Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Truth about Satanism

I really love the documentary, Furious Love, I think the film makers did a great job. There is one section that never really quite sat right with me. It was the interview with Angela Greenig and the bride of Satan. There is a greater detail recap from XPMedia with Patricia King. You can follow that link and view the video. It's about a 10 minute video that goes into greater detail about Angela and the deliverance of the bride of Satan, who is referred to as Rebekah.

Angela Greenig is a great deliverance minister and it took an exceptional individual in their walk with Christ to perform the miraculous here. What I am concerned with in the releasing of this testimony are the lack of facts that associate the deliverance of anyone in dark bondage to Satanism. Rebekah was violently, ritually and sexually abused. For a long period of time. Yes, these people can be miraculously delivered by Jesus. But the thorough story on Rebekah's healing is not being told. 

Rebekah is now fighting inner demons of memories surfacing, nightmares, reliving the ritual abuse over and over. Ritual abuse takes a lifetime, literally, to recover from. Rebekah mentioned she was molested since her childhood by Satanists.

My ministry team works with people in this living nightmare. For this story to be portrayed as a miracle deliverance is a false testimony. Tell the story for what it is. A bride of Satan was eternally delivered from the clutches of hell. This statement is true.

Where the danger lies is in other Christians not understanding the commitment and nightmare involved in themselves helping an individual like this. 95% of the Christian community can not answer this call. You literally have an individual who is clinging to you while their mind dissociates and they constantly relive nightmares and surfacing memories. These individuals require lots of therapy as well as a lot of deliverance prayer. It takes a special deliverance team to do this.

I would like to see the true story portrayed of what Rebekah is going through, even today, or they should stop parading this testimony around. It is deceptive. The danger lies in another Christian, ill-prepared, diving in and trying to rescue a former cult member. Then their lives are turned upside down into a nightmare. The cult survivors many times need live in care, which is what it sounds like Angela provided for Rebekah. Which is awesome. But for the average Christian, this is something they are not equipped to handle. Identity dissociation(DID), PTSD, and the numerous exorcisms required are beyond the scope of most Christian deliverance ministries. I know from working on these cases that most likely Rebekah is still dissociating identities, her emotions are flying off the handle, the depression, resurfacing thoughts from the satanic programing of suicide, demonic voices still talking to her, and suffering from PTSD from the ritual abuse. This was a huge chunk NOT to cover in this story. Satanic Ritual Abuse is a difficult trauma to recover from. The time frame for healing is much-much longer than the video leads us to beleive.

I will most likely take a lot of flack from this post. My intent wasn't to attack Angela Greenig, who is a saint, for doing the impossible. I am just asking we share the complete truth from now on. The way the deliverance was portrayed in both Furious Love and XPMedia was misleading.