wouldn't have changed their condition any. They already knew God, and just because Adam and Eve now found themselves homeless after being banished from the garden, they weren't any less loved in God's eyes. They were just dealing with the consequences of their actions. Many scenarios could have been played out with Adam and Eve. They had free will. They could have chosen to stay and not rebel. What if Adam had chosen to just leave the garden and be homeless on his own accord? Just as many homeless choose to be homeless in their own lifestyle. That would certainly have been a plausible scenario. It makes no sense to us. But Adam could have known God and chose to be homeless - and yet, still love God. Similarly, many of our homeless friends know and love Jesus. They allow us into their lives when we come to pray. We would love to see them made whole and leave the street life forever, but they're still working things out inside themselves and fighting strongholds of addiction, among other things.

When we stop by to see our friends on the streets, we step into their lives and their pain and pray with them and love them. Our pre-saved friends may not want us to pray for them. However, they would like us to sit down and listen to what is going on in their lives. The Father like's listening to their problems and letting them know He is listening. That's the mission our Father sends us out on these nights, to love all His children, whether saved or pre-saved.

Using tracks with pre-believers can also put up a wall. If you don't know how to work without tracks and an agenda what will you use? Witches, atheist, buddhists, and satanists? How would you talk to them? What is the Fathers will for them? Stand in front of them and explain your track and see how long that conversation lasts. The door will be instantly closed.

We as believers must have the maturity to know that the heavenly Father can handle his own encounters. He sets them up. We do have end of the evening testimonies at Night Strike of people who came to Christ by a powerful encounter set up by the Father that loves them. Many times it was just by being on hand and providing a simple need for them. Then an encounter just happens. It was the heavenly Father who set up the encounter and orchestrated it.We don't count the encounter as McDonald's counts the number of burgers served. It's all about the person God placed in front of you at the time of ministry and what the Father wants to say to them at their place in life at that moment.

My Father in heaven is extremely patient. I have no agenda when I go on the streets to be an ambassador for my Father in heaven. God invented time and He lives outside of it. He knows how to chase a son or a daughter. When the time comes for pre-believer to make the change to being a justified spirit we're their or someone else is. The goal isn't for us to add another feather to our cap for souls saved. Our mission is to be available when any situation arises so the Father may use us in an encounter with His children. We have seen some incredible eternal changes in people. Many of these encounters took years. And many saved souls went on unnoticed by us, because we were a part of the change, and the conviction of the Holy Spirit led them to their knees before Jesus in a dark alley some where.

When a heart is changed by the conviction of the Holy Spirit it is powerful. It may require just one encounter or hundreds of encounters by sons and daughters to get a person to this place of repentance. And the change is powerful and permanent. When a person is spoon fed salvation, rarely are the results long lasting. Mainly, because it was brought about by man's will and agenda and void of God's. Although, the intention was good, and an earthly feather was put in your cap, the vine did not grow.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Proof of the Power that the Spirit Gives

In first couple of chapters of 1 Corinthians, the Apostle Paul talks about the wisdom of God. In verse 2:4,

“My teaching and preaching were not with words of human wisdom that persuade people but with proof of the power that the (Holy) Spirit gives.”

In this context the Apostle Paul was speaking about the power of the works on the cross and the resurrection of Christ to defeat sin. Many times we find in street ministry that the proof of the power the Spirit gives is dispensed in any form God chooses. We had a ministry team from Vanguard University out on the streets of the Haight, this last Thursday night (03/15/12).

During one of our ministry stops, as we walked the streets, to disperse food, on this night, we encountered a woman named Sandy. Nearly everyone we encounter on the streets is an addict. Sandy had obviously been using prior to our arrival. She was very coherent, but nonetheless, was high.

I remember meeting Sandy as she introduced herself to me as a worshiper of Lucifer. She knew we were Christians. I looked down at Sandy's hands and all her fingers had band-aids on them from her cutting herself. Her left palm had a nasty gash with a bandage over it from something she had done to herself.

I talked with Sandy a bit and cracked some jokes and made her laugh. She tried to be a tough as nails satanist but I wasn't buying in to it. There was some spiritual stuff going on with Sandy as well as the apparent addiction. She tried to be tough again and offered to pray over me with a voodoo prayer from New Orleans. I told her she could as long as I could give her a Holy Ghost hug in return. Sandy returned a puzzled look and mumbled some prayer. When she was finished I let her know it was my turn to give her the Holy Ghost hug. I opened my arms wide open and let her in. I guess she figured -fair is fair. So she had to let me return the favor -MAGNIFIED! That's how Jesus rolls.

