Friday, August 31, 2012

SCRC Christ Triumphant Exorcist Conference Thu

It's been an amazing day and the Catholic SCRC conference doesn't even start until tomorrow (08/31/12). I had the opportunity to meet a friend whom I worked with on the Internet as a fellow deliverance minister, Moira Noonan. She is also an author and a conference speaker. We exchanged signed copies of our books, mine, A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare, and hers, Ransomed from Darkness. Moira introduced me to several prominent Catholic priests who were exorcists and deliverance ministers. One deliverance priest, Father John, from the Los Angeles diocese turned out to be a wealth of information as I by chance asked him about Freemasonry and what he. M16 has seen it's share of nasty Freemason curses. Father John said the Freemason oathes were altered in the 1920's by known satanist, Alistair Crowley. So there it is. I spoke with Father John at some length and we wasn't a flake. But it confirmed things our team had already encountered.

The conference was kicked off by my friend Father Gary Thomas, hosting a preview of the movie, The Rite. He is the exorcist the book The Rite is about. But the movie is a Hollywood sharp left turn into nothing matching the powerful message of the book. Before the movie started, I met brother Dominic, through Moira. Dominic mentioned a coven of witches sat outside the room earlier and security gave them the boot. So Dominic, Moira, another exorcist, and I prayed off the assignments of the room. I got to return favor to Moira for showing the new kid around and introduced her to Father Gary.

After the movie viewing, Father Gary answered questions. He gave some cool testimonies of his team in action. One story was about a New Ager near his parish who bought some books and trinkets from the local New Age store. One of the items was this beautiful fairy statue. Discernment revealed the fairy statue was the cause of sickness and mayhem in the home. Somebody ended up smashing the statue only to reveal the statue was intentionally poured over satanic items.

The Q&A went on to answer questions of Protestant deliverance ministry versus Catholic exorcists ways of expelling spirits. Like I tell people in these arguments now that I have seen both sides of the fence. M16 (Pentecostal) is a Navy Seal team. RC Exorcists are Army Special forces. Both teams get the job done, but are trained differently.

A lot of the conversation was on how RC exorcism handles differently and they make a distinction between deliverance and exorcism. In our ministry, we still take on the same battles as exorcists. Only, we don't use the Rite. We use the gifts of the spirit and the Holy Spirit. Exorcism uses gifts of the spirit as well, but their used in conjunction with the Rite and Holy Sacraments.

A Pentecostal deliverance team doesn't use the Rite or even the sacraments. The entire prayer session of deliverance uses the prophetic and not written deliverance prayer. The spirit is also under the power of the Holy Spirit. Hence, the prayer team is not being attacked. This is a different method of exorcising authority than used in the Rite. Like I said, one is Navy Seals and one is Army Special Forces. It's been fascinating to learn how the RC Rite is used. What I walked away with today is that we're all the same mystical body of Christ. We just do things differently and still accomplish the same goal. I have been  blessed with the people I have met and spoken with. Everyone has been incredibly friendly and open to the fact and Assembly of God guy is in their midst.

That was it for the pre-show show. Friday the convention starts and I am anxious to hear from some prominent exorcists.

It's late and I have a big day ahead,
God Bless