Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Interview with Laura Maxwell on Ritual Abuse

Last November I had the pleasure to be interviewed on Laura Maxwell's radio show - The Supernatural on Eternal Radio.

Laura has an incredible ministry of reaching New Agers and spiritualists with the Gospel. I was interviewed for a Halloween show on the subject of Ritual Abuse and Mind Control. Laura is in Scotland, and it was an honor to be on this show.

Laura did an incredible job of interviewing me on the subject matter. We actually had to do a second recording of the show because my mic wasn't recording. Go figure.

There are audio problems with this youtube file. My mic is a lot louder than Laura's. I will fix the audio levels and re-post. But for now, here is a great primer on ritual abuse and mind control. - Thank you so much, Laura, for having me on. This is valuable information to get out to the public on this subject matter. It's a high-level view of the incredible inner healing and life changing ministry we are doing at In the Potter's Hands.

The interview is posted below, but it can be found on the Laura Maxwell's blog, Healing of PTSD, SRA, DID, and MK Ultra: Michael Norton.

Well, that's enough for now. Hope this was beneficial.

Rev. Mike

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