Sandy came into my arms and I held her tight as the Father in heaven held His precious daughter. Sandy had never felt a loving embrace and she started to cry. She wanted to be released from the hug because it was a release of emotions for her. I let her go and she took several steps away from me and wiped her eyes. Pointing back at me, “You made me cry. First you made me laugh and now you made me cry!” I told her that was the Holy Ghost hug. She wiped her eyes and mentioned that she never felt anything like that before in her life.

I asked Sandy if I could pray over her hands, she said, “No!”. She was afraid I was going to put something into her hand through prayer. She was used to witchcraft prayers.

Sandy mingled around our team and walked over to two of the girls on my team this evening. Two young girls who looked like they wouldn't stir up anything like I did.

Sandy talked with the girls and told them she knew Jesus and that Lucifer and some other spirits talking to her told her that the Holy Spirit was evil. The young ladies ministered with Sandy and had some breakthrough in revealing who the father of lies was. They led her in a prayer to hear Jesus over Lucifer and suddenly Sandy started shaking and squirming. At this time I came in behind Sandy to catch her, I thought she was going to fall to the ground or get slain in the spirit. Now, together with the girls, we prayed to bind the spirits that were lying to Sandy. She shook some more and we caught her as she went to down to the sidewalk. My team started binding the spirits of cutting and witchcraft and commanded them off her. Sandy shouted out and said her back was burning and one of the spirits was shoving their finger in her back. At this time we prayed in the Holy Spirit as thick as he wanted to come into the condition on the street. Sandy was more amazed at the power of the Holy Spirit she felt right there than with the battle going on against the evil spirits.

Some of the by standers were amazed at the change in the countenance of Sandy's face as some of the spirits were expelled. We didn't expel all the spirits, we only worked as far as Sandy was willing to work with us. When we were through she wanted to know how to experience the Holy Spirit again. That was what she remembered through the whole experience. Not the warfare.

I always enjoy street ministry like this where the Holy Spirit reveals Himself in such a powerful manifestation. He comes in and pours himself over a person he is calling home, like Sandy. And He is revealing the empowerment of His Spirit to young ministers, such as the young ladies from Vanguard University. After the encounter I got to entertain a great conversation and answer questions to these students about the invisible spirit realm. Their eyes were wide opened to what they had witnessed first hand and participated in expelling. The most exciting part of the conversation was that these students were able to describe back to me in their own words the empowerment of the Holy Spirit they felt during the battle and could still feel radiating in them minutes afterwards.

Many times people e-mail me to teach them about spiritual warfare. I tell them to go out to a Night Strike. And the usual reply is, No. Call me and take me out on an appointment and teach me. Well, I can't make spirits appear at the snap of finger. Which is why I tell people to come out and do street ministry with me. You wanna learn spiritual warfare? You're gonna have to endure the stench of human bi-products, and the breath laced with alcohol and hug people who have a small eco-system living on them. That there is spiritual warfare! And I know Jesus is proud of the all the students who have been going out with us this week and seeking the Father deeper. Deep calls to deep!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Empowerment of the Holy Spirit

Recently I had the honor to minister with two friends, Rev. Catalina and Cisco. Rev. Catalina and Cisco are the sozo prayer team for their church. Rev. Catalina and I have both been coming across some strange darker torments in Christians during our individual deliverance ministries. I rode shotgun with Rev. Catalina and Cisco on this ministry call. We met at the house of the individual experiencing the torment, whom we'll call Tom.

When the three of us arrived, Tom explained to us the situation he was experiencing. Spirits would constantly appear to him and tell him they would harm him. When our prayer team was on the scene, the spirits were threatening to hurt Tom if he tells us anything. What the spirits feared in Rev. Catalina, Cisco, and myself was our empowerment in the Holy Spirit. The spirits wanted Tom to get rid of us.

Frequently, during the prayer session, the spirits would interfere and be disruptive. One spirit kept trying to freeze the room and make it cold. It was a strange sensation like someone with ice hold hands trying to freeze parts of your body. This tactic wasn't working well for the spirits. When I would feel a cold pocket I would put my hand in it and quietly pray in tongues and it would move away from my hand.

In the middle of the prayer session, Rev. Catalina prayed and called down heaven. The disruptive spirits didn't like the presence of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in the room, so they temporarily departed. At this time we had break through with Tom and he was able, for the first time in months, to hear the voice of his Father in heaven speak to him.

