Friday, October 15, 2010

Eye Site Healing in the Haight -with Lion's Pride Ministries

Our M16 Ministry team rarely gets to testify on all the cool healings we're a part of. The cool victories of people being declared by their doctors miraculously healed goes under the table for privacy purposes. When you share the Gospel, heal the sick, drive out demons -and we're still working on raising the dead. You tend to see miracles.

Many people seem to think we're all about fighting demons. And I get the warnings of be careful not to engage the enemy, "recklessly". But the truth of the matter is, it's not about the demons. We're not into chasing miracles and seeing the demonic. We're ABOUT sharing the Gospel with the people teetering on the edge, at the frontlines. And when you're on the frontlines you're gonna see warfare -the demons. I am talking about Ephesians 6:12!

We could care less about the demons, our focus is on the repenting heart. That is the true miracle we're after. And that's why our team goes to the streets in the darkest neighborhoods. We're seeking the repentive heart. Our focus is the Great Commision, Matthew 28:16-20

Lion's Pride

Jason and Bekah Amarant are the pastors of Lion's Pride, named after the Lion of Judah, is a powerful street worship and disciplship ministry. Jason and Bekah are also prayer team members for M16 Ministries. An incredible outreach ministry of Lion's Pride is street ministry in the Haight in San Francisco. Lion's Pride and M16 both share our roots back to Night Strike ministry in San Francisco. We're street ministers and this is where we all "live" in ministry so to speak.

On Saturday, October 9, 2010, our ministiry teams, M16, Lion's Pride and Mark Neitz of Why Now Ministires, attended the Bay Area Kingdom Advance conference, at Blazing Fire church in Livermore. The guest speakers were Bill and Carol Dews, and Gary Oates. The Bay Area Kingdom Advance is bi-annual meeting of Bay Area, and even as far away as Baja Mexico, ministries to share in what they feel the Holy Spirit is doing in California.

At the end of the meeting Katie, Bekah, Jason and Mark, received a powerful impartation of healing, from the Dews and Gary Oates, to take to the streets that night.

Around 8 PM Satruday night the team met up in Golden Gate park and proceeded to worship and pray over hippie hill in San Francisco. At 9 PM we set out to minsiter to the people on the streets. We proceeded up through the pan handle and then headed down a street the Holy Spirit drew us to.

Jason, Bekah, Lisa and I recognized one of the homeless women immediately. The woman has a multiple spirit disorder. She manifests the spirits she received through soul ties and identifies herself as them. But mostly she stays on target with her own spirit. God gave me a prophetic word to share with her that she was loved. Lisa, Bekah and I ministered with this woman for a while.

Mark proceeded to speak and minister with another man at this location. It was a homeless camp and there were several people here on this evening.

Katie proceeded to walk over and sit down on the sidewalk and talk with a young man and woman, Trevor and Brenda. Whom she thought were in the age ballpark of 18-20 years old. Katie brought some notebooks with her from a dollar store purchase to handout. God gave Katie the prophetic word that these kids were writers.

Brenda sat kind of criss-cross indian style on the sidewalk. She was drawing on her green converse shows as Katie spoke to Brenda. Katie, sitting across from Brenda, reached out and touched Brenda's shoe.

Brenda let out a shriek, and then, "Don't F*@#ing touch me!".

Loud enough the team herd it and we knew immediately something spiritual was manifesting. We all looked over at Katie and saw she had the situation under control. We encounter the supernatural a bit on the streets. In most churches, people freak out when they see this. Don't fear it -take authority over it as Jesus would.

When Katie exercised her spiritual authority, the unclean spirit went down and Brenda's spirit was back to speak. Brenda then revealed to Katie about some traumatic events in her childhood. Then Brenda literally opened up to Katie. More so, she then started telling Katie about her eye site issues. Brenda confided her eye site was so poor she straight up couldn't see.

Katie asked Brenda if she could see the bricks on the wall across the street. Brenda didn't answer.

Katie got close to Brenda's face, about 18 inches away and asked her if she could see her face.

Brenda said she couldn't. She said she could see blurs and colors but couldn't even recognize her own friends' faces. Then Brenda put on her sunglasses. The lights from the street lamps were starting to give her a headache.

Katie asked Brenda, "Do you want your eye site back?"

Brenda said, "yes."

Katie leaned in, careful not to touch Brenda and agitate the unclean spirit. Katie put her hands over Brenda's eyes and spoke her authority for healing and restoration in the eyes of Brenda.

The team remembers looking over at Brenda again this time as she was freaking out. Her eye site was restored by Jesus!

Trevor, sitting onthe sidewalk, next to Katie and Brenda was equally as amazed!

Now Katie had an open door of favor to speak with Brenda about salvation. During this time of speaking candidly. Brenda showed Katie a cigarette burn on her wrist that was infected. As Katie prayed over the burn, a demon manifested in Brenda's stomach, travelled up her arm and down to wrist where the cigarette burn was.

At this time also, the unclean spirit in Brenda summoned for back up, and a possessed woman entered our area of ministry. Mark, Lisa and I target locked on this one right away and ran interference with the spirits in the possessed woman. This woman was pitching spitiual curses of perversion and physical harm as fast as it could. Lisa, Mark and I spiritually contained this person by using our spiritual authority of those in the possessed woman.

Katie continued ministering to Brenda as we kept the unclean re-enforcements at bay. While Katie was praying for the spirit in Brenda to leave, Brenda's hand manifested into a claw and tried to remove Katie's hand from praying. Katie kept calling down Heaven!

When it came time for Brenda to receive freedom from the torment, she refused. This happens a lot. Katie asked again and this time led Brenda through a salvation prayer. She accepted Jesus as her savior. And, when the battle was over, Brenda let Katie give her a long hug. Katie was able to touch Brenda!

As our team prepared to depart, the possessed woman was still keeping up the attack even though we could care less. The spirit shot these barbs into Katie and I that we could physically feel. It's normal in spiritual warfar to get these. We prayed them off and it was the end of that.

We do see healings in street ministry quite a bit. If you like this testimony. There is another one on Lion's Pride in an older blog post on M16.

It's about Jesus and not the miracles! But when it's about Jesus ...EXPECT A MIRACLE!!!

God Bless

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