Monday, October 4, 2010

Christians and Ghost Hunting

The biggest night of the year for Haunted Ghost walk tours is Halloween. And more popular than the ghost walks are going on site on Halloween with ghost hunters. Christians are being lured into the fascination of seeking proof of the afterlife by ghost hunting. This fascination, which is actually a dangerous obsession, has people blindly chasing proof of disembodied spirits. Christians who are participating in ghost hunting are seeking signs, just like the people of Jesus' and Paul's time did. Remember what Paul said about this? Remember what Paul said about the Greeks and their rationalization (1 Corinthians 1:22-25)? They couldn't understand the miracle of the cross and its simplistic message. Ghost hunting is a demonic vice to separate the Christian from what we believe. We go to heaven or hell. We don't linger around as Casper the ghost because we fear judgment or have lost our way in the spirit realm  (Hebrews 9:27).

In the book of Luke (16:19-31) , we are told Lazarus was carried off by angels when he died. When my grandmother passed away I was in the senior home she passed away in. I was 15 minutes late, and wasn't there for my grandmother to pass to her glory. I was with her body a few minutes later and praying over her. I could remember feeling a spot over her where the angels had been when they came for her. Likewise, I had seen my wife's grandmother taken away by angel's in a vision. I was driving to the hospital to meet with my wife. She called 15 minutes later and told me her grandmother went on to her glory I told her I already knew. I saw the angels come for her.

God's system is perfect. We don't linger around. When we're done with this life we're done.

If those aren't ghosts we're seeing on TV then what are they? They're demons!

What is a disembodied spirit? Ghost hunters call them human spirits. They're not. They're demons. The book of Matthew(12:43) tells us the demons desire bodies because they are disembodied.

What about speaking and answering questions on the digital voice recorders? It's a demon using the NEW ouji board.

What's with turning the flashlite on and off on Ghost Hunters? If the TV producers aren't faking it. Then it's a demon.

What are we endanger of? The point of paranormal shows is to take you deeper and darker bit by bit into the occult. The Ghost Hunters calls themselves a 'family'. A family show with family guys. This is how the enemy reeled you in. Then came 'Paranormal State' a darker ghost hunter show with real demons. Only, now, we see Jesus can only tackle 'Christian' demons or Satan only. Witches or shaman are needed for other demons. And we see psychics talking to the dead (demons).

See clip below of Behind the scenes with Paranormal State at timeline 2:54 in the video.
Ryan Buell makes the following statement- "Sometimes we use spirituality in their faith. to kind of you know, almost like a priest or a shaman."

Ok. But what if its their faith causing the paranormal activity?. ...and it's not paranormal, it's supernatural. God's natural is supernatural and angels and fallen angels (demons) are encompassed in the supernatural.

Foxnews clip - Behind the Scenes with Paranormal State

With Ghost Adventures, we are taken darker and straight into the occult, right on your own TV. This show has gone darker by including actual satanic rituals in it. I don't even believe we're at the pinnacle of darkness with these shows.

The purpose of these shows is to water down the truth and to get you to buy into an alternative religious practices.

What about the video evidence? What are we seeing? The woman in this video is a psychic. Look how the 'spirit' hones in on her and moves the chair she is in.

This is demonic activity. Pure and simple.

The fact that they are demons doesn't justify ghost hunting either. Demons are fallen angels. Their language is that of lies (John 8:44). We are told not to converse with them. Nor seek them. Chasing demons for the sheer thrill is worshiping angels (Colossians 2:16-19)

These spirits can follow you home too. M16 has testimonies on these with people we have helped.

Do yourself a favor this Halloween and stay away from the paranormal. As Christians we live in the supernatural. God is the supernatural. Stay away from the paranormal period!

Want a really cool supernatural experience? Open the Bible and read the word. Ask the Holy Spirit to come to you.

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