This testimony paints an example of a prayer team that, one, knows their individual identities in Christ, two, stands in their authority in Christ, and three, walks in their empowerment of the Holy Spirit. In the latter, I am not just referring to me praying in tongues, I am also talking about the prayer team standing in agreement that the power of heaven was coming into Tom's living room. The Father in heaven was coming to speak to His son, Tom. The empowerment of the Holy Spirit is moving and praying in the supernatural and expecting results.

Recently, while giving a talk on the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, I was re-acquainted to an age old argument in the church. If I am saved by Jesus, don't I have the Holy Spirit? If I am saved by Jesus can't I heal and prophecy without the baptism of the Holy Spirit? These questions in church can be equally as hot a topic as abortion. Just ask the pastors who brought it up in their own church. Some churches the Holy Spirit flows freely and in some churches, the amount of Spirit released comes in dosages. Churches have literally split over this weighted question.

On the flip side, church members have used the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to look down on other churches that don't move in the Spirit. It's hard for one end of the church moving in the Spirit to understand that at the other end of the church spectrum there are fears of moving in the Spirit. How do I know it really is the Spirit and not an evil spirit tricking me with healings. Aren't the so called Spirit filled churches like Bethel Redding succumbing to sin because they're only chasing miracles? Aren't the people operating in the empowerment of the Holy Spirit just using it as a vice to prove they're more holy-er than thou? The church is wildly and inexplicably at both sides of the fence on this.

Then there are church body members, like myself, and my prayer warrior patriots, who are living radically in the middle. Prior to 2007 I didn't believe in healing miracles at all or the power of the Holy Spirit. I was about 38 years old in my life and had been attending church all my life. The Holy Spirit was always this nebulous thing or it. There was the Father in heaven, the Son Jesus, who I always believed was in heaven, like some Greek god looking down on us from Olympus. And then there was this Holy Spirit, thing, it, or whatever it was that was just the third piece of the trinity. In my belief the Holy Spirit never broke through to our physical universe but was also something else I would better understand when I went on to my glory in heaven. I accepted Jesus and I knew the Holy Spirit was a part of me from the package deal in Romans 8.

My pace at understanding the mysteries of the Bible was slower than God's timeline for me to come up to speed. So during this time he put his boot in my seat and punted me into coming up to speed. It was in the last months of 2007 that God drafted me into the spiritual war. I no longer had the luxury of spending decades of getting around to diving into the Bible. I was put on the spiritual autobahn crash course to come up to speed fast. God even put me on my first spiritual warfare assignment to train me as I go. Little did I know it was this Holy Spirit, nebulous, it, thing I didn't understand, that had lifted me to my feet and had become my gunny sergeant to train me in this really weird war with an invisible enemy that could manipulate objects in our physical realm.

During my first month of training, God had sent some friends my way to be my first mentors. Both of them spoke to me about this baptism of the Holy Spirit thing. Which I wasn't really interested in because I was already water baptized. During this time of my life I was, and still am, an avid weight lifter, I was getting up at 4:30 AM to prepare for a fitness competition. I would spend the early AM on the spin cycle praying. One particular morning I was on the spin cycle praying to God about what is this baptism of the Holy Spirit? I petitioned question after question about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Then in a moment, I remember feeling loosing control of my body and slowly falling to the floor of my garage. And shaking or something going on and I was weeping uncontrollably. It wasn't sadness, it was something enveloping me. It was the Holy Spirit. This thing I didn't believe crossed over from heaven yet now was all over me and covering me. I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. And it wasn't an it! The Holy Spirit was this powerful, loving presence. This wasn't a psychosomatic slash wishful thinking experience. Something was going on and it was definitely the Holy Spirit.

After the experience subsided, I figured, wow! That was the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Why not try out the gift of tongues that accompanies this? So I tried it. But no gift of tongues. Instead, these clicking noises came out like I was one of the bush men in the movie, “The God's Must be Crazy”. Oh, come on! Where was the supernatural tongues that was supposed to manifest? I soon found out my clicking noises were my baby tongues and over time, a couple of months it came in full as I used it. Later, I started to walk in prophecy and healing.

As my wife, friends, and I minister, we can feel the empowerment of the Holy Spirit with us on the dark streets and back alley ways. With the baptism you learn to feel the presence of the one Jesus told us to wait for and seek. Yes, we have the Holy Spirit in us, when we ask Jesus into our lives, and yes we can heal and cast out spirits. Jesus wanted each of us to go deeper in him, the Father, and the Holy Spirit. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is an invitation to seek God deeper. It's a personal choice that God leaves up to each one of us to make. The Holy Spirit is like that He is gentle and wants to be invited. If you choose to move into the gifts of the Holy Spirit seek the baptism and receive the empowerment!

But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

Acts 1